Mitchell’s Ring of Honor Report! (3/25/17)


Once again, I just didn’t have the time to get to this on the day it aired or anytime after until now.



-ROH World Tag Team Championship Match: The Hardy Boyz VS The Briscoes; The Hardys win and retain the World Tag Team Championships.

-6 Man Tag: The Bullet Club’s Adam Cole & The Young Bucks VS The Addiction & Dalton Castle w/ The Boys; win.



Aftermath of the ROH 15th Anniversary Special! After winning the Decade of Excellence tournament to earn a shot at the ROH World Heavyweight Championship despite being told “You can’t win!”, Christopher Daniels faced Three Time ROH WHC and de facto leader of the Bullet Club in ROH, Adam Cole, in a one-on-one match and finally became the NEW ROH World Heavyweight Champion! Where do things go now that the Fallen Angel has finally fulfilled his destiny?

The Almighty World Champion holding both old and new editions of the ROH WHC belt

The Addiction is here to tell us just that! The Almighty ROH WHC and his Heavy Metal Rebel best friend, Frankie Kazarian, are in the building to celebrate. Kaz officially presents us the new champion as Daniels has himself a strong appletini. Daniels himself then speaks on how he defeated a younger, faster and possibly more technically sound man in Adam Cole, but Cole was not smarter than him. The Almighty Ring General and the “Secretary of Offense” Kaz hatched a nice little plot to “bamboozle” the Bullet Club and get that first world title to Daniels. Kaz knows defending that belt will be much more difficult than earning it, but Kaz himself wishes to earn a little gold in the way of the ROH World Television Championship. Kaz won a 6 Man Mayhem match to become the #1 contender, and now he’s aimed at The Villain, Marty Scurll. While going for singles gold, these two will always be “The Addiction that you just can’t kick.” However, a certain someone else has his sights on gold: Dalton Castle! At the coming Supercard of Honor Pay-Per-View, The Peacock will be the man to first challenge Daniels for that title! A quick commercial break while Castle makes his way to the ring.

Upon returning, Castle has joined The Addiction in the ring. The Peacock is curious about the appletini, Daniels offers a taste. “Don’t rush your first. Take it slow.” Castle sips, and has a revelation. “The Drink of Champions” is wonderful! Castle wants one of his own! But they don’t have a second glass… No it’s alright, Castle snaps his fingers and… The Boys appear! They have Castle’s very large martini glass… Castle and Daniels split what’s left in the shaker, and have a celebratory toast. Castle admires Daniels’ victory over Cole, that’s something no one can take away from the champ. But The Peacock does not envy Daniels, because now Daniels will have to wrestle The Peacock, and he “wouldn’t with that on anybody.” Kaz isn’t scared of those bold words, and neither is Daniels. But wait, it’s ADAM COLE, BAYBAY! He and The Young Bucks are present, all three men having lost title matches during the 15th Anniversary PPV. “Who’s ready for Story Time with Adam Cole, Baybay~?” Yes, Daniels got his “fairy tale ending” “lightning in a bottle” moment. But Cole says it was actually just a two man screw job on Cole! He’ll make them pay, that’s a promise. As for Dalton Castle becoming ROH WHC is “laughable”. Supercard of Honor should not and WILL not be Daniels VS Castle, the man who deserves a shot at that title is, “You guessed it: Adam Cole, BAYBAY!” But Daniels only just faced Cole, and why would Cole want a rematch after Daniels kicked him in the “Adam Hole”? Though, if Cole and the Bucks want to go, they can make it 3v3, 6 Man Tag “Baybay”! Cole accepts, who will walk out tonight with the upper hand?


