Mitchell’s Ring of Honor Report! (5/6/17)

ROH WRESTLING TV! (Episode 294, 5/6/17)



-ROH World Tag Team Championship Match: The Young Bucks VS The Spirit Squad; The Young Bucks win and retain the world tag team championships.

-Punishment Martinez VS The Beer City Bruiser w/ Silas Young; Martinez wins.

-Christopher Daniels & Dalton Castle w/ The Boys VS Adam Cole & Cody (Rhodes); Cole & Cody win.



ROH World Tag Team Championship Match

The Young Bucks VS The Spirit Squad!

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The ROH World Tag Team and Superkick Party Champions sent out an open challenge to any tag team to try their luck. Mikey Mondo and Kenny Doane answered the call last week to get double Superkicks, but now get revenge with a sneak attack!

The match begins immediately, Mikey and Kenny keep the Bucks down in separate corners as they mock the Superkick Party and hold the belts as if they’re already won. The Squad picks up the Bucks, whip them at each other, but the Bucks dosey-do to SUPERKICK!

NOW it’s a party

The Bucks take Kenny and sit him in a corner, Mikey puts Nick on the apron but the Bucks catch him in a clothesline and swing kick combo. Then Nick goes top rope, Matt holds Mikey in a reverse headlock, flying stomp DDT to Mikey and then rolling backstabber into Kenny. The tag team champions go Terminator kneel as the Squad regroups, then build speed to go FLYING!

Spirit Squad down and the Bucks in control as the fans chant for “The! Elite! The the Elite!” Things get back in the ring, Kenny blocks a superkick and Mikey runs Nick over with a lariat. Matt starts throwing hands on both Mikey & Kenny, but then gets put into “gut check time!” Kenny drops Matt on Mikey’s knee, Kenny covers, TWO! Kenny keeps on Matt as the fans chant for the Young Bucks. Kenny slams Matt down, tags in Mikey, assisted moonsault onto Matt. Mikey dances before he stomps, then spells his name while twerking. TWO for Matt, but the Squad keeps him isolated as we go to our first commercial break.

We return to find the Squad is still in control of Matt, stomping and putting Matt in a chinlock while the fans rally for one half of the tag team champions. Matt fires up and fights back but gets thrown down by his hair. Tag to Kenny, who drives elbows and stomps Matt’s face, TWO. Kenny picks Matt up, Matt is lifted high into a stalling suplex and then dropped down. TWO again, Kenny keeps on him with a powerbomb position but Matt body drops out. Kenny sunset flips through, Matt rolls through, low dropkick to Kenny and a shot for Mikey! Kenny trips Matt to deny the tag, tag to Mikey and Matt is still isolated. Mikey twerks to taunt Nick before giving a leg drop, TWO. “Magic” Mikey brings the straps down, he bumps Matt’s face off of Kenny’s foot, Kenny tells Matt to mini-suck-it, Matt fires up and fights out of the Squad’s corner! Kenny gives him a knee, tags Mikey, fireman carry to– No, Matt denies the second Gut Check, and ducks Kenny to let his fist knock down Mikey! SUPERKICK for Kenny, tag for Nick! Nick rallies on both members of the Squad, Shining Wizard to Mikey and then bulldog-clothesline combo! Nick goes to the apron and kicks Kenny’s face. He shoulders Mikey, slingshot X-factor to asai moonsault on Kenny! Nick goes top rope, targets Mikey, but rolls through the swanton. Mikey spikes Nick with the snapmare driver, but both men are down. Tags to Kenny and Matt, Matt slips under Kenny but is reversed on the whip. Big tilt-o-whirl backbreaker to Matt, Kenny is fired up, so Nick SUPERKICKS him. Kenny staggers, Mikey tags in, Mikey denies the superkick to kick Nick back. Mikey goes to whip, Nick reverses and punches Mikey, back kick, “SUCK IT” but then Nick gets a spinebuster from Mikey! Kenny’s back, but misses his flying leg drop. Matt gives a low SUPERKICK to Kenny, Mikey comes in swinging but misses, the Bucks give DOUBLE SUPERKICKS!

