Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Report! (5/15/17)




-Jeff Hardy w/ Matt VS Sheamus w/ Cesaro; Jeff Hardy wins.

-Sasha Banks VS Alicia Fox w/ Noam Dar; Alicia wins.

-WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Dean Ambrose VS The Miz w/ Maryse; Miz wins by disqualification, Ambrose retains the championship.

-Neville & TJ Perkins VS Austin Aries & Jack Gallagher; Neville & TJP win.

-Roman Reigns VS Finn Balor; Reigns wins.

-The Golden Truth VS The Club; no contest.

-Big Cass w/ Enzo Amore VS Titus O’Neil w/ Apollo Crews; Cass wins.

-Seth Rollins VS Bray Wyatt; Rollins wins by disqualification.



While the Monster Among Men severely damaged Roman Reigns, he was not unscathed. Braun Strowman’s arm needed surgery, made even more clear after Roman went after the injury during a brawl while Raw was in the UK. Now that the Big Dog has wounded the Monster, will he be able to keep command of “his yard”?


Raw General Manager Kurt Angle comes to the ring!

The “ongoing problem” of Roman VS Strowman has been settled for now, as Strowman just got elbow surgery and will likely be out for 6 months. Strowman wanted after the Universal Championship, but with him gone, who will challenge Brock Lesnar for the title? It must be earned, not given. Extreme Rules will have an Extreme Rules Fatal 5 Way #1 Contender’s match. And who will those five be? Those five men need to “have the balls” to face the Beast. Will it be Seth Rollins? Samoa Joe? Finn Balor? Bray Wyatt? Or perhaps Roman Reigns? Only one man can step up to Lesnar, this “historic” and extreme match will determine who. “It’s true, it’s DAMN true.” As Angle goes to leave, Roman Reigns comes out.

Roman’s injuries aren’t 100% healed but he’s still out here to say they don’t need this #1 contender’s match. Roman says he already is the contender, because “this is MY yard.” Roman beat the Undertaker, Roman sidelined Strowman, and is the only one that can beat Brock Lesnar for that championship. Finn Balor comes out to refute that! Balor told Rollins this and he’ll tell Roman this: Balor was the first Universal Champion who never lost that championship. Therefore, if Roman wants “a piece of the Beast”, get in line behind Balor. Balor’s got heart but not the “killer instinct” needed for Lesnar. Roman of all people should know what Balor can do, because Balor’s first night, he beat Roman. Samoa Joe now appears! Everyone else has it wrong. It’s not about hearts or yards or clubs, it’s about “actions and results”. Action: Kokina Klutch on Seth Rollins. Result: Seth Rollins goes limp. Action: Joe’s in the Fatal 5. Result: Joe wins the Fatal 5. Action: Joe faces Lesnar– Bray Wyatt appears!

“The Beast approaches, and all of you put on your brave faces”, but Bray knows they’re scared. He knows each of them will cower, fall and run. Seth Rollins appears! Extreme Rules is a few weeks away, all five will mix it up before then, but now isn’t the time for talk. Jersey wants a fight, specifically Rollins fighting Joe! And fight they do! Bray goes after Balor, Roman goes after Bray. Joe and Rollins get into the ring, Rollins goes after Joe’s knee as retribution. Rollins dares Joe to get back in the ring, Bray is the one that knocks the Architect down. Roman then gives Bray a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Balor blasts Bray and Rollins with a dropkick at the same time! Balor wants Coup De Grace, misses, ducks the Superman Punch, then gives a Slingblade! BALOR FLIES!

He topples Roman and Rollins, the first ever Universal Champion stands tall, will he be the one to face the current champion?


Kurt Angle stops an argument between Rollins, Balor and Reigns. If they’re gonna fight, do it in the ring. Rollins wants Joe, but he’s getting Bray Wyatt instead. Reigns and Balor, you two both want Lesnar, prove who can do the job by having a match against each other. What chaos will ensue from mixing and matching members of that Extreme Fatal 5?


Jeff Hardy w/ Matt VS Sheamus w/ Cesaro!