The Villain, Marty Scurll, “the most dominant ROH World Television Champion” has defeated all challengers. Where is the competition? So, ROH Roster, “come and have a go, if you think you’re hard enough. Long live the Villain.” But just as Scurll finishes taping this promo, The Rebellion’s Kenny King walks in, having heard the “squawking”. Scurll wants to talk about dominant? Who has he beaten that Kenny King hasn’t? Sanjay Dutt? Lio Rush? Kenny’s checked them both. So if Scurll is “hard enough”, he should put that ROH WTVC on the line. Master of the Chicken Wing VS Mr. 225 “who eats chicken wings for lunch.” Scurll thinks that “was really cute”, but since he wants competition, consider the challenge accepted. Will the Villain be conquering a King next?


ROH World Tag Team Championship Match

The Hardy Boyz VS The Briscoes!

Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero defeated the Young Bucks to become the tag team champions of “the Honorable Ring” before the 15th Anniversary and then successfully retained against the Bucks and Roppongi Vice, now they put the titles up against #DemBoyz just a week before the Young Bucks get another shot at Supercard of Honor! In this first-time match up, we start with Mark Briscoe and Jeff Hardy, and Mark comes out swinging with Redneck Kung-Fu! Mark flips out of the kick counter and back body drop to hit the Sussex County Chicken stance. Jeff kicks, Mark catches it, so Jeff hits his signature roll-through dropkick to send Mark back into a neutral corner. “Brother Nero” bumps Mark’s head off the buckle many times before king his own Kung-Fu back elbow and backhand. Mark falls backwards, Jeff jumps onto the cover while Matt knocks Jay Briscoe off the apron, TWO! The Hardys together whip and elbow Mark down, somersault senton and elbow drop added on, then for Jay, he gets the signature Hardy legdrop combo. One Briscoe in each corner, Mark gets the “DELETE” chop while Jay takes the “OBSOLETE” chop. “DELETE! OBSOLETE! DELETE! OBSOLETE!” etc until Jeff whips Jay into Mark, and Matt is the step stool for the signature corner leg lariat. However, both Briscoes catch Jeff, and they use him to knock Matt down. The Briscoes throw the Broken Hardys out of the ring, Jay builds up speed, FLYING JAY knocks both of the Hardys to the barriers! Jeff is then thrown into another barrier as Mark hits the Cactus Jack elbow from the apron! The Briscoes are in control as we go to commercials.

We return to find The Briscoes have isolated Jeff Hardy, Mark using technical skill to roll Jeff over, TWO. Tag to Jay, the Briscoes mug Jeff and then Jay gives Matt a cheap shot in return for that earlier one. Corner to corner with Jeff, Jay fires in with a clothesline and then shift to a camel clutch. Matt gets Jay off Jeff, the referee backs Matt down. Jay drags Jeff up to his feet, European Uppercut rocks Jeff backwards. Another EuroUpper before tagging Mark, they put Jeff in a neutral corner to go corner to corner again. Jeff fights back, Whisper in the Wind wipes both Briscoes out! The fans rally, Jeff tags Matt! Matt rallies on Mark, bumping his head off the buckles again, all the way to the bottom buckle! A “WONDERFUL!” right hand to Mark before whipping him corner to corner, Mark fires back and goes second rope. Mark jumps for a double ax handle but Matt kicks that down, but Mark resists the Twist of Fate so it becomes a DDT, TWO! Matt drags Mark up and puts him back in the neutral corner. Matt gives a stiff clothesline then a bulldog, TWO. Snapmare and leg drop, then another leg drop, then a “WONDERFUL” fist drop, TWO! Tag to Jeff, Mark is now the isolated one as they shove him into the corner and clothesline him down. TWO, so Jeff puts a chinlock on before one more commercial break.

