Mitchell’s Ring of Honor Report! (4/8/17)




-Punishment Martinez VS Hanson; Martinez wins.

-ROH Top Prospect Tournament 2017 Semifinals: Curt Stallion VS John Skyler; Skyler wins and moves on to the finals.

-ROH 6 Man Tag Team Championships: The Kingdom & ??? VS Bully Ray Dudley & The Briscoes; Bully & The Briscoes win and are the new 6 Man Tag Team Champions.



Once again, #DemBoyz, Jay and Mark Briscoe, recount how Bully Ray Dudley saved them from The Bullet Club. The Briscoes have allied with Bully Ray, who truly wants to be part of ROH full-time. They teamed together at the 15th Anniversary Special, whooped War Machine’s and Davey Boy Smith Jr’s collective asses and now tonight challenge Matt Taven’s undefeated Kingdom. Who will walk away from Las Vegas with the 6 Man Tag Team Championships?


Punishment Martinez VS Hanson!

The other half of War Machine goes 1v1 with the Reincarnation of the Purple Mist, a monster that has broken free from his masters and mentors in the ROH Dungeon of Doom. Martinez starts the match by giving Hanson a right hand across the face, Hand responds with a right of his own, then unleashes strikes on Martinez before a whip reversal. Hanson catches Martinez’s spin kick to slam him down, Martinez rolls out of the ring but a FLYING HANSON knocks him to the barriers! Hanson confiscates a chair and brings Martinez over to sit him down it in. Hanson unleashes right hands before going up the ramp. Hanson fires the crowd up before running down the ramp, seated senton flattens Martinez out of the chair! Hanson puts Martinez in the ring, Martinez staggers to a corner, Hanson rushes in and hits a clothesline. Hanson whips Martinez corner to corner but Martinez gets to the second rope, torpedo-like flying spear topples Hanson down. Big back splash, spinning clothesline and then a loud right hand rock Hanson before Martinez lifts the hefty hoss up for a scoop slam. Martinez hits a springboard somersault senton and embraces the applause as we go to commercials.

We return to find Hanson and Martinez try for suplexes, getting higher and higher but it’s Hanson that wins out. Each man takes to a corner, Martinez rushes into a body drop, Hanson crushes him with a clothesline in a corner. Hanson whip corner to corner for another clothesline, snapmare to a low crossbody splash! Hanson springboard lariat, TWO! Hanson keeps on Martinez by setting him top shelf for clubbing forearms across the chest, but before the tenth one, Martinez clamps a hand around Hanson’s neck! Hanson kicks back, but Martinez denies the whip. Martinez whips Hanson to the corner, but Hanson tumbles up and over to be on the apron. Martinez ducks the clothesline, springboard right hand punch sends Hanson to the floor, Martinez leaps over the corner post to topple Hanson down! Martinez gets Hanson in the ring, goes top rope, flying wheel kick, TWO! Martinez takes aim at Hanson, clamps that hand on again but Hanson fights out. Hanson cartwheels away from the bicycle boot, but Martinez ducks the clothesline to give a spinning roundhouse! Hanson shoves Martinez to a corner, Martinez jumps for another right hand punch but Hanson catches him to powerslam Martinez down! TWO! Hanson gets running, springboard– into the choke grip, but Hanson powers out again. Both men in turn go for a strike only for the other to dodge, Hanson’s right hand makes contact but is answered by Martinez’s discus forearm. Hanson boots back, Martinez does the same. Hanson’s kick is blocked, stiff right forearm and half a dozen right hands from Martinez drop Hanson to one knee. Martinez runs but meets Hanson’s Spin Kick of Doom! TWO! Hanson is shocked, that was his best strike move. Martinez tries for the choke grip, Hanson keeps fighting against it, Martinez shoves Hanson to a corner but takes another seated senton! Hanson positions Martinez, goes top rope, Davey Boy Smith Jr. appears? He has a grudge with Hanson just as much as Ray Rowe, but does not come to ringside. Hanson moves on for that top rope moonsault, but misses! Martinez gets up, spinning roundhouse hits! He then takes aim, choke grip, CHOKE SLAM!! Martinez wins with the “South of Heaven” sit-out choke slam, but perhaps an assist to Bull-Dog II.


The Last Real Man, Silas Young, is looking forward to Milwaukee, Wisconsin on April 28th. That will be the place and the day of ROH Unauthorized, aka “every match is unsanctioned”! Anything goes, anyone can show up, and Silas knows he’s gonna be doing “a lot of fighting and a lot of drinking.” Will you be there?


