Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Report! (4/11/17)

WWE 205 LIVE! (4/11/17)



-THE Brian Kendrick VS Mustafa Ali; Ali wins.

-Rich Swann VS Johnny Ocean; Swann wins.

-TJ Perkins VS Jack Gallagher; Perkins wins.



THE Brian Kendrick VS Mustafa Ali!

The Man with a Plan was the one who got schooled last week in a match against Akira Tozawa, but now he takes on the Pakistani Prince to try and get back on track. Handshake honored, the two tie up and Kendrick goes after Ali’s arm with a wristlock. Ali flips out of it and armdrags Kendrick away. The two tie up with a test of strength that Kendrick quickly turns back into an arm wrench. Ali swiftly turns it into more armdrags, and Kendrick is quickly frustrated. Kendrick stands in the ropes to give himself a break, then slowly returns once Ali has backed off. Kendrick goes for a takedown but Ali turns it to a headlock. Kendrick hooks the nose, pulls Ali to a corner, and unloads forearms. Kendrick is warned to back up, so he whips Ali corner to corner, but Ali goes up and over to let Kendrick run into buckles. Ali dares Kendrick to bring it, Kendrick rushes in but his boot becomes a roll up, TWO. Kendrick knees Ali in the gut, Ali ducks the clothesline to headscissor Kendrick out of the ring. Ali hits the flying crossbody off the corner to floor Kendrick! Gulak is watching from backstage, talking to someone about what he’s seeing as Ali gives Kendrick a right forearm to the face. Ali gets things back in the ring, Kendrick rolls out the other side. Ali pursues, Kendrick is hiding under the ring to pop out from the adjacent side. Kendrick grabs Ali’s arm and uses it to yank Ali into the post! Ali writhes with pain as Kendrick puts him back in the ring, TWO. Kendrick drags Ali over to the ropes and puts the bottom one in Ali’s mouth. Kendrick kicks the rope, jacking up the Pakistani Prince’s jaw, TWO. From shoulder to mouth, Ali is feeling the pain, Kendrick drags him up to whip him to a corner. Back body drop sends Ali flying, but still out at TWO. Kendrick falls on Ali to go for the Captain’s Hook but Ali strongly resists. Kendrick demands Ali give up, but Ali endures the modified half-straitjacket. Ali fights to his feet then fights out of the hold. He goes running but gets Kendrick’s forearm. Takedown escaped into a small package, TWO. Ali blocks the boot to give a spinning heel kick, both men are down. Ali and Kendrick go to opposite corners, Kendrick runs at Ali but Ali goes up and over. Back elbow, front kick then dropkick, Ali’s all fired up. Ali rolls under Kendrick’s clothesline to give one of his own. Ali’s whip is reversed but he slips out to roundhouse Kendrick back. Rolling neckbreaker hits, TWO! Ali is put into the corner but elbows out, goes for another crossbody but Kendrick dumps it down. A running calf kick flips Ali over, TWO! Kendrick gets frustrated now as he stalks Ali. Kendrick lifts Ali in a torture rack but Ali fights out. Boot out of a corner from Ali knocks Kendrick down, Ali climbs up and, with Gulak watching, is tripped up by Kendrick. Hanging neckbreaker from Kendrick to Ali shifts into a takedown, Captain’s Hook is locked on! Ali reaches for ropes, but then the bell rings? The referee didn’t call for a stoppage! As ref shouts at the time keeper area, Kendrick also tries to get to the bottom of this. Turns out, Akira Tozawa was in disguise as a staff member!

Kendrick finds Ali by a corner, Ali roundhouses him down! Top rope, Ali hits the inverted 450! Ali wins! Then Tozawa takes to the mic. “Remember this?” Lesson #2! “Appearances can be deceiving.” Tozawa then gets the crowd fired up with his battle cry before leaving Kendrick fuming in the ring.


Backstage interview with TJ Perkins. After Neville manipulated and influenced the inaugural (New Era) Cruiserweight Champion with talk of “being overlooked”, the FilAm Flash snagged a win over the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, to then ambush him with a Detonation Kick. However, he sees Aries as the problem. Playing “Neville’s Advocate” aside, TJP does feel disrespected. He won the CWC but then got pushed aside just because A-Double entered the division. The Extraordinary Gentleman, Jack Gallagher, interjects. He doesn’t know why TJP did what he did, but hopefully in tonight’s match, he takes a more gentlemanly approach. TJP tells “Mr. Peanut” that he doesn’t want to hear it, as there have been others who benefited from TJP’s “bad luck.” Will Gallagher regret requesting this match?