After commercials, Mark slips out of Jeff’s Twist of Fate, double clothesline takes both men down. Mark and Jeff both tag their brothers in, Matt and Jay brawl! Matt uses headbutts to back Jay down, Matt chews at Jay’s face! Jay is bleeding as he headbutts back to knock Matt down again and again, then that stiff neckbreaker. TWO! Jay drags Matt up, double underhook, Matt slips out for the Side Effect! TWO! Matt goes top rope, Mark uppercuts to stun him, so Jeff grabs Mark and brings him to the other corner. Mark uppercuts Jeff now, climbs up as Jay climbs up to join Matt. Mark is first to hit a SUPERPLEX, and then Jay SUPERPLEXES Matt, Jeff narrowly avoids being crushed by his own brother! Mark keeps going, though, he hits FROGGY-BOW on Matt, then pushes Jeff out of the way for Jay to pin, TWO! The Briscoes are frustrated being so close, Jeff pounces on Jay for Twist of Fate stunner and then Matt rolls Jay up, TWO. Matt and Jay throw forearms and stagger each other, Mark tags in to rally on Matt. Jabs and chops before another corner to corner, but it is reversed so Mark goes up to the top rope. Matt stops him now with right hands, Mark resists and Jay returns, but Jeff shoves Mark down to the apron to prevent a Briscoes Doomsday Device, but Mark just readjusts and springboards into the Doomsday! Jeff breaks the pin, but Jay throws him out right after. Jeff drags Jay out, Twist of Fate to the floor! Mark drags Matt up, fireman’s carry, but Matt slips down. Twist of Fate from Matt, Swanton Bomb from Jeff! TWO!? Crucifix pin outta nowhere, TWO!! Mark and Matt brawl now, Mark denies a Twist of Fate, blind tag from Jeff. Matt goes for a backslide, Jeff adds on his leg lock pin, the Hardys win and retain in an instant classic! But the Young Bucks then appear on the stage, promising that when they have their rematch at “Superkick of Honor”, these two teams will burn the house down again. But the Bucks have an idea: put the ROH World Tag Titles as well as those stolen World SUPERKICK PARTY Championship belts on a hook for a LADDER MATCH! Challenge accepted! Will the Hardys DELETE DELETE DELETE the Bucks this Saturday?


Six Man Tag Match

The Bullet Club’s Adam Cole & The Young Bucks VS The Addiction & Dalton Castle w/ The Boys!

Entrances were made during the commercials, so we come back to an all-out brawl! Things are chaotic in and out of the ring as Nick Jackson has Christopher Daniels in a corner, only for Daniels to fight back and put Nick in the corner. Nick puts Daniels on the apron, Daniels gives Nick a right hand, but Nick prevents Daniels from hitting a split-leg moonsault onto Matt Jackson on the outside by trapping the legs, SUPERKICK to the upside-down world champion! Then with Matt and Adam Cole holding The Addiction and The Peacock together, Nick goes top rope to somersault senton onto them all! “That was Too Sweet!” chants the crowd. Cole and the Bucks then gather together, TRIPLE apron powerbombs! Then the Terminator drums begin as the three strike the pose. The Bucks build speed, but The Boys trip them up! Cole doesn’t realize it, so The Boys sub in. Terminator Boys get tripped by the Bucks now, then thrown into each other before SUPERKICKS! Finally, The Bucks return to Terminator pose, build speed and FLYING BUCKS knock The Addiction down. ADAM COLE BAYBAY finally stands up and rains fists on Kazarian, even choking him with both hands and against the ropes. This is the payback Cole promised for duping The Bullet Club, and it continues as Cole stomps away in a corner. Tag to Nick, Nick runs and hits a handspring back rake. Tag to Matt, who calls for the “BRAIN~ BUSTER!” only to get a right hand from Kaz. Tag to Cole, Cole goes for the same “BRAIN~ BUSTER!” only to get an even stronger right hand from Kaz. Tag to Nick, he tries “BRAIN~ BUSTER!” but this time Daniels and Castle come in to save Kaz. The “Super Kliq” grabs all three for a triple “BRAIN~ BUSTER!” but it’s a triple suplex from The Addiction and Peacock before one last commercial break.

