VIDEO: In Honor of Bobby Roode’s NXT Title Win, Here is Every #GLORIOUSBOMB on the Internet

NXT Takeover: San Antonio, was in one word, GLORIOUS, as Bobby Roode continued his meteoric NXT run, ascending to the top of the mountain as the new NXT champion. Roode, who has promised to remake NXT in his own image, will begin the Glorious Era next week as he makes his first appearance on NXT since winning the title. But while we wait for Roode to properly and rightfully take his seat on the throne, there is no better way to celebrate the new champ than with something befitting of his status.

Of course, I’m talking about #GLORIOUSBOMBS.

I’m guessing most people have seen or at least know what those are, but in case you’ve been living under an un-glorious rock the past several months, let me explain.

The “Glorious Bomb” is the genius invention brought to us from Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa, who now represent NXT as the tag team #DIY. As Gargano tells it, the first time he heard Roode’s “Glorious Domination” theme song, he believed, as did several others, that it was going to be the theme for the Cruiserweight Classic. The performers got excited and incredibly hyped up at that prospect because as anyone who has heard the song knows, it’s quite amazing. One might even say it’s… glorious.

When Gargano and the others found out “Glorious Domination” was not their theme song but rather that of the newly debuting Roode, they were unsurprisingly, disappointed.

“Every single time we saw Bobby, we would tell him, ‘Oh man, we really want your song.’ And every single time we saw him, me and Tommaso would go up to him and be like, ‘Glorious! Glorious!’ and sing his song to him. So we do that,” Gargano revealed on the This is Awesome Wrestling Show podcast. Gargano also explained that one day, Ciampa and him got the idea to film the pair going up to Roode and playing his theme song, which quickly began one of the top sellers on iTunes. Roode graciously agreed and thus, the #GLORIOUSBOMB was born. The first video, which saw Gargano and Ciampa catch Roode in the weight room, quickly went viral and before long, even Triple H was endorsing them, which led the tag team to create more.

The gloriousness of the videos exist in their simplicity as Gargano and Ciampa merely photo bomb Roode in various settings – the weight room, gorilla, his bedroom, the bathroom (twice)… and wait anxiously for the Glorious One to nod his approval. They are normally no more than 30 seconds, but each one has been better than the last, leading up to the most recent one which featured the then-NXT tag team champions, bombing Roode while in the shower prior to Takeover. The result was well, you know the word to insert here.

So to celebrate Roode’s coronation, here is every #GLORIOUSBOMB Gargano and Ciampa have gifted us with so far. We can only hope that this is just the beginning.

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