The Hardys know that they’ll once again be facing the Celtic Warrior and Swiss Cyborg for the Raw Tag Team Championships come Extreme Rules, but tonight we again see which team can best the other in singles matches. Additionally, Jeff’s been meaning to get Sheamus back for that dislodged tooth and the brutal beating at Payback. Jeff goes right at Sheamus, throwing hands in corners and even stomps. Sheamus pokes the eyes, narrowly misses the Brogue, Jeff rolls Sheamus up, TWO. Sheamus gets dumped out of the ring and then hti with a swinging dropkick. Sheamus catches Jeff out of his slingshot crossbody, and swings him into the barriers! The “Alabaster Gladiator” is in control of the Enigma as we go to commercials.

We return as Sheamus hits a super knee drop, TWO. Sheamus puts Jeff in a chinlock, the fans chant “DELETE DELETE” as Jeff fires up and fires back. Sheamus still gives Jeff a high powerslam, TWO. Sheamus is frustrated, he drags Jeff up but Jeff shoves back. Signature spin kick from Jeff, but Sheamus gets right up. Jeff fires off more punches, Sheamus whips him, Jeff rallies with the signature leg-splitting leg drop then a low dropkick. TWO, Jeff gets up and calls for the Twist. Sheamus denies it, Jeff slips out of his back suplex, bicycle KNEE to the head, TWO! Matt fires up the “DELETE Section”, they rally for Jeff, Jeff fights back. He whips Sheamus to a corner but gets booted down. Sheamus rolls to the top rope, takes aim, flying ax handle is caught into the Stunner! TWO! Jeff gets up and calls for the proper Twist, Cesaro tries to distract but Matt knocks him down. Twist of Fate denied, Jeff stops himself from knocking into Matt, BROGUE knocks Matt down onto Cesaro! Twist of Fate hits! Jeff hurries to the top rope, SWANTON BOMB!

Jeff wins for the Hardys, and their momentum isn’t slowed down at all! Can they keep this going all the way through Extreme Rules?


Sasha Banks VS Alicia Fox w/ Noam Dar!

The Boss and Foxy Lady go one more time because of the somewhat controversial finish to last week’s match, as Alicia had gotten a shoulder up just out of the referee’s sight. Alicia elbows out of a waistlock, Sasha knocks her down, Sasha mocks Dar’s self-indulgent taunt pose before blocking Alicia’s kick and giving a knee to Alicia’s face. Alicia staggers back to a corner and wants a time-out. Alicia then fights out and boots Sasha down. Dar cheers, TWO, Foxy growls. Alicia picks Sasha up, Northern Lights suplex pin, TWO. Alicia drives a knee into Sasha’s back and puts on a chinlock, the fans rally for Sasha. Sasha pushes Alicia into a buckle, Alicia charges back in, Sasha hits back and starts rallying. Tilt-o-whirl headscissors throws Alicia, double knees in the corner. Alicia elbows back and goes up for the sunset flip, TWO. Sasha tries the backstabber but Alicia holds onto ropes and throws Sasha all the way out. Sasha tumbles down and holds her leg, Alicia goes out to bring her back in. Small package trap, TWO. Scissor kick! Alicia wins! #DarFox celebrates together in the ring, the wild and Foxy Lady has evened the score, who will win the tie-breaker?


WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Dean Ambrose VS The Miz w/ Maryse!

The Lunatic Fringe and Hollywood A-Lister have had their share of battles on SmackDown, now they bring their rivalry to Raw! How will this sequel stack up to the original? Miz backs down immediately only to try and sucker punch Ambrose, but it doesn’t work out. Miz slips out of the ring, Ambrose yanks him back in and unloads chops. Miz reverses the whip, Ambrose keeps going and tackles Miz to throw hands. Miz boots out of a corner, tries the Finale but Ambrose fights it off. Miz side steps to roll Ambrose up, TWO, more chops from Ambrose. Ambrose whips Miz, Miz kicks him away. Ambrose swings Miz around into the neckbreaker as the fans are electric for both men. Ambrose goes up top, Miz gets out of the ring. Ambrose watches Miz regroup with Maryse as we go to commercials.

