Mitchell’s NXT TakeOver: Orlando Report! (4/1/17)

NXT TakeOver: Orlando! (4/1/17)

As part of WWE’s Wrestlemania Axxess, NXT General Manager William Regal made a HUGE announcement! With every championship match tonight, the winners would receive brand new title belts! Click here to watch the official video!



-8 Person Mixed Tag: SAnitY VS Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong, Ruby Riot & ???; SAnitY wins.

-Andrade “Cien” Almas VS Aleister Black; Black wins.

-NXT Tag Team Title Triple Threat Elimination Match: The Authors of Pain w/ Paul Ellering VS The Revival VS Team #DIY; The Authors of Pain win and retain the championships.

-NXT Women’s Championship Match: Asuka VS Ember Moon; Asuka wins and retains the championship.

-NXT Championship Match: Bobby Roode VS Shinsuke Nakamura; wins and



During Wrestlemania Axxess, SAnitY blindsided and beat down No Way Jose! The assembly of anarchists wants to assure themselves of a victory tonight, so they’re taking out the Fighting Fiesta before he can help The Perfect Ten and team in their 8 Person Mixed Tag match! They go so far as to even crush Jose’s leg between the steel steps like it was a guillotine! Jose was helped onto a stretcher and taken from the building, unable to compete. However, GM Regal notified Tye Dillinger and team that they have time to find a new fourth. If they can’t, the 8 Person Tag will end up a 4v3 handicap match. Who, if any man, is crazy enough to stand beside Team Perfect Ten against the savage squad that is SAnitY?


Triple H once again opens the show to announce that “Tonight, we make history!” “Tonight, we ARE NXT, and we are… home!” Orlando is the birthplace of NXT and now, years later, it is the place where NXT rises to a new level!


8 Person Mixed Tag Match

SAnitY VS Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong, Ruby Riot & ???

With the Fighting Fiesta that is No Way Jose taken out of action, Eric Young and his unhinged underlings already have an edge over their opponents. However, The Perfect Ten and friends are not backing down from this fight, as they are joined by… Kassius Ohno! The Returning Hero of NXT helps even things out, and we start with a 4v4 brawl! EY and Wolfe roll out of the ring, a Discus Boot sends Big Damo out! This leaves it to be ladies first as Ruby goes after Nikki Cross. Cross fires back with a headbutt, crossbody and just knocking Ruby’s head against the mat again and again. Cross uses hair to throw Ruby around, but Ruby side steps from a corner to send Cross into buckles. Ruby runs back in and uses Cross’ own counter to send Cross back into buckles with a special headscissors. Cross backs down from the rabid Ruby, tag to Wolfe. Ruby is forced to leave, Ohno takes care of the flailing Wolfe with a sharp right hand! Then one for EY! Somersault senton onto Wolfe, TWO. Ohno wrenches an arm and then the wrist, he even bends Wolfe’s fingers back. Ohno forces Wolfe to the mat, Wolfe kicks out, EY distracts and Wolfe pounces on it. Ohno down as Wolfe tags EY in, Ohno is isolated in a corner as EY rocks him with right hands of his own. He bumps Ohno off a buckle, tag back to Wolfe, Wolfe throws Ohno down by his hair as EY pins Ohno’s fate on Tye. Wolfe goes for a standing elbow drop and misses, Ohno tags Roddy Strong. Strong rallies on Wolfe, bumps EY, gives elbows to Wolfe before sending him into Damo, then delivers an Olympic slam to Wolfe before giving EY a backbreaker and Wolfe a dropkick! Strong’s all fired up as he gives a Shining Wizard to EY. Wolfe dodges a Shining Wizard, Strong ducks Damo’s cheap shot and kicks him down, Wolfe pounces with a German Suplex! Wolfe tags in Big Damo, the Beast of Belfast stomps away on Strong. European Uppercut, then heavy elbow drops, finished off with a jumping elbow drop. Strong is whipped to ropes but holds on to boot and enziguri Damo away, Strong leaps but is denied a tag. Damo dropkicks Strong to SAnitY’s corner before tagging EY in. EY grabs Strong and lifts him in a Hangman’s Dragon Sleeper! After letting go, EY dives for an elbow drop, TWO. EY quickly drags Strong away, tag to Wolfe. EuroUpper, tag to Damo, Damo rams a shoulder in before Wolfe hits a running EuroUpper into the corner. Tag back to Wolfe, the fans rally for Roddy but he’s rocked by a right hand. Wolfe hits a Cobra Clutch backbreaker, then tags in EY. Big elbow drop, Tye breaks the pin! The fans are electric for the Perfect Ten, Strong fights back against EY, EY clubs him down before giving Tye a cheap shot. EY does the same to Ohno, Strong starts firing back again. EY carries him all the way to a corner, then gets separation to come running back in, but Strong dodges and heads for his corner. Tye is back up, he gets the tag! Tye rallies on SAnitY, knocking and throwing them around, DDT to Wolfe! Tye sees Cross coming, Ruby intercepts and tackles her to the ground! Tye goes up high, crossbody before FLYING on EY!! That’s when Damo clubs him down, but Strong wrecks him with a wrecking ball dropkick. Wolfe knocks Strong down, so it’s the Hoss Hero that… fakes him out! Stiff right hand knocks Wolfe down but then Damo just bulldozes Ohno! Everyone is down, but Ruby’s up! She gains speed, only for Cross to intercept her back. Ruby’s only fired up, she trips up Cross and the two women scrap again as they roll out of the ring. Tye and EY back in the ring, Perfect Ten Punches in the corner! Tye knocks Wolfe away, body drop to EY, Damo takes a SUPERKICK! Damo is legal but Wolfe breaks that pin. Ohno catches Wolfe’s bicycle boot to give a knee lift. Ohno boots EY away before giving a LOUD elbow shot to Wolfe, EY returns to hit a leaping neckbreaker! EY grabs Tye, Strong returns with a SICK KICK that sends EY all the way out!