The Bullet Club’s Hangman Adam Page evened the score with Frankie Kazarian. Hangman waited for Kaz in the parking garage and pounced! The only reason he didn’t choke out The Heavy Metal Rebel with a rope was because someone else came along and scared him–and his Bullet Club cameraman–off. Will the Hangman try to finish the job?


ROH Top Prospect Tournament 2017

Curt Stallion VS John Skyler!

Another pre-recorded match from Manhattan Mayhem, it is the Lone Star and the Southern Savior battling to see who faces Josh “The Goods” Woods in Baltimore at the Charm City Excellence event that’s actually happening today. Tape delay aside, Stallion and Skyler shake hands and then tie up, even in power. The two break off, circle each other and go again. Still even in power so they break again. Skyler and Stallion trash talk, Skyler slaps Stallion so Stallion shoves Skyler. Skyler shoves Stallion, Stallion chops Skyler and it’s a chop-fest! Stallion’s height helps give his chops the impact, so Skyler switches to a headlock. Skyler brings Stallion to a knee, but Stallion stands up and powers out. Skyler shoulders Stallion down, but Stallion pops up as Skyler gets running. Skyler slips behind Stallion, Stallion bucks him off and then throws him to ropes for a back elbow and dropkick. Stallion whips Skyler, then reverses the reversal but Skyler sunset flips over the body drop. Stallion rolls through and shouts “You’re stupid!” as he double stomps Skyler down. TWO, and Stallion gets the crowd into it as he goes second rope. Skyler rolls out of the ring, Stallion watches him pace, FLYING STALLION goes into the barrier! Skyler baited the Lone Star into that attack and made him pay for it! The crowd thinks “you just killed him!” as we go to break.

We return to find Stallion is not dead, but very groggy. He slowly climbs into the ring, Skyler kicks him between the ropes. Skyler pins, Stallion out at TWO, Skyler tries again, TWO, so a big back senton from Skyler flattens Stallion, TWO for the third time! Skyler puts on a chinlock, Stallion endures and gets the crowd rallying for him, Stallion stands up and fights out, only for Skyler to lift him up for a rolling senton. Skyler goes for another back senton, gets nothing but knees. Stallion tries to get Skyler up for an Alabama Slam, but Skyler slips down to double underhook Stallion, Tigerbomb! TWO! Stallion is still feeling the damage from that barrier crash, Skyler just toys with him now. Skyler slaps Stallion in the head, then spits on him, that only pisses Stallion off! Stallion with a choke grip on Skyler, he stands the Southern Savior up for a back kick, knee lift and several right hands. Skyler ducks the spinning right hand to hit a German Suplex, but Stallion is right back up! Stallion gives Skyler a German, then a right forearm into another German Suplex, TWO! Stallion is all fired up now,  adjacent corner to corner boot across Skyler’s face! Stallion then goes to the other corner for an adjacent corner to corner knee! And then from opposite corner, corner to corner dropkick! Stallion covers, TWO! Stallion deadlifts Skyler up, Skyler back elbows out, but takes a right forearm in the ropes. Stallion gets running, Skyler gives him a SUPERKICK! Stallion still manages a dropkick, and Skyler’s on the apron. Stallion runs again, into a slingshot spear! TWO! Skyler picks Stallion up, wants another Tigerbomb, but Stallion rolls him up, TWO. Stallion blocks a kick and goes for the Alabama Slam, Skyler fights that off while trying for the Tigerbomb, Stallion trips him up to jackknife into the Alabama position, but instead it’s an Emerald Fusion to a knee! TWO!? Stallion can NOT believe it. Skyler staggers to a corner, Stallion rushes in to give a forearm before setting Skyler top rope. Stallion climbs up, Skyler resists and shoves Stallion away, but Stallion runs and stuns Skyler with a headbutt! Stallion climbs up again, SUPER STEI– no, not the steiner, a SUPER Southern Salvation, Skyler wins! Will he or The Goods Woods be Mr. Top Prospect 2017?


Adam Cole has a video message for The Young Bucks. They won’t answer his calls or texts, so this is the only way he can reach out to them. He regrets what he says and forgives them for what they said. The Super Kliq can still be together, things can go back to the way things should be. Will The Young Bucks forgive the former three time world champion?


ROH 6 Man Tag Team Championship Match

The Kingdom & ??? VS Bully Ray Dudley & The Briscoes!