Upon return, Miz gives his signature clothesline in the corner and goes top rope himself now. Flying ax handle knocks Dean down, TWO. A peek at the commercial shows us that Miz took control by throwing Ambrose into steel steps. Miz now puts Ambrose in a chinlock, but the fans rally for the Lunatic, and he drives Miz into a corner. Ambrose is free, but Miz hits the backbreaker to neckbreaker combo, TWO. Miz stalks Ambrose to give his parody Yes Kicks. Ambrose duck the buzzsaw, rolls Miz up, TWO. Dirty Deeds denied, so Ambrose throws forearms. Miz knees low, but is dumped out of the ring. Ambrose gets running, FLYING LUNATIC!

Miz hits barriers, but Ambrose himself bumps into them, both men are at the mercy of the ring count. Ambrose throws Miz in, then joins him. Ambrose keeps moving and rallies with clotheslines. Ambrose goes corner to corner to give the forearm and bulldog, then Mahistrol cradle, TWO! Miz uses ropes to climb to his feet, Ambrose sits him on the top rope and climbs up to join him. Miz resists, Miz knocks Ambrose off the corner, flying– Dirty– Finale– roll up! TWO! Miz goes running but misses his clothesline, Ambrose goes top rope one more time. Flying Lunatic elbow! TWO! Ambrose wills himself up, grabs Miz for a powerbomb, Miz trips Ambrose down. Miz wants the Figure Four but Ambrose pushes him away. Miz boots Ambrose, Ambrose teeters all the way back to the ropes, Lunatic Lariat– into the Skull Crushing Finale!! TWO!! Miz is SHOCKED, the fans are electric. Miz wants another, Ambrose throws him off and ducks the boot, roll up, TWO. Dirty D– no, Miz gets away, Ambrose clotheslines him out. Ambrose goes up once more, and as always, Maryse becomes Miz’s shield! Ambrose says Maryse better go cuz he’s gonna jump either way! Maryse moves, Ambrose dives, Ambrose’s elbow hits Miz! The ring count begins again, Maryse is unsure what to do. Ambrose gets Miz back in, Maryse gets up on the apron. Ambrose knew that low blow was coming, so he blocks it. And gives one! The referee sees that, disqualification! Miz wins, but Ambrose keeps his belt! Ambrose is as angry as he’d be if he lost, he prefers fair and square finishes, but the Lunatic does stay champion. Will this come back to bite Ambrose?


Backstage interview with Finn Balor. After Raw, the Finn Balor episode of WWE 24 airs, but he also faces Roman Reigns tonight. How does Balor feel about “stepping into the Big Dog’s yard?” Balor quotes the age old adage: It’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. Roman is the “Big Dog” but there’s way more fight in Balor. Roman may own the yard, but it’s Balor’s Universe. Can the leader of Balor Club Worldwide overcome the Roman Empire?


The Raw Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss, comes to the ring.

The “Goddess” of Raw notes how Newark, New Jersey is the city where dreams… No, the city that never… Wait, no… Oh got it! The “sweat gland” of America. You all know it’s true, just look at yourselves! But at least they get to finally experience a real winner, in Alexa. She’s the first ever to hold the SmackDown and Raw Women’s Championships. They must want to know what it’s like to be a winner. Well when you’re smarter and better, winning just becomes easy. Alexa beat the top three women on Raw to become champion, and then successfully defended it. Heck, Alexa could’ve won Miss America over Ms. Washington D.C. But enough bragging from Bliss, here comes Bayley! The Huggable One knows Alexa has backed up her claims, and this “Goddess” thing is whatever, but Bayley wants her title back. And Extreme Rules is where it’ll happen!

Oh silly Bayley, you might want to loosen that ponytail, because you don’t get what “Extreme Rules” means. It’s win by any means necessary. No one will save you and you can’t take a break because of boo-boos. But Bayley is a “good girl”, she had her moment, it was nice, but it’s over. Bayley, just be a “good girl” and go back to the “kiddie table” so the “adults” can fight for the belt. Bayley shoves Alexa and dropkicks her out of the ring! Then Bayley drags Alexa back up, only to get a hotshot. Alexa is pissed, she pulls out a kendo stick! Alexa stalks Bayley, and then WHAP! Bayley rolls out of the ring as she writhes in pain, Alexa laughs as she looks down on “Just Bayley”. Can Bayley muster up the guts to go to the extreme?

