Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Report! (4/4/17)

WWE 205 LIVE! (4/4/17)



-Akira Tozawa VS THE Brian Kendrick; Tozawa wins.

-Rich Swann VS Oney Lorcan; Swann wins.

-WWE Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way: Austin Aries VS TJ Perkins VS Jack Gallagher VS Mustafa Ali ; Aries wins and will challenge Neville for the championship.



Akira Tozawa VS THE Brian Kendrick!

The Stamina Monster was essentially cheated by The Man with a Plan after an exposed turnbuckle became the difference maker, so they get a rematch tonight to see if Kendrick can cheat Tozawa again. Kendrick can’t believe Tozawa wants another go-around. Lesson Number “TEN TEN TEN”: “It’s not about athleticism, but psychological supremacy.” What does Kendrick mean? The match begins, Kendrick immediately slips out of the ring but the crowd immediately begins the Tozawa shouts. Tozawa takes his time returning, only to fall back again when Tozawa rushes him. Tozawa is frustrated, cat and mouse with Kendrick, but Tozawa catches up to punch, whip and bicycle boot Kendrick down. Penalty Kick to screaming back senton, TWO. Tozawa grabs Kendrick and stands him up, but Kendrick gives a chop. Tozawa trades chops with Kendrick, fires up with his battle shouts, fakes the chop to give the jab, but Kendrick saw that coming and rolls Tozawa up. TWO, Kendrick gets hit with a roaring elbow! Tozawa has the fans rallying for him, Kendrick kicks Tozawa away but Tozawa goes right at him. Thumb to the eye from Kendrick, jumping calf kick, TWO. Kendrick gives crossface punches before trying to put on the Captain’s Hook. Tozawa resists, so Kendrick settles for a camel clutch with fish hook in the nose and crossface punches across the cheek. Tozawa slips out of the clutch to then fight out of the chinlock, Kendrick clubs him but gets a dropkick to knock him down. The fans rally with the shout again, Tozawa fires up as Kendrick stands up. Tozawa throws body shots, slips out of the back suplex, and stuns Kendrick with a forearm. Corner to corner forearm, corner to corner bicycle boot, corner to corner– Kendrick moves, still gets Tozawa’s headscissors. Kendrick’s on the apron, is knocked off, battle shouts fire Tozawa up for the TORPEDO! Tozawa drags Kendrick into the ring, goes top rope, but Kendrick trips him up. Kendrick climbs up, Tozawa resists his superplex. Kendrick drops down, claiming Tozawa poked him in the eye. The ref knows Tozawa did not do that, Tozawa stares as they argue. Kendrick rushes in, Tozawa jumps over him, but Tozawa stops because he jammed his knee. The ref backs Kendrick off, but Kendrick thinks he’s faking. Kendrick argues with the ref more, Tozawa springs up and rolls Kendrick for the win!

Tozawa takes to the mic, quoting Kendrick’s “psychological supremacy”, and saying that this time Kendrick just learned “Lesson #1” in Tozawa’s book! Tozawa then enjoys himself as he takes his leave.


Rich Swann VS Oney Lorcan!

The Outlandish One may be flirting with a Foxy Lady while trolling the Scottish Supernova, but tonight he takes on the Boston Brawler of NXT who makes his 205 Live debut! Handshake given, and a European Uppercut right away. Oney takes the fight to Swann with back body splashes in the corner. Swann side steps the third one, Oney elbows back, goes second rope but must jump over Swann a couple times, Swann frontflips over Oney, Oney deflects a dropkick and floors Swann with a lariat, TWO. Oney rains rights on Swann then slows down to raise a hand and enjoy the Orlando crowd’s praise. Oney stiffly chops Swann a couple times, whips Swann to then put on an abdominal stretch. Swann endures, fights his way out, but gets a kitchen sink knee to slow him down. Oney tosses Swann to the top rope with a gordbuster, but Swann kicks out at TWO. Oney puts on a bodyscissor hold, Swann works to escape as the crowd rallies, but the squeeze is strong as Oney adds on a neckwrench. Swann keeps working on the hold, gives a few back elbows and gets Oney to let go. Swann backs off, roundhouse kicks out of a corner, then climbs up only to be tripped up. Swann is seated on the top rope, Oney climbs up to join him, Swann resists. Oney staggers off the ropes but then comes back and clubs Swann’s back. Oney climbs back up again, SUPER HALF ‘N’ HALF– but Swann lands on his feet?! Spinning back kick and Swann is fired up! Double underhook but Oney powers out to Alabama RAM Swann into the corner!

