VIDEO: Iowa Congressman Poses Great Question to Linda McMahon during SBA Hearing

John Cena proposes to Nikki Bella

Looks like the Congressman is a WWE fan.

If there is one person who most wrestling fans would want to have 10 minutes of their time to ask whatever questions they wanted and be assured they were answered honestly, it would be Vince McMahon. That’s because McMahon is a treasure trove of knowledge regarding the ins and outs of the pro wrestling business. He grew up in it, he cut his teeth in it, and he’s now revolutionized it into a global, multi-million dollar industry. Of course despite what he wants fans to believe, McMahon isn’t perfect and his booking decisions have occasionally resulted in eyebrow raising and head scratching. It is likely then, that this is where the burning questions of fans exist, questions that include:

Who thought the Katie Vick angle was actually a good idea?
Was the Montreal Screwjob really just a work?
Why do you insist on pushing Roman Reigns as top babyface?
What was the real attendance at Wrestlemania III?

Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely that fans will ever get the answers to these questions putting us in the same boat as Iowa Congressman Rod Blum (R) who was unable to get an answer to the question he posed to Linda McMahon, head of the Small Business Administration (SBA) in the presidential cabinet, after a congressional hearing on Wednesday.

Blum, using the last 45 seconds of his block, decided to “address the 800 pound gorilla in the room” and asked McMahon, co-founder and former CEO of WWE, a pressing question that he imagined was not just on his mind, but on those of his constituents: “Why did it take John Cena so long to propose marriage to Nikki Bella?”

Unfortunately for Blum, who did remind McMahon she was under oath, his question went unanswered as the SBA head with a slight chuckle and smile, simply told him that he’d have to ask Cena himself on that one.

Fans of the WWE first learned of and fell in love with the couple on the E! Network and WWE show, Total Divas, which takes a look into the lives of some of the more popular women on the roster. One of the main storylines of the show’s early seasons revolved around the previously not high-profile relationship of Cena and Nikki, who began dating in November of 2012. Fans have been able to follow their relationship as well as the ups and downs through Total Divas and again on Total Bellas. Most recently, WWE TV also acknowledged the relationship through various angles on Smackdown Live, which all led up to the huge Wrestlemania moment that saw Cena, despite his stance of never wanting to get married again, proposing in front of over 70,000 fans and millions more watching at home on their screens.

So why the change of heart from Cena on wanting to get married or as Blum wonders, why did it take him so long to come to that conclusion?

It seems, at least for now, that is a question that will remain unanswered.


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