Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Report! (5/9/17)

WWE 205 LIVE! (5/9/17)



-Tony Nese VS Mustafa Ali; Ali wins.

-Akira Tozawa VS THE Brian Kendrick; Tozawa wins.



Neville told TJP to take care of the “Aries Problem” and then get a win on The Extraordinary Gentleman, and only then would Neville give TJP his title opportunity. TJP did just that, going after Aries’ knee after the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived defeated him, and then following through on winning against Jack Gallagher. However, Aries took the fight to TJP and Neville last night on Raw, does that negate Neville’s offer?


London gets its first ever taste of 205 Live as The Extraordinary Gentleman comes to the ring.

“Jackie Boy” addresses the “ladies and fellow gentlemen” of the audience in respect to the unfair attack from “Theodore Jeeves Perkins”. Thankfully, he was saved by his guest tonight, Austin Aries!

The Greatest Guest Who Ever Lived

The UK crowd cheers for Aries, and Gallagher personally thanks Aries for the “gentlemanly deed” on Raw. That’s great and all but he could’ve just done this in the back. Plus, TJP had it coming. Gallagher knows Aries is just being humble, he’s known for his humility. Aries has been fighting TJP and Neville alone for too long. Honor dictates that Gallagher help get Aries to his title match safe and sound. How gentlemanly of “Jackie Boy”. And now, Gallagher wishes to toast Aries, with a pint! Aries is more of a red wine guy, but as tradition dictates: a toast to Aries, “for he’s a jolly good fellow!”

But then, the King of the Cruiserweights appears!

And he is not amused. Once again, Jack Gallagher is a parody of an Englishman, but seeing how all these London “cretins” join in, Gallagher is actually just a symptom of the real problem. “England, you have become a parody of yourself. And it’s disgusting!” Where is their dignity?! Whoa hold on, Neville. YOU can’t be questioning anyone’s dignity when you got purposefully disqualified to keep that title. And there’s no problem with these people, Aries likes England. Oh? Well no one asked for Aries’ opinion! The London audience gives their opinion of Neville before Neville reminds Aries he’s had two opportunities already, yet Neville is still king. If Aries wants his toast, then here is to his last appearance on 205 Live. TJP attacks from behind, and now it’s a 2v2 brawl! Or rather, a beat down of Neville and TJP on Aries and Gallagher. Neville and TJP stomp away on Aries, Gallagher recovers, and Gallagher dropkicks Neville out of the ring. Gallagher gives TJP a European Uppercut and then goes outside, only to be thrown into the barrier!

Neville roars and taunts the London crowd as TJP comes over, Aries then flies in! Aries throws Neville and TJP into barriers, but that doesn’t end things. Aries throws Neville over the announce table, and then jumps over it himself!

Aries and Neville brawl under the table, Gallagher gets TJP in the ring. TJP begs for mercy but tries to swing on Gallagher anyway. Gallagher spits the beer into TJP’s face, and then the EXTRAORDINARY HEADBUTT knocks TJP down! Neville returns to kick Gallagher down, Discus Five-Arm knocks Neville rolling! Aries and Gallagher stand tall in the ring, and still want that toast! Gallagher gets two new pints, and the toast is had! Will Aries get to have a celebratory toast after facing Neville for the title?



Rich Swann is backstage when he encounters Noam Dar and Alicia Fox. After everything, he went back to Fox? He’s clearly thinking with the wrong part of his body. “DarFox” says his evil revenge plan just didn’t work, so shame on the Outlandish One for trying. Fox says she threw Swann to the curb, and would never leave a “real man” like Dar. Then you two really do deserve each other. Yeah, they do. And now they want revenge on Swann for what he pulled. When and where will the Scottish Supernova and his Foxy Lady get retribution?


Tony Nese VS Mustafa Ali!

The Premier Athlete and the Pakistani Prince have a rematch from their match a couple weeks ago when Drew Gulak disqualified Ali via interference as part of the “No Fly Zone” campaign. Ali and Nese tie up, Nese just toys with Ali so he can flex. Nese says the crowd is just jealous of his physique. Ali and Nese tie up again, Nese pushes Ali against ropes then gets in his face to flex more. Ali shoves away the bicep, Nese shoves Ali, Nese kicks and headlocks Ali, Ali headscissors back but ends up in another headlock takedown. Ali powers out, Nese shoulders him down. Nese speeds up and Ali matches agility, hitting a handspring and then a set of armdrags. Ali ties Nese up into a modified octopus stretch, slips into a sunset flip, TWO. Nese knees Ali hard, whips him corner to corner, but Ali goes up and over to handspring into a dropkick. The fans are behind Ali, Ali whips Nese but Nese gets out of the ring. Ali decides to FLY!

