Mitchell’s Ring of Honor Report! (4/29/17)

ROH WRESTLING TV! (Episode 293, 4/29/17)



-Team Coast2Coast VS The Kingdom; The Kingdom wins.

-Matt Sydal VS Travis “Flip” Gordon; Sydal wins.

-ROH World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender Four Corners Survival Match: Silas Young VS Hangman Adam Page VS Jay White VS Jay Lethal; Lethal wins and will join Cody (Rhodes) and Christopher Daniels at War of the Worlds.



Team Coast2Coast VS The Kingdom!

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Shaheem Ali and Leon St. Giovanni are back, and take on Matt Taven and Vinnie Marseglia, the two healthy members of the former World 6 Man Tag Team Champions. TK O’Ryan accompanies his teammates, but his serious leg injury keeps him sidelined. The Code of Honor is kept, but only to take Ali and LSG off guard as TK distracts them. Taven and Vinny pounce on Team Coast2Coast and the match starts with Taven and Vinny keeping their opponents on the ropes with headbutts. Double whip, but Coast2Coats boots back. Double dropkick to Vinny, double hip toss and cutter–aka the “Tu Lo Sabes” (You Know It)–to Taven. Ali leaps for a senton onto both Vinny and Taven, LSG flies too! Team Coast2Coast is in control as we go to commercials.

We return to find The Kingdom has gotten back into things. Taven taunts Ali as he goes at the ankle, Vinny goes to help out but Ali shoves them both back before tagging in LSG! The Human Rocket rallies on Taven with right hands and chops, but is reversed on the whip. Taven misses his kick, springboard forearm from LSG knocks him down. LSG lines up a shot, runs in but is put on the apron. He roundhouses back, rolling lariat! Vinny returns but his bicycle boot is denied. Jumping Complete Shot to Vinny, Coast2Coast sit Vinny into a tree of woe. Tag to Ail, Ali goes to one corner while LSG goes to the other. Taven returns, to deny LSG his Coast-to-Coast dropkick with a SUPERKICK!

At the same time, Vinny managed to sit up to avoid Ali’s low running dropkick, The Kingdom takes Ali and hit the headlock driver and swanton, but Vinny says they shouldn’t end it there. Vinny and TK agree that Taven should send a message to Christopher Daniels, as Taven will face The Fallen Angel for the ROH World Heavyweight Championship a few nights before War of the Worlds. Taven declares he’ll be bringing that title to The Kingdom as he steals Angel’s Wings!

The Kingdom wins, and the message is sent, will Taven really derail destiny?


ROH takes a look back at the Supercard of Honor ROH World Tag Team Championship Ladder match. The Young Bucks and the Broken Hardy Boyz competed a brutal and WONDERFUL match for ownership of both the ROH World Tag Team Title belts and the Superkick Party titles the Hardys stole from the Bucks. In the end, it was the Hardys who were DELETED in ROH, and the Young Bucks are now the three time world tag team champions.

The Young Bucks are in Baltimore!


“All is right in the world again today!” For The Young Bucks won “the greatest ladder match in the history of wrestling” against the Hardys to reclaim both the world and Superkick titles back. But wait, there’s something left to address: Super Kliq. Adam Cole tried to fire them from the Bullet Club! They’ve talked it out, things are fine now. Bullet Club 4 Life, right? More importantly, there is no one left for the Bucks to beat in ROH! So they have an idea: Open Invitation. If there’s any team from past, present or even future that thinks they can beat “the greatest tag team of all time”, step up! “That means YOU, Demolition!”

Or the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express! But not the Revival, Dash Wilder is hurt. How about… Billy and Chuck? WORSE: The Spirit Squad, Kenny and Mikey!

“I’m baaaaack~!”

The Bucks have no idea what to make of this, but Mikey and Kenny claim they’ve been claiming tag titles around the world. Open challenge next week? Why not tonight?! They rush the ring, to get SUPERKICKS!!