Poor Baywey got a boo-boo?


Kurt Angle ends a phone call with Sami Zayn as The Miz comes in to complain. How could Angle let Ambrose make a mockery of that Intercontinental Championship? That disqualification was blatant! Does Angle really want such a cheating, lazy wrestler as champion? Angle will agree that Miz did technically win the match. Therefore, they will have a proper rematch at Extreme Rules. Not good enough. What if Dean does it again? Disqualifications should allow belts to change ownership. Fine fine, but just watch your tone. Maryse doesn’t watch her tone in French. Angle knows enough French to know what she’s shouting so she better watch her tone, too! Elias Samson then decides to drift in. Does he need something? Nope, he just plays on through.


Neville & TJ Perkins VS Austin Aries & Jack Gallagher!

The King of Cruiserweights and his knight have tried to remove the “Aries Problem” as well as the “Parody of Englishmen”, but no such luck as A-Double and the Extraordinary Gentleman are set to even the score in the ring. Neville jaws at Aries before the bell, then barks at the staff member taking custody of the belt. Neville starts against Aries but doesn’t do anything before tagging out to TJP. Aries chops TJP, knocks Neville off the apron, then bumps TJP on his corner’s buckle before tagging in Gallagher. The two double whip TJP, TJP slips out thanks to Neville, so Aries runs and has Gallagher help him get lift to fly! Aries topples Neville and TJP over, the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived and his gentlemanly friend are in control as we go to commercials.

We return, and TJP is now in control of A-Double. During commercials, it was because Neville pushed Aries off the top rope. TJP tags in Neville, Neville stomps on his #1 contender then jeers the crowd. Aries fights back but gets thrown out. Neville distracts the ref so TJP can give cheap shots to Aries. Aries is put in the ring, TWO. Neville keeps stomping away on Aries, then puts him in a corner to tag TJP. TJP grinds a boot into Aries before snapmare and chinlock. Aries sits and endures, but then fires up to fight out. TJP gives a back kick, dabs at Gallagher and throws Aries to the apron. Arise fights Neville off, shoulders and slingshots over TJP, ear clap sits TJP down. Aries crawls and tags Gallagher, Gallagher rallies with European Uppercuts and an overhead suplex. Gallagher whips TJP into a corner, powerslam, TWO! Gallagher picks TJP up, tries a double underhook but TJP powers him to a corner. TJP whips Gallagher now, Extraordinary Headstand and kick. Gallagher lines up a shot but Neville gets in. Aries gets in Neville’s way and the two brawl out. TJP clips the bad leg, dropkick from Gallagher to TJP and then one to Neville. Aries gets up, top rope flying ax handle knocks Neville down. Gallagher gets up, TJP tries the fireman’s carry but Gallagher slips down. Extraordinary Headbutt! Neville anchors Gallagher, Aries gives a Five-Arm to Neville but too late. Detonation Kick from TJP, TJP and Neville win! Things won’t be the same when it’s 1v1, can Aries make third time the charm and take that title from Neville?


Bayley gets her shoulder iced in the trainer’s room. Angle knows kendo sticks are “no joke”. Bayley promises she’ll be okay. Angle knows she has the biggest heart, Extreme Rules will be a regular match. No, Alexa deserves to get hurt back! All the mocking and bullying, Bayley wants that title back by “getting extreme.” In that case, Bayley VS Alexa Bliss will be a Kendo Stick on a Pole match. Good? Good.


The Golden Truth is backstage, but Truth is feeling down. They were in Tag Team Turmoil last week but they missed out on the win. No Truth, they’re a team. Truth’s always helped Goldy get back up again, that’s how a team works. They may not have won the Turmoil match, they just gotta keep on going. They’re taking on The Club, time to show them “What’s up”! Can The Golden Truth climb up the ranks in the tag team division?


