Mitchell’s Wrestlemania 33 Report! (4/2/17)




-Kickoff Match, WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Neville VS Austin Aries; Neville wins and retains the Cruiserweight Championship.

-Kickoff Match, Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal; Mojo Rawley wins.

-Kickoff Match, Intercontinental Championship: Dean Ambrose VS Baron Corbin; Ambrose wins and retains the Intercontinental Championship.

-AJ Styles VS Shane McMahon; Styles wins.

-WWE United States Championship: Chris Jericho VS Kevin Owens; Owens wins and becomes the NEW WWE US Champion.

-WWE Raw Women’s Championship Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match: Bayley VS Charlotte Flair VS Sasha Banks VS Nia Jax; Bayley wins and retains the Raw Women’s Championship.

-WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Fatal Four Way Ladder Match: The Club VS The Realest Guys VS Cesaro & Sheamus VS The Hardy Boyz; The Hardy Boyz win and become NEW WWE Raw Tag Team Champions.

-Mixed Tag Match: John Cena & Nikki Bella VS The Miz & Maryse; Cena & Nikki win.

-Unsanctioned Match: Triple H VS Seth Rollins; wins.

-WWE World Championship: Bray Wyatt VS Randy Orton; Orton wins and becomes the NEW WWE World Champion.

-WWE Universal Championship: Goldberg VS Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman; Lesnar wins and becomes the NEW WWE Universal Champion.

-WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship 6 Pack Challenge Match: Alexa Bliss VS Naomi VS Natalya VS Carmella w/ James Ellsworth VS Mickie James VS Becky Lynch; Naomi wins and becomes the NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion.

-The Undertaker VS Roman Reigns; Reigns wins.



Kickoff Match

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Neville VS Austin Aries!

The belt worth fighting for

The King of the Cruiserweights and the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived have their first Wrestlemania match and first match against each for a title that will crown them the best man in the entire division! The crowd is already thunderous for A-Double, Neville mocks Aries’ fans before they tie up. Aries pushes out of Neville’s headlock but then gets shouldered down, Neville gives Aries one last chance to leave with his dignity. Aries refuses, the two circle each other and tie up again. Arm wrench from Neville but Aries uses agility to escape, ropebreak has little affect on Neville, but Aries’ Japanese Armdrag to armlock sure works. Neville gets a headscissors, however, Aries tries to headstand out but Neville won’t allow it. They bridge up, backslide attempt reversed, TWO, Aries wants Last Chancery but Neville escapes. Neville gets to the outside of the ring, Aries lounges. Neville returns, shoulder to the gut before he slingshots over Aries, then dumps Aries to the apron. Aries returns the shoulder and slingshot, ear clap to tornado headlock takedown, but Neville is ready. Headscissor leads headstand, low dropkick from Aries sends Neville crawling to a corner. Running back elbow to snapmare, Aries second rope for an elbow drop to the back of the neck, TWO. Neville rolls all the way out of the ring, Aries gets the crowd fired up as he speeds up, but Neville’s swing kick grounds Aries’ diving attack. Neville then stalks Aries as he goes top rope, missile dropkick from the champ, Aries kicks out before we take an ad break.
We return to Aries being put in a chinlock, after Neville has thrown him around a little on the outside. Aries fights his way out, Neville whips him to the corner but is reversed, so Neville boots Aries down. Neville goes second rope, Phoenix Splash belly flops! Aries strikes with chops, then the modified gutbuster to STO to pendulum elbow drop! Fireman’s cary but Neville slips down, Aries bucks him off, then sends him flying to the floor! Aries goes top rope… BIG double ax handle, then FLYING ARIES tope suicida! Back into the ring, Aries covers, TWO! Aries keeps up on Neville by putting on a rear facelock and giving knees, but Neville powers Aries to a corner. Bicycle boot off the break, Aries is stunned. Neville puts him on the top rope, preparing for a superplex. Neville climbs up, Aries resists with body blows, Neville backflips off the shove, Aries’ missile dropkick knocks him down, TWO! Aries is a bit shocked, but he just gets up and brings Neville to his feet. Aries wants a suplex, Neville slips out, waistlock broken by a back elbow, Neville then side steps Aries to hit a rebound German Suplex! Neville stalks Aries now, deadlift but Aries lands on his feet out of the German to Discus– SUPERKICK from Neville stops the FiveArm! Deadlift German Suplex pin! TWO! Neville is frustrated by Aries’ resolve, he stalks and stomps A-Double into a corner to then put a boot into his throat. Neville drags Aries to the center of the ring, Rings of Saturn turned to a pin, TWO, so Neville and Aries start brawling with a back kick to forearm to enziguri to DISCUS FIVEARM!

Aries’ moment of impact on Neville

But Neville springs up and rolls out of the ring! Champion’s Advantage is in play as the ring count begins on Neville, Aries crawls his way out to grab him. Neville is dead weight but Aries gets him back in the ring. Neville revives and goes to the apron, so Aries drags him up by his hair. Swing kick from Neville knocks Aries back, Neville realizes where they both are and goes up high. Aries revives to stop him, then from the top rope, SUPER STEINER!

Aries gets up, big corner clothesline before going top rope, 450 splash! TWO! LAST CHANCERY!! Neville endures the bridging submission, but fish hooks the eyes of Aries! Then he kicks the ropes into Aries’ face, that bad eye socket a major weak spot. Neville goes up high, RED ARROW! Neville wins to stay on his throne!

“All Hail the King of the Cruiserweights!”


Kickoff Match

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal!


To honor the original giant of professional wrestling, dozens of superstars are given their own moment in the spotlight and a chance at immortality. Those seeming most likely of coming away with this one are the newer giants of the WWE, aka The World’s Largest Athlete, The Big Show, and the Mountain Among Men, Braun Strowman. Nice surprise entries are NXT’s Killian Dain/Big Damo and Bing Wan. The bell rings and it’s immediately a free for all. Strowman already throws out Epico, everyone else brawls it out. Kalisto tries to topple the mountain but gets clubbed out instead. Simon Gotch is next, then Heath Slater! His kids will be disappointed… Show shoves one Uso out, then lifts Goldust, and then Konnor of the Ascension after he foolishly tried to attack from behind. Then things stop as Show and Strowman lock eyes in the middle of the ring. Everyone else wants to see this, superstars included! But then Sami goes after his old foe, and it’s chaos again. Strowman breaks through, goes right for Show, and takes him out!! Everyone else goes after Strowman, and it takes a second effort after Viktor is out, but yes, Strowman IS eliminated!!