Say “Cheese!” for those cameras

Damo’s back up now, he and Strong stare down as the fans get fired up. Cross leaps on Strong, that’s not allowed, but Ruby just returns the favor by leaping on Damo! Neither woman will leave, Cross grabs Ruby but is the one who gets tossed out. Strong gets dragged out, EY and Strong take each other out with clotheslines! Ruby hits Cross with a missile dropkick off the apron! Tye’s back, though! TYE BREAK– no, Yakuza Kick from Wolfe! Referee was busy checking on Ruby, so it goes unchecked. Damo lifts Tye up, Ulster Plantation! SAnitY wins, even with numbers evened out. Does this solidify them as an unstoppable force in NXT?



Andrade “Cien” Almas VS Aleister Black!


El Idolo was not intimidated when he was told he’d be facing off against the debuting Embodiment of the End. Will Aleister force Cien’s ego to “Fade to Black”? Awesome entrance for Aleister, by the way, with a supernatural rising from horizontal to vertical. As for the match, it starts with Cien being very wary of Black’s ability but then taking the technical fight to him. Black counters the arm wrench, Cien turns it around, Black keeps pace, Cien goes up and over from the corner but misses his low dropkick. Cien makes Black miss his kick, then lounges, still not worried at all. They reset, waistlock standing switches, Cien goes “tranquilo” on the ropes. Cien stops relaxing as he and Black circle each other. Black bucks Cien away before dumping him out, gains speed only to fake Cien out. Springboard backflip and Black sits down to meditate. Seems that if Cien doesn’t sweat Black, Black doesn’t sweat Cien, either. El Idolo returns, Black dodges, arm wrenches then kicks away at Cien, knocking “the idol” down. Cien pushes out of a headlock but Black puts it back on, less than clean break from the corner by Cien. Cien stomps away as the fans rally for Black, running SLAP from Cien before embracing the heat. Cien picks Black up, Black denies the suplex and puts Cien on the apron, hanging armbar! Cien lets go at four, then climbs up top rope, missile dropkick knocks Black down, TWO, right into an armlock. The fans still rally for Black, Black uses a boot to knock Cien away. Cien grabs hair, Black blocks the punch and won’t let go. Strike fest from Black, kitchen sink knee is what topples Cien over before a kick sends him out! Then Black hits a Triangle Moonsault off the corner!

Black drags Cien up and into the ring, he stalks Cien, Cien tries suplex holds but Black stops each one. Victory roll, kick out, Black Mass heel kick misses, Cien gives his forearm flurry! Boot rocks Black to the ropes, but Black puts him on the apron again. Black is again caught in the armbar, tho, Black knees Cien until he lets go. Cien still goes top rope again, his missile dropkick is turned into a powerbomb! TWO, right into a Fujiwara-Omoplata combo! Black endures, crawling to ropes with legs, ropebreak! Cien lets him go but drags him to a corner. Forearms rain down, Cien prepares for and misses the knees! Black with the small package, TWO, rolling takedown countered, TWO! Cien misses a boot but gives a back elbow, Black blocks a punch, double roundhouse kicks knock both men down! Cien drags Black up and tries to put him back in an armbar, but Black gives a sharp knee to send him away. Cien handspring back kicks Black down, TWO. Cien drags Black to another corner, wants the knees, and hits! Then he picks Black up, Hammerlock D– Fireman’s Carry from Black, Cien slips out and hits a trapped-arm German Suplex pin! TWO! Cien is frustrated, and runs right into a jumping knee! Black boots Cien then boots him again. Cien is all but out, BLACK MASS Heel Kick! Black wins! Debut done, will the rest of NXT soon #FadeToBlack?



NXT Tag Team Title Triple Threat Elimination Match

The Authors of Pain w/ Paul Ellering VS The Revival VS Team #DIY!

The NEW NXT Tag Team Championship belts

Dash and Dawson have had tons of history with Gargano and Ciampa, but no one has been able to bring down the destructive duo that is Akam and Rezar. One team must outlast two, who will be the last duo standing to receive the first of the redesigned NXT title belts? That said, the start is suddenly 4v2 as DIY and the Revival put their differences aside to isolate one Author each! DIY drags Akam out while the Revival does the same to Rezar! Akam goes face first into a barrier, DIY gets a table! Triple threat also means no disqualifications, so why not?! Table up, DIY grabs Akam but he puts them into the barrier now. DIY recovers, and throws Akam into steel steps. As for The Revival, they’ve taken Rezar down for the moment, these two old rivals want one more go around. Double dropkicks from DIY, whippe knee and step stool back elbow to Dash, Gargano hits a low dropkick, TWO. Gargano arm wrenches and shoulder breaks Dash, tag to Ciampa, double whip but Akam blind tags in on Dash. Akam runs both members of DIY over, he isolates Ciampa before tagging Rezar. Rezar clubs Ciampa and whips him to the empty corner, but Ciampa boots back. Flying crossbody caught, but Ciampa slips out to boot Rezar down. Ciampa wants a tag from The Revival, but neither Dash nor Dawson wants in against an Author of Pain. Rezar pounces on Ciampa, tag to Akam, the two mug Ciampa before the referee shouts for Rezar to exit. Gargano distracts Rezar and the ref, Revival trips Ciampa but also gives Akam a sneaky DDT! Ciampa is then placed on Akam, TWO. Now Dash tags in s othat he can go after the vulnerable Akam. Tag to Dawson, human weapon Dash leg drop. TWO. Dawson keeps on Akam but Akam fights out. DIY returns the favor to Dawson by denying him tags. Dawson manages to put Akam on his back but Akam pushes him away. Gargano tags Akam out, he gets dumped out by Dash, slingshot spear into Dawson! TWO! Dash goes after Johnny Wrestling, takes the schoolboy kick. Gargano goes back to Dawson, but is put to the apron. Swing kick for Dawson, mule kick for Rezar, followed by Ciampa’s flying knee! Somersault senton onto Akam! Dawson is back in the ring, Gargano pursues, slingshot DDT! TWO! The fans are fired up for Gargano, Gargano sees Dawson on the outside, but as he goes to slingshot over, AoP shoves Dawson into the LED and then catch Gargano. Ciampa comes running in, Gargano is used as a human weapon now to block the Sicilian Psycho’s flight path! Gargano is then thrown again into Dash, Ellering is ecstatic. Rezar drags Gargano into the ring, then Akam retrieves Dawson. Rezar tags the limp Dawson to be legal, he goes after Gargano to grind a forearm into his face. Tag to Akam, side slam stomp! TWO! Akam grinds a boot into Gargano’s face, lifts him up and uses the torture rack to bend that spine. Gargano endures the submission, the fans fire up for Johnny Wrestling, Gargano slips down and dodges an elbow drop. Enziguri rocks Akam, Gargano jumps for a tag but misses. Gargano slips down, shoves Akam to ropes, cheap shot from Dawson! Akam is stunned, Gargano crawls and tags Ciampa! Ciampa rallies on the Authors, but his lariats can’t floor Akam. He knee lifts Rezar away, rebound German Suplex! Strike fest from Ciampa, ANOTHER German Suplex! Ciampa’s all fired up now, PSYCHO KNEE! TWO! Ciampa is shocked that didn’t work, but Akam is still stunned. Ciampa stays on Akam with strikes, Rezar is on his way back in, so Ciampa goes running, and with the help of Gargano AND the Revival, powerbomb through the table!!

