Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Report! (4/18/17)

WWE 205 LIVE! (4/18/17)



-Tony Nese VS Akira Tozawa; Tozawa wins.

-Mustafa Ali VS Ariya Daivari; Daivari wins.

-Austin Aries VS TJ Perkins; Aries wins.



Neville got TJ Perkins to reflect on his time in the WWE since the CWC, and it resulted in a new edge and aggression that he used on Austin Aries and then Jack Gallagher. TJP has felt robbed of his opportunities by the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, who will come out the winner of their rematch tonight?


Akira Tozawa VS Tony Nese!

The Stamina Monster has been using THE Brian Kendrick’s lessons against him as of late, but can he use them against the Premier Athlete? Handshake given, battle cry started, but Nese uses a headlock and hammerlock to push Akira back. Nese takes time to flex and enjoy the jeers of “the jealous”. Nese powers Akira into ropes now, they break and Nese just stares Akira down before doing it all over again. Nese shoves and kicks Akira before throwing him out of the ring, but Akira is right back with forearms. Nese slips out of the ring this time, Akira pursues and goes cat ‘n’ mouse. Akira catches up to Nese and fires forearms, Nese sunset flips over but takes the Penalty Kick and back senton. Nese rolls out again, Akira speeds up, Nese returns to run him over with a back elbow, TWO. Nese stomps away on Akira, then grinds a boot into Akira’s chin. Nese drags Akira, TWO, Nese wrenches Akira’s neck. Kendrick appears now to cheer Nese on. Akira fights out with back elbows, Nese gets him up for a suplex, Akira is held upside-down with one arm before Nese throws him to ropes. TWO! Nese drags Akira up and into a torture rack, Kendrick wants Nese to break Akira’s ribs. Akira fights out, takes a mule kick but then fights out of the suplex. Throat chops from Nese are met with a headscissor by Akira. Nese goes to the apron, Akira knocks him off. Akira builds speed, TOZAWA TORPEDO knocks Nese down! Tozawa puts Nese in the ring, goes top rope, but jumsp over Nese before giving a Bicycle Knee! TWO! Battle cries echo again, Nese denies and escapes the back suplex, then shoves Akira to the ropes. Kendrick keeps cheering and coaching Nese, Nese gives crossface punches. The ref backs him down, Kendrick goes for a cheap shot, only for the ref to see him on the apron.

The ref shouts for Kendrick to leave Akira alone, Akira gets Nese with a roll up, Akira wins! Even Akira is shocked! Another lesson learned for everyone, Nese is upset with Kendrick but Kendrick puts the blame on Akira. It doesn’t work, Nese clobbers Kendrick! Akira laughs as he tells Kendrick “You remember that? This is lesson number three! You need to have eyes on the back of your head.”

Rich Swann comes to the ring. The Outlandish One fooled #DarFox with the newest “gift” last week, and wants “Alicia Foooox” to come out– Noam Dar comes out to cut Swann up. He’s gonna slap this “little rat” around just when the Foxy Lady comes out herself. “What’s it gonna be, Foxy?” Alicia first talks to Dar. When she saw him, she thought he was going to be the “Future of 205 Live.” But then getting to know him, she learned he’s immature, has stinky cologne, and isn’t a good cook. Alicia was using him, sorry. The worst thing of all is how he says “Foooooox~!” She’s gonna snap the next time she hears that. So just run along, #DarFox is through. It’s getting embarrassing, please go. As for Swann, she can “officially” thank him. It all came from the heart. Even the lingerie. Then she’ll give him what he deserves. But wait, he doesn’t want the kiss? Well he still has to give her what she deserves. Remember Cedric Alexander? He’s recovering from injury. Swann knows Fox broke Cedric’s heart over a “EuroTrash Pervert!” And now, Swann’s returning the favor to this… Well, Swann was raised better than that to say it. But everyone knows the real Alicia Fox, and that’s the best gift of all.

Bye, Alicia!

Alicia claims “single is better anyway!” But then the fans troll her, she shouts at them. “Louiseville, I made this city!” She storms off as we go to break.


Mustafa Ali VS Ariya Daivari!