There will still be the Young Bucks Open Challenge next week, but it doesn’t look like Mikey Mondo and Kenny Doane will be the ones accepting. Who will it be? And will they stand a chance?


Matt Sydal VS Travis “Flip” Gordon!

Matt Sydal returned to ROH to make himself known as a challenger The Villain hasn’t beaten yet. As such, Sydal will challenge Marty Scurll for the ROH World Television Title at War of the Worlds. For tonight, Reborn Sydal simply faces a young man just trying to make a name for himself. Code of Honor upheld, the two tie up, Sydal taking it a bit easy with a headlock takedown, Flip turns it to a pin, Sydal kicks out and the two start again. Sydal gets out of the headlock, Flip flips with ropes to try and get out of an armlock, but cannot. Sydal keeps on the arm, Flip rolls and kip-ups, then goes on auto even after Sydal lets go! Flip gives a total of eleven kip-ups, and was even daring Sydal to try something during. Flip has the crowd’s appreciation, Sydal does smile but then he gives Flip a sharp kick to the thigh. Sydal snapmares but Flip flips out and now Sydal is a bit annoyed. Flip gives back that sharp kick to the thigh, but his snapmare becomes Sydal’s small package, TWO. Sydal is getting frustrated, but he also gets Flip’s dropkick. Flip keeps on Sydal in a corner, goes corner to corner but is reversed. Sydal gives a back elbow and spinning back kick to floor Flip. Sydal wants to spread the love as he gives more sharp kicks to Flip. A chop against the ropes then a knee to the gut, Sydal whips Flip but Flip springboard slingblades Sydal down!

Flip is taking advantage of Sydal underestimating him. Flip catches a kick, goes to roundhouse then to sweep, Sydal dodging those but not dodging the Pele! Sydal is stunned as he goes to a corner, Flip gets up and rushes in. Forearm then snapmare, Flip gets running for a kick and standing moonsault, TWO! Flip drags Sydal, he hears half the crowd chanting loud for him as he goes up top. Sydal avoids his 450, Flip avoids Sydal’s running kick, but Sydal slips under the boot to give a roundhouse! Sydal hits his own standing moonsault, TWO! Sydal is getting frustrated with Flip’s fortitude, he clubs away but Flip fights off the package driver. Sydal slips out of Flip’s fireman carry, Flip swings and misses with a roundhouse but does hit the falling enziguri! Sydal staggers but he still gives a jumping knee strike. Flip is down, Sydal climbs up, but then Flip revives and hops up to the top rope to mule kick Sydal off!

Flip pins, Sydal kicks out at TWO! The fans are getting behind Flip, Flip lines up a shot, Sydal boots back. Sydal goes up once more, Shooting Star Press!

Air Sydal

Sydal wins, but Scurll appears! He tries to get the Chicken Wing, Sydal slips out and kicks Scurll down! The Villain crawls away, who will walk away with the TV title at War of the Worlds?


On-stage interview with Adam Cole! But Cole doesn’t let Ian Riccaboni talk, no one wants to hear him anyway. Instead, it’s Story Time with Adam Cole, Baybay! What is the State of Bullet Club? Cole said things in anger that he did not mean, like trying to fire the Young Bucks. That was a mistake, and they’ve all made up. Bullet Club’s bonds are not stronger than ever, and it will be proven next week when he and Cody take on Dalton Castle and Christopher Daniels. Bullet Club is not just the greatest wrestling faction of this generation, but of all time! Locker rooms around the world are on notice. That is not a promise, not a threat, that’s “Too Sweet.” Will the Bullet Club stand tall against The Almighty and The Peacock?


ROH World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender Four Corners Survival Match

Silas Young VS Hangman Adam Page VS Jay White VS Jay Lethal!

