Mitchell’s Ring of Honor Report! (5/20/17)

ROH WRESTLING TV! (Episode 296, 5/20/17)

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-NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championship Match: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Tiger Mask, Delirious & Jushin Thunder Liger; Los Ingobernables win and retain the championships.

-NEVER Openweight Championship Match: Hirooki Goto VS Punishment Martinez; Goto wins.

-Eight Man Tag: The Bullet Club VS Chaos; The Bullet Club wins.



Travel through time for Honor Rising back in February! Watch as the best of ROH and NJPW are pit against each other in amazing match ups!


NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championship Match

Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Tiger Mask, Delirious & Jushin Thunder Liger!

The trios champions Bushi, Evil and Sanada put titles on the line against a trio of iconic masked wrestlers from both ROH and NJPW. Delirious rolls through arm wrench after arm wrench then gives Evil Watanabe shoulder breaker after shoulder breaker. Delirious gives a big final shoulder breaker, but Evil sends him staggering with a double hand chop. Delirious makes it to his corner, tag to Tiger Mask! However, Evil has tagged out to Sanada. Sanada keeps his distance, Bushi distracts and Sanada pounces on Tiger Mask. Sanada goes after the mask itself, but the referee keeps him from removing it. Sanada tags Bushi, Bushi uses his shirt to try and choke Tiