Mitchell’s Ring of Honor Report! (5/13/17)

ROH WRESTLING TV! (Episode 295, 5/13/17)



-Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara w/ Joey Daddiego VS Chris Sabin & Jonathan Gresham w/ Alex Shelley; Sabin & Gresham win.

-Bobby Fish VS Silas Young w/ The Beer City Bruiser; Young wins.

-ROH World 6 Man Tag Team Championship Match: Bully Ray & The Briscoes VS The Rebellion; Bully & The Briscoes win and retain the ROH World 6 Man Tag Team titles.



Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara w/ Joey Daddiego VS Chris Sabin & Jonathan Gresham w/ Alex Shelley!

Though Ferrara and Cheeseburger had their argument a few weeks ago, they have reconciled enough to go up against two members of Team Search and Destroy. Before the match begins, Alex Shelley takes to the mic to point out that The Rebellion is why the MCMG aren’t able to be a team tonight. A concussion is what holds Shelley back right now, but even with that concussion Shelley can still recognize talent, especially world traveled talent like the Jonathan Gresham, who has officially signed full time with ROH. Now it’s time for “The Octopus” to show what he can do. Everyone shakes hands, and we start off Gresham and Ferrara. The two tie up, Ferrara wrenches the arm but Gresham spins and reverses. Ferrara turns it back around only for Gresham to turn it back on him again, Ferrara pops out of the headscissors and the crowd applauds the stand-off. Tag to Sabin, Ferrara knows the crowd wants Burger, Ferrara denies us the Burger, until Burger tags himself in. Ferrara reluctantly switches, Sabin takes Burger down with an armlock then spins him around into another takedown. Burger kip-up but is pushed out of the headlock. The two bump shoulders, and even Sabin can look like a hoss when he stays standing from Burger’s bump. Burger builds speed, cartwheels, Sabin shies away from the Shotei palm strike. Sabin rushes in but denies Burger’s armdrag, they dosey-do and the extra momentum allows Burger to get this armdrag. Sabin trips Burger, Burger pops up, Sabin again shies from the Shotei. Sabin turns around to get a kick to the face, Cheeseburger gives a European Uppercut, then whips Sabin but Gresham blind-tags in. Burger doesn’t see Gresham coming, High Angle German Suplex! Ferrara flies in, gets a punch to the gut and rolls all the way out. With Burger & Ferrara on the outside, Team Search and Destroy slingshots over, but lands on the apron when their targets move. Burger & Ferrara get in the ring, fake double dropkicks to then give double low dropkicks, Sabin and Gresham bounce off the aprons. With Ferrara’s help, Burger acrobatically goes top rope and DIVES onto Sabin and Gresham! To be easily caught! So Ferrara builds speed, and he DIVES onto them all!

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Burger & “Fries” in control as we go to commercials.

We return to see Burger & Ferrara still in control, until Gresham dodges the assisted corner splash. He side steps and Ferrara keeps himself from crashing into Burger, Gresham gets a waistlock on Ferrara. Standing switch, Burger goes at Gresham but Gresham slips out. Burger now has to stop himself from crashing into Ferrara, Gresham bumps them off each other. Gresham follows that up by ducking Burger’s punch to then shove Burger into Ferrara. Gresham then knocks Ferrara over, inadvertent DDT to Burger! Gresham stomps Ferrara’s ankle to anchor it, Sabin comes in and Penalty Kicks Ferrara in the face! Gresham picks Ferrara up and bends his arm. Tag to Sabin, he kicks Ferrara and then takes that armlock to add on a modified abdominal stretch, or even an Octopus. makes that a pin, TWO, Sabin keeps Ferrara away from Burger to tag Gresham back in. Double whip into the corner, but Ferrara fights out of S&D territory. He jumps and rolls past both Sabin and Gresham, tag to Burger! Burger fights S&D off, springboard crossbody! Burger gives chops to both Sabin and Gresham, but he gets two kicks and a double whip. Burger takes their double clothesline and uses it to knock their heads together! Burger running headscissors Sabin out of the ring, Gresham grabs him in a waistlock but they end up in a corner. Ferrara runs in, Burger gets out of the way for the back elbow, then Burger gives a running forearm. Ferrara lifts Gresham in a fireman’s carry, drops him down, Burger top rope “Frying” knee strike! Burger covers, TWO. Burger is fired up, but Sabin runs in to lariat Burger down. Ferrara gives a big back elbow to knock Sabin out, Ferrara then jumps from the apron, but his DDT is denied and turned into a hanging spinning neckbreaker!