Sami made sure to get Strowman this time

Now with no giants in the ring, it could be anyone’s win. Curt Hawkins is thrown out, Ziggler saves himself against Apollo Crews, and now the big men running things are Damo, Mark Henry and Luke Harper. Ziggler continues to save himself, taking R-Truth out in the process. Ziggler then takes Rhyno out before having Jinder Mahal go after him. Aiden English gets tossed out by American Alpha, then Curt Axel takes double dropkicks. The other Uso is eliminated, but then they are both eliminated by overwhelming numbers. Bing Wan gets an elimination as he throws BOTH Fashion Police, Fandango and Tyler Breeze out. Then they become a landing pad for Sin Cara! Mark Henry gets thrown out in part thanks to Damo, the crowd has thinned out a bit now. Bing tries to eliminate Ziggler but the new star is no match for a veteran like the Show Off. He puts Bing on the apron, SUPERKICK to send him home. Epico makes the mistake of going top rope, HELLUVA KICK from Sami sends him flying out! Damo and Harper battle, Ziggler splashes on them both. Ziggler’s had his dealings with Harper in the past, but the Show Off still survives an elimination attempt. Harper keeps on him, trying to push him out with boots. Titus goes after Harper, the Florida Gator wanting a big showing in Orlando. Mojo fights Bo Dallas off, then sends him flying out! Ziggler goes after the Hype Bro, but he gets too cocky as the Hype Pounce is enough to stun him, then he’s thrown all the way out! Mahal and Titus work together, out goes Harper! The final five are Damo, Sami, Mojo, Titus and Mahal. Titus runs at Sami, gets a boot counter, big lariat sends out the Gator! But then Damo sends SAMI out! The Beast of Belfast is in there with the Hype Bro and Hard Body Mahal. Mojo lariats Mahal down, Hype Bro and hair beast face off with a brawl. Hype Pounce rocks Damo, Mahal sends Mojo through the second rope. Mahal pursues the same way, so that both men are legal competitors as Mahal puts Mojo into an apron and then the barrier! Rob Gronkowski is there to cheer Mojo on, but it just makes Mahal stomp him down more. Mahal takes Gronk’s drink and drinks it, to throw the rest on Gronk’s shirt! Gronk won’t stand for that, he steps over the barrier! Security tells him to go back, he won’t listen. Gronk hits the ring!

Gronk goes three point stance, and Hype Pounces Mahal! Mojo pulls his friend off Mahal, these two Hype BROS celebrate for a moment, and then Gronk returns to his seat. As Damo rushes in, Mojo side steps and gives the Hype Arm in the corner, then another in another corner, and then puts Damo OUT! Mahal rushes Mojo, gets put on the apron, hotshot to Mojo, Mahal goes to suplex. Mojo denies, fights Mahal off, Mahal’s shoulder meets knee, Hype Arm sends Mahal out! Mojo Rawley wins! Gronk is then allowed to return to the ring to help celebrate.

These Hype Bros are gonna tear it up in Orlando


Kickoff Match

Intercontinental Championship

Dean Ambrose VS Baron Corbin!

The Lone Wolf has tried to make life nothing but suffering for the Lunatic Fringe as payback for the missed world title opportunities he blames the IC Champ for, this title match is now Ambrose’s way to even the score and get Corbin off his back. Things start as Corbin shoves and clotheslines Ambrose down before putting him in a corner. Ambrose dodges so Corbin slides out, but as Corbin goes to reenter, FLYING LUNATIC knocks him to barriers! Ambrose keeps on Corbin, putting him into more barriers, then giving forearms to the Lone Wolf before putting him in the ring. Ambrose hits him with a forearm in the corner, but Corbin pushes out of the bulldog to slide Ambrose all the way to the other corner post. Corbin then swings in to kick Ambrose into the post, stomping those ribs again and again. The referee backs him off, Ambrose has time to come out of the corner before Corbin puts him into another. Body shot sends Ambrose running to the previous corner, Corbin rams a shoulder into him but the ref again backs him down. Ambrose fires back with strikes, Corbin knees his gut to stop that, but Ambrose boots back only to run into the standing STO, TWO! Corbin throws Ambrose out of the ring and follows him out, so that he can throw Ambrose to the barriers on the opposite side of the ring. Back in the ring, Corbin stalks Ambrose before picking him up. Ambrose slips out of the suplex, Dirty Deeds is denied, clothesline in the corner crushes the Lunatic. Half-nelson chinlock from Corbin to wrench Ambrose’s shoulder and neck, but Ambrose fights out and retaliates from the corners. Ambrose side steps and sends Corbin to the post now! Ambrose goes to the apron, climbs to the top rope, flying crossbody but it is turned into a gutbuster by Corbin! TWO! Corbin is frustrated, he drags Ambrose all the way to the top rope and climbs up to join him. Ambrose resists, headbutts Corbin off the ropes, then perches on the top rope. He has to jump over Corbin as Corbin rushes in, turns around and wants the Dirty Deeds but Corbin pushes him away. Corbin rushes in again, Ambrose lets him tumble out to the floor. Slingshot crossbody is shot down by an uppercut! Ambrose is groggy, but he side steps again so that Corbin goes into steel steps! Ambrose goes top rope one more time, and even with those ribs bothering him, flies off for a LUNATIC ELBOW!

Ambrose crashes down on Corbin, Dean is not above using double-edged moves. He puts Corbin back in the ring, jab chop jab chop jab chop, Corbin ends up in a corner. Ambrose runs corner to corner but meets Corbin’s back elbow, Ambrose retaliates with a spinning neckbreaker, TWO! Ambrose keeps on Corbin with corner punches, but Corbin pops him up for a knee to the stomach. Ambrose slips out of Deep Six, but Corbin uses a boot to stop the Lunatic Lariat before it can get going. Corbin drags Ambrose off the ropes, NOW Deep Six! TWO! Both men are down, Corbin gets up and uses bare elbows and forearms to rough Ambrose up. Corbin stalks Ambrose as the fans fire up for Ambrose, Ambrose SLAPS Corbin so Corbin punches, Lunatic Lariat! Ambrose fires himself up, the fans fire up with him, Dirty Deeds denied again, BIG powerbomb counter, TWO! Corbin is enraged by the count, he glares at Ambrose as the champion gets back up. Corbin vows that he is leaving with the title before picking Ambrose up. END OF D– no, Ambrose rolls through to DIRTY DEEDS!! Ambrose wins and retains!



Our Wrestlemania Hosts, the NEW DAY are here to bring positive energy to Orlando!

They even brought the New Day Pops bicycle! Not to mention, they’re going full Final Fantasy in honor of the partnership between WWE and Square Enix. The fans already know “New! Day Rocks!” as the trio tells us the other ideas for hosts. The fans ask “who? who who who who?” The New Day got the call and describe to use tonight’s great match card. The New Day officially “pull our levers”. Big E, no! Sorry, THE lever to begin this “ultimate thrill ride!” Because~ NEW DAY ROCKS!


AJ Styles VS Shane McMahon!