Nick flies onto Kenny, then gets back in to prepare… The MELTZER DRIVER! The Bucks win and retain, open challenge successful!


The Kingdom’s Matt Taven speaks on his ROH World Heavyweight Championship match set for May 10th. Christopher Daniels’ “destiny” finally came true, but Taven just thinks that’s pathetic. Taven is in the prime of his career, and he vows to become the first ever GRAND SLAM Champion. Daniels better enjoy his “time in the sunlight”, because Taven is the meteor that will make “dinosaurs” like him extinct in ROH. Can the leader of the Kingdom achieve a greater destiny than Daniels’?!


The Briscoes show off their World 6 Man Tag Team Championship belts. They have a big match against The Rebellion’s Caprice Coleman, Rhett Titus and Shane Taylor coming up, but they ain’t scared. Last time #DemBoys went up against Taylor, they ran his old partner, Keith Lee, out of this company! Now with your new buddies, it don’t matter, they’re ready to throw down. This world 6 man tag title match comes to ROH next week, who will come away with the gold?


Punishment Martinez VS The Beer City Bruiser w/ Silas Young!
The Reincarnation of the Purple Haze comes off a big win over Frankie Kazarian, and now faces test of the keg carrying compatriot of the Last Real Man. BCB sets his keg and beer aside, Martinez boots him before the bell! The bell does ring as Silas joins commentary and Martinez hits corner splash after corner splash. Martinez gives a clothesline and an uppercut, but BCB manages to suplex and slam Martinez. BCB whips Martinez corner to corner and returns the uppercuts. BCB wants to see how tough Martinez is, Martinez shows how fast he is as he ducks clotheslines to build speed, Martinez knocks BCB over with a running crossbody, TWO. Martinez picks BCB up, BCB uses his weight to deny the whip and reverse it, now BCB hits a crossbody! Martinez kicks out quick, then goes to a corner. BCB rushes in but misses, Martinez hits a loud triangle super punch! BCB stays up, however, and then denies the choke slam to hit a spinning lariat. BCB hits a low dropkick, Martinez rolls out of the ring. BCB goes to the apron and takes aim… CANNONBALL!

BCB has the fans fired up as we go to commercials.

We return as BCB goes top rope but Martinez stops him with a spinning roundhouse. BCB tumbles to the floor, Martinez lines it up and throws caution to the wind as he FLIES over the post!

Martinez almost has a horrible accident on the landing but he does clip BCB. Martinez puts BCB into powerbomb position, but BCB is too heavy. BCB shoves Martinez into a post, Martinez elbows back, BCB ducks the roundhouse to drop Martinez on the apron with a back suplex. BCB gets back in the ring, but misses his back senton. Martinez hits a springboard somersault senton, TWO! Martinez doesn’t get frustrated, he just prepares the choke slam. He grabs BCB, BCB gets Martinez back into a corner. BCB elbows Martinez down, and from the other corner, hip attack and Cannonball! BCB gets up again, and hits a second Cannonball, ONE?! Martinez roars with rage, and now they start brawling with forearms. BCB gets running, gets a spinning heel kick, BCB kicks out at one. Both men have surprised the other with their durability, BCB surprises with a running dropkick. “Beer City Slam” and pin, TWO! Martinez is back in a corner, BCB goes corner to corner, but misses his cannonball! Martinez gets up, SUPERKICK to BCB!

BCB is stunned, Martinez hits the South of Heaven Choke Slam!

Martinez pins, Martinez wins! A truly massive win for Punishment Martinez, Silas is frustrated with the Bruiser and just leaves him in the ring. Where will the Purple Haze go in his path of domination?


The Villain sends a message to Matt Sydal: It doesn’t matter where have you been, he will still defeat you at War of the Worlds with the ROH World Television Championship on the line. Sydal is just “crying for attention”, which he has, but Sydal will never have the title. Can the Villain back up his words? Or will Sydal make him “feel the love”?


