Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Report! (5/16/17)

WWE 205 LIVE! (5/16/17)



-Noam Dar w/ Alicia Fox VS Gran Metalik; Dar wins.

-Mustafa Ali VS Tony Nese; no contest.

-TJP VS Austin Aries; Aries wins.



After a chaotic end to a tag team match, it was the Cruiserweight Champion and TJ Perkins that stood tall. Of course, Neville keeps strings attached to their tenuous alliance: get rid of Aries for good, then maybe TJP will get a shot at the title. Aries’ knee is weak, and if it all goes their way, TJP will get what he wants.

Austin Aries is interviewed backstage in response to this. He knows Dasha wants to know how he feels about facing “Neville’s Advocate”. Well more like lapdog. TJP is delusional thinking he’ll get his shot just because he prevents Aries from having his. Neville’s a liar, that’s never happening. And TJP can’t take A-Double out, bad knee or not, because TJP is not at the A-Double level. Will Aries’ words hold true by the end of the night?


Noam Dar w/ Alicia Fox VS Gran Metalik!

#DarFox forever

The Scottish Supernova and his Foxy Lady are back together and back in winning ways, but now Dar must face the returning King of the Ropes. Dar and Metalik circle each other before tying up, Dar is backed into a corner and shouts for the break. Metalik gives it, and dares Dar to come back for more. Dar gets a good luck kiss from Alicia, then ties up with Metalik again. Dar wrenches Metalik’s arm, Metalik handsprings and arm drags out, Dar scrambles to ropes for safety. Metalik again dares Dar to keep going, Dar gets a headlock but is powered out. Things speed up, arm drag and dropkick from Metalik send Dar out. Dar and Alicia regroup, Metalik speeds up but slides. Alicia gives Dar time to get back in the ring, Dar then stomps Metalik upon reentry. Dar whips Metalik, Metalik handsprings and then headscissors Dar. Stiff chop and acrobatic arm drag throws Dar out again. Metalik goes to the apron, mule kicks Dar back, top rope springboard asai moonsault!

Metalik gets some major air!

Metalik topples Dar over, Alicia tries to rally her boyfriend back into this. Metalik is the one that puts Dar back in the ring just in time for the count, but Alicia shouts and distracts him. Dar pounces with a low dropkick to take out a knee, Metalik tumbles to the ground! Dar goes out to throw Metalik’s arm against the apron then put Metalik back in the ring. Dar keeps on that arm, wrenching and jamming, then a hammerlock stomp! Dar stands Metalik up and gives a shoulder breaker, then a Southpaw European Uppercut, but Metalik still kicks out. Dar uses a hammerlock to wrench the arm and digs a knuckle into the tricep and elbow. Metalik fights out, Dar knocks him down, but Metalik kicks out quick again. Dar is getting frustrated now, but Metalik wasn’t a Cruiserweight Classic finalist for nothing. Metalik denies Dar a suplex, Dar clubs Metalik down, Metalik is the one to suplex Dar! Both men down, Metalik rolls to a corner while Alicia rallies for Dar. Dar rushes in but drop toe hold into the buckle! Dar is dazed, Metalik is up and gets running. Stiff forearm and strong overhand chop to Dar, Metalik then takes Dar’s whip reversal and turns it into a high springboard back elbow!

So much air!

Metalik and Dar get up slow, Metalik hits a Slingblade Bulldog, TWO. Metalik drags Dar up and into a fireman’s carry, but Dar fights out and gets to ropes. Dar takes Metalik’s leg, traps it in the ropes, then sweeps the other leg with a swift kick. Metalik on the apron, Dar takes that bad arm and snaps it against the ropes! Dar drags Metalik up by that bad arm and hammerlocks it around the rope, but Metalik retaliates with a swing kick. Metalik goes to the top rope, tightrope walk elbow drop! TWO! Alicia is shocked but relieved Dar survived, Metalik starts a brawl with his one good arm. He rolls to deny Dar an armbar, rolls up Dar, TWO. Metalik goes along the ropes, but Dar kicks and trips him up. Dar embraces the heat from the fans and the love from Alicia as he takes aim. Dar hits the Supernova enziguri, Dar wins!

Alicia and Dar celebrate in the ring, will their 205 Love Story continues to conquer Cruiserweights?


THE Brian Kendrick lost to Akira Tozawa, but then unleashed an extremely violent beating on him. Kendrick claimed that the beating was his final lesson: “Nobody messes with THE Brian Kendrick!” As such, Tozawa is going to be given a chance at revenge when they face off next week, in a Street Fight!