Sabin directs Gresham, they double whip Burger but Burger holds on and fights back. Sabin is on the apron, Gresham springboard moonsaults onto Burger! Sabin sees Ferrara get up, so he gives him a kick from the apron! Then Gresham FLIES to knock “Fries” into barriers!

Sabin picks Burger up and sets him on his knee while Gresham goes top rope. Knee strike, followed by enziguri followed by a German Suplex pin! TWO! Burger’s endurance is surprising but S&D just keeps on him with strikes. Burger fires up from it all, and is daring them to attack together. Ferrara anchors Gresham, so it’s just Sabin going back and forth with Burger until finally SHOTEI!

However, Gresham is the legal man, so Burger goes rushing at him. Gresham dodges, so the second Shotei hits Ferrara! Gresham goes for waistlock, standing switch but Gresham then slips out of the back suplex and pulls Burger down. Gresham hops over and rolls Burger around, Gresham kicks Burger’s arm and then armdrags, rolls into a ghost pin, TWO! Octopus Stretch! Joey Diesel tries to get Ferrara back in there but Ferrara doesn’t care! He lets Burger suffer the full extension, Burger taps out! Search and Destroy wins! But the real story is that Ferrara no longer wants to be with Burger, he refuses to shake hands at the end of this match, storming off to the back. Will Burger & “Fries” ever be together again?


Silas Young attacks Jay Lethal backstage! The Last Real Man first interrupted Lethal’s commercial rehearsal, mocking the “golden boy” of ROH for having fooled everyone in the company into thinking he’s so great. Silas is bitter and angry that Lethal gets all the great endorsement spots and match opportunities while Silas just gets beat up and injured. Lethal doesn’t want things to get personal, he didn’t mean for Silas to get injured, but this is professional wrestling, injuries happen. That’s when Silas waylaid Lethal with haymakers to the head and throwing Lethal’s leg into the lockers! Silas leaves Lethal to “shoot the commercial”, Lethal clutches his knee. Forget the commercial, will Lethal be okay to wrestle?


Bobby Fish VS Silas Young w/ The Beer City Bruiser!

The Infamous One returns to ROH, but he may need to be careful the Last Real Man doesn’t do to him what he just tried to do to Jay Lethal. These two did have a match as part of Supercard of Honor, in which both men got hardcore with the use of chairs. Things had to be broken up by security, but now Silas talks on the mic. He knows that Fish has been waiting for this rematch and so has Silas. Fish made excuses as to his shortcomings, and Silas expects the same after this match as well. Things get started fast and furious as the two tie up and push each other around the ring. They stop in a corner, the referee separates them, they tie up again and it’s more of the same. The ref has to again separate them, Silas takes advantage to slam Fish down and put on a facelock. Fish rolls out to put Silas in a hammerlock, Silas turns that around, Fish powers out of the headlock but is shouldered down. Silas mocks Fish, Fish kicks at him, gets snapmare’d and then things speed up, dropkick from Silas knocks Fish down. Silas sarcastically applauds along with the crowed before scraping his laces on Fish’s face. Silas whips but is reversed, Silas bucks Fish off the waistlock, but then Fish hops up and over, victory roll, TWO, Ankle Lock! Grapevine even! Silas scrambles and gets all the way out of the ring. Fish holds on and they tumble to the floor, Fish stomps on that leg and even Silas’ head. The ring count gets going, but Fish gets Silas in the ring soon enough. Silas staggers, puts Fish on the apron, Fish puts on a sleeper! Fish lets go before the count of five, hops down and uses a roundhouse to sweep the legs out from under Silas. Silas falls on his face, Fish rolls to cover, TWO. The Infamous One has the Last Real Man on the defensive as we go to commercials.

When we return, Silas has turned things around and hits his slingshot stomps on Fish. Silas mocks Fish, “you ain’t nothin!” Fish fights back with forearms, Silas turns it into a brawl. Fish is tripped up by BCB, Silas tosses Fish out to the floor. BCB cheers Silas on, Silas builds speed, Fish uses BCB as a shield to keep Silas from flying. BCB gets clear, Fish swings to sweep legs but Silas jumps over the kick. Silas hops into the ring and runs to the adjacent corner, triangle lariat knocks Fish down!