Roman Reigns VS Finn Balor!

The Big Dog lost to Finn Balor once before, but now that he has defeated the Undertaker and maimed the Monster Among Men, will the Roman Empire overcome Balor Club? The crowd is rowdy as Roman powers Balor to a corner, then Roman backs up to let Balor out. Balor comes in to tie up, Roman elbows him off the waistlock and then tosses him across the way. Balor gets up, stretches, and asks if that’s all Roman has. The two stare each other down, Balor takes the fight to Roman with hands. Roman puts Balor in the corner, rams in shoulders to the gut, then throws Balor again. Roman keeps on Balor with stomps, the ref backs him down, Roman takes Balor to another corner and gives him an uppercut. Roman throws Balor to ropes, Balor boots back. Balor fires back with more strikes, but his whip is reversed. Samoan Drop from Roman! Roman’s bad arm and ribs keep him from making the cover, Balor makes it to the apron. The fans are fired up as they duel over Roman, Roman goes to suplex Balor back in but Balor denies it. Balor throws more hands, gives a swing kick, then a running back elbow and forearm. Low dropkick knocks Roman to a corner, running back chop. Roman just gets angry, and gives an uppercut. Roman runs in, and runs into the post! The bad shoulder comes into play again, Balor goes to the apron, and kicks Roman right in the face. Then warrior stomps to the back that knock Roman down! Balor is fired up as we go to commercials.

We return as Roman fights back on Balor, but then he gets dumped back out again. Another swing kick topples Roman down to the floor, and Balor pursues, only to run into a spinebuster that goes into the post! Balor and Roman are now at the mercy of the ring count as Balor’s spine and Roman’s ribs are in pain. Roman breaks the count so that he can drag Balor up and throw him to the barriers. Then they go back into the ring, Roman sets Balor up on the apron, Drive-By Dropkick into the post!

Roman drags Balor out to the center, covers, TWO! Roman is surprised and frustrated, he and Balor are both slow to get back up. Roman promises to finish this as he puts Balor in a corner and gives close-range clotheslines. Roman gets them all in, then goes running, but Balor dodges the boot. Balor ends up in a Spinning Powerbomb by Reigns, TWO! Again, they are slow to getting back up. Roman locked and loaded, Balor kicks the ribs! Balor keeps on those ribs with more strikes, but Roman kicks back and goes to powerbomb Balor again. Bad arm prevents that, double leg takedown and another stomp to the body from Balor! Once again these two get up slowly, Balor ducks the clothesline to Slingblade Roman down! Balor lines up the shot, SUPERMAN PUNCH from Roman! TWO!

Roman is beside himself as he and Balor are on the mat. Roman gets up and, with his fans supporting him, lets out his battle cry. Balor blocks the spear, another Slingblade hits! Balor lines up the shot, blasting dropkick! Balor’s back bugs him, he climbs the ropes nonetheless. He still gets top rope but Roman trips him and Balor tumbles down. Roman SPEARS Balor!

Roman wins! But as beat up as he is, can Roman win when there’re three other men in the match with them?

Bray Wyatt has a message. “There is an evil that surrounds Monday Night Raw.” Is it a man? Is it a conqueror? Bray knows the truth: it’s a beast. Angle may run the show, and Reigns may run the yard, but Bray has the world in his hands. He will take the Spear of Destiny and plunge it into Lesnar’s heart, and we shall worship him, the NEW Universal Champion. As for the soul of the Kingslayer, Seth Rollins, “the man” and “architect” will not be enough to slay a beast. For that matter, can he even hope to slay the New Face of Fear? Or will Seth give in to his baser instincts, “and run”?


Backstage interview with Seth Rollins. How does The Architect feel about his first-time-ever match with Wyatt? Well considering what Wyatt just said about him, all the crap he’s had to go through, Bray Wyatt won’t be the reason Rollins doesn’t win the Universal Championship. Also, “Seth Freakin’ Rollins” doesn’t need to let people know he’s here, his actions speak for him. And if Wyatt still doubts him, just know that the one to slay the beast will be The Man who slayed the King.


