Is R-Truth the Next Great Game Show Host?

R-Truth’s career in WWE has evolved from being a freestyle rapper to a conspiracy theorist to a human blooper reel, and now he is becoming a game show host. The WWE Network may have no-sold my ideas for another season of Legends’ House but the news that R-Truth is hosting a game show will help ease the pain.

I already love this choice because Truth’s character is really entertaining. He always does something that people can react to; whether it be him freestyle rapping or using a ladder in a Royal Rumble match. This creates so many possible scenarios that can come out of the show. Truth can open the show with mixing up the name of his show with the name of another show on the Network. Then he will introduce the contestants, and can always include Lil’ Jimmy, and begin with asking contestants “what’s up!?” Then we could get a game where Truth gets the contestants to do freestyles about pro wrestling, where he would end up roasting each contestant for how horrible they were. The show would then have Goldust do voice-overs with his random stuttering while introducing each game and prizes. If every episode has the elements I just laid out, then I am officially all-in on this show.

The Price is Right had Bob Barker, Jeopardy has Alex Trebek, Wheel of Fortune has Pat and Vanna, is the next great game show host on the WWE Network? We shall see come late Summer 2017.

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