Never seen an Alabama Slam on the run before

Oney gets the cover, but Swann kicks out at TWO! Oney grabs Swann again, EuroUppers rock him back, Oney goes running but Swann tries a backslide. Oney slips out right away, Swann throws heavy rights that rock Oney. Swann starts rallying with clotheslines, then runs up Oney’s back to then mule kick him in the face. Swann stalks Oney, picks him up, puts him in the corner and hits a loud chop. Oney boots back, sits top rope, SUPERKICK to No Hands Huricanrana from Swann! Oney down, Swann goes up, PHOENIX SPLASH! Swann wins and is on a roll!

Swann takes to the mic, and gives a shout out to Orlando as he gets “something off my chest.” Y’see, “Alicia Foooox” has been getting presents sent to her. Swann tells us all the truth: Dar has been taking credit for the bear, roses, candy and lingerie, but it was ALL Swann! Truly outlandish, will Swann come to regret this when Dar gets back?


Backstage, Mustafa Ali is confronted by Drew Gulak again. Gulak congratulates Ali on his loss to Neville, as it proves Gulak’s point that wrestling more “conservatively” would’ve been better. Maybe he should try that in tonight’s match, too. Ali makes it clear that he’s not buying into Gulak’s campaign. Gulak just wants Ali to realize “change is coming to 205 Live.” The WWE Universe may want the “reckless” style, but that is “unfit for 205 Live.” Ali should be on the “right side of history” while he can. Is Gulak right?


Trent Seven, Mark Andrews, Wolfgang, Pete Dunne, and yes the WWE UK Champion, Tyler Bate, are all in Orlando to say hello to 205 Live. These five will join 205 Live on the house show tour in the UK to help promote the coming weekly WWE UK Division program!


WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville comes to the ring. “There is no one on the Neville Level.” He was right and everyone else was wrong when they “backed Austin Aries”. The belt belonging to Neville proves as much!

Neville’s “crowning moment” will not be belittled by the “rumors” that he desperately raked Aries’ repaired eye socket. He did it because Aries deserved it! And as promised on Raw, this is the celebration for him! Three cheers for your King! Hip hip, HOORAY! Hip hip, HOORAY! Hip hip, HOORAY! Neville believes in gratitude. So he would like to thank “each and everyone of you” for NEVER believing in him, which lit the fire underneath him and made him the champion he is today! So yes, thank you. “You are welcome!” the crowd chants. Neville thanks Aries to make his “sensational victory” all the more satisfying. Last but not least, Neville thanks 205 Live’s roster and their “futile attempts” at the title for boosting his reputation. As for tonight, “the circus continues” and Neville will be ringside to watch our main event. It may be a Fatal 4 way, but he likes to think of it as “Four more lambs to the slaughter.”


WWE Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way Match

Austin Aries VS TJ Perkins VS Jack Gallagher VS Mustafa Ali!

After losing to the King of the Cruiserweights at Wrestlemania, The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived gets another chance, but must get through the FilAm Flash, Extraordinary Gentleman and Pakistani Prince, three men who also know first hand how talented and aggressive “Evil Neville” can be. A-Double also makes sure to give Neville a stare down before the match to make it clear he will find his way back to challenging for the “crown.” Handshakes given between the four men before the bell, they circle before pairing off. Gallagher backs TJP down while Aries powers Ali to a corner. Aries gives an elbow to Ali’s head while TJP retaliates with a roundhouse on Gentleman Jack. Ali fights his own way out, TJP rushes Aries but headscissors Ali out of the ring, Aries hits TJP with an armdrag and knee drop to that arm. TJP bridges out of the pin, goes acrobatic to give Aries and a returning Gallagher a simultaneous armdrag and headscissor to send them both out! TJP kip-ups, Ali throws him to the ropes, TJP goes SpiderMan then ducks Ali to send him out. TJP slingshots onto Ali with a corkscrew, but then Gallagher just nudges him off the apron. Gallagher grabs William III, but Aries intercepts. The Gentleman slips out of the suplex but Aries gives him an armdrag. Headscissor from Gallagher, Aries pops out to dropkick Gallagher, Gallagher goes out of the ring so Aries takes a moment to lounge on the top rope. TJP returns, takes an elbow from Aries but gives an elbow back. TJP sees Gallagher coming, bulldog and clothesline at the same time to drop both men. TJP goes after Aries, whips him into the second rope to then hit a wrecking ball dropkick. Ali returns, TJP slips under and back kicks, but Ali gets running to headscissor TJP. Ali handsprings up, blocks TJP’s kick to give a pinwheel kick, TWO. Gallagher returns once more to arm wrench Ali, Ali whips him, Extraordinary Headstand in the corner! Gallagher keeps Ali back, Aries returns to push Gallagher down. Gallagher forearms Aries down, then escapes a waistlock from Ali but Ali slips out of the back suplex. Ali gets a waistlock back on Gallagher, but Gallagher slips away so that TJP’s springboard missile dropkick knocks Ali down!