Backstage interview with THE Brian Kendrick. How does The Man with a Plan feel about the announced Street Fight? Everything is legal, and that’s perfect for Kendrick. No count outs, no disqualifications, so they can go anywhere and do anything to each other, which is all bad for Tozawa. Kendrick didn’t plan on Tozawa be so stubborn or being so enamered with the WWE Universe and his battle cry “AH AH AH”. Tozawa better have actually learned something from those lessons, because this Street Fight WILL be the last one. Can Tozawa hope to survive?


Mustafa Ali VS Tony Nese!

The Pakistani Prince and the Premier Athlete meet once again, but the Philly Fury gives Ali a blindside attack on the ramp!

The attack doesn’t end there, Gulak boots Ali from ramp to ring and then throws him into barriers. Ali writhes in pain, Gulak gives him a kick to the ribs. Gulak says he “knows better” as he throws Ali so hard into a post that it–ironically–makes him fly!

Guess that doesn’t count against Gulak’s campaign…

Ali is out cold but Gulak is STILL not done. He takes off his jacket and says Ali is going to learn. Ali is going to be made an example. He sits Ali in a corner and tells Nese to “do the knee.” Nese obliges, pulls down his knee pad, Premier KNEEse to Ali’s head!

Nese and Gulak are proud of themselves as they look at the comatose Ali. Is this really the kind of 205 Live Gulak wants?

“You will see. They will ALL see!”


Rich Swann walks the halls when Dasha Fuentes asks: How does he feel about #DarFox saying he’ll get what he deserves? What he deserves is to get as far away from those two weirdos as possible. Swann proved his point, but no way are they going to trick him back. A delivery man comes by asking for a “Richard T. Swann”, but Swann directs him to Ariya Daivari. Daivari doesn’t hear him out, he just assumes the delivery is his $2500 Persian platinum sunglasses from Abu Dhabi. Daivari takes the box and tells the delivery man to leave, then upon further inspection of the box, realizes it’s not them. He leaves the box, the Extraordinary Gentleman sneaks in and picks up the box. Gallagher goes to open the box, Daivari returns to tell Gallagher to keep his “grubby hands of my package.” Beg pardon? Just put the box down, you street trash. Gallagher, being a gentleman, lets that insult pass, they promised not to restart their “scoundrel” scrimmages. Gallagher gives the box back, Daivari checks to see that no one is watching, and…


The Outlandish One outsmarted #DarFox AND just sent the Persian Lion into a rage. Who else will end up the collateral damage in this war of love?


TJP VS Austin Aries!

The FilAm Flash wants to get a title shot from the King of the Cruiserweights, but that can’t happen while The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived is still a “problem” for the King. Before the bell, Aries takes TJP’s jacket, holds it up as if to throw it to the crowd, but instead throws it at TJP. Aries then chases TJP out of the ring, and dares TJP to get back in. Aries backs off and lounges on the top rope, TJP rushes in, but Aries is ready. TJP gets cornered, slips out and then drags Aries out to start beating him up on the outside. TJP rams Aries into the LED board, but then Aries uses knees to counter the slingshot senton. Aries throws heavy lefts into TJP, even a headlock punch. TJP throws Aries to the apron, Aries elbows back and hits his slingshot senton. Aries whips TJP but is reversed, Aries boots out of the corner and punches TJP back into the other. The fans chant for Aries as Aries rains hands down in the corner. TJP pushes Aries off, Aries’ bad knee gives him a problem, but Aries sees TJP coming so he rolls TJP up, TWO. Last Chancery, TJP slips out! Aries slingshots over and topples TJP down. Aries chops TJP against the barrier, then keeps on him as they go around the corner. Aries counters TJP and throws TJP into the barriers before breaking the ring count. Aries puts TJP back in the ring, chops him in the corner and then returns to those corner punches. TJP pushes him away again, then puts Aries up onto the top rope. TJP dropkciks Aries, that bad leg gets caught and bet by the ropes! The ref helps Aries down, TJP pounces with stomps. TJP covers, Aries kicks out, so TJP goes to that bad leg to stomp at the knee. TJP wants a Boston Crab but Aries pushes him away. Aries gets to a corner and uses his good leg to boot back, but TJP catches Aries on the top rope to put in him a Half Crab on the ropes!