The Golden Truth VS The Club!

Neither team won the tag team turmoil match, but neither team is in this match, either! Goldust beats up Truth! Truth doesn’t understand why, the fans don’t understand why, but Goldy doesn’t care.

He stomps away on Truth without mercy, and then picks Truth up to throw him out of the ring and to the floor. Goldust doesn’t stop there, he stalks Truth on the outside, and throws him into the barrier. Goldust keeps going, throwing hands on Truth before throwing him back in the ring. Even Booker T is shocked to see this. Goldust takes a deep breath, then gives Truth one last kick in the head. Goldust takes the mic, and says “That’s what’s up.”

What will come next for The Bizarre One now that he’s dumped his tag partner?


Big Cass w/ Enzo Amore VS Titus O’Neil w/ Apollo Crews!

The Certified (Jersey) G and the Human Skyscraper are here to tell Newark that ‘Zo is “Garden Grown” but he’s interrupted by Titus O’Neil, who has Apollo Crews in tow. Titus mocks Enzo’s catchphrase introduction to tell us that Apollo will defeat Enzo in his “disgusting” home state. “And you can’t teach that!” #TitusBrand promises that his Ted Talk episode will be very edifying. No, Titus, you’ve got it backwards, it’s not Apollo VS Enzo. It’s Titus VS Cass!

Apollo was trying to tell him that on the way out here! Titus is in a $3100 suit! He can’t wrestle! Impressive, you look great, yes, but uh… That doesn’t change anything. And after the match, “you won’t like the way you look, I guarantee it.” With no choice but to fight, Titus takes the fight to Cass in a corner. Titus goes to throw his jacket at Cass, chooses not to because of how pricey it is, but then Cass throws hands back. Titus keeps Cass in a corner with shoulders, then takes his belt off. He’s ready to give Cass a whooping, Enzo distracts, Cass boots! Cass wins! Enzo takes a selfie for them. Crews gives Enzo an enziguri! Titus Brand wrote the check he couldn’t cash, but it seems Crews has his back.



Neville talks with TJP backstage. The FilAm Flash did good. Yeah, he won their match, because when he wins they both win. However, he still wants his title shot. Yes yes, Neville knows, but he just needs to do a bit more. Aries is still a problem, but that knee is “hanging on by a thread.” Tomorrow night on 205 Live, TJP– no, both TJP and Neville can end Aries once and for all. Can A-Double hope to survive when both Neville and TJP come for him?


Seth Rollins VS Bray Wyatt!

The Architect and the Eater of Worlds finally match up in the ring 1v1, and both men have their eyes set on The Beast and his gold. They tie up, Wyatt powers out of the headlock, then knocks Rollins down with a shoulder. Rollins gets back up and circles with Bray before tying up again. Another headlock, but Wyatt powers out again, Rollins holds on to an arm to snapmare Wyatt down and kick him across the chest. Rollins keeps on Wyatt in a corner, even tugging on the beard to pull him out. Wyatt reverses the whip, but Rollins ducks the body check to send Wyatt rolling out of the ring. Rollins slingshots to knock Wyatt over, then bumps him off the apron and into the barriers. Rollins uses the barrier to jump, but Bray catches and yurinagi slams Rollins into the barrier! The Eater of Worlds is in control as we go to our last commercial break.

We return to find Rollins and Bray brawling, Wyatt throws Rollins tot he ropes but Rollins responds with a big dropkick. Rollins climbs to the top rope, Bray uppercuts him to stun him. Then from the top, hanging shoulder jawbreaker! TWO! Wyatt keeps on Rollins, setting him back on the top rope. Wyatt climbs up to join him, gives him a few more punches, but Rollins punches back. Wyatt gives a headbutt to stun Rollins, SUPERPLEX! TWO!