Ali lands on his head from this, Gallagher returns but is rolled into the Kneebar from TJP! Gallagher comes so close to giving up, but as TJP and Gallagher roll over, Aries comes in and puts TJP in the Last Chancery! Ali breaks this with a low dropkick! Aries’ bad eye comes into play, he scrambles away as Ali and Gallagher get back up. Ali jumps over Gallagher, then goes to the other corner for an asai crossbody, TWO. Ali rushes at TJP, is put to the apron and takes back elbows from TJP. TJP gets Gallagher into a fireman’s carry but Gallagher slips out to put TJP into a dragon sleeper position. Aries claps the ears of Gallagher and puts him into dragon sleeper position, but then Ali returns for the rolling neckbreaker, triggering the double inverted DDT!

Ali covers Aries, kickout. Ali covers Gallagher, TWO. Ali covers TJP, TWO! Ali glances over at Neville, saying he’ll get back at the King. Ali goes top rope, Aries pounces. Aries climbs up, Ali resists, TJP adds on by putting Aries in an Electric Chair. Aries fights out and shoves TJP into Ali to trip him up. Gallagher gets up, he and Aries work together to keep TJP stuck in the corner while they DOUBLE SUPERPLEX Ali!

Aries covers Ali while Gallagher covers TJP, TWO! The fans are loving it as Aries goes after Gallagher. Gutbuster to STO to Pendulum Elbow Drop, but then Gallagher slips out of Aries’ fireman carry. Aries rolls Gallagher up, TWO, Aries keeps running to Tope Suicida on Ali and TJP! Gallagher sees the three down, and goes back to William III! Gallagher goes up top, umbrella open, and as the fans predict, does his best Mary Poppins! Gallagher lands on the other three, all four are down on the ground. The fans rally for the four, Gallagher puts TJP in the ring. Extraordinary Dropkick misses, TJP rolling sobat sends Gallagher out. TJP rushes at Ali but Ali back elbows TJP, Tornado DDT! TWO thanks to Aries bulldozing in. Aries gets up and goes after Ali, corner to corner whip but Aries misses his corner forearm. Aries immediately blocks Ali’s roundhouse and gives an elbow, Aries then drags Ali to the top rope. Ali resists Aries’ superplex, Gallagher runs in and gives the EXTRAORDINARY DROPKICK to Ali!!

Ali goes to the ground, Aries rushes Gallagher but Gallagher rolls Aries up, TWO. Aries gives a stiff forearm to stun Gallagher, then gets running only to take Gallagher’s Extraordinary Headbutt! Gallagher falls to the pin, TWO because TJP dragged Aries out. TJP enters the ring, he and Gallagher stare down before brawling. EuroUppers traded, Gallagher gets more of them in, but TJP lets out a strike fest before Detonation Kick! Gallagher stays up for ANOTHER Extraordinary Headbutt! However, Gallagher staggers out of the ring, Aries returns to give TJP the Discus Five-Arm! Aries wins and gets a second chance at Neville’s title! Will the rematch be what A-Double needs to become the Greatest CHAMPION Who Ever Lived?


My Thoughts:

With 205 Live in jeopardy, it’s good to see WWE is trying to give fans reason to watch in this post-Mania-33 phase of the year. Kendrick had a good match with Tozawa, but the best part was Tozawa giving some comeuppance by using Kendrick’s own lessons against him. Then there’s Rich Swann having a match against the surprise opponent of Oney Lorcan, a solid, quality match all its own. Oney Lorcan may be on NXT, and could one day find his way to the NXT title, but there wouldn’t be any shame in him being fast-tracked to main to be part of the Cruiserweight Division and give it a nice boost in match quality. Oney is probably the best pure workhorse in NXT right now, with the only thing lacking is an on-screen personality. Oney doesn’t even really need anything too showy or out-there for a gimmick, he could get away with just being the rough and tumble man he is, like a Face version of the Revival.

Then there was tonight’s main event. This felt like the match that could sell 205 Live to viewers. It featured four high level Faces that, aside from TJ Perkins, are strongly over with the crowd (TJP gets flack for not being charismatic enough to pull off the gimmick he has) and all four of them are indisputably incredible in the ring. TJP seemed strongest at the start, but things evened out so that everyone got their moments to shine. Some great innovation, as well, never seen a four-man chain like that neckbreaker-and-DDTs, or a double superplex set up the way it was. Aries wins by being opportunistic but that’s fine because it keeps everyone looking strong and gives us a ‘Mania rematch for the appropriately named “Payback” Pay-Per-View. The important thing is for WWE to keep up this level of in-ring competition in the Cruiserweight Division on both 205 Live and Raw so that people will care about the Cruiserweights instead of participating in “Beach Ball Mania”.

My Score: 8/10

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