TJP eventually lets Aries go, Aries clutches his agonizing knee while the ref starts a ring count. TJP slips out and keeps it up with stomps and a knee to Aries’ head. Aries limps away but TJP puts him in the ring to stand on his head and scrape Aries’ face. Aries kicks out, so TJP puts him in the standing Indian Deathlock. TJP dabs, Aries chops! TJP dragon screws the bad leg to ground A-Double again, then rains hands down on the vulnerable Aries. TJP twists the ankle and leg, Aries is just out of reach of ropes. The fans rally for Aries, Aries rolls over and ear claps out of the hold. TJP runs at Aries, gets back elbows and forearms, then an overhead chop. Gutbuster to STO to Pendulum Elbow, Aries is firing up. He whips TJP and flips him with a knee, then goes second rope for that elbow to the neck and shoulders!

Aries covers, TWO! Aries wills himself up to his feet and fires himself and the crowd up. He fireman carries TJP, TJP slips out, roll up, TWO. Aries is on the apron, shoulders TJP and then pulls him in, but TJP kicks out the bad leg and shoves Aries off. Aries is slow to turning around, TJP pounces with the Wrecking Ball dropkick. TJP gets Aries in the ring, covers, TWO. TJP is exhausted and frustrated that this match continues. TJP calls for the end, kicks that bad knee then fireman carry. Aries slips out, TJP rolls him up while holding tights, TWO! Aries dumps TJP to the apron, then brings him in for the second rope hotshot neckbreaker! TJP tumbles down, Aries uses adrenaline to numb the pain, Aries gets running and FLIES!!

Aries’ knee took some damage in that but he’s still fired up enough to get TJP back in the ring. Aries hobbles over and gets the crowd into it as he climbs to the top. He aims at TJP but TJP stops him. TJP climbs up, Aries fights him off, another ear clap sends TJP down. Aries goes up, missile dropkick MISSES. TJP chop blocks that bad leg, Kneebar! Aries uses power to stand up, TJP drags him away from ropes, Aries crawls and TJP holds ropes! The ref doesn’t see this at first, but when he does he shouts for TJP to let go. TJP does, and hurries to keep on Aries. Fireman’s carry, Aries holds ropes, then lets go to roll TJP up and into LAST CHANCERY!

TJP taps out, Aries wins! The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived survived the FilAm Flash, but here comes the King of the Cruiserweights! Neville stomps away on Aries as he tells him this is HIS Division! Neville drags Aries over and gives springboard stomp after springboard stomp to that damaged knee! The ref tells Neville to stop but Neville moves to using the post instead. Neville isn’t done there, he takes that bad leg and puts it into a Heel Hook. Aries taps, but it doesn’t matter right now. Jack Gallagher to the rescue! William III smacked across Neville’s back, and then the EXTRAORDINARY HEADBUTT!

Gallagher has run off “Evil Neville” and saved A-Double, but the damage is done. Can the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived hope to challenge the champion at Extreme Rules?


My Thoughts:

Despite mistreatment and misuse on television, the Cruiserweights continue to shine on 205 Live. Dar and Metalik put on a match that definitely fits what people want out of Cruiserweights: literal high flying. I can’t believe the air Metalik got off his springboard moves, it’s great to have him back. You could easily have taken tonight’s Noam Dar VS Gran Metalik to replace, say, Sasha Banks VS Alicia Fox, and that would’ve raised Raw’s quality and raised how Cruiserweights are presented on Raw. Not only that, but you could’ve sent Sasha Banks out there to counter Alicia’s interference and actually given some dimension to their directionless feud. Then you also have room on 205 Live to have some other match to feature other Cruiserweights not getting any real ring time.

Drew Gulak is making a big push for being top Heel of 205 Live. He and Nese end up doing stuff like what Neville and TJP have been doing to Aries, and this greatly raises their Heel heat on top of Gulak’s “No Fly Zone” campaign. Gulak’s blow-off with Ali is still coming, and this gives Ali great motivation to let loose with both brawling and flying to prove to Gulak that Ali can do both. Likewise, THE Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa having one more match, and making it a Street Fight a la the upcoming Extreme Rules, THAT will excite fans for sure. And finally, the main event was a main event, TJP and Aries go the distance and Aries knows how to sell that bad knee. Aries wins but is immediately beat up but then also saved, so it’s hard to tell where this feud stands in terms of 50-50 booking. There is still time before Extreme Rules, but all it takes is one angry promo from TJP or one decision from Angle to make this Cruiserweight Championship match anything from a Triple Threat to a Fatal 4 Way by throwing Gallagher in as well. Gallagher’s still got the crowd with him, Heel TJP now has the crowd properly against him, it’d be quite the surprise if it’s one of them that takes the title from Neville instead of A-Double. Sadly, since the Cruiserweights are run by Raw, happy surprises are very unlikely.

My Score: 8/10

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