Mitchell’s WWE NXT Report! (4/5/17)

WWE NXT! (4/5/17)



-Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay VS Aliyah; Peyton wins.

-Heavy Machinery VS The Bollywood Boyz; Heavy Machinery wins.

-Oney Lorcan VS ???; Lorcan wins.



It is the aftermath of TakeOver: Orlando! It was a night of amazing action and dazzling new belts, but what will happen as we enter a new phase in NXT’s history?


Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay VS Aliyah!

The Iconic Duo’s Venus Flytrap has the Blue Beauty in her corner as she faces the Exotic Catwoman of NXT one-on-one. The two tie up, Peyton slams the “kitty” down. Jackknife cover outta nowhere from Aliyah, TWO, so she kicks Peyton in the back before hitting a low blockbuster, TWO. Billie tries to save Peyton but gets her hand stomped on for it. Peyton pounces with a heel kick and right hands before putting Aliyah in a corner so she can stomp away. Peyton doesn’t let up on Aliyah, putting her to the ropes to stretch in a modified motorcycle stretch. Peyton lets go before the five count, then kicks Aliyah into the ring. Peyton toys with Aliyah a bit, this just serves to anger Aliyah. Aliyah ducks a kick, arm drags Peyton a couple times, hip toss fires Aliyah up. Aliyah goes running, running seated senton, TWO. Aliyah goes for a leg, Peyton slaps her and kicks out a knee, running knee to the head before Fisherman Suplex Pin, Peyton wins!


Exclusive footage of Asuka after her victory over Ember Moon. She is STILL the Undefeated Champion, but then who is next? More like “who is left?” The Empress of Tomorrow is on a winstreak like no one before, can anyone stop her?


Heavy Machinery VS The Bollywood Boyz!

Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic are already big names in NXT’s tag team division, can Harv & Gurv Sihra hope to say in one piece after facing these two? Their new attitudes seem indestructible, but that doesn’t help when Harv gets run over by Tucker. Harv boots out of a corner but is caught into a bearhug by Tucker. Tag to Otis, bearhug toss on three, another bearhug from Otis! Harv fights out, back elbow to Otis but a overhead sends Harv flying. Gurv tags in and tries to get Otis into a dancing mood. Otis just punches him down before he and Tucker sandwich him. Belly bump and Heavy Machinery has the crowd on their side. Harv attacks Otis from behind, tag to Gurv and the Bollywood Boyz work to isolate the big man with attacks in the corner. Tag back to Harv, they try a double suplex, but Otis is the one that suplexes both of them! Tucker tags in, he starts running both brothers over. Dropkick to Gurv, hip toss to Harv, Tucker blows the horn to squash Harv and then squash Gurv. Otis lifts Harv, Heavy Machinery combine for the World’s HEAVIEST Slam! Heavy Machinery win again, and look ready to demolish any team in their way!


Backstage, Oney Lorcan is asked how he feels about having a mystery opponent. Doesn’t matter who it is, Oney is here to compete, work, and win. Can the Boston Brawler best whoever it may be sent out against him?


Exclusive footage of The Authors of Pain and Paul Ellering after they won a Triple Threat Elimination Tag Title Match that was an instant classic. This is both vindication and confirmation of evolution. The Authors proved they’re the Team of Destiny. WWE tries to slow them down with more teams, but no one can stop destiny, as this team will be a dynasty! If two great teams can’t stop them, what hope does any team in NXT have?


After watching exclusive footage of TakeOver: Orlando’s NXT Champion, aka the Battle for the Fate of NXT, we also see exclusive footage of the winner, Bobby Roode, speak on his GLORIOUS reign continuing. Roode told everyone, including Shinsuke Nakamura, exactly what he was going to do and he did it. The biggest TakeOver to date, back in Orlando, the home of NXT, and it is ROODE that has taken NXT to new heights. For days, weeks and even months to come, we will continue to take this “Glorious Ride” that is Bobby Roode’s NXT.


Exclusive footage of Drew McIntyre backstage. For those who don’t know what he’s been up to lately, Drew’s traveled the world and won as many titles as he could. Now he comes to NXT, the place everyone is talking about, and has officially signed with them! He will be in action starting next week! Can he capture the NXT title to add to his collection?


Oney Lorcan VS ???

The double tough Boston Brawler has no clue who he’s facing tonight, for his opponent is the masked wrestler “El Vagabundo.” It’s literally and obviously just The Drifter, Elias Samson, in a luchador mask.

El Vagabundo = The Vagabond = The Drifter, simple as that.

He even has a new guitar! The problem is, he lost a “Loser Leaves NXT” to Kassius Ohno the NXT before TakeOver so he isn’t allowed to be here! But at least he doesn’t have that “Drift Away” heat anymore. El Vagabundo has a song for everyone! He strums his guitar and sings for “everyone here, shut your mouth!” “I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I’m El Vagabundo and what it needs is what I am!” Oney Lorcan interrupts the song, risking a little heat himself, and exposes him as The Drifter. EVERYONE knows he’s the Drifter! Vagabundo defends he is not Elias Samson, but Oney just wants Vagabundo to “Drift Away.” The fans cheer for Vagabundo, Vagabundo cheap shots Oney and stomps away in a corner. The ref backs him off, Oney gives the okay and the match begins. “Vagabundo” is right on Oney with stomps and a slam, then he throws Oney out of the ring before we go to an ad break.

We return as “Vagabundo” gives a knee to Oney as the Boston Brawler is on the apron. Oney fires back with a sharp chop, but Vagabundo puts Oney in a corner to give a chop of his own. Vagabundo whips Oney corner to corner, then clubs him with a running clothesline. The crowd cheers “Ole~ ole ole ole~” for Vagabundo, who stomps Oney and drags him up into a snap suplex. TWO from Oney, Vagabundo puts on a chinlock. Fans rally for Oney, Oney fights out but gets whipped to a corner. Oney side steps Vagabundo to give running back splashes. A hat trick of those but Oney keeps going, getting up to six and then seven. Oney has eight, but Vagabundo clubs him from behind before he can try for a ninth. Oney demasks Vagabundo, it IS Elias Samson!

¡Jadeamos! (gasp!)

Running Blockbuster, Oney wins! Oney celebrates by holding up the Vagabundo mask, and then tells Elias he has to leave NXT again. Elias refuses, but a security guard tells him he must. Elias laughs it off, as it is a female security guard. She grabs him by his hair! She then drags Elias out of the arena in a hammerlock, so it’s “Adios, Samson!”

NEVER laugh at a security guard


My Thoughts:

For those not familiar with how an NXT-After-TakeOver works, the matches tonight were all dark matches for TakeOver and thanks to the magic of editing are shown to us now. At the same time, as they were dark matches, they had no real impact on story or events. Even so, they still helped build the competitors up in rankings, as Peyton wins over the returning Aliyah to keep herself–and by extension the Iconic Duo–strong, and the new powerhouse tag team of Knight & Dozovic does the same as they continue to redefine “Squash match”. One thing that was fun and unique about this episode was Elias Samson trying to use a loophole in the “Loser Leaves NXT” stipulation by becoming “El Vagabundo” to give one more match against the always-game Oney Lorcan. But of course, The Drifter is quickly revealed and then thrown out again, this time by one tough woman who doesn’t take flak from anyone (I think she’s even the same security guard that almost threw out Gronk at Wrestlemania, perhaps as an Easter Egg to those who attended both TakeOver and ‘Mania). All in all, a decent night of filler to help this developmental brand restructure and recharge now that we know The Revival, Tye Dillinger and Shinsuke Nakamura have made main roster debuts.

My Score: 7/10

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