NXT Episode 340 Review: Here Comes The (Authors Of) Pain NXT!

Hello and welcome to this weeks NXT Episode 340 Review! NXT Episode 340 originally aired on the WWE Network on Wednesday night, June 15th, 2016. NXT Episode 340 was taped on June 9th, 2016 at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.

This weeks episode kicked off with a graphic of a ribbon that was half American Flag and half rainbow with the words “We Stand With Orlando” underneath. Similar to how they kicked off Raw on Monday night but without the wrestlers on stage. This was followed by highlights from NXT Takeover: The End of the Beginning and then an updated “Roar of The Crowd” opening with The Revival as NXT Tag Team Champions inserted. Tom Phillips and Corey Graves welcome us to the show. They discuss Takeover and also hype up that we will later hear from both NXT Champion Samoa Joe as well as Finn Bálor.

Authors of Pain with Paul Ellering vs two unnamed wrestlers

Total domination and destruction! That was this match in a nutshell. The Authors of Pain made their way to the ring with Paul Ellering at their side and with decent ring entrance music that sounded like a butt kicking was coming. AOP beat the tar out of the two unnamed opponents in this match including bealing one of the two men into the corner and then later bealing from the apron one of their opponents into the ring onto the other poor soul on the mat. AOP finisher was a combination clothesline and side Russian leg sweep.

Winners, by total beat down and pin, Authors Of Pain.

Backstage, Cathy Kelley tries to talk to Andrade “Cien” Almas about his win at Takeover but Tye Dillinger interrupts. Dillinger says that Almas won’t make a name at his expense and challenges Almas to a rematch later tonight.

Andrea D’Marco tries to talk to the Authors Of Pain, who walk right past her. D’Marco then tries to talk to Paul Ellering who simply says “in due time” and walks away with an evil grin.

Carmella vs Tess Blanchard

Carmella struts out and has the entire Full Sail crowd on her side. She has easily transitioned into a solo act following her time coming out with Enzo and Big Cass. This was a pretty one sided match. Carmella took control early, including a schoolgirl roll up out of the corner and a hurricanrana. Blanchard snapped Carmella down hard by the hair to take control for a bit. Carmella regained control and, after a superkick and Bronco Buster, finished Blanchard off with her triangle submission finisher now named the Code of Silence.

Winner, by tapout, Carmella.

Next we get Graves and Phillips who kick us to the post-Takeover promo by Samoa Joe.

Backstage, Blake and Murphy talk about how they are going to beat TM-61.

TM-61 (Scott Thorne and Nick Miller) vs Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy



Blake starts out with Thorne. Quick tags by TM-61. Murphy tags in but Miller avoids a double team attempt by the former NXT Tag Team Champions, followed by Thorne blind tagging himself in leading to TM-61 dishing out some double team moves of their own. Thorne moves out of the way of a kick intend for him which instead sees Murphy kick Blake. Thorne ducks under a clothesline attempt from Blake that instead lays out Murphy. Miller tags in and Tm-61 finish off Blake and Murphy with their finisher, Thunder Valley. If you haven’t seen Thunder Valley, it starts as a double military press then they snap the opponent down backward, head over feet.

Winners, by pin fall, TM-61.

Graves and Phillips send us to a post-Takeover promo by the NXT Tag Team Champions, The Revival.

BOBBY ROODE! Graves acknowledges that Bobby Roode worked the NXT tour of Europe with pictures from Twitter of Roode being shown on the screen.

We get highlights of Nia Jax beating Bayley and then “injuring” her to keep her off of Takeover. Backstage, Bayley says that she will talk to the doctor “tomorrow” and that if cleared she is ready to win back the NXT Women’s Championship.

“Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger vs Andrade “Cien” Almas

Phillips makes fun of Lita talking about Cien from the Takeover Pre-show that lead to this great moment

Graves reaction to Phillips bringing this up was almost as good as reaction to Lita that night. Almas loves springboard moves as early on he hits a springboard dropkick and a springboard crossbody. Eventually Tye gets in control, only for a short time mind you, and gets Almas out of the ring and slam the head of Almas into the ring apron. Back in the ring and Almas hits Tye with two nice looking dropkicks. The second dropkick sent Tye out of the ring. Dillinger back in only to go out again following a hurricanrana. Almas fakes a dive to the outside and instead goes all tranquilo for us in the ropes. We go to a break and when we come back Almas is in control. Almas with a nice basement dropkick. Dillinger with a hair pull to remind us he is supposed to be the heel in this match despite the crowd reaction. Almas regains control with another springboard dropkick and some forearm shots to the head of Dillinger. After going out of the ring, again, we go back in where Almas lays out Dillinger with a wheelbarrow bulldog followed by the running double knee smash in the corner.

Winner, by pin fall, Andrade “Cien” Almas.

Finn Bálor makes his way to the ring. Fans chant “Thank You Finn” and “Please Don’t Go” at Bálor. Finn talks about watching NXT at home in Ireland and the first people he saw were Enzo and Big Cass. Finn said that he knew right then he wanted to be in NXT. Finn says he became part of NXT and NXT became part of him. He then talks about his record setting run as NXT Champion and his wars with Neville, Tyler Breeze, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe. Finn then ask “What is next for Finn Bálor?” Crowd chants “Bálor Club” which makes Finn smile and he too sweets the crowd as they then chant “too sweet” back at him. He ask again what is next. Lights go down, violins go up! Shinsuke Nakamura out to a huge ovation from the crowd. Finn and Shin shake hands as the crowd chants “this is awesome!” They each do the other person’s signature hand gestures. Nakamura says that Bálor became the “Icon of NXT”. While Bálor is no longer champion, he is still the Icon according to Nakamura. Nakamura then says if he wants to be NXT Champion he has to beat the Icon, he has to beat Bálor. Both get very serious looks on their faces. Fans chant “match of the year.” Finn then says that Nakamura has answered his question of what is next for Finn Bálor. The two shake hands as they agree to a match sometime in the future. Fade to Filmed in Florida.

McConnell Musings:

-Authors Of Pain can be a huge deal if they keep pushing them the right way. Will that mean squashing some teams that fans will go crazy about them squashing? Probably.

-If there was any question as to who the fans in Full Sail see as the babyface of the NXT Women’s Division after Bayley then this episode should have answered that. Carmella had them eating out of her hand the entire time she was on screen.

-Can we get a match with Tess vs Charlotte just for 4 Horsemen sakes?

-If you can watch the Samoa Joe promo from above and say he isn’t any good on the mic then you are probably crazy. Joe is gold on the mic and I can’t wait to see him in a feud on the main roster so the world can see just how great he is.

-TM-61 is fantastic and they haven’t even had a chance to show us even half of what they can do.

-Goodbye Blake and Murphy, it was nice knowing you.

-No Alexa Bliss is a bad thing for any episode of NXT.

-I love the Revival!

-How do you acknowledge that Bobby Roode worked the shows in Europe and still act like Bayley has been out of action since facing Nia Jax?

-Dillinger deserves so much better of a spot in NXT than he has.

-I still say big things are ahead for Almas, but their history of screwing up Latino performers scares me.

-Loved the interaction of Finn with the fans. Genuine Finn is so much better than Scripted Finn.

-Nakamura has the best entrance music in wrestling today!

-I can’t wait to see Nakamura vs Bálor. We all know who is winning, but is should be magic.

That is all for this weeks NXT 340 Review. Agree or disagree? Let me know with an email, a comment below or send me a tweet at ThePhillMc. Until next time, keep it clean and keep it classy and that’s the bottom line because The Phill said so! YeaOH!



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