Wyatt keeps on Rollins with knees and headbutts, then stretches Rollins back in a half clutch. The fans duel for both men, Rollins fights out of a yurinagi and throws Wyatt out. Rollins builds speed but runs into another uppercut. Wyatt charges in, gets a boot then a blockbuster! Rollins can’t make the cover, his back bothering him, Rollins and Wyatt are slow to get up. They reach their feet and brawl, Rollins builds speed, Slingblade! Rollins then forearms in the corner, Complete Shot to the buckle, but Bray denies Rollins going any further. Wyatt ends up outside again, low dropkick sends him further out, FLYING ROLLINS!

Rollins drags Wyatt into the ring, then from the apron, springboard clothesline! TWO! Rollins drags Wyatt up, tries the suplex but Wyatt is denying it on heft. Wyatt tries suplexing, Rollins denies it with a knee. Wyatt wants Sister Abigail, Rollins denies it and hits a Pele, Wyatt hits the spin-around lariat! TWO! Wyatt is frustrated, but he stays on Rollins by pulling on Rollins beard. Rollins slaps Wyatt, then unloads strikes, Wyatt hits the yurinagi! TWO! Rollins is brought back to his feet, back into Sister Abigail position, Rollins springs to life to roll up, TWO. Mule Kick staggers Wyatt, Falcon’s Arrow, TWO! Rollins scrambles to the top rope, Wyatt rolls out of the ring, so Rollins adjusts and falls onto him! But now, SAMOA JOE attacks! The match is disqualified! Joe gets Rollins in the ring and unleashes jabs! Corner to corner whip, back elbow and Pele! Yurinagi! Rollins won the match but Joe makes it a hollow victory. Wyatt gets in the ring and stares Joe down. However, they just join forces to beat Rollins up more. Wyatt then backs Joe up to SISTER ABIGAIL!!

Then, Sister Abigail to Rollins!

No alliances when the Universal Championship is at stake, who will survive the Extreme Rules Fatal 5 Way!?



My Thoughts:

Raw’s been trying to figure out what they can do to get ratings back up, I’m not sure everything that happened tonight is actually doing that. Sure, we see now that Raw knows how to adjust on the fly, by making a huge match for Extreme Rules that effectively strings together stories to get past not having Braun Strowman for the next six months. And there were great matches tonight, such as the Intercontinental Championship match and Balor VS Reigns. However, there weren’t any real adjustments from the Raw status quo.

Sasha Banks and Alicia Fox are going 50-50 right now but the reason for it the first time is still unclear. The match of Jeff Hardy VS Sheamus was of solid quality, but if the Hardys can’t start giving BROKEN promos their return will feel all for naught. Then, with bad arm and ribs, regardless if he is the bigger man, Roman Reigns beating Finn Balor is just more of Vince wanting his choice for “New Era Superman” to “overcome adversity” when it actually feels more like Roman isn’t affected by anything. The man got thrown off a loading dock, and then at Payback only two weeks ago, was dropped on steel steps and brutalized until he coughed up blood. Yet, here Roman is, back again to sideline Strowman and beat Balor. Yes it was a great match, and Balor did his job to sell the damage to his back from the powerbomb and uses of the post, but it didn’t feel right for Roman to just win clean when he should still be getting over the injuries Strowman gave him. Oddly enough, the more interesting developments were Goldust going Heel on Truth and Crews showing a bit of edge as he literally kicks Enzo out of the ring, as it gives us some changes in their previously established personas.

Once again, I feel really bad for the Cruiserweights. Granted that tag team match wasn’t what it should’ve been, but the Newark crowd didn’t exactly give it a chance. If only they could do a bit more of what fans expect, fans might actually care. 205 Live is barely making ground with the fans, so it would’ve been nice if the one match they get on Raw was given more leeway to excite and get people talking. I also feel disappointed that the Raw Women’s Championship match is only going so far into No Disqualification territory by putting being a “[insert thing here] on a pole” match, when it could’ve just been a straight up No Disqualification match! And though the main event was big on paper, it was also not given the time it deserved in my opinion. Especially when it was very clear Joe was going to make his presence known. It was still great to see Wyatt turn on him, but the match-up of Rollins and Wyatt is much bigger than just the last 10 to 15 minutes of the scheduled run time.

My Score: 6.9/10

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