The Greatest First Generation Wrestler is set to face the Last Real Man, The Hangman and the Kiwi Kid

These four men, despite their dysfunction and disdain for each other, managed to win an 8 Man Wild Card Tag Team match last week to get to this point. Now only one of them will earn the right to enter a ROH WHC Triple Threat including The American Nightmare Cody and The Almighty Christopher Daniels at War of the Worlds. As such, the ROH WHC himself sits down at commentary to watch this match, and enjoy an appletini. Normally a Four Corners Survival calls for only two men active at any given time, with the other two waiting at corners to tag in, but as this is a special occasion, it is TORNADO RULES! The four stand in a circle, Lethal swings away on Page while Silas takes White to a corner. Page turns it around on Lethal, he and Silas whip the Jays into each other, but then the Jays fight back with chops. The Jays get reversed and whipped at each other again, forearms from both stun the other. Silas goes to chop Jay White, but White ducks to let Jay Lethal take the hit. White then hits Page with a clothesline, Silas rolls White up. Lethal rolls Silas up, but then Page rolls Lethal up, and then White rolls up Page. TWO, everyone goes for a kick to the gut, but they’re all blocked!

They all argue who let’s go first. No one can agree, but it seems White and Page agree enough to SUPERKICK Lethal and Silas!

Page then pounces on White, bringing the younger man to a corner. He uses ropes to choke White while grinding a forearm across White’s face. White fights back, whips Page but is reversed. White turns up the agility and knocks Page down. White gives European Uppercuts to Lethal and Silas, Lethal follows White but White ducks so Lethal ends up clotheslining Silas. White gives Lethal a EuroUpper, then throws Page onto Silas and Lethal, TWO! White returns to Silas to give him a chop and a whip, but Silas goes up and over to dropkick White. Lethal back kicks, but the Injection is denied. Silas gives the backbreaker but misses the follow-through, Lethal tries to German Suplex but Silas victory rolls, TWO. Cutter from Silas! Page kicks Silas out, White chops Page. Page whips White, but ends up on the apron. Page’s slingshot lariat is denied but Page lands on his feet out of a German Suplex. White blocks Page’s superkick, ducks one lariat but not the other. The Hangman stalks Lethal, throws him hard into a corner and then sets Lethal on the top rope. Lethal fights back, the fans rallying for him, but Page keeps him up there as he climbs up. Silas returns and joins Page up there, Page wanting a superplex but Silas wanting a super back suplex. Lethal fights them both off, Silas tumbles to the apron but Page gets Rites of Passage position. Silas AND White climb up as Lethal slips down… DOUBLE Superplex Powerbomb!!

Everyone is down as we go to commercials!

When we return, it is the Jays, Lethal and White, brawling it out. Lethal slaps White, gives forearms and a EuroUpper, but he gets running only to run into a dropkick from White! White gets up, drags Lethal to his feet to knock him down with a chop. White keeps Lethal grounded, but he slaps Lethal in the back of the head. Lethal fires up, he gives chops and EuroUppers to knock White down and fire himself up. Lethal whips White, hip toss cartwheel dropkick! Lethal wants it, but Silas denies the Injection by throwing Lethal out. Silas goes to White, they brawl now. Silas dares White to hit like a “real man”, it’s forearm after forearm but Silas gets advantage. Silas chops then whips White, White reverses but Silas boots. Flying back rake! White tries to go up and over but Silas sticks him on the ropes for a triangle jump clothesline! Page returns, daring Silas to pick on him. Silas SPITS on him! Page wipes it up, licks it, and spits it back! They brawl now with more forearms, Silas knees low but get a forearm. Silas follows Page to give another forearm, then the rolling senton. Silas goes up into a headstand, only to get a SUPERKICK!