A grudge match between the Phenomenal One and the SmackDown Commissioner who he claims cost him a WWE World Championship match. Shane O’Mac is a risk-taker, that’s for sure, but is he risking too much against Styles’ abilities just to squash Styles’ ego? Especially with his three sons ringside. Either way, Shane and Styles start with Styles wanting to make sure Shane knows what he’s in for. Shane nods that he does, so the two tie up and Styles shows Shane how agile he is. “This is what I do. I’m gonna embarrass him!” Styles declares. Shane shows Styles he can be just as technical, but Styles pushes him off to turn it around. Shane fights out, Styles runs him over. Styles speeds up, Shane shows he’s still got hops, but Styles just snapmares him and then mocks the Shane O’Mac rope-a-dope. Styles rests in a shoulder as Shane gets back up. The crowd is dueling now as these two go again, Shane lifts and dumps Styles, headlock takedown and armdrags for the Phenomenal one, then a sudden mat slam and Shane floats all over Styles. Styles gets out of the pin and out of the ring, a bit flustered by the silver fox, who then mocks Styles’ pose! Styles returns to the ring, asking “are we fighting or are we wrestling?” The two try a grapple, Styles swings a right hand! Shane shakes it off, then delivers his lightning fat boxing strikes! Styles is backed into a corner, the referee backs him down, Styles tries to boot back but takes a stiff back elbow instead. Styles springs up and throat chops, but Shane throws more hands, only for Styles to sling him out to the floor. Shane gets up, Styles baseball slide sends Shane flying over the announce table! The referee demands Styles bring this back into the ring, so Styles does, but not before bumping Shane’s head off the apron. Styles keeps up the strike game, trash talking all the way. Shane fights back but not much. Knee drop from Styles, then Styles puts Shane in a corner for more strikes. Styles lets the ref check on Shane so he can gloat before hitting a jumping clothesline in the corner, TWO. Styles continues to rock and mock Shane, Shane fires back again. Styles with the Phenomenal Blitz but Shane stops him with a mule kick. Styels kicks back, goes to the ropes, Shane disrupts the springboard to send Styles to the ring floor. Shane is up first and stalks Styles. Shane starts feeling like it’s the old days as he jabs Styles and gives him a big right. Big jumping back elbow by Shane, Shane then throws Styles overhead and gives him an Olympic/Angle Slam, TWO! Shane drags Styles up again, Styles slips out and kicks Shane in the leg. Fireman’s carry, Ushigoroshi! Shane is groggy as Styles stalks him. Styles picks Shane up, Shane denies Styles Clash by powering Styles to a corner, so Styles rolls into Calf Crusher! Shane endures the submission, and manages to reach an arm out for a rear naked choke. Roll over to armbar! Styles is now the one enduring a submission, but Styles slips around so Shane puts on an omoplatta! Styles rolls that to a pin, TWO, Shane pins Styles, TWO, double clotheslines knock both men down! The fans are loving this as they duel with chants again. Styles makes it to the apron, Shane wants an inverted suplex but Styles makes that a hotshot. Shane down, Styles gets up, springboard 450 into the triangle hold!

Shane squeezes Styles, Styles reaches for any ropes but Shane gets him away from them. Styles starts fading, but gets his second wind as he deadlifts Shane up INTO STYLES CLASH!! TWO!!

Styles can’t even be shocked because of the damage to his arm and neck. The two men get up and start brawling. Fans are firmly on Styles’ side but Shane unloads knees into a corner. The ref backs Shane off, only to be the one that takes Styles’ enziguri! Ref down, Shane goes to suplex Styles but gets the Pele kick instead. Styles sees the ref is down, and with Shane down, he goes to the outside. Trash cans are introduced! Styles drags Shane to a corner, puts a trash can in his face, and the fans are sensing what’s coming. Styles goes to an adjacent corner, climbs up top, Coast2Coast FOILED by Shane using the trash can!

Shane tosses the used can out, sees there was a second can, so he puts Styles in the corner. Shane puts that second can in Styles’ face, then goes to that adjacent corner. Styles climbs up, Shane hits Coast2Coast!

Shane tosses that can out, the referee is back, TWO!! The iconic Coast2Coast was not enough to stop the Phenomenal One, so Shane decides to confiscate the announce table. He clears it off as the commentary team backs away. Shane drags Styles to the table and sets him on top. Shane climbs up high again, lines up the shot, DIVING ELBOW! Styles dodged! Shane crashes through the table alone!!

Two years in a row, Shane crashes through a table

Styles grabs Shane as the ring count begins, puts him in the ring, and gets on the apron. Styles wants Shane to get up, PHENOMENAL– DDT! Shane then drags Styles over, Shane climbs up to the top, SHOOTING STAR flops!! Shane has crashed and burned twice in this match, the fans are loving this as Styles returns to the apron. Styles is rabidly demanding Shane get up, Styles springboard Phenomenal Forearm!! Styles wins the grudge match!



WWE United States Championship

Chris Jericho VS Kevin Owens!

Formerly best friends, the Prizefighter claims he was only using the Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rollah but when that all turned sour, Y2J made sure Kevin was no longer Universal Champion. Now to settle the score, Kevin vows to make Jericho no longer the United States Champion. Will “KO-Mania 2” end with a win? Given their hate for each other, Jericho and Kevin start by throwing hands! Kevin clubs Jericho down, goes running, takedown into Walls of Jericho! Ropebreak for Kevin, Jericho blasts him to the floor with a baseball slide dropkick. Jericho then climbs up, flying crossbody to wipe Kevin out. Jericho bumps Kevin off steel steps, then chops him against the barrier before putting him in the ring. Jericho goes top rope again, flying ax handle knocks the “Stupid Idiot!” down again. Jericho keeps on Kevin against the ropes, goes corner to corner with a whip, SUPERKICK from Kevin stops the champ cold. Kevin rains fists down on Y2J, Jericho sits in a corner, Cannonball! Kevin then goes to the apron, another Cannonball! He drags Jericho back into the ring and pins, TWO. Kevin kicks Jericho in the back, then again. Kevin mocks the “Friends of Jericho” in the crowd before putting a chinlock on the champ. He squeezes Jericho’s head but Jericho wills himself up. Kevin lets go to give a kick and back senton to Jericho, TWO. Kevin stalks Jericho, gives a crossface punch and a slap across the face. Kevin says Jericho has no friends, Jericho gives Kevin a dropkick! Kevin rolls to the apron, Jericho triangle dropkick sends him to the floor. Jericho goes out to pursue, Kevin pushes him into the apron. Kevin wants a powerbomb but Jericho denies it with a back drop. Jericho then runs Kevin over a couple times before returning to the ring. Jericho up top once more, flying back elbow, TWO. Jericho trash talks Kevin now, standing him up in a corner for sharp back chops. Corner to corner but Kevin reverses, Kevin blocks Code Breaker for a Package Powerbomb, TWO. Kevin is getting frustrated, he climbs to rope but Jericho trips him up. Jericho then climbs up to join Kevin, gives some punches before a Super Steiner! TWO! Jericho drags Kevin up, they brawl momentarily before Jericho whips Kevin. Jericho kicks Kevin’s body drop away to then hit his signature running bulldog. Lionsault has to land on his feet, SUPERKICK from Kevin! TWO! Kevin walks over Jericho, Kevin climbs up, Bullfrog Splash meets knees! Jericho LIONSAULT meets knees! Kevin gets up quick and back to the top rope, SWANTON BOMB meets knees! That last one did some damage to Jericho’s legs, he can’t capitalize on the counter. Jericho and Kevin use ropes to get to their feet, Jericho trips Kevin but Kevin denies the Walls. Jericho runs, Kevin catches his running crossbody to swing Jericho into an Air Raid! TWO! Kevin continues to get frustrated, so he throws Jericho for Pop Up– Jericho slips out, elbows Kevin down, NOW we get the Lionsault to hit, TWO! Jericho kicks Kevin while he’s down, then drags Kevin back up to slap him in the face. Kevin reverses the whip, Jericho hits out of the corner, Kevin blocks Jericho’s huricanrana to put Jericho in the WALLS OF JERICHO!