Rich Swann VS Johnny Ocean!

The Outlandish One declared it last week that it was him, Alicia, it was him all along! He sent those gifts to her to both charm the Foxy Lady and troll the Scottish Supernova. Now Swann keeps warm in the ring against the wild-eyed Ocean, who immediately brings Swann to a corner at the bell, and stomps away at the former champion. The referee backs Ocean down, but Ocean returns to whip Swann corner to corner hard! Ocean trash talks Swann as he picks him up. He bumps Swann off a buckle, then whips Swann hard again into another corner. The fans chant “We don’t know you!” as Ocean puts on a chinlock. Swann fires up and fights out, giving Ocean hard right hands and a few jumping clotheslines before a back kick and running double stomp. Swann tops it off with a splash, TWO! Ocean staggers to a corner, elbows out but takes the Swann Song heel kick! Swann goes up top, and hits the Phoenix Splash! Swann wins, proving not even an Ocean can handle this! Swann picks the mic up again to revisit his confession. He knows everyone is wondering why. Why Alicia? And why did he allow Dar to take credit? Speaking of, Noam Dar appears! Dar will not allow the “dirty little liar” Swann take credit for the gifts Dar’s sent. “What kind of man interferes with another man’s relationship?” Who said Swann was interfering? And no one is lying! Alicia Fox comes out now. Dar knows she believes him. Swann’s a lying liar who lies! DarFox is special, but she has noticed Swann sneaking peeks at her. This love triangle is in the ring as yet another delivery arrives! Dar takes credit for it, again. Swann’s plan will not work. He can’t break DarFox, so just go on and leave. Swann does leave the ring, and Dar presents his gift to “Alicia Fooooox!” What is it? A surprise… POOF powder trap!


Swann gets the last laugh on the would-be romantic, but will he get the girl? Because he sure got her to throw a tantrum.


Backstage interview with Austin Aries. A-Double’s response to TJP’s attack last night is that it’s just a blame game. TJP becoming Neville’s “friend” was the wrong thing to do, and a bad decision overall, but TJP is a grown man who still dabs in 2017, so that speaks for itself. Aries has been in the game a long time, Neville doesn’t want friends he wants puppets. Aries spells it out for TJP: Payback, Cruiserweight Championship, Neville VS Aries 2, and the only part TJP plays in that is being Neville’s insurance policy. Aries will keep playing this game and will win it when he becomes champion. Now if you’ll excuse the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, he’s gonna dab while eating a banana.

Dab + Banana = Dabanana


TJ Perkins VS Jack Gallagher!

The FilAm Flash has a new edge after Neville pointed out his downward trend, but the Extraordinary Gentleman could not stand for TJP’s turning on Aries, hence this match tonight. Neville is backstage but watches closely at this match involving his “friend”. Or is it “puppet”? That aside, TJP would rather check his hair than shake hands, so the match begins with the two feeling each other out while the fans chant for Neville and Aries. Gallagher gets a headlock, tornado takedown brings a pin, TWO and TJP switches the headlock, Gallagher just handstands and walks out of it. Gallagher flicks his sweat at TJP. The two tie up, Gallagher puts on a hammerlock and holds it with his leg. Gallagher checks the mustache before using TJP’s other arm as a recliner, TWO. Gallagher keeps on those arms, TJP gets the twisting headscissor takedown, Dab on ‘Em. Gallagher puts the headscissors on TJP now, TJP pops out but gets caught in another. TJP pops out again but gets caught in a third. TJP slips around to headstand now, Gallagher seems distracted by TJP hops around. TJP gets out, gets to running, catches Gallagher but gets the twisting bodyscissors and thrown out of the ring! Gallagher fetches William III! Gallagher climbs up high, deploys his umbrella, but TJP backs off to deny his Mary Poppins flight plans. The ring count begins, Gallagher dabs like a true gentleman!

Kindly dab on them.