Adam Cole is confident the Bullet Club is stronger than ever. They don’t look back, they only look forward. Even with the bit of “dissension” they were dominant and now as a unified whole, “nobody can touch us.” Cole promises to demonstrate this when he and the American Nightmare team up against the Christopher Daniels and Dalton Castle. Anyone who tries to stop The Bullet Club will pay, no exceptions.

Christopher Daniels & Dalton Castle w/ The Boys VS Adam Cole & Cody (Rhodes)!


Just as Adam Cole said, he and Cody are set to face the Fallen Angel and the Peacock as a demonstration of the united front Bullet Club now has, as well as to establish that The Almighty ROH WHC is already nearing the end of his reign. At the same time, Jay Lethal is on commentary to keep an eye on his two opponents for the War of the Worlds’ world title triple threat. Lethal already beat Cody in a bullrope match and feels Cody shouldn’t be in the world title match, but vows to still win even against him and the respectable Daniels. As for this match, we start with Cody taking to the mic. Cody tells the Boys to LEAVE, he doesn’t want them here. The fans cheer for the Boys to stay, The Boys stay to fan Daniels and Castle. Cody and Adam finally take their corner, but we go to a commercial break to settle things down.

The match finally starts with Cody and Castle, and the Boys fan as hard as they’ve ever fanned before. Cody and Castle carefully approach the other, Castle taunts Cody with a Too Sweet. They approach again, Castle dares Cody to go toe to toe in technical skill. The two tie up, Cody is powered into a headlock but powers out. Castle shoulders Cody down and lets out a Peacock Caw! Cody is unsettled by this, and shoves Castle hard. Castle and Cody swing and duck clotheslines, Castle is the one to clothesline Cody out of the ring. The Boys #FanUp, Castle builds speed but fakes the flying to instead Peacock Strut! Daniels takes the initiative to fan him off.

Castle deeply appreciates the gesture from Daniels. The fans cheer for them to “Fan Up!” as Cody returns to the ring. Castle dramatically tags Daniels, Cody circles with the champ and then ties up. Daniels fights and shoves out of a headlock but is shouldered down. Cody keeps going, but runs into Daniels’ scoop slam. Springboard split leg moonsault, a confident standing pin, TWO. Daniels forearms Cody against ropes, Cody turns around and hits the Rhodes falling uppercut. Daniels rests against the ropes, Cody kicks them to jam Daniels’ face. Cody drags Daniels over, hesitates to tag Cole, Daniels almost gets away because of it. Cole tags in, drives Daniels into a corner and stomps away to then hit his pose and get the fans to shout along with “ADAM COLE, BAYBAY!” Cole whips Daniels corner to corner, Daniels goes up and over and knocks Cole down. Tag to Castle, double whip to double gut punch. Castle has Daniels hit the running neckbreaker, TWO. Castle puts on a waistlock, slams Cole to the mat, then puts on a rear facelock. Cole rakes eyes, spits at Daniels, then gets Cody to help double team with the whip. Cole and Cody miss their double clothesline, Castle hits his! The Peacock is fired up as he grabs Cody. Cody holds on to Cole, Cole grabs the ref, mule kick to the ding dong from Cody to Castle! Cole gives Daniels a cheap shot, too, and now Castle is alone. Cody comes in so they can hug it out and Too Sweet.

They’re so proud of themselves

Cole tags Cody in, Cody stomps away on Castle. Cody cartwheels to tell Daniels to “SUCK IT”, then catches Castle in a neutral corner. Cody shoos the Boys away, Boy 1(?) carries Boy 2(?) away to safety. Too Sweet Tag to Cole, Cole drags Castle up but Castle fights back. Cole kicks out a leg and then Shining Wizard, TWO! Castle crawls to ropes, Cole drags him over to Bullet Club territory and bumps him off Cody’s boot. Cody tags in, Castle fires up but not for long. Cody snapmares him down into a butterfly lock, the fans rally as Castle fights out. Castle goes running but gets a cheap shot from Cole. Cody gives Daniels a cheap shot, too, and Cole anchors Castle against ropes. Cody lines up a shot, runs in, Castle ducks the Disaster Kick, Cole takes the hit!