Ali topples Nese and the crowd is fired up. Gulak is not happy as he watches backstage. Ali gets Nese up and into the ring, but Nese rolls to the other side and gets out again. Ali pursues, but is shoved into the barrier. Nese rushes in but is back elbowed away. Ali hops on top of the barrier but is tripped up, landing hard on his chest. Nese knees Ali up and then flapjacks him onto the announce table! The ring count gets up high but Nese gets Ali in the ring, TWO. Nese embraces the heat as opposed to getting frustrated, bragging that his body is “what hard work looks like.” Nese lifts Ali up, Ali turns that into a small package, TWO, Nese flips Ali upside down with a sudden lariat! Nese sneers and stalks Ali, the fans rally for Ali as Nese deadlifts him from the mat. Nese hangs Ali on the top rope, TWO! Nese is frustrated now, pulling Ali up by his hair and into the torture rack. Nese bends Ali’s spine, Ali punches his way out. Ali keeps punching, but then Nese pushes Ali and sweeps his legs. Nese goes for and hits the triangle jump moonsault! TWO!

Nese is still frustrated, he gives crossface punches and rains left hands on Ali. Nese pulls Ali up again, goes second rope, Ali dropkicks Nese to stun and stagger him. Nese wobbles on the top before Ali climbs up, but his super steiner is blocked! Nese powers Ali back up into powerbomb position, but Ali gets the SUPER STEINER on the second attempt! Both men are down, the fans rally for Ali, but Nese rushes in. Ali blocks him and fires forearms, his whip is reversed but he kicks and drops Nese. Ali whips Nese but is reversed again, so Ali slips out to roundhouse Nese. Rolling neckbreaker! Nese rolls out, so Ali goes to the apron for the huricanrana! Back into the ring quickly, Ali goes top rope, flying crossbody, TWO! Ali is shocked while Nese gets to a corner. Ali feeds off the crowd, but Nese pulls him into a buckle. Ali just fires up from it! Same gose for Nese’s chop, Ali just gives one back. Nese chops, Ali forearms. Ali slips out of the back suplex to roll up, TWO. Ali boots the punch away but Nese goes Matrix to dodge and then unleash kicks. Nese sweeps the legs again, then double stomp to the chest, TWO! Nese and Ali are both down again, the fans cheer them on. A ten count begins, Nese gets up and pulls Ali to his feet. Nese slaps Ali, Ali slaps back and unleashes forearms. Nese slips under Ali for the pumphandle, Ali powers out to then flying DDT! Nese is dragged into position, Ali goes top rope, and… Inverted 450!

Ali wins, proving to Gulak that high flying still lives on 205 Live!

A familiar look of disappointment and frustration on Gulak’s face


Ariya Daivari complains that his “genuine Persian leather” boots are not adequately shined. He refuses to pay for such “shoddy work”. Daivari then bumps into Akira Tozawa, tells Akira to be careful with his $15000 “Dubai silk” shirt. Akira merely responds with his battle cry. Spoiled Daivari leaves, Akira heads to the ring.

Akira Tozawa VS THE Brian Kendrick!

The Stamina Monster and the Man with a Plan have been trading “lessons” back and forth for months now, now they take things across the pond for one more. Kendrick goes right at Tozawa with a boot, Tozawa comes right back at him with forearms. The two trade echoing chops, Tozawa just feeds off them. He fakes, then bang with the jab! Kendrick crawls to the apron, but shoulders Tozawa and slingshots into a sunset flip, but gets the Penalty Kick and back senton instead, TWO! Kendrick slips out of the ring again, Tozawa gains speed, but Kendrick gets clear to deny the Tozawa Torpedo’s launch. Tozawa goes after Kendrick on the outside and throws him into the barrier before putting him back in the ring. Kendrick slips out again, Tozawa pursues and clubs Kendrick before chopping him. “C’mon, baby!” Tozawa is feeling confident, until Kendrick pulls him into the announce table. Kendrick crawls into the ring, the ring count gets past 6, Tozawa starts stirring so Kendrick goes back out. Sliced Bread #2 on the outside!