Jericho endures his own submission move, comes close to giving up but instead rolls around and punches his way out. Kevin catapults Jericho, Jericho lands on the second ropes, Jericho jumps off but takes another SUPERKICK! Jericho is down in the corner, Kevin runs in for another Cannonball– Jericho catches it to make it, the WALLS OF JERICHO! Bend the back, man~! Kevin endures, comes so close to giving up, but instead gets the ropebreak! Jericho lets go, but then comes back to kick Kevin as he clings to the bottom rope. Jericho stalks Kevin, misses his clothesline, POP UP POWERBOMB! TWO!? Kevin is shocked by that kick out, and is further angried. He drags Jericho up again, telling him he was NEVER Kevin’s best friend. He slaps Jericho twice, Pop Up– Code Breaker! Ropebreak with ONE finger!

The smallest margin between victory and defeat

The fans are loving this as Kevin rolls out of the ring. Jericho pursues, SUPERKICK to his leg before Kevin powerbombs Jericho to the apron! Back into the ring now, the pin… Kevin Owens wins his first US Championship!



WWE Raw Women’s Championship Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match

Bayley VS Charlotte Flair VS Sasha Banks VS Nia Jax!

The Huggable Champion managed to dethrone the Queen of Pay-per-views and achieve a dream, but she’ll have to outlast three women to achieve her next dream of staying champion. Charlotte cast doubt on Bayley’s friendship with The Boss, while Nia Jax used brute power to join this match, who will walk out of Orlando with the red brand’s belt? At the start, the obvious target is Nia Jax, so it becomes 3v1 on the Brutal Beauty! She fights them all off, snapmare and slam to Charlotte. The three regroup, but all get run over together! Nia puts Sasha and Bayley into one corner, crushes them both and then tosses Sasha aside so she can put Bayley into position. Nia goes second rope, BANZAI DROP squishes Bayley. Charlotte stops Nia from pinning her, gives Nia those Flair Chops WOO WOO WOO but it does nothing. Nia just whips Charlotte up and over to the apron. Charlotte’s forearm only angers Nia, she throws Charlotte off the apron to bowl Bayley & Banks over! Nia says SHE is the rightful champ, and dares any of the others to get back in. Bayley gets up first and slowly gets on the apron. But then she’s joined by Sasha, and then by Charlotte. They all go in and surround Nia again. Sasha anchors one leg, Charlotte chopblocks the other, Bayley’s knee lift to the head, yet Nia fights back. Banks and Bayley get on either side, Charlotte uses a boot to kickstart a double back suplex! Charlotte takes the cover, TWO. Bayley gets thrown out by Nia, Nia kicks Sasha away, then Nia crushes Charlotte into the corner. Nia places Charlotte but they all revive. TRIPLE POWERBOMB!

Triple pin, even! Nia Jax is ELIMINATED! The most physically powerful woman is gone, now it’s just three of the NXT Horsewomen left. Charlotte wants a high-five, Banks and Bayley refuse. A hug? Or perhaps, why don’t Banks and Bayley fight? Charlotte leaves the ring, champ and Boss grapple, Charlotte drags Bayley out, Banks flies but to topple Bayley! Charlotte then climbs high, CORKSCREW MOONSAULT to hit them both!

The Queen takes a big risk

Charlotte smacks Bayley and Banks off posts, puts Banks in the ring, Natural Selection– Bank Statement Crossface! Charlotte gets up and out, trips Sasha but the Figure Four is denied. So instead, Charlotte hits the backbreaker slam combination, TWO! Charlotte gets frustrated, she tears at a buckle pad. She kicks Bayley down, Sasha takes advantage. Hard chop to Charlotte’s chest, Charlotte whips Sasha but Sasha throws her with a tilt-o-whirl headscissor. Sasha double knees into the corner, but then she’s put on the apron. Charlotte is bumped off a buckle, flying double knees, TWO! Sasha puts on the Bank Statement! Charlotte endures the crossface, crawls and stands up, wants another backbreaker but Sasha slips out. Victory roll from behind, but Charlotte kicks out to send Sasha into the partially exposed buckle! Sasha is ELIMINATED! Now it’s just Queen and Huggable Champ, as it was always meant to be.

The two collide and brawl, Bayley all fired up until a knee is kicked out from under her. Charlotte keeps on Bayley by putting that same knee into the exposed buckle. Charlotte climbs up again, Moonsault FLOPS! Bayley pins, TWO! Bayley goes up top now, crossbody turned into a spinebuster, FIGURE FOUR! Bayley endures as Charlotte tries to bridge, ropebreak before Figure Eight can happen. Charlotte won’t let go, so Bayley fights her off. Charlotte clips Bayley’s knee before putting her in the Tree of Woe. Charlotte climbs up so she can stomp on that knee, Bayley works to sit up but Charlotte is ready with forearms. Bayley fights back, SUPER BODY DROP sends Charlotte to the mat! Bayley’s still upside-down, Charlotte is disgusted. She rushes in, but Bayley sits up to send Charlotte into that same exposed buckle. Bayley sits up, turns around, Macho Man Elbow Drop! Bayley wins!! She remains the Raw Women’s Champion!

Bayley hugging the embodiment of her childhood dreams


The WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017 is on stage to once again honor and celebrate their legacies! The audience applauds Diamond Dallas Page, The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, the late great “Ravishing” Rick Rude, Teddy Long, Warrior Award winner Eric LeGrand, “Glamazon” Beth Phoenix and the headliner… the Olympic Gold Metalist, KURT ANGLE! It’s true, it’s DAMN true!

The fans chant “You Suck!” but they don’t mean it


WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match

The Club VS The Realest Guys VS Cesaro & Sheamus!

After many controversial endings and incidental screw jobs, all three teams will fight for these belts in a match where the winners are the ones that bring them down from on high. Time to see who is S A W F T! But then wait, the NEW DAY comes out again! They’re the hosts and longest reigning champs, but they’re not part of this match. They have “just received word” that the match is now… a FATAL 4 WAY! One more team is joining this match, but who? “Who who who who?” THE HARDY BOYZ!!


WWE Raw Tag Team Championship FATAL 4 WAY Ladder Match

The Club VS The Realest Guys VS Cesaro & Sheamus & The Hardy Boyz!

