WWE RAW Aftershocks: Who is Gary Graham?


By now, I’m sure you’ve noticed there’s been a sudden increase in talent being used on Raw and Smackdown that you probably aren’t too familiar with. The commentators commonly refer to them as “local talent.” Well, this “local talent” is compiled of a group of established professional wrestlers, from all over the country, who have already been out here grinding it out, week in and week out. Basically, these guys and gals are contacted by someone from WWE, most likely a road agent and they’re given an opportunity to work as enhancement talent for someone such as Braun Strowman, Nia Jax, or in this particular case, Bo Dallas.

Last week on Monday Night Raw, you probably remember Bo Dallas squaring off in Memphis, against someone announced as “Gary Graham.” Well, Gary Graham is actually a fairly well-known tag team specialist from Northern Georgia named Lex Lee. Lex is one half of the very exciting, high-flying tag team known as The Young Lions. Together with his tag team partner, Kevin Kaufman, The Young Lions have been lighting up the indie scene all over the southeast and beyond.

The Lions are based out of Ringgold, Georgia and are members of the AWF roster, along with Lee’s father, veteran professional wrestler Paul Lee. Paul Lee has performed for everyone, everywhere, including WCW. Paul has also played a key role in the recruitment and development of a plethora of today’s wrestlers, including Lex Lee and The Young Lions.

Recently, I had the chance to do a brief interview with Lex Lee, just so we could all get to know him better. After all, I’ve had dozens of fellow fans and readers asking me the same question….”who was that Gary Graham guy?” Well, today you get to find out just exactly who this Gary Graham really is. Below is a list of questions I asked Lex.

JC: Who are some of the nationally and/or internationally known names you’ve had the opportunity to work with or faced in the ring?

Lex Lee: “I’ve worked with a list of former well-known workers. Luke Gallows, Buff Bagwell, Carlito, Paul London, Reid Flair, Robert Gibson of the Rock-N-Roll Express, Crimson, Chase Stevens, The Barbarian and so on.”


JC: Other than your dad(Paul Lee), was anyone else apart of your training?

Lex Lee: “My dad is 100% responsible for training me. I’ve learned from several other guys along the way as well and I continue to learn every time I step foot into a ring.”fb_img_1475155382556


JC: How did WWE find out about you, or was there something sort of tryout, or casting call etc.? Just curious about how that all came about.

Lex Lee: “A WWE agent got a hold of me and well, Gary Graham was born. Haha!”


JC: Is your goal to eventually get called back and get into their developmental system, or do you have your sights set on something else, like Japan, or ROH or something along those lines?

Lex Lee: “I’d love to be a part of the biggest wrestling company in the world, the WWE. I felt at home while working for them. But, honestly, whoever gives myself and my partner a chance, we’re going to prove to them that we belong in the ring. We’ll bust our tails for whoever gives us that chance. With that said, we are scheduled for a tryout at the upcoming Ring of Honor tryout camp in October.”


JC: Who are some of the names that influenced you coming up?

Lex Lee: “Shawn Michaels and Owen Hart. Shawn Michaels was the man, who didn’t love him? I don’t even have to explain myself and Owen Hart, he was just good. That man was, in my opinion, very underrated.”


JC: If the Young Lions could face any tag team on the planet right now, who would it be?

Lex Lee: “I’d love to work with the Young Bucks. We are often compared to them and we take that as a huge honor. We’re not trying to be them, we just have a similar look. I believe we could totally blow the roof off of a building, or two, with them. They are amazing. As far as the WWE, I’d love to work with American Alpha.”


JC: Fast forward five years….where is your career, ideally?

Lex Lee: “Hopefully, on television every week. I’ve said it before, whoever gives us the stage to perform on, we’re gonna give them 110% every time and make them proud. WWE, ROH, Impact, NJPW, or whatever new company that’s willing to give us that stage, we belong in the ring.”


Search for “The Young Lions” on Facebook to keep up with all things Young Lions. These guys are exciting to watch and they have a lot of dates coming up on their schedule, but they’re always looking for new places to work. Promoters and fans alike, catch these guys while you can, because one day, someone in high places will discover what we already know and that’s The Young Lions are one of the best tag teams on the indie scene today.

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