I Want To Talk About… Zayn And Owens Staying Together


Sami Zayn And Kevin Owens Kept Together On RAW… With Logical Reasoning?

Many people were baffled by the fact that at the end of the night nearly 2 weeks ago on the draft episode of SmackDown Live, both Kevin Owens and his rival of 10+ years Sami Zayn were both drafted to Monday Night RAW. Just two nights earlier, they waged war in a spectacular match that was billed as the final battle of their rivalry, and it ended in the most gratifying way possible. It makes sense that it would mean that they were set to be forcibly separated via the draft, but then it didn’t happen.

The reasons are simple and logical.

Kevin Owens is seen as a future top star. Vince McMahon and Triple H know it and they want to keep him on the flagship show. It’s very possible that he may be the WWE Universal Champion before the end of the year.

Sami Zayn is one of the most beloved guys in wrestling, let alone among the WWE fanbase. According to Wikipedia, he is billed at 212 pounds, which is 7 pounds above the weight limit for the new Cruiserweight Division, assuming WWE goes by the same rules dictated by the Cruiserweight Classic. They can go with the story that he wants to be seen as the face of that innovative division and is excited for a different type of challenge. He can drop the weight (I doubt he’s actually over 205 on an honest to goodness scale) and be the one of the two men to compete in the first match of RAW’s revived Cruiserweight Division.


Brock Lesnar / Randy Orton SummerSlam Matchup Is Uninteresting

Even before Brock got popped, twice (!), for PEDs, I was very underwhelmed by WWE’s decision to put these two men together in what will be each man’s WWE return match (Orton vs. Miz does not count). Orton has been out for 9 months and Lesnar has been unseen for about 4. So what’s missing here? Momentum. Both men are coming back completely cold. Why not start building the match up with video packages immediately after the announcement? I’m sure both men had the time to sit down and record some interviews while they were out.

Instead, Randy had an insanely overrated appearance on The Highlight Reel at WWE Battleground and an even less inspired showing on Miz TV followed by a disappointing and unnecessary match. Hopefully, WWE has a big plan for the next few weeks, as both men are on different brands and they will have to find a way to build momentum. It would be incredibly disappointing if they had one or the other show up on the opposite show in the second week of the split. I’ll keep an open mind, but the door is only barely ajar.


What I Really Need To Know About Broken Matt Hardy And Brother Nero

Was Matt Hardy originally operating under the impression that his “Broken” persona would be taken seriously, only to run with it and get increasingly insane (and increasingly entertaining) when he realized that people thought it was ridiculous? That’s how it feels to me.

Hardy always struck me as the kind of guy who, depending on where he and his brother were in life (drugs, not being employed by a prominent company, happiness, relationship status and so on), he either took himself far too seriously or understood how to use people’s general disdain for the Hardyz that has grown over the years to turn them around and make them like him. He did it in Ring of Honor when he embraced the Icon personality and started showering himself with money and filmed videos using only notecards as opposed to actually speaking. Broken Matt has completely revitalized the Hardyz for me, a team that, since they reunited in TNA, I had been underwhelmed and bored by. I hated the feud, too, until Matt hid behind his dilapidated boat. It’s been spectacular from that moment.


That’s all I’ve got for right now. I have no idea where this is going in the future, and if I will ever put together a consistent, coherent format. I think I like it that way. In any event, I hope you care about something I wrote and feel like discussing it with me. See ya!


Nicholas A. Marsico


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