The Pakistani Prince has ignored the Philly Fury’s campaigning, while the Persian Lion is embracing luxury and wealth with new rides and new gear. The handshake is given, but Daivari doesn’t seem to actually have respect for Ali. Ali armwrenches Daivari, Daivari gets a ropebreak, and then brushes Ali’s fingerprints off his arm. The two go again, Ali rolls into a takedown, Daivari gets him away and brushes Ali’s fingerprints off his leg now. The two tie up a third time, Ali powers out of a headlock, Daivari shoulders him down. Ali avoids a stomp, gets out of another headlock and now Ali shoulders Daivari down to then handspring over him. Roll up, TWO, jackknife, TWO, Daivari tries a backslide but gets a small package. Daivari kicks out, and kicks Ali in the gut to slow him down. Daivari stalks Ali, whips Ali but takes a kick and dropkick that send him out of the ring. Ali builds up speed, FLYING PRINCE topples Daivari over!

Ali’s fired up as he puts Daivari back in the ring, Daivari rolls all the way to the other side. Ali drags him up, blocks the punch to give an elbow, triangle headscissor attempt stopped, Daivari dumps Ali onto the apron! Daivari goes for the pin, TWO! Daivari keeps on Ali with a rebound forearm to the back, then stomps to various parts of Ali’s body and forearms to Ali’s face. Ali crawls to a corner, Daivari gives him a chop. Corner to corner whip, Ali fights back, flies into a spinebuster! TWO! Daivari stalks Ali, Ali slips out of the back suplex and hits a spinning heel kick! Ali starts to rally, he takes the whip reversal and makes it a headscissor. Ali’s sore back doesn’t slow him down as he roundhouses Daivari out of a corner and hits the rolling neckbreaker. TWO! Daivari pushes Ali away, then boots him back, but Ali stops Daivari on the top rope. Ali climbs up, Daivari pushes him but Ali lands on his feet, Ali dropkicks Daivari out of the air. Ali positions him, goes back to the top and– Wait! A siren? It’s Drew Gulak!

No Fly Zone? “I’m not lying! No high flying!” Daivari grounds Ali, then gives him the Hammerlock Lariat! Daivari wins, and Gulak finally gets what he wants out of 205 Live.

Drew Gulak explains backstage that “tonight, we witnessed the first steps” towards the bright future he has envisioned for the Cruiserweight Division. Ali’s “shortsighted brand of reckless highflying” has no place in it. Gulak believes he speaks for the WWE Universe as he campaigns to “create a better 205 Live.” Will he succeed?


Austin Aries VS TJ Perkins!

A-Double and “Neville’s Advocate” clash once again, as TJP still holds a grudge over the imagined injustices supposedly committed by Aries. The fans are of course on Aries’ side. And as TJP tries to get a handshake out of him, Aries just slaps that hand away! TJP slips out of the ring at the bell to avoid the fired up Aries. TJP won’t return until Aries has backed off, so Aries sits down. TJP enters, Aries dares him to try something. But as soon as TJP rushes him, Aries spins to his feet and scares TJP back with a left hand. TJP kicks Aries from the floor, punches away in a corner, and taunts the crowd before whipping Aries corner to corner. Aries goes up and over, armdrags TJP down, and though TJP gets him in a headscissor, Aries pops out and dropkicks TJP. TWO for TJP but Aries puts him in an armlock. Aries drops a knee onto TJP’s arm and wrenches it, but TJP slips out, gives Aries the twisting headscissors, and dabs on ’em. Aries gets to his feet to make it a pin, TJP kicks out, but Aries kicks TJP’s headscissors away. Aries wants Last Chancery but TJP slips out of the ring. TJP won’t let Aries get what he wants, so Aries just lounges on the top rope. TJP rushes in, gets put to the apron but then hotshots Aries back. TJP slingshot sentons in, which Aries avoids, TJP goes Spiderman to send Aries to the apron, Aries quickly hits a slingshot senton of his own. TJP staggers around the outside, FLYING ARIES topples him over!