However, Akam is still up, so The Revival gives DIY room so that they can surround him. The four men rush him but he pushes The Revival away to then floor DIY! Akam grabs Ciampa, powerbomb lift but Ciampa fights out. Tag to Dash, then to Dawson, chopblock to topple Akam down and then the reverse figure four. Gargano thinks to break it up, but then he remembers this is elimination. So Gargano puts a crossface on Akam! Akam endures two holds, Rezar returns but is kept back by Ciampa and Dash. Not for long, as Rezar barrels all the way in to break things up! All six men are down, the fans are LOVING this. Tag to Rezar, Dawson side steps but Ciampa takes the hit, Samoan Drop AND Fall Away Slam prepared, but both men slip out. EuroUpper and a hard right followed by Gargano’s SUPERKICK, Gargano and Dawson hit the DIY VICE!

Rezar returns once more, so it’s Ciampa and Dash that hit SHATTER MACHINE!

Unusual combos made for amazing moments, but now both Authors are on the outside. DIY and the Revival stare each other down again, The Revival tries a sneak attack but DIY saw it coming. So it’s just a flat out brawl! Ciampa and Dawson go out, Dash and Gargano keep the Authors out, then DOUBLE FLYING ATTACK to topple them over! Ciampa gets up and sees everyone has gathered. Dawson stops him on the top rope, only to join him… SUPERPLEX into the pile!!


The fans want them to “FIGHT FOREVER!” but we still haven’t had one elimination. Rezar tags and clubs Dawson down, tag to Akam and they grab Ciampa. LAST CHAPTER! Team DIY is ELIMINATED! AoP now pace about as the fans call “bullshit”, but Dash puts up a one man fight against both of them. It doesn’t last long, side slam stomp flattens him, TWO. AoP wants another one, but Dawson clubs Akam on the top rope while Dash gets Rezar out of the way. Dash grabs Akam powerbomb style, Dawson tags in, bulldog powerbomb! Then to Rezar, EuroUpper German Suplex twice! TWO! The fans rally for Revival, Indian Deathlock put on, but Rezar fights out. He stiff arms Dash then spinebusters Dawson down. Tag to Akam, they grab Dawson for another Last Chapter but Dash takes the hit! Dawson rolls through the Cobra Clutch to make it a pin, TWO. Boot from Akam, Rezar returns, DOUBLE Powerbombs to the Revival. The fans boo these behemoths as they stalk Dash and Dawson. Rezar forces Dash all the way out of the ring and keeps an eye on him as Akam grabs Dawson. Dawson is dead weight, the referee checks on him. The match continues, Dash anchors Rezar, small package, TWO. Double Samoan Drops put Dash into a barrier and Dawson into a corner buckle! Dash is then put into the ring, the Authors of Pain hit the Super Collider! Authors of Pain win and retain the titles. If two of the best teams couldn’t win, who can?!