Time for things to be BROKEN! Matt wants to DELETE DELETE DELETE all six other men, but it’s an eight man brawl to start. The Club and the Hardys are inside while Sheamus, Cesaro and the Realest Guys are on the outside. Hardys step stool leg lariats to both Gallows & Anderson! Then Enzo appears, double whip, double elbow, somersault and fist drop. For Cass, double suplex! Cesaro and Sheamus take the fight to Matt and Jeff, whipping him but taking Whisper in the Wind! Matt gets a ladder, he gets it in the ring while Jeff patrols the outside. Matt uses the ladder to knock everyone else out, Jeff gets a second ladder. Jeff sets his ladder up and climbs while Matt is on defense, but The Club stops all that. They take Matt’s ladder and hit him with it! Then they do the same to Jeff! The Club puts the big ladder back up and Anderson climbs. Gallows is hit by Sheamus, Cesaro gets Anderson down before climbing. Rolling senton and diving double stomps to Anderson, and rolling senton to put Gallows ontop of Anderson. Cass returns, boots Sheamus down and then kicks the ladder. Cesaro has a scary fall into the ladder, Enzo makes him Eat DaFeet before Cass boots him all the way out. Matt returns, eats a boot! Jeff returns, also eats a boot! Enzo sets the ladder up in the corner, grabs Matt and dumps him out. Cass then gets more ladders into the ring, the Hardys take them away. Ladder bridges become a ladder vice to crush the Hardys! Enzo is tossed over those ladders to topple Gallows. Sheamus knees Cass off the apron, Cesaro EuroUppers Enzo. Sheamus puts Gallows in the Bodhrain while Anderson goes swinging! Roughly 20, 25 maybe even 30 counts for both moves before Anderson is catapulted to Sheamus for the Oklahoma slam. Then a Swiss 1 9 to send Gallows off the apron! Another ladder is retrieved but Cass boots it AND Cesaro away before tossing Enzo onto Cesaro and Matt. Jeff hits his signature rolling kick, but Sheamus BROGES Jeff onto Enzo, Cass and Matt. Sheamus grabs a ladder and puts it in the ring, stands it up and climbs. Gallows climbs up, too, they both clutch the belts while also fighting the other man. Enzo is the one to tip them over! Enzo sees the belts, picks up the ladder, and climbs! Cass gives him a height boost! Gallows and Sheamus revive to stop this, and they powerbomb Cass into a ladder!

Yakuza Kick AND Brogue on top of it, but then Gallows and Sheamus take themselves out of the equation as Gallows clotheslines and falls out of the ring with the Celtic Warrior! Anderson scrambles to the top to stop Enzo, but the belts themselves are out of reach. Enzo fires right hands but Anderson rakes the eyes. Enzo is tossed into a EuroUpper! Sheamus returns, they both hold Anderson up crucifix style but Gallows saves his pal. YAKUZA Kick to send Sheamus out, Magic Killer to flatten Cesaro. Twist of Fate to Gallows from Matt, but Anderson throws Matt out after. Matt returns, he and Anderson climb up while Jeff positions an even taller ladder on the outside. Matt bops Anderson, SUPER TWIST OF FATE!

Jeff meanwhile climbs that taller ladder, targeting Cesaro & Sheamus on the ladder bridges. SUPER SWANTON BOMB!

Matt then climbs up again, and takes the belts down! THE HARDY BOYZ ARE CHAMPS!

“Welcome home!”



Mixed Tag Match

John Cena & Nikki Bella VS The Miz & Maryse!
Jealousy and grudges both professional and personal all came to light in the weeks leading up to this match being made, and then only got worse once all four knew this match was happening. Which super couple of SmackDown reign supreme? Ladies first, they circle each other but then Maryse backs off and tags in Miz. The men both come in now, Miz has the smarks on his side! He gets them to cheer for him, then slips out of the ring to avoid Cena. Cena pursues, gets caught in Miz’s stomp trap, then Miz gets the fans to cheer again. Miz chokes Cena against ropes, Maryse gets a cheap shot in while the ref backs Miz down. Some fans cheer for Cena, but Miz just punches him to a neutral corner. Miz indulges in the cheers that come from every punch to Cena, then hits his signature corner clothesline to get even more cheers. Miz goes top rope, double ax handle, TWO. “Miz is Awesome!” is for once said by fans. Low boot from Miz, and he gives the fans one more! And another! Cena ends up in a corner, Miz plays to the crowd more but misses his second corner clothesline. Nikki gets fans to rally for Cena, Maryse runs interference! Nikki is tripped off the apron, Cena has no one to tag. Miz gives Cena the backbreaker to neckbreaker, TWO. Nikki’s back, she gets the fans fired up again, Cena lifts Miz but Miz pops out, kick to knee and low DDT, TWO. Miz and Maryse are both frustrated, so Miz resorts to parodying Daniel Bryan again. Yes Kicks to Cena’s chest, then he mocks “You Can’t See Me” to Nikki to get a SLAP! Cena sends Miz flying to the outside! Cena crawls, tags Nikki! She spears Maryse and rains down right hands. Miz bails Maryse out, so FLYING NIKKI! She hits only Miz, as Maryse was spared, so Maryse goes into the ring. Nikki stalks her, Fearless Forearm! Miz runs in, gets a back suplex from Cena. And then a double “You Can’t See Me!” to DOUBLE Five Knuckle Shuffle. And together, AA and Rack Attack 2.0 for the double pin and win! Cena x Nikki is stronger than Miz x Maryse it seems!

Cena takes a mic and turns to Nikki. Nikki was out of Wrestlemania last year and worked so hard to come back for her “Mania Moment”, right? Cena’s proud of her, and remembers when he teased that he could ask whatever while she was loopy. And she has wanted to know what they talked about ever since that day. Now it’s time: Cena asked her “You know that one day I’m gonna marry you, right?” “Yes.” And now… Cena gets down on one knee, ring in hand…

“Will you marry me?” Nikki says yes with a kiss! Cena and Nikki are now engaged!


Unsanctioned Match

Triple H w/ Stephanie McMahon VS Seth Rollins!