Silas is down, Page is eager for more. He finds White and brings him to a corner, giving him chops against the rope. White fires back with his own, but Page kicks him and sits him on the top rope. Page climbs up, White fights back, Page staggers away. Missile dropkick from White as Lethal and Silas return to an apron. Lethal and Silas fight on the apron, Silas daring Lethal to him like a man. Lethal does, and the two brawl, stopping only to knock White and Page away. Lethal kicks out a leg and Silas tumbles off the apron and to the ground. Page knocks Lethal off, White clotheslines Page out, then he goes running so that he can go FLYING! White is all fired up as he goes top rope, and then he jumps off! A swanton dive topples Lethal and Page over before we go to one last break!

White gives Page a Complete Shot AND Deadlift German Suplex upon returning from commercials, Lethal breaks up the pin. Lethal whips White, White boots back, but White runs into Lethal Combination! TWO! Lethal drags White into position before going top rope. Silas shoves Lethal down to the ground and then throws him into barriers. Silas keeps on Lethal with right hands, throwing him into the barrier again. Page’s slingshot lariat hits on White, he picks White up for Rite of– no, White sunset flips instead, TWO. Silas boots White then gives Page the backbreaker and follow-through. Fireman’s carry, rolling senton, and headstand springboard moonsault all for White from Silas, Lethal breaks it up! Lethal and Silas brawl, forearms back and forth but Lethal kicks out a leg and whips Silas. Silas reverses the whip, LETHAL INJECTION! Lethal goes for the cover, Lethal wins!

The Greatest First Generation Wrestler now not only gets another shot at the ROH World Heavyweight Championship, but he can also get further payback on the American Nightmare that called him out. But speaking of that man, Cody is here!

Lethal sees Cody, as does Daniels. Which man will come away with, as the shirt says, “Destiny”?


My Thoughts:

In a time of uncertainty for WWE, what with shakeups, absences and departures, more serious wrestling fans can find comfort in a promotion like ROH. They are able to adjust smoothly when wrestlers are injured, when wrestlers depart for other promotions, and when things need to be freshened up. For example, while the Kingdom is down one man in the ring, ROH finds a way to make great use of who they have. Taven, being a long standing member of The Kingdom and ROH, is being given a chance against Christopher Daniels and that ROH WHC. Taven has already reigned once as ROH World Television Champion, one half of the ROH World Tag Team Champions and one third of the inaugural ROH World 6 Man Tag Team Champions, and if he were to take the ROH World Heavyweight Championship, Taven could become ROH’s first ever Grand Slam Champion. The hyping of a War of the Worlds Triple Threat seems to give away the chances of Taven winning, but it does bring to light just how much Taven has done for–at least in my eyes–being a rather underappreciated talent. The next example is in Matt Sydal’s surprisingly incredible match against the young Travis “Flip” (sometimes “Air”) Gordon. Flip doing so well in his first ROH TV match against a veteran name like Matt Sydal is sign of his great talent and how that talent is appreciated by the match makers of ROH. Sydal still goes over, as he needs momentum to face The Villain, and it’d be weird for him to lose his ROH TV return match. Even so, Flip could easily show up again as ROH is very open to “diamonds in the rough”.

And lastly, I am so absolutely grateful that ROH essentially did away with the tagging rule of Four Corners Survival. Why is that even a match type? Just have a Fatal 4 Way like they did tonight and we’ll all be the better for it. Especially tonight, as it was absolutely amazing. Every man got their moment(s) to shine to show the best of ROH’s past, present and future stars, and there was such great creativity in the various 1v1 pairings. I have never seen the Tower of Doom used for two superplexes and one powerbomb, nor have I seen someone take someone else’s spit and spit it back… Hangman Page is a special kind of crazy, but it works. In the end, Lethal goes over to revisit his rivalry with Cody Rhodes, and at the same time see if the man who was dual ROH WHC and ROH WTVC in Lethal can best the Almighty ROH WHC in Daniels as a sort of ROH Icon VS Icon scenario. If this was how great a Fatal 4 Way in ROH can be, that triple threat for the gold will be incredible.

My Score: 8.5/10

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