The ROH 15th Anniversary had its very first 6 Man Tag Title Match, and though the Kingdom was victorious, they lost TK O’Ryan to a vicious leg injury when his springboard asai moonsault made contact with the barriers. Everyone’s hearts go out to O’Ryan and his recovery, but the titles must still be defended, so Taven and Vinny have a substitute partner in… Silas Young?! It was part of a deal made with the Last Real Man: If he helps The Kingdom retain tonight, then the Kingdom must give Silas, Beer City Bruiser and whoever their third man will be a title match once TK O’Ryan is back. The alliance of convenience is very tense, so Bully Ray butts in. “Do you know who we are?” Because Bully knows that The Kingdom will be the former 6 Man Tag Champions. “We’re Bully Ray and the Briscoes, and we’re gonna kick your ass!” And with that, it’s a brawl at the bell! Bully Ray gets Taven, Mark goes after Silas and Jay goes after Vinny. Vinny is sent out, Mark and Jay get Silas out while Bully isolates and trash talks Taven. Bully whips Taven corner to corner, Taven staggers out into a double back body drop from The Briscoes before Bully clotheslines him to the floor. Bully and #DemBoyz have control as we go to a commercial.

We return as Vinny is legal but takes a headbutt to the heart from Bully Ray. Vinny lets out a scream before taking a sharp overhand chop from Bully. Corner to corner we go, Bully repeats the process for an even louder chop! The fans want a third, and despite Vinny’s pleading, Bully gives us a third! Bully then backs Taven down with a glare, but this allows Vinny to recover and fight back. Vinny trash talks Bully before running, getting a body drop from Bully. Tag to Mark, a sharp chop to Vinny before tagging Jay for a boot to Vinny in the neutral corner. Mark knocks Silas away but Vinny rakes the eyes of Jay. Jay fights out of the Kingdom’s corner, but Silas and Taven trip him up and split him down the middle with the ring post. Bully and Mark protest as Taven smiles for the camera. Tag to Taven, he gives strikes to Jay before tagging Silas in. Silas stomps a mudhole into Jay, then argues with the ref so that Taven and Vinny can grind boots into Jay. Knee drop from Silas, TWO, Jay is put right into a chinlock. Jay fights out, Silas ducks and back rakes Jay before giving a back suplex. TWO from Jay, Silas drags him back and tags Vinny. The crowd chants “Man up!” as Vinny hits a screaming set of running forearms before throwing Jay into Taven’s kick. Vinny hits a back suplex side slam, Taven a falling elbow drop, TWO thanks to Mark breaking the pin. Taven rakes Jay’s eyes more, tag to Silas, Silas kicks and punches Jay some more to keep him isolated in their corner as we go to one last commercial break.

After the break, Jay fights out of the Kingdom’s corner to tag in Mark! The Sussex County Chicken rallies on Silas and The Kingdom, breaking Taven’s full nelson for a Pele and then giving Silas a big German Suplex! Mark keeps on Silas with chops, Vinny bumps Mark with an elbow, Silas boots Mark into Vinny’s tilt-o-whirl Russian Leg sweep, Taven LIONSAULTs in, Silas throws hands, TWO. Taven gets upset over Silas not doing the cover first, Mark tags Bully! Bully rallies now, throwing Vinny into Taven for a sandwiching splash and then booting Silas down for good measure. Bully jabs on Vinny, flip flop BULLY BOMB! TWO thanks to Taven breaking it, but Taven takes the overhead suplex from Mark. Jay comes in, roaring elbow rocks Taven, and then to the legal Vinny, Briscoes 3D!! Bully and the Briscoes are the NEW 6 Man Tag Team Champions!! Taven blames Silas for being why they lost but Bully again interrupts to rub in how they’re the new champions “in Vegas, baybay!”


My Thoughts:

“Punishment” Damien Martinez is doing great as ROH’s new monster heel, but he has no real direction for that just yet. Same for this story of War Machine VS Davey Boy Smith Jr and by extension Killer Elite Squad. It’ll make for great matches, but it’s all just a holdover until one or both teams earn a ROH World Tag Team Championship match. And though extra tape-delayed from the Manhattan Mayhem event in March, tonight’s ROH Top Prospect match was exceptional, Stallion and Skyler go the distance and have the most shocking spot of the night with that “You Just Killed Him!” crash ‘n’ burn from Stallion into a barrier. Both men have promise in ROH and pro-wrestling in general, and both Skyler and Josh Woods have an equal chance of winning the finals in Baltimore.

I said in my last ROH article that many sources already reported that Bully/Billy Ray Dudley and The Briscoes were the ROH 6 Man Tag Team Champions weeks ago, but I also said it would be fun to watch. Not to brag, but I was right, it was a lot of fun to watch it happen. Bully Ray has great chemistry with Mark and Jay Briscoe, and is great on his own with how vocal he can be during a match. TK O’Ryan severely injured from a freak accident is a raw deal for The Kingdom, but at the same time the titles and division are in great hands with three men who are iconic and even legendary veterans in tag team wrestling.

My Score: 8/10

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