DotBiz News Desk Sunday 8.14.16: Sandows “Impact,” Ryback demands top dollar, new TNA prez and more!

It feels good to be back in the DotBiz saddle! There’s a ton of hap’s around this crazy world of pro rasslin, so let’s get into a few of the latest news topics!




Well, it sure didn’t take long for wrestlings hottest free agent to find a home. Former WWE Superstar Damien Sandow is now TNA star “Aaron Rex.”

This past week on Impact, Rex made his on-screen debut by delivering a passionate promo where he threw several jabs at his former employer, making mention of glass ceilings and brass rings, on top of other obvious pipe bomb-ish banter. Overall, he was recieved very well by the TNA faithful.

As far as the impact Rex had on ratings, the company reported a minimal increase over the previous weeks show, coming in at #115 out of cables top 150. This was up 14 points from the previous week, but far from where TNA officials had hoped for.




In other breaking news coming out of TNA’s Nashville office, Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan has been named president of TNA’s parent company, Impact Ventures.

TNA released the following statement via

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — IMPACT Ventures [IMPACT], the parent company of TNA Wrestling and IMPACT WRESTLING, today announced the appointment of Billy Corgan as its new President. Current President Dixie Carter becomes Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of IMPACT.

As President, Billy Corgan will be responsible for leading day-to-day operations for IMPACT and its affiliated brands. As Chairman, Carter will focus on long-term planning, strategic partnerships and global growth.

“Billy is a visionary, an iconic artist and savvy businessman with an incredibly gifted creative mind. He has built a decades-long successful global brand, and also has a deep passion and understanding for professional wrestling,” said Carter. “In working with Billy over the last 16 months, he has impressed me to the point that I’ve been in discussions with him to take an elevated strategic leadership role within the company. The more we discussed our vision for the organization, the clearer it became that position needed to match his commitment.”

“We are entering an exciting new era for IMPACT and will be working to continue to define our brand, develop global strategies for success, and structure for future investment and growth,” added Carter. “These moves, effective immediately, signify the team’s determination to work together to effectively cover more ground and capitalize on TNA’s current momentum that has seen ratings rise in recent months.”

Corgan, 49, is an American musician, songwriter, producer, TV writer and poet, best known as the lead singer, guitarist, and sole permanent member of The Smashing Pumpkins, who have sold more than 30 million albums worldwide and won multiple Grammy Awards. Corgan joined IMPACT in May 2015 as a senior producer.

“I believe in this company, its passionate fans, the talented roster and the dedicated staff and crew,” said Corgan. “I am committed to this great opportunity and will use all of my resources and connections to drive the success of this company. This year we have made significant strides in establishing a strong foundation for our future and will be aggressive in continuing to evolve and grow the IMPACT brands.”

IMPACT’s flagship broadcast IMPACT WRESTLING airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Pop, and in more than 120 countries around the world.




The 2016 Battle of Los Angeles takes place on September 2nd/3rd/4th
There will be 24 participants.

The following is the latest, revised list of participants.

●Cody Rhodes is the first entrant

●Kamaitachi is the second entrant

●Jeff Cobb is the third entrant

●Mark Haskins is the fourth entrant

●Dalton Castle is the fifth entrant

●Pete Dunne is the sixth entrant

●Sami Callihan is the seventh entrant

●Tommy End is the eighth entrant

●Trevor Lee is the ninth entrant

●Adam Cole is the tenth entrant

●John Hennigan is the eleventh entrant

●Jack Gallagher is the twelfth entrant

●Chris Hero is the thirteenth entrant

●Mark Andrews is the fourteenth entrant

●Ricochet is the fifteenth entrant

●Matthew Riddle is the sixteenth entrant

●Marty Scurll is the seventeenth entrant

●Matt Sydal is the eighteenth entrant

●Kyle O’Reilly is the nineteenth entrant

●Fénix is the twentieth entrant



Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback is making news these days, but not for what he’s doing in the ring. It’s actually for how much money he wants BEFORE he will get in your ring.

Now using the ring-name “The Big Guy,” Ryback is claiming he will be working a full-time independent schedule, effective immediately. However, it’ll be interesting to see how many of today’s indie promoters can afford to pay The Big Guys asking price.

According to Wrestling Newsletter Observer, Ryback is charging  $4,500 per appearance, for indie appearances within the United States. He’s offering a discounted rate for those who book him for multiple dates. Also, if your promotion has a bad reputation, you will be charged a smooth five grand for The Big Guy to grace your town with his presence.

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