Before Donald Trump Became President of the United States, this Happened…

Well, it’s over. For better or for worse, the 2016 election is over and America has made its choice. The 45th president of the United States will be none other than noted businessman, entrepreneur and most importantly, WWE Hall of Famer and one time owner of the company, Donald J. Trump.

Launching a campaign on the gimmick of making America great again, Trump’s candidacy probably felt like something only WWE Creative could script. An indy guy so to speak not from the political class, shocked the world as he got past his 15 republican challengers to ultimately earn the #1 contendership for the presidency. There, the babyfaced (although I suppose it depends on who you were supporting) Trump, would face an even bigger challenge in the presumptive champion, Hillary Clinton. Having worked in the industry for over 30 years and representing someone with experience Trump simply didn’t have, no one would have booked a finish that didn’t involve her standing triumphantly at the end of the night, metaphorical belt in hand, as the first woman to be elected president.

But just like when Brock Lesnar broke the streak of the Undertaker, just like when Hulk Hogan joined the NWO, just like an RKO out of nowhere, Trump in an unexpected swerve to end all swerves, somehow emerged from the scandals and the bad debate performances to win the title of America’s next president.

In four years, at Electamania 2020, Trump will have to defend his newly won title against whoever the Democratic Party puts up as its #1 contender, but until then, the man behind the Trump brand will be enjoying his first and maybe only title reign as Commander-in-Chief.

So, sit back, try not to panic, and remember, if things don’t work out under President Trump, America always has a Plan B…

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