NXT Women’s Championship Match

Asuka VS Ember Moon!

The NEW NXT Women’s Championship Belt

On the one year anniversary of The Empress of Tomorrow becoming NXT Women’s Champion, she pits that title and  her extensive undefeated streak against the Prophecy of Flame’s own undefeated streak. Only one woman can be the undefeated champion, and it’s finally time to see which woman it will be! The bell rings, and the two stare each other down. They rush at each other for a tie up, ropebreak is cleanly separated. Another tie up, the two roll on the mat but then get back up, headlocks and headscissors traded, Ember arm drags but then Asuka replies in kind. Double dropkicks cancel out, so far it’s a stalemate. Asuka offers a handshake, only to take it back. She sweeps Ember, Ember kip-ups and headscissors, Asuka likes what she sees. Waistlock turns to headlock, Asuka goes to hip toss but Ember turns it to a toss, the two women collide. No one goes down so they go again. Then it turns into shoving and trash talking, “OKAY!?” Third time but Asuka tricked Ember, hip attack! Ember’s right back up, dropkick! Ember says “Neener neener”, back kick to front kick to rolling sobat to Asuka. Asuka ends up outside, Ember slides but misses, Asuka comes running and hip attacks Ember to the barrier. Asuka leaves Ember to the mercy of the ring count, Ember beats it, but Asuka toys with her by using light stomps. Asuka drags her up, stiff back hands stun Ember, back kick knocks her down. Ember Moon still has lots of fire, she shoves Asuka away and then catches a kick to trip Asuka onto her face. Ember speeds up but takes a third hip attack. Asuka kicks Ember as she sits against the ropes but backs down at the referee’s order. Ember resists the German suplex, and then resists the Asuka Lock, hard right forearm sends Asuka out of the ring. Ember hits a triangle crossbody!

Ember the Werewolf can FLY

Ember gets Asuka back in the ring, goes top rope… Asuka forces her to jump over, then deflects a dropkick to give Ember a Shining Wizard! TWO! Asuka is getting frustrated, she grabs Ember’s hair then gives kicks to the chest. Asuka stalks Ember, picks her up, goes for the Asuka Lock but Ember resists. Asuka arm drags Ember down to try again, Ember continues to resists. Ember fights her way to her feet but Asuka just puts on those bodyscissors to squeeze. Ember endures, reaches for ropes, comes close to tapping but instead starts to fade. Ember gains a second wind, and drops onto Asuka! Asuka lets go, Ember rolls to ropes as she regains her breath, but Asuka rushes in. Hip attack misses, SUPERKICK from Ember! Both women down, one stunned and the other struggling to breathe, but they get up and go again. Dodging and blocking kicks, but a headscissor sends Asuka to a corner. Asuka staggers out, leg sweep and low dropkick from Ember, Ember keeps kicking as Asuka gets back up. Fall Away Slam to Asuka, she ends up in a corner as Ember kip-ups again. Handspring lariat, but Ember is stopped on the ropes, GERMAN SUPLEX! TWO! Ember keeps fighting, it’s a brawl now. Asuka misses a backhand, Ember hits a spinning forearm. Asuka wants the Buzzsaw, gets Ember’s Exploder instead! TWO! Asuka barely kicked out, so Ember goes to finish this. Top rope for the challenger, Asuka stops her and climbs up. Ember gordbusters Asuka away, though. Ember’s ready, Asuka uses the REF to tumble Ember down! BUZZSAW! Asuka wins! A bit dirty, but the Empress of Tomorrow is STILL undefeated, and laughing all the way.


Drew McIntyre spotted in the audience! What does this mean for the future of the once chosen one?


NXT Championship Match

Bobby Roode VS Shinsuke Nakamura!