The King and Queen of WWE prepare to ride to the ramp

But Seth Rollins prepares to burn it all down

Another grudge match born of the disappointment and disdain The Game has in his “creation”, The Architect, but also the defiance and self-loathing inside “Seth Freakin’ Rollins” who wants to return to the man he was before “Buying In.” Rollins’ knee is clearly not fully recovered as there is a brace visible under the knee pad. At the bell, the two swing hands fast and furious at each other! Rollins backs Triple H down, unloading fists as H is against the ropes. Running dropkick sends H out of the ring, H drags him out but gets pushed into the post. Rollins stalks H as he punches, H reverses the whip to the barrier then dragon screws that leg. Rollins is fine, though, as he rushes back in and tackles H over the barrier entirely! They now fight among the WWE Universe. H rakes an eye, but gets body dropped back to ringside. Rollins wants H to get up, he jumps from the barrier to clothesline H down. Rollins backs Stephanie off before returning to the ring. Rollins springboards but H catches the leg, Rollins pushes him away. Enziguri knocks H down, H slips out of the ring again. Rollins lines up his shot, FLYING ROLLINS sends him into the barrier! Then AGAIN! Rollins bounces H off an announce table, then clears it off. Rollins bounces and rests H on the table, climbs up to join him, H goes after the bad leg then gives a SPIKING DDT on top of the table! Stephanie is pleased as H gets back up and grabs a chair. H brings it over and SMACK to the bad leg! Rollins writhes in pain as H stalks him. SMACK to the bad leg again. H brings Rollins over to the time keeper area and sets that leg on the table. Jumping knee drop to the bad knee! Rollins crawls, H puts him back in the ring, chopblock to the knee. The assault continues with elbow drops to the knee, and then H twists and wrenches at it. Rollins punches H to let go, but H just puts him in a corner to give chops. H puts that leg up to stomp away on it, Rollins punches back again. Rollins backs H down, Complete Shot to the buckle! Rollins hops up to the top rope but H stops him with punches of his own. Rollins resists the superplex, headbutt stunning H. Rollins wants the Rolling Powerbomb, but his bad knee stops him! It was risky to try the move that damaged the knee in the first place, H punches Rollins from up top, but Rollins still gets running with the powerbomb! Only to collapse halfway… Triple H smiles and laughs as he stands over the weakened Architect. Triple H tells Rollins to “Suck It!” before going for a Pedigree, but Rollins slips out, kick back and looks to go for a Pedigree, but instead finishes the trip to the buckle bomb!

Rollins falls down from the pain in his leg as Triple H falls to the mat from the impact. Stephanie is worried for her husband, but doesn’t care if the ref checks on Rollins. Rollins wills himself up while Triple H climbs to his feet thanks to ropes. The fans are cheering for Rollins as he attacks in the corner, and sends H all the way out with a hard whip. Triple H is down, Rollins climbs up high! From atop the special LED post, Rollins flies off to fall on Triple H!!

Rollins’ knee is damaged as part of the landing, but Rollins seems fit to sacrifice one part of his body to hurt all of Triple H’s. He sends Triple H into a post, then another, and we return to the announce area. Rollins checks under the ring, and finds another chair. And another chair. And a table! Rollins stands the table up as Stephanie warns Triple H. Triple H goes into the ring, Rollins follows via the steel steps and climbs up again. Frog Splash to H’s back, TWO! Rollins then staggers to his feet and has one of those chairs. Triple H begs he don’t, only to kick out the bad leg and then give his signature spinebuster! TWO from Rollins, so Triple H takes that chair, and places it on the bad knee like a clamp. H stomps the chair and it crushes the knee, H keeps going! He repositions the chair before climbing up to the top rope. Rollins gets up and throws the chair into H’s face! H is stunned, Rollins climbs up to join him, SUPERPLEX! Roll through, Falcon’s Arrow! TWO! Rollins won’t be deterred, he goes back to the top rope. Stephanie trips him! His bad leg is caught on the top rope as he falls, Triple H puts on the Indian Deathlock Kneebar! Rollins endures, but there’s no ropebreaks in a match like this. Rollins is so close, but he won’t give up. He just sits up and punches again and again. Triple H lets go, Crossface from Rollins! Triple H reaches around to attack the bad leg, forcing Rollins off. Rollins rolls out, H pursues. SMACK with a chair once again, back to the Deathlock! Rollins writhes, grabs the chair, throws it at Triple H, then drags out more chairs, and a sledgehammer. Triple H lets Rollins go to pick up his signature weapon.

The Game saying hello to an old friend

Rollins hurries into the ring as H stalks him. Rollins punches back to deny the hammer’s use, now it’s a brawl. Rollins gets the upperhand for just a moment before H’s signature knee facebuster. Rollins mule kicks back, then another mule kick, but H fires back with a clothesline! Stephanie is relieved but continues to coach H to get up. H finds his way back to the hammer as the fans duel. Pele outta nowhere from Rollins! Rollins has the hammer now! Rollins uses it to prop himself up, then he raises it high. Stephanie grabs it from him! Pedigree from Triple H! TWO!! Somehow Rollins survived the legendary finisher, but H is not deterred. He drags Rollins to a corner, up to the top rope, and then the double underhook… Rollins body drops Triple H! With H down, Rollins goes top rope once more, PHOENIX SPLAH!! TWO!! Stephanie’s heart may have skipped a beat as she feared for her husband. Rollins drags Triple H up one more time, Rollins goes for the Pedigree, H kicks back, he wants the Pedigree, Rollins kicks again, body drop but Rollins manages to land on his feet. Bad knee slows him down but Rollins still fights against Triple H, H goes to bomb Rollins instead but Rollins escapes and lands into Pedigree position, so H goes low to that knee again. Rollins leans on the ropes, Stephanie strikes again! She holds onto Rollins, but Rollins escapes just as H was about to run in. H narrowly avoids knocking his wife flying, SUPERKICK from Rollins knocks H into Stephanie and she STILL falls through the table!

For the second year in a row, Stephanie takes a hard bump as just a manager

Triple H is shocked, Rollins pounces! Pedigree from Rollins, Rollins wins! He hath slain the King!!

Redesign, Rebuild, REDEMPTION


WWE World Championship Match

Bray Wyatt VS Randy Orton!

“If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. And once it’s the right time, screw ’em!” That was the basis of The Viper’s plan to destroying The Eater of Worlds from within the Wyatt Family, but the destruction of Sister Abigail became the amplification of Wyatt’s powers. Can Orton hope to overcome this evil? Orton hits a Thesz Press right away, then goes for a powerslam but Bray sees it coming. Bray gets up, Orton hits the powerslam this time, and he’s all fired up. RK– no no, not yet. Bray gets out of the ring, Orton pursues, Bray is bounced off an announce table before put back in the ring. Orton returns, big uppercut! Body check from Bray, the Face of Fear then leans back. The ring becomes like maggots on the ground!

Bray, what’re you doing?

Orton is disgusted and confused so he slips out of the ring, Bray has shown a sample of his new power. Orton returns, Sister Abigail denied but so is an RKO, another stiff body check from Bray runs Randy over. Bray drags Orton up, throws him to the apron, then joins him to club him onto the apron’s edge. Back into the ring, Bray dares Orton to get up. Orton is in a corner, Bray runs in to squash him. Another lean back for Bray, and now we see worms!

Bray! STAHP!