This angers TJP, who rushes the ring. Gallagher rolls him up, TWO, TJP reverses a whip and brings about the Extraordinary Headstand! Gallagher keeps TJP back, then dropkicks TJP down before throwing him to the ropes. TJP goes SpiderMan, then ducks Gallagher to let him tumble outside. Gallagher comes back quickly, shoulders TJP and slingshots into a sunset flip, but TJP denies it to give a leg-DDT! Gallagher backs off on one leg, TJP keeps on that leg with a hyperextending stretch. Gallagher fights TJP off with the good leg but TJP grabs both legs to then kick the bad one. TJP snaps the bad leg, then stands on Gallagher’s face a moment before a slingshot senton, TWO! TJP stalks Gallagher, grabbing the bad leg for a spinning toehold and Indian Deathlock. Gallagher endures, TJP makes it a pin, Gallagher refuses to be covered. Gallagher bridges then monkey flips TJP, TJP trips up Gallagher to go into a Figure Four Boston Crab. Gallagher gets the ropebreak, TJP lets go. The fans rally for Gentleman Jack, who fights back from the ground with headbutts. Drop toehold, handspring over to low dropkick, TWO. TJP is a little frustrated, but he continues to stalk Gallagher. He picks Gallagher up, one suplex transitions to a back suplex, TWO. TJP puts on another modified deathlock, standing on the bad leg before putting Gallagher into a butterfly lock. Gallagher endures, the crowd fires up for him, Gallagher pries his own leg out of the lock to stand up and slip out of the suplex. European Uppercuts keep TJP back, overhead suplex throws TJP, then Gallagher whips and powerslams TJP, TWO! Gallagher gets to his feet, gritting through the pain, and twists TJP’s arm. TJP throws him to ropes, springboard forearm from TJP floors Gallagher. TJP kip-up but is then seated on the top rope by Gallagher. Gallagher climbs up to join him, and with one good leg, the Gentleman gives TJP a SUPER BACK SUPLEX!

TJP got folded!

Gallagher gets to the cover, TWO! Gallagher crawls to a rope to help him stand up, but TJP slips out of the ring. Gallagher won’t settle for a count out, he pursues and picks TJP up. Back into the ring, Gallagher gets caught into the Kneebar! Gallagher endures and rolls, ropebreak! TJP lets go, but then goes right after the leg again. Gallagher puts on a headlock, TJP pops out to put on his own, but then Gallagher turns it into a swinging backbreaker! Gallagher gets up again and limps to a corner. Fans oddly duel “This is boring!” “No it’s not!” TJP kicks Gallagher’s bad knee, Gallagher rolls out of the ring, TJP’s Wrecking Ball Dropkick gets caught in the apron! Extraordinary Headbutt!! TJP is out cold, Gallagher is down on the ground, the ring count is going either way. Gallagher gets back in the ring, TWO! Gallagher is shocked as to how TJP survived, but he pushes himself to keep going. He picks TJP up for a EuroUpper, TJP fires back his own and it’s a brawl! Gallagher misses one punch and TJP unloads a strike fest then a rolling sobat, but Gallagher gives another Extraordinary Headbutt! The two men are in opposite corners, Gallagher tries but fails to run, TJP throws Gallagher into the post head first. TJP drags Gallagher out, Detonation Kick! TJP finally wins after both men leave it all in the ring!

And to top it all off, The King of the Cruiserweights comes out to raise TJP’s hand! Is this more manipulation from “Evil Neville”? Or has The King nominated his first Knight?


My Thoughts:

While Raw and SmackDown had their Superstar Shakeup, 205 Live was mostly unaffected as only Kalisto and Sin Cara changed brands. Sin Cara wasn’t even being used in the Cruiserweight Division anyway, so he can now branch out and try for a proper run at a singles title while Kalisto can finally be part of the Division after being isolated this whole time. As for tonight’s action, it was all solid quality even amidst the worry that 205 Live is floundering. Kendrick and Ali had a great match and was able to plug both the Gulak-Ali and Kendrick-Tozawa stories as far as the broadcast version goes. Swann swerved Dar so well, it could’ve been part of the Swerved prank show on the Network. And in the spectacular main event, Perkins and Gallagher go the distance and then some while also building Perkins’ heel turn with subtle bits of edge and arrogance and of course a ringing yet dishonest endorsement from the Cruiserweight Champion. Don’t listen to the half of this Boston crowd that chanted “This is boring!” because there’s a good chance they were trolling or even drunk. With this string of great main events over the last month or so, 205 Live is clearly working to improve itself and I say it’s succeeding.

My Score: 8.5/10

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