Silas goes to whip Fish, Fish reverses it, and deja vu from Supercard of Honor, Fish drives Silas into barriers! Both men are down as the fans fire up, the ring count gets going past the halfway point. Fish and Silas barely get in at 19 (as ROH prefers the 20 count), both men go at each other, it’s Silas that rallies. Fish dodges and starts his own rally, a sharp roundhouse knocks Silas to a corner. Silas boots out, double clothesline knocks both men down. They sit up at the same time, they glare at each other.

No love lost between these two

Fish and Silas brawl all the way to their feet, Fish goes after the leg but Silas turns him around for a cutter! TWO! Silas picks Fish up in a fireman’s carry but Fish slides out and spins Silas around for a strike fest. Saido suplex hits at a high angle, TWO! Fish goes at that leg again but Silas pushes Fish away. Silas rushes in but gets caught into the Ankle Lock. Fish pulls him in, trapping the leg during the waistlock, but Silas fights out to standing switch. Fish fights out with back elbows, gets running but runs into the backbreaker and lariat! Silas then drags Fish up, hanging swinging neckbreaker, ROPEBREAK! Silas stomps on Fish in a corner, the ref backs him up, Fish kicks out the leg! Fish gives kick to that bad leg, wraps it into the ropes and gives forearms to the head. The ref backs Fish down, BCB gets Silas out of the ring. Fish slips out and pushes BCB aside so he can stomp Silas more. BCB takes offense, the ref has to keep BCB from disqualifying the match, Fish returns to Silas, who has made it into the ring. Silas takes off his knee brace, Fish grabs that bad leg, BCB distracts the ref and Silas uses his brace as a weapon!


Fish is out cold, Silas pins, Silas steals the win! BCB even makes sure to hide the evidence, Silas applauds his own victory. How far is this grudge from being over?


The Peacock, Dalton Castle, is unsure if he can bounce back from failing his ROH World Title shot. An ordinary man would be depressed but Castle is no ordinary man. Losing to the Fallen Angel stung, and he was feeling down, but he didn’t stay down. If you stay down, you can never get up and become champion. Castle may have lost, but he won’t lose again. Can the Peacock put gold around his waist?


ROH World 6 Man Tag Team Championship Match

Bully Ray & The Briscoes VS The Rebellion!

Rhett Titus is back from injury, and joins Caprice Coleman and “Notorious” Shane Taylor in challenging #DemBoyz and their ass-kicking partner from Team 3D. Alex Shelley joins commentary to keep an eye on the men responsible for his sidelining concussion, assuring everyone that he will be back to get payback. As for the match, we start with Mark and Titus. They tie up, Titus gets a waistlock but Mark rolls out and puts on a headlock. Titus puts on an armlock, so Mark slips down and takes Titus down before putting on a new headlock. Titus powers out, Mark keeps up the speed and hits the crane pose. Titus blocks the kick, Mark back flips, a stiff left jab stuns Mark. Titus goes for a suplex, Mark hits the brainbuster! Coleman walks in, Jay walks in, Shane walks in and shoves the Briscoes, Bully storms in and sets off a brawl! It’s chaos in the ring, The Rebellion is thrown out, #DemBoyz and Bully take the fight to them on the outside as we go to break!

Mark giving Rhett Titus a chair-assisted back senton

We return and it’s still rather hectic as Bully and the Briscoes whip Titus and rally on him in a corner. The ref finally settles things down, Mark keeps on Titus in another neutral corner. Mark taunts Coleman, the ref has to keep Coleman back, Bully just tags in and slams Coleman down. Bully and Jay hold Coleman’s legs open, Mark goes up, but before Bully can ask the question, Titus topples Mark down off the top rope! Titus hurries away, Shane runs Jay and Bully over. The Rebellion poses in unison before keeping on Jay. Titus gives a flying punch to the chest, then a back suplex, TWO. The fans chant for them to “Man Up!” but Titus gets Jay to his corner. Tag to Coleman, Coleman throws hands on Jay, then tags Shane in. Coleman mouths off as he grinds a boot into Jay, then continues as Shane grinds his own boot into Jay. Jay starts fighting out, he and Shane brawl with forearms, then Jay gives a EuroUpper and headbutt, but is staggered by Shane’s right hand and a headbutt of his own. Tag to Titus, running kick to the ribs, the fans rally for Jay as he gets gutwrench’d down, TWO. The fans are still hot for Jay, Titus puts Jay in a half-nelson chinlock. Jay fights out of the hold, but Titus tags Coleman and they whip Jay to a neutral corner. Assisted splash followed by a forearm, then Shane gets a lariat, TWO thanks to Mark breaking it up. Shane is upset, so he chokes Jay with his bare hand. Jay fights back but is put in a bearhug. The champions are in trouble as we take one last commercial break.