Bray stomps on Orton, then rains forearms onto the back of his head. Bray declares himself a god, blocks an RKO and hits a yurinagi and back senton, TWO. Bray drags Orton up, wants Sister Abigail but Orton rolls up, TWO, Bray knocks Orton down with a lariat. Orton rolls out of the ring, Bray taunts him. Bray goes to the apron and jumps, dropkick from Orton! It was apparently double-edged as Orton’s own leg is sore from the impact. Bray takes advantage and puts Orton into the LED and then Sister Abigail into the barrier! The ring count is past five, Bray drags Orton to the ring. Orton rolls all the way to the other side, Bray exits the ring and comes running in. He misses, RKO outta nowhere! Orton has to get Bray in the ring, however, so he drags the dead weight up and puts him in. The pin, TWO! Orton is not frustrated or deterred, he just paces a bit before lining up a shot. He hasn’t done it in awhile, his running punt… misses! Sister Abigail is again thwarted by the back2back backbreaker, Bray rolls to the apron. Orton grabs him, pulls him in, hanging DDT! Now the voices start talking as the fans get fired up. Orton stalks Bray, R– SISTER ABIGAIL! TWO! For the first time, Bray looks frustrated and perplexed, but he gets up and finds power in the “fireflies” that cheer for him. Spider walk and a swarm of locusts on the ring. Bray picks him up, daring him to fight, RKO OUTTA NOWHERE AGAIN! Orton wins to become a NEW WWE World Champion!



WWE Universal Championship Match

Goldberg VS Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman!

The Real-Life Superhero and the Beast Incarnate face off for a final time with not only Raw’s top title but their pride on the line! Heyman of course introduces Lesnar personally, as he is The Advocate for the “Superhero Conquering” challenger from Suplex City. The bell rings and the clock begins. German Suplex #1! German Suplex #2! A third German Suplex! SPEAR! Then another Spear! Lesnar rolls out of the ring, Goldberg pursues, SPEAR THROUGH THE BARRIER!!

These two titans have already made their mark by wrecking part of the ringside area! Goldberg drags Lesnar up, gets him in the ring, and as the fans chant “GOLD~ BERG!” the man himself prepares the Jackhammer. Lesnar fireman carry’s Goldberg, but he slips out to give ANOTHER Spear! Four spears already, Heyman is afraid for his client. Lesnar is dazed as he stands up, Goldberg gets him up, JACKHAMMER! TWO! The fans are electric as Goldberg lines up another shot. Goldberg goes running in, Lesnar leaps over to avoid the spear, German Suplex #4! German Suplex #5! German Suplex #6! German Suplex #7! German Suplex #8, and even German Suplex #9! The fans want it, they get it! German Suplex #10! Goldberg still gets up, so Lesnar goes for and HITS the F5! Lesnar wins and finally gets even with Goldberg!

The Conqueror has finally conquered the Superhero


WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship 6 Pack Challenge Match

Alexa Bliss VS Naomi VS Natalya VS Carmella w/ James Ellsworth VS Mickie James VS Becky Lynch!

Is everyone here? Then let’s get started

The Five Foot Fury was not happy that she’d have to defend her title against so many opponents, but for now, it only appears to be a 6 Pack Challenge. Of course, it was still surprising that Orlando’s own Naomi returned so soon after her leg injury, can she get the title and make the others #FeelTheGlow? All six women are wary at the start but then things pair off as they brawl. Alexa and Natty try to work together, but as Alexa whips Naomi, Mickie reverses Natty, so Natty is the one taking the headscissors. The Queen of Harts rolls out, Mickie gives Alexa a neckbreaker and the Princess of Staten Island clears Naomi out before the Lass Kicker throws her out. That just leaves Becky and Mickie on the inside while Naomi takes a double suplex from Natty & Alexa. Becky and Mickie brawl, Becky puts Mickie in a corner and stops the Mick-Rana. Mickie ends up on the apron, Carmella is put in the corner now, Carmella ducks Becky’s jump kick so that Mickie is the one knocked off the apron. Becky still gets one on Carmella, but “Pretty Jimmy” stops Becky long enough for Carmella to Steiner Becky. Alexa tries to steal the pin, Alexa and Carmella start shoving. Alexa grabs Carmella, standing STO. Natty comes in, DDT counter from Alexa, Mickie mule kicks to break it up. Carmella kicks Mickie out, Alexa sends Natty into Becky’s lariat. Becky starts rallying, Straight Fire-Arm to Natty before a Becksploder, then a Becksploder to Carmella. James tires No Chin Music, HE gets a Becksploder! Mickie seated senton, Alexa breaks it up! Mickie gets thrown out, Alexa runs from Natty, Natty grabs Becky, Becky grabs ropes, Naomi kicks Becky and then slingshot sunsets over them both to powerbomb Natty and indirectly German Suplexing Becky!

TWO off that Sunset Flip, Natty goes for Sharpshooter, Carmella rolls Natty up, TWO. Natty trips Carmella onto Naomi, 2-for-1 Sharpshooter!

Never saw that before

Both women endure the same hold, Mickie MICK KICKS Natty out. Becky flies in, leg drop on Natty, Mickie pulls her off the pin to hit the Mick-DT! Carmella breaks that pin, FABULOUS Kick, Alexa drops in to break that. REAR VIEW from Naomi! Then to the lot of them, slingshot splash! #GlowTime for Naomi, she gets Alexa back in the ring and springboards in, big right hand from little Alexa! But Naomi counters the pin into her butterfly lock! Alexa endures, but she taps out! Naomi wins and is the NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion!

“Home Sweet Home!”


The New Day return in formal attire because “you know what time it is.” Time to announce the attendance record for the Citrus Bowl, for this is the record-breaking crowd of 75,245 people! Thank you to all those that came to see this live, for without the fans there is NO WWE. “You, All Rock!”


No Holds Barred

The Undertaker VS Roman Reigns!

The main event sees the Deadman, who practically helped build Wrestlemania atop the defeated bodies of his opponents, take on the Roman Empire, who built the foundation of his success upon once powerbombing the Deadman through a table. Only one man can own “this yard”, and now that it’s No Holds Barred, what lengths will they go to to be the one? It’s a brawl right from the bell, Taker boxing Roman corner to corner before throwing him out. Taker says “MY yard.” Roman gets back in, Taker keeps rocking him with rights then throws him right back out. “STILL my yard.” Roman paces on the outside to try and figures things out. He hotshots Taker, rushes the Phenom, takes a right hand to give some right hands. Taker gets clothesline’d out but lands on his feet. He then drags Roman out and headbutts him before whipping him to steel steps. Taker puts Roman back in the ring, throws right hands again, but Roman counters the whip and hits Taker with a Samoan Drop. Roman keeps on Taker with a stomp and a headbutt of his own, Taker slips out of the ring to recover. Roman pursues, Taker is waiting for him with headbutts. Taker lifts Roman onto his shoulder but Roman slips down to throw Taker to a post. Roman hits a Drive-By Dropkick to floor Taker. Roman puts Taker in the ring to stomp and punch the Phenom in the corner. Roman gives an uppercut, Taker replies with a right hand. It’s another back and forth now, Taker’s uppercuts win out. Roman kicks the body drop away, Taker SLAPS Roman before putting him in a corner. Taker goes corner to corner with Roman, corner clothesline to Snake Eyes to boot! Leg drop adds on, TWO. Taker calls for the Choke Slam but Roman rolls away. Taker pursues, and clubs down the second Drive By with one hand! Taker clears the announce table, Roman staggers to the side, Taker drags Roman over and bounces him off one of the other tables. Another headbutt, the third Drive By connects! Roman hits announce table while Taker hits floor, but then Roman’s fourth Drive By is turned into a Choke Slam onto the announce table! Taker clears off the Spanish table, stands atop it and then onto the main table. Roman SPEARS Taker through the Spanish announce table!!