Aries drags TJP to his feet, to give him a sharp chop against the barrier. Aries then gets TJP back into the ring and goes top rope. TJP trips Aries up by bumping the ropes, Aries tumbles to the mat. TJP fires off right hands before dragging Aries up for a snapmare and dropkick. Aries kicks out quick, so TJP drags him up for a European Uppercut and slam. TJP stands on Aries’ face, spinning his shoe on Aries’ cheek. TJP dabs while pinning Aries, Aries kicks out with anger in his eyes. Aries rallies on TJP, but TJP still hits a springboard crossbody, TWO. TJP grabs Aries’ legs, deathlock and butterfly underhook bend Aries, but Aries pops out. TJP gives another EuroUpper, then he whips Aries only for Aries to duck a clothesline. TJP gives a back kick to slow Aries down, but Aries dodges the Penalty Kick and somersault senton. Aries starts rallying with back elbows, then the gutbuster, STO and pendulum elbow all in a row before a sideslam to pin, TWO! Aries drags TJP up, whips him to a corner, back elbow to snapmare before Aries goes to the ropes. Hotshot neckbreaker for TJP, Aries goes top rope and attempts a 450! TJP dodges it, forcing Aries to land on his feet. A knee buckles, and TJP targets it with a kneebar! Aries endures the pain as he crawls towards ropes. Ropebreak! TJP holds on until three in the ref’s count before letting go. TJP kicks at the thigh and back of the knee, Aries fights back to make it a brawl. EuroUpper from TJP is met by a forearm from Aries. TJP gives a strike fest only to take another forearm, Aries takes off his armband but TJP dodges the Five-Arm to give the Dodon Buster, TWO! Aries’ knee keeps him on the mat, TJP drags him up. Fireman carry, but Aries resists. Kneebreaker to back suplex throws TJP to a corner. Aries manages a running forearm and goes top rope again. 450 Splash! Ropebreak! Aries drags TJP away from ropes, TWO, so LAST CHANCERY! TJP endures, reaches for ropes, and gets another ropebreak. Aries limps towards TJP but TJP slips out of the ring. Aries follows him anyway, but TJP is dead weight. Even so, Aries gets TJP up and into the ring. Aries gets a low dropkick from TJP, but still escapes the Detonation Kick. Ear clap, then a shove, Aries goes perpendicular to hit TJP with the Discus Five-Arm! Aries wins! The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived manage to overcome “the barrier” between him and Neville, but Neville himself comes out and heads right for Aries! Champion beats down his contender but Aries ducks the buzzsaw kick to put on LAST CHANCERY! Only for TJP to stomp it out.

The King’s knight throws Aries to a corner and stomps away. Neville backs him down to get his shots in, stomping away just as much. Neville drags Aries from the corner to then let TJP have his Detonation Kick. Neville then puts on the Rings of Saturn! Neville makes Aries suffer while TJP watches. Have the King and his knight solidified the reign of “Evil Neville”? Only Payback will tell.


My Thoughts:

To think 205 Live could make do with just four storylines playing out week to week. Drew Gulak continues to be a reverse-psychology form of meta, where he thinks fans want safe, grounded fighting styles when fans love Cruiserweights that can fly high and fast. The most unique thing about this feud is that Gulak isn’t even fighting Ali directly, he lets Ali’s opponents do most of the work. Then there is Tozawa continuously giving Kendrick his comeuppance by using more and more lessons against The Man with a Plan. An unexpected twist came in the Alicia-Dar-Swann triangle: it wasn’t a triangle, it was revenge! Swann was the proxy for an injured Cedric Alexander to give Alicia a taste of her own medicine. Alicia Fox, who is practically as much a part of 205 Live as any of the men are, might spiral into madness as she gets some sort of revenge on Swann, and perhaps Cedric will return to take his rightful place in making Dar pay for the initial heartbreak. A blow-off for all these stories are still hard to define at the moment, it perhaps might come in the form of a tag team match so that both Faces or both Heels get the final laugh.

However, THE story of Aries trying to dethrone the King of the Cruiserweights continues to get more intense. Neville seems to be satisfied with how TJP handles the dirty work, and after another solid main event match, Neville and TJP did great Heel work to batter and bruise Aries to close out the show. The challenge is even tougher for Aries now, which will make his triumph over Neville all the better.

My Score: 8/10

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