Kendrick gives up on dragging the dead weight, he leaves Tozawa to the mercy of the ring count. Tozawa revives, fumbles, but just barely beats the count, so Kendrick stomps away on him. Kendrick drags Tozawa up, butterfly suplex, TWO! Kendrick gives crossface punches to Tozawa before putting on a chinlock, then slips that into a reverse butterfly hook. Kendrick even adds Tozawa’s head to the hold with the use of a foot, but Tozawa gets one of his feet onto the bottom rope, causing the break. Kendrick stomps a bit more, Tozawa defends himself with his feet but still gets more stomps. Kednrick drives a sharp elbow into Tozawa’s face, stomps him some more, then puts on a modified crossface camel clutch, trying to twist that neck and head right off. Tozawa endures, even as Kendrick rakes eyes and ears, the fans rally for him, but he just ends up into a modified cobra clutch. Tozawa keeps fighting, keeps enduring, Kendrick even shouts into his ear, but Tozawa uses a back elbow to get out. Kendrick still stomps Tozawa down, but Tozawa fires up now. He returns forearms with forearms, the battle cry echoes out, huricanrana throws Kendrick. Tozawa forearms him off the apron, then gains speed for the TOZAWA TORPEDO!

Tozawa hears the crowd doing his battle cry as he puts Kendrick back in the ring. Tozawa goes top rope, Kendrick gets under so Tozawa jumps over. Tozawa hits Kendrick with a bicycle boot, then the Shining Wizard! TWO! Tozawa is shocked and a bit at a loss for what to do. Tozawa still powers himself to do another round of battle cries, then he drags Kendrick up. Kendrick fights off the waistlock, Tozawa forearms him, but Kendrick responds with a jumping heel kick. Kendrick stalks Tozawa, Dragon Suplex! TWO! Into the Captain’s Hook! Tozawa fights out, but gets thrown again. Sliced Bread denied, but Tozawa is elbowed back. Spin back kick hits but Tozawa misses his spinning roundhouse. Tozawa slips under Kendrick, snap back suplex! TWO! Tozawa doesn’t slow down, he gets one more cry going as he goes top rope. Tozawa takes aim, super back senton MISSES! Captain’s Hook is back! Tozawa endures, stands up once more and fights out. Tozawa rolls Kendrick off, bicycle boot misses, Kendrick rolls Tozawa up, TWO! Kendrick boots Tozawa, goes for Sliced Bread again, Tozawa slips out to victory roll Kendrick! Tozawa wins! Both Kendrick and Tozawa are surprised, but Kendrick doesn’t settle for that! He beats up Tozawa, grinding a boot into Tozawa. Tozawa slips out of the ring, but Kendrick keeps on him by bouncing him off the announce table, and then sweeping him into the steel steps, TWICE. Kendrick won’t leave it there, he drags Tozawa up to throw him into the steps head first now, and then placing him between the steps! Kendrick STANDS on the steps to crush Tozawa’s head and shoulders like a vice!!

Kendrick finally stops to take a mic and tell Tozawa that this is the last lesson anyone needs to learn: “Nobody messes with THE Brian Kendrick!” Kendrick leaves Tozawa dazed and damaged on the floor, is this the last we’ll see of the Stamina Monster?


My Thoughts:

This was the first time 205 Live went to another country, and I feel like that’s what it needed to get a crowd that would be totally and completely fired up for it. London crowds are always high energy, especially in the case of wrestling events, and despite going through SmackDown just before, they were still into one more hour of WWE content. Of course, WWE rarely visits so their London fans are very eager for whatever they can get, and it does help that we open with someone of the UK scene like Gallagher. That opening segment of “A Gentleman’s Toast” was really fun, Gallagher and Aries play well off each other, as does Neville’s criticism of Gallagher’s portrayal of their country. A good brawl between the feuding four helps build momentum for the inevitable Neville VS Aries 3, and perhaps this time Aries can get it done with Gallagher there to negate TJP. Personally I’d like to see this third time, at Extreme Rules, under No Disqualifications to go in line with how personal things have gotten.

The matches tonight, though there were only two, were both high quality. It’s still indicative of the problem 205 Live is happening (we need eyes on the show, so make the matches so good people can’t deny their value) but all the better for those of us who do watch it regularly. Ali and Nese go the distance, and it tells the story that Gulak is wrong about banning high flying in the Division, as even Nese attempted his own moonsault. Ali wins to emphasize to Gulak that high flying is a valid path to victory, and this will continue their feud for a bit longer. On the other side, Kendrick looked to make this the blow-off with Tozawa as he brutalizes his “disrespectful” rival on a level similar to Kevin Owens with Chris Jericho. I’d hope that Tozawa doesn’t make an immediate return, such as showing up on Raw or 205 Live next week, we don’t need a fourth superstar with super healing in the way Kalisto and Roman have. That way, Tozawa’s triumphant return will actually feel triumphant.

My Score: 8/10

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