Both men are down from that devastating impact. Roman crawls away as Taker lies still. Roman gets up and goes to the ring, the referee checks on Taker. Roman stands tall, “whose yard is it now, Taker?!” Undertaker sits up! He staggers to the ring, Roman pounces on him. Roman knees and stomps the body of Taker, Taker still stands up. Roman gives him short ranged clotheslines, then goes up to give classic corner punches. Roman says it’s HIS yard, Taker grabs Roman for the LAST RIDE! Taker falls onto the cover, TWO! Taker gives Roman a quick punch before going to the time keeper area to get a chair. Taker brings it to the ring, Roman grabs it, Taker boots him down. Taker takes the chair back, and jams it into Roman’s ribs. Then a SMACK across the back! Taker tells Roman to get up, SMACK again. Taker puts the chair down, prepares for the Choke Slam, Roman rolls out again. Taker pursues, only for Roman to go back in, SUPERMAN PUNCH! Taker is only staggered, another SUPERMAN PUNCH. Taker still stays up, Roman comes in for a third punch but Taker catches him! Choke Slam ON THE CHAIR! TWO! Taker calls for the end, and stalks Roman before lifting him up. TOMBSTONE! TWO!? Roman has shocked Taker and upset the fans by kicking out of the most powerful move the Phenom has! Taker drags Roman up once more, goes for a second, but Roman slips out. Roman tries to pick Taker up, fails, so hits a fourth SUPERMAN PUNCH. TWO! Battle cry from Roman, SPEAR! Hell’s Gate!!

Roman endures the deadly submission hold, then finds a second wind to get a ropebreak. Taker lets go despite No Disqualifications, but he decides to go for the chair. Roman’s already upon it. SMACK to Taker! Then he jabs it into the ribs before another SMACK, then back to ribs then back to SMACK. Roman tells Taker to stay down, but he won’t. SMACK again, Roman backs off to give Taker a chance to give up. Taker doesn’t, as he climbs to his feet with the help of the ropes. So Roman SPEARS him again. TWO! Roman is the one shocked now. Taker keeps moving, keeps wanting to fight, and Roman can’t believe that. Roman almost doesn’t want to keep going, but Taker gets up to not give him a choice. Roman lets out another battle cry, and hits another SPEAR! TWO!? Roman is confused but the fans are ecstatic! The fans are fully behind Undertaker, who gets up again. Roman locks and loads, SUPERMAN PUNCH #5 to put him down again. Taker sits up again, but then tips over. The Deadman’s body seems to be at its limit, despite what his heart and mind say. Roman stalks the living legend, not wanting to finish him. Taker seems to tell him he can’t even if he tried. Roman throws hands at him, then builds lots of speed for one more Spear! Roman wins, and leaves Taker alone in the ring. Roman heads up the ramp and looks back at the ring before raising his hands in victory. Does the Roman Empire finally own “the yard”?

As for The Undertaker, he lies prone in the ring as the fans chant “Thank you, Taker!” He then stirs and sits up once more! Defeated as he may be, he is still the beloved legend, and fans wish for him to know that. Taker redresses in his duster and hat, perhaps for the last time as he leaves those and his gloves all behind.

Is this truly goodbye?



My Thoughts:

Many fans were dreading how this Wrestlemania would be given some of the big name matches. This Wrestlemania was in fact spectacular, until some of those bigger matches. Great kickoff stuff, though I really thought Aries was going to win against Neville, and was very surprised when neither Big Show nor Braun Strowman were one of the final two, nor even final five. At the same time, it’s a great thing for Neville and Mojo Rawley to be the winners of those matches as it solidifies the King of the Cruiserweights as both Top Heel and Top Superstar in that division and grows the power of the Hype Bro while we await the return of Zack Ryder. Then there was the change of putting the SmackDown Women’s Championship match on later in the night and replacing it on the kickoff show with the Intercontinental Championship match. Corbin and Ambrose have a great match, I’m fine with Ambrose retaining but it does beg the question “Where are both men going from here?” Who will face Ambrose next? Will the Lone Wolf get another chance?

The main show had a truly phenomenal start as Styles and Shane were the surprise opener AND went the distance. It gave us what I hoped for: Shane getting in his Coast2Coast, but Styles still going over because he’s AJ STYLES. For that matter, many of the matches impressed: Jericho VS Owens (hooray new champion!); Raw Women’s Championship (hooray Bayley’s still champ!); SmackDown Women’s Championship (chaotic in a good way and hooray for Naomi!); and Raw Tag Team Title Ladder match (hooray the Hardys are back AND they’re champions!). The Mixed tag of Cena & Nikki VS Miz & Maryse was good, but not quite on the level I was hoping, but the silver lining is that Cena and Nikki are engaged and everyone can finally stop bringing it up! But then, NO interference on the two matches fans wanted that to happen on? Unsanctioned means “no disqualification”, or did Triple H secretly tell his unofficially announced allies of Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe to stay out of it? And as for Orton and Wyatt, yay(?) Orton wins, but also wow those creepy gross “visions” Wyatt was giving us. However, not one appearance of Luke Harper? Or Erick Rowan for that matter. Is WWE saving something special for this coming SmackDown? That aside, Triple H and Rollins was the better of the two, as it had grittier and more satisfying story-telling involved with how Rollins persevered through agonizing pain in his knee to overcome the man who used him and tossed him aside and win the day.

For those curious, Goldberg VS Lesnar lasted only 4 minutes and 47 seconds. Undertaker’s entrance was longer, and that’s not even a joke. But Goldberg VS Lesnar was still pretty good for those 4 minutes and 47 seconds, as it was pretty much what the perfect marriage of “what we want” and “what we can expect”. What we wanted was Suplex City being matched by Spears and Jackhammers. What we realistically expected was very little else, as Goldberg really is too old and rusty to go for much longer. Still great to see them bust the time keeper area up, tho, and naturally Lesnar won to put the belt on someone who, while a part-timer like Goldberg, can at least compete in more strenuous matches. And lastly, Undertaker and Roman gave us a hell of a lot better match than I or anyone expected. Sure, many have said anything from “Roman doesn’t deserve to be the one!” to “Should’ve been Finn or Bray!” to the default “Roman sucks!” Others worried that Roman was too green to carry an opponent who is so much older and grizzled through a match, that this would be the New Era’s Taker VS Giant Gonzales. However, I gave Roman the benefit of a doubt in this one. He seemed to actually be giving Taker his due, and then when Taker wouldn’t give in, he hinted at a bit of reluctance, full well knowing Taker could get hurt by the heavy hitting style Roman uses. I don’t want to say Roman VS Taker was great, but I also don’t think it was horrible. All I know is that, for what was most likely The Deadman’s last time in the ring, Taker gave it his all, and even with Roman surviving Taker’s best signatures, I found a way to enjoy this one.

My Score: 8/10

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