Upon returning, Jay is still in the ring against Shane but the Notorious One is starting to slow down. Jay fights back now, a couple boots but Shane gives him a spinning clothesline into the corner. Shane bumps Mark but Bully hits back. Bully and Shane jaw at each other, giving Jay time to recover. Shane rushes in at Jay, Jay gets out and Shane hits buckles. Jay gives Shane a spinning forearm to stun him, tag to Bully and Titus! Bully rallies on The Rebellion all by himself, and then targets Shane! Jab jab roll it up but Titus denies us the Dusty Elbow. Titus and Coleman whip Bully but Bully knocks them over. He boots Shane down then tags Mark. Now the Sussex County Chicken gets to rally on The Rebellion with his Redneck Fu! Pele to Coleman, Exploder to Titus! Mark is reversed on the whip but forearms back, Jay returns to SUPERKICK Coleman. Mark goes top rope, moonsault onto Shane and Titus! Then Mark stands Titus and Coleman up so that Jay can DIVE!

The Briscoes are fired up as they get Titus is in the ring, Froggy Bow blocked by Titus’ knees. Titus gives a big dropkick and then goes top rope himself, Frog Splash meets knees, too! Then all together, #DemBoyz help with the 3D!!

Bully and the Briscoes win to retain! But they’re far from done! SUPERKICK to Shane as the Briscoes get a table! Coleman mouths off at Bully, Bully lets him think he’s got the better of him so that the Briscoes can set up said table. Coleman feels it behind him now and realizes the trouble he’s in… The Briscoes pick Coleman up to give to Bully, SUPER TABLE BOMB!!

The ROH World 6 Man Tag Team Titles stay with Bully and the Briscoes, can anyone dethrone such a rowdy combination?


My Thoughts:

I believe I’ve said something like this before, but I’ll say it again just in case: ROH knows how to properly establish talent. Anywhere else *cough* WWE *cough*, Cheeseburger would never be allowed to be taken seriously in the ring. Someone his size would be a jobber who only wins by flukes, assistance or cheating. Or in other words, James Ellsworth. But in ROH, Burger is at least given a chance, armed with the Shotei courtesy of Jushin Thunder Liger. Simultaneously, Gresham has always floated in and out of ROH but ROH has never held that against him. And now that Gresham is truly signed to ROH, it’s easy enough to see him as a title holder in any of the four divisions because he’s allowed to display his full arsenal of technical holds and acrobatic moves. ROH is also doing great to build these two into great feuds. Burger’s fast (food) friendship with Will Ferrara is quickly falling apart and we could be getting a miniature parallel to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Gresham meanwhile joins the MCMG in their new alliance, Search and Destroyer, who has a vendetta against The Rebellion. With Shelley sidelined, it’s a big opportunity for “The Octopus” to showcase himself against established Heels, giving great matches to a growing rivalry.

ROH is also properly establishing talent as they move up the card, such as Silas Young. Silas has achieved only a couple achievements in ROH, in winning last year’s Honor Rumble and last year’s Tag Wars Tournament with the Beer City Bruiser. However, he has yet to get any title reigns in, though he’s had part in great matches that would lead to titles, such as the Fatal 4 Way last week with Jay Lethal, Jay White and Hangman Adam Page. And he’s also had great feuds with other stars like ACH, Jushin Thunder Liger and even Jay Lethal. Between those and his recent history with Bobby Fish, a former and high caliber ROH World Television Champion, Silas seems to be making the move up to the upper-midcard or even a little higher, and can become a believable title holder soon enough. Then there’s the entire 6 Man Tag (aka Trios) division needing to be established, and ROH that right in first making the inaugural champions go undefeated for a long stretch–until TK O’Ryan had his unfortunate and severe leg break–and then give those titles to a trio that has members who are already incredibly popular and experienced, in the form of The Briscoes and Bubba “Bully” Ray Dudley. Great matches, as well, but it’s the fact Bully and #DemBoyz were so over before becoming champions that carries the brand new titles and division forward to be as competitive and strong as the other titles.

My Score: 8/10

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