The NEW NXT Championship belt

It’s the GLORIOUS rematch from San Antonio, and the King of Strong Style is 100% recovered from the knee injury that cost him the title in the first place. As for entrances, Roode sees Nakamura’s violins and raises him two live pianos. As for the match, the crowd duels in chants, cheering both men equally. Roode tries giving Nakamura a kick but Nakamura blocks and gives one back. The fans are loving “Both these guys!” as Nakamura gets Roode down with a waistlock and hammerlock. Roode slips out and puts on a headlock, and Nakamura can’t even power out of it. Ropebreak gets the two to separate, Nakamura plays his ab-resting mind-games. “C’mon!” Nakamura dares. Roode laughs it off, not falling for it. He claims NXT belongs to him, as does the title, because he’s… GLORIOUS! Nakamura boots him out of the pose. Then boots him back again. Nakamura dares him to come at him, Roode does, headlock pushed away this time but Roode shoulders him down. Roode is stopped in his tracks, Nakamura flips then flips Roode, knee drop! Nakamura gets Roode in a corner, Good Vibrations is denied, enziguri! NOW Shinsuke gets some Good Vibrations. Roode rolls out, Shinsuke pursues and presses him against the barrier. Roode’s back in the ring, Nakamura shoulders him away, Nakamura drags Roode to ropes to attempt a suplex! Roode denies it, they trade right hands, dropkick from Roode sits Nakamura down. Roode speeds up and knocks Nakamura flying off the apron and into the rails. Roode goes out to give elbows to the back of Nakamura’s neck, then puts him back in the ring. Roode uses ropes to choke Nakamura as he wrenches the neck, he bumps Nakamura off a corner buckle before stomping away. The referee backs him off, Roode hits his GLORIOUS pose again. Roode gives a loud chop to Nakamura, then another, then corner to corner whip and a corner clothesline to neckbreaker. TWO! Roode keeps on Nakamura with a nerve clamp, Nakamura endures as Roode grips his hand into the shoulder. Nakamura fights out, but Roode knocks him down, gives an elbow drop then a knee drop, TWO. Roode wrenches Nakamura’s neck again, and deeply. Nakamura fades, Roode pins, TWO, so back to the wrenching. The fans rally for the King of Strong Style, he powers out and fights back, whip reversed, Roode puts on a sleeper. Nakamura gets out of the sleeper with a snapmare, blocks a punch and hits a wheel kick to rock Roode. The two men get up, Nakamura blocks and answers Roode’s punches each time before knocking him down with kicks. Nakamura goes corner to corner with Roode, corner splash before putting Roode top shelf. Knee lift knocks Roode off the top, baseball slide dropkick sends Roode out of the ring. Nakamura pursues to put Roode on the apron, knee lift then knee drop brings Roode down again. Back into the ring, TWO. Nakamura picks Roode up but Roode resists. It takes many back elbows to back Nakamura off, Roode gets running but takes a boot, Nakamura gets running but takes the roaring clothesline! The fans are dueling again as Roode drags Nakamura back to a corner. Another loud chop before going corner to corner, Nakamura boots back, jumping knee attack! Then Nakamura returns to the corner, KIN– no, Roode dodges and chopblocks the recovered leg! Roode pounces on that leg, stomping and dropping elbows to it, but then he also wraps it into the post! Nakamura is in pain as Roode keeps up his assault. Roode drags Nakamura to the middle of the ring, slaps Nakamura before twisting the knee into the Figure Four. Nakamura endures, but Roode adds as much pressure as he can to the hold. Nakamura works to unlock it but the pain is too much, so Nakamura rolls it over! The pressure is on Roode, he reaches ropes for a break, and lets Nakamura go. He returns to the leg, however, springboard sit-down on it! Roode does not let up, he wants Nakamura to quit. Figure Four popped into an armbar!! Roode’s hands are locked, Nakamura uses his legs to hit Roode in the head, the hands come loose. Now it’s a triangle hold, Roode deadlifts Nakamura but not enough, ARMBAR! Roode reaches and crawls for ropes, and gets his legs on. Nakamura reluctantly lets go, but he fires up and fires knees and kicks into Roode in a corner. Nakamura’s rage and adrenaline keep the attack up on Roode, buckle bump to top shelf again, knee lift– no, Roode dodges again, Nakamura’s knee goes into the buckle! Nakamura crumbles to the floor, Roode returns to stomp and kick. Nakamura keeps kicking back, and even on one leg he uses kicks to chop Roode down. Roode ducks, Backstabber crumples Nakamura, TWO! The fans fire up again, Nakamura and Roode glare at each other as they get back up. Roode throws a forearm, Nakamura responds, and back again. Roode kicks the knee, GLORIOUS– no, no DDT, gordbuster from Nakamura before a low knee attack! TWO! Nakamura fires himself up one more time, the fans are feeling it, Roode retreats from the ring. Nakamura pursues, pounces and puts Roode back in. Roode attacks the bad leg on the reentry! GLORIOUS DDT!! TWO!? Roode is the most shocked of all, but the fans are loving it either way. Roode slips out of the ring, and grabs the BELL! Champion’s Advantage and all, but the ref takes the bell away. Roundhouse from Nakamura, and the Reverse Exploder! Nakamura is feeling it, KINSHA– GLORIOUS Spinebuster! TWO! The fans know “This is awesome!” as Roode is frustrated and desperate. Roode crawls to Nakamura, a bad arm holding him back while he drags Nakamura up. Nakamura powers Roode to a corner to drive shoulders in, then staggers back, front chopblock from Roode! Roode then brings Nakamura up, GLORIOUS TORNADO DDT!!