Cole goes down, Cody is shocked, but Cody still powers Castle back to his corner. Cody wants the tag to Cole, Cole tells Cody to shove it! Cody is now alone as Cole storms off, we go to commercials as Cody still stomps away on Castle.

We return, Cody Too Sweets the crowd as he keeps Castle isolated. Castle ducks the clothesline and gives Cody a pair of sharp elbows before hitting a back suplex. The fans, the Boys and Daniels fire up, Castle tags in Daniels! Daniels rallies on Cody, whips Cody and dropkicks him down, Daniels keeps going with a forearm in the corner. He sits Cody top rope, gives him an uppercut, then throws Cody off the top rope, TWO! Daniels points to a corner, but Cody fights out of the yurinagi. Modified Complete Shot from Cody to Daniels, but Cody has no one to tag to. He dropkicks Castle onto the Boys, then grabs Daniels to steal the Angel’s Wings! Daniels slips out, Yurinagi hits! Best Moonsault has to be cancelled, Cody boots back, but runs into a Blue Thunder Bomb! Daniels is fired up again, calls for his shot, double underhook– Cole returns to SUPERKICK Daniels in the back of the head!

Then to Daniels, Last Shot brainbuster! Cody brings Daniels up, Cross Rhodes! Cody and Cole win! Their elaborate “break-up” ruse worked out! The Bullet Club’s Young Bucks also join them in the ring, group Too Sweet~ between the four. Lethal realizes it now, it isn’t so much Daniels VS Lethal VS Cody, but Daniels VS Lethal VS The Bullet Club. Will Bullet Club reign supreme in ROH?

Lethal makes his way down to the ring to check on the champion. He helps Daniels up to his feet, and says Daniels needs to be the champion, to be the MAN, because Lethal is upset he won’t be getting a singles match for the title. Daniels gets upset at Lethal now, and demands that if Lethal thinks he’s so good, then he should be able to take the title anyway. Lethal says he WILL take that title, Daniels disagrees and goes to take his leave. Lethal won’t let him, and as these two argue, Cody returns to ambush them both!

Cody picks Lethal up but Lethal fights back. Lethal whips Cody, is reversed, Daniels grabs Cody but Lethal returns for a DOUBLE LETHAL INJECTION!!

If Lethal can hit something like that, can he turn bad odds into victory and become the NEW ROH World Heavyweight Champion!?


My Thoughts:

What a stacked night for ROH to lead into the huge War of the Worlds tour and PPV, a much better level of go-home episode than WWE’s Raw tends to give. The Young Bucks put on a high quality tag match against The Spirit Squad, but naturally win as they’re the more talented and far more popular team, but it all does beg the question: What’s next for the arguably best tag team in the world? Between their contracts not being up for a long time and no other top tier team floating around in free agency, the Bucks have just about conquered the tag team world.

The superheavyweight bout of Martinez and BCB was exciting but also frightening. Both the Bruiser and Martinez literally risked their necks in “flying” moves that they’ve surely done before but were just slightly off tonight. Hopefully they’ll be more cautious the next time they think to jump and fly like lighter wrestlers would, but the bottom line is that Martinez wins and continues to be a monster in ROH. Where he is headed is also unsure, but he could easily jump into the ROH WTV scene by going after the winner of Sydal VS Scurll at the end of their match at War of the Worlds this Friday, May 12th. Whether it’s Martinez VS the “Reborn” high-flyer or the villainous master of the chicken wing, Martinez will give us a good match and could believably–though still shockingly–take that title from either man.

Tonight’s tag team match was a great main event and it allowed everyone to shine. It also established that the triple threat for the World Heavyweight Championship could go to any man. Daniels has “destiny” on his side, though he is always fighting what could be his last title match. Lethal was right to point out that Cody has the Bullet Club on his side, and I really applaud how Cody and Cole played to the “dissension” teased within the Bullet Club (as well as those rumors that Cole might leave ROH once his contract is up and obligations are met). But then Lethal himself swiftly showed he could easily toss odds and numbers aside and take it to whoever is in the ring with him. Of course, Cody could always call on the Bullet Club to get a very dirty win, but that would just make them THE ultimate Heels in just about any company today.

My Score: 8/10

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