Beneath Underground: Deciphering The Remaining Lucha Underground Aztec Tribes

While five of the seven ancient Aztec Tribes surrounding Lucha Underground have been revealed, Sarah Van Buren has an idea or seven about the final two!

We’ve known about the “seven ancient Aztec tribes” conceit since the Gift of the Gods Championship was first introduced in season one. And so far we’ve seen Moth, Rabbit, Eagle, Snake, and Jaguar represented in the Temple. But even though we’re about midway through season 3, we’ve only just met the Paul London and the Rabbit Tribe a few weeks ago and Snake Tribe was only fully revealed in the last two episodes, so who else is out there that we might not have seen banded together yet? And if, like me, you get a bit twitchy when things aren’t neatly sorted into tidy categories, you’ve probably wondered where some of the current roster fits in the grand tribe scheme. I have a few ideas.

Spider Tribe

Somebody is taunting Sexy Star with spiders, and not tiny ones either. Big hairy tarantulas are showing up in and around her locker. (Not to victim-blame but come on Sexy, just put a padlock on the damn thing).We already know her former tormentors the Martinezes aren’t behind this, so who else might be? It doesn’t really seem like the Worldwide Underground’s style and she doesn’t seem to have any other current enemies so maybe we are in for a new luchador/a to debut? Or else El Rey’s getting a sweet promotional tie-in for Spider-Man:Homecoming. Either way, Spider Tribe, try not to get stepped on on your way down to the ring for a match.

Ghost/Undead Tribe

This is Catrina and Mil Muertes obviously, but also includes Fenix, Konnan, Mr. Sisco, all three Disciples of Death, Pentagon (but maybe only in a spiritual sense), and let’s all welcome the newest member, undead Prince Puma formerly of Jaguar tribe.

Cop Tribe

Joey Ryan, Cortez Castro, and their ageless/immortal detective boss. If the X-Files can have a Cops crossover episode, why not Lucha Underground too? Or with all the homicides going on (see previous section) maybe a Law and Order: LU special is in order. And speaking of immortal, ageless, timeless…

Timelord Tribe

Doctor Who would have us believe the Doctor is the last of the Timelords, but there’s at least one kicking around Boyle Heights. It does seem like Aerostar got tired of using his timey-wimey powers to save planets and rescue those in need, and now just uses them to wrestle.

Angel Tribe

Angelico. He’s a beautiful shining being who descends from the heavens to dole out justice, what else would he be?

Douchebag Tribe

Johnny Mundo, Taya, Jack Evans, and PJ Black are consistently douches to each other and everyone else around them. Also Matt Striker is in this tribe. As the leader and founder.

Super Best Friends Forever Tribe

Sexy Star and the Mack are currently heading up this tribe and it is super cute to watch. If it turns out the Mack is using his intimate friend knowledge of Sexy’s arachnophobia and he’s been putting the spiders in her locker all along, he’ll break all of our hearts.

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