We return just as Daniels is pulled down by Matt to deny a tag, hard Shining Wizard from Nick to Kaz, then an assisted Sliced Bread before the low Shining Wizard twice. Nick goes top rope, Matt in position, 450 Splash and standing moonsault, TWO! Bullet Club is shocked, the Bucks double whip Kaz but he holds ropes to avoid a double superkick, then throws each brother out. Nick shoulders back, slingshot “Suck It” Facebuster before immediately cartwheeling and hitting an asai moonsault off the apron to Castle! Nick returns but Kaz slingshots him into a cutter, Kaz tags in Daniels. The Almighty Daniels rallies on The Bucks, STO to Nick and a Blue Thunder Bomb to Matt. Daniels forearms Nick and sits him top rope, Nick shoves him away. Daniels gets out of the way, Nick’s flying huricanrana catches and throws brother Matt instead! Daniels then gives Nick a scoop slam and split-leg moonsault, TWO. Back rake for Nick! Daniels calls his move, SUPERKICK from Cole before tagging in. Cole stalks Daniels, Figure Four denied, Castle tags in. The Peacock rallies on Cole, stiff elbows and forearms, back suplex to running knee in the corner. Cole denies Bangarang, goes second rope but Castle denies the Destroyer. Castle throws Cole overheead, then gives each Buck a German Suplex in turn. The fans rally for The Peacock, deadlift German Suplex Pin to Cole, TWO! Kaz catches and flips Nick, Matt hits Kaz with a rolling stunner, Daniels gives Matt Angel’s Wings only for Cole to immediately SUPERKICK Daniels afterward! All six men are down but the crowd is loving this! Kaz up first, Cole fakes him out to hit a mule kick and DESTROYER, but Daniels yurinagi slams Cole, BEST MOONSAULT EVER lands on Daniels’ feet, SUPERKICKS from the Bucks! SUPERKICKS for Kaz! Then to Castle, SUPERKICKS to Cole! The Bucks are shocked, but they regroup to SUPERKICK Castle, who stays up and fires back with double lariats! Daniels sees the Bucks, split-leg moonsault topples them over. Castle grabs Cole, BANGARANG!! Castle wins it for the team! The Peacock and the Addiction bested The Bullet Club, but who will be the better at Supercard of Honor when the world title is on the line?


My Thoughts:

I feel that during this time of year in the wrestling world–aka Wrestlemania Weekend–ROH’s tape delay hurts them a bit. We finally get events that are caught up with the real status of ROH (who has what championships, for starters) and already they’re having to put together a go-home show for their next event. On top of that, Supercard of Honor itself is up against the WWE’s NXT TakeOver event this Saturday, April 1st, putting a lot of pressure on them to outdo the incredibly popular “developmental brand.”

That said, ROH put together a great go-home show as we got a fun opening celebration segment to give Daniels his due on television. Dalton Castle also had incredible chemistry with The Addiction, all three men are talented on the mic, and there was a nice “friendly rivalry” kind of tension between champion and challenger as both men are currently Faces. Then their match against lovable Heels, The Bullet Club, was itself incredible, really played to everyone’s strengths, and somewhat surprisingly it is Dalton Castle who gets the pinfall to give him momentum. I can’t imagine that Daniels’ “destiny” will only last for less than a month (March 10th to April 1st), but The Fallen Angel can definitely put on a great match against The Peacock, building up the younger star immensely.

Then the only other match tonight, which was the true core of the episode, gave ROH fans their chance to see The Broken Hardys on ROH Television in an amazing match. They and the Briscoes went above and beyond what you’d normally see on a go-home show, based on what WWE tends to do. It was obvious The Briscoes weren’t going to win their tenth ROH Tag Title reign on television, against the Hardys, this close to a PPV, but damn it was fun to watch. There is major news on the Hardys/WWE front, as Dave Meltzer himself confirmed that the return of Matt and Jeff to Raw/SmackDown is now just a matter of when, so anything could happen when The Hardys put up titles–both official and unofficial–on the line this Saturday. Wherever the Hardys go, that company will only benefit from having them, so it was great that there could be one more classic match involving these iconic wrestlers to put into the archives.

My Score: 8.5/10

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