Roode finally wins! He kisses that brand new NXT title belt because it’s all his.


My Thoughts:

Another amazing TakeOver event from NXT, raising the bar and putting pressure on everything Wrestlemania has set up for tomorrow. Aleister Black and Cien Almas put on a wonderful opener, really showcasing what the man formerly known as Tommy End has while also getting the win to merit being in this promotion. Then the 8 Person Mixed tag looked to be in peril when No Way Jose got sidelined but then we get a great surprise by having the man formerly known as Chris Hero joining in to keep it alive. Another great match overall, Ruby Riot seems to be a match for Nikki Cross in skill and madness, and she got a good showing for herself in her debut. Ultimately SAnitY wins to keep themselves a strong stable in NXT, as each member is a viable title contender and SAnitY could make a real push for a complete sweep of NXT’s gold.

Despite fans being upset about who won the NXT Tag Title match. Hell, despite the fans being upset about who won, that NXT Tag Title match might have very well been the best NXT tag match of all time. It was a match highlighted by how bitter enemies came together in an attempt to take down a literally bigger enemy, only for both to fall. The match both built the Authors of Pain as mighty monsters while also giving DIY and The Revival send-offs for the main roster. In the moment, fans might not understand that it had to be Paul Ellering’s newest team that won, but they will once we’re in post-Mania season and the other two teams are called up to the main rosters. As for the Women’s Championship, it would appear that Asuka is sticking around in NXT still as she is advertised for the upcoming NXT UK Tour but also rumored for doing part-time work between both NXT and SmackDown, as she was given house show experience with the blue brand while Naomi was out with her injury. Her undefeated streak of over a year continues, as does her title reign, and it means a lot if WWE is also letting her be the Women’s Division parallel to Kevin Owens, as he did part-time work, went over John Cena and then became a major singles champion on the main roster. Her total undefeated streak could become something legendary in itself, and has no end in sight.

Then there was the main event, TRULY a main event worthy match in the rematch of Roode and Nakamura. There were notable and appreciated parallels to the first match in San Antonio, as Nakamura does hit the same knee drop guillotine to the apron, the move that injured his knee last time. And again the knee comes into play, but Nakamura’s heart helps him push further than ever before, hence the two Impaler DDTs needed to put him away. In the end, Roode keeps the title so that NXT and Nakamura can both move on, as Nakamura is set to show up on one of the main roster programs. However, compared to the Authors of Pain sending DIY and The Revival to main, fans seemed more willing and perhaps more aware of Nakamura’s departure, as they gave him a final standing ovation before he left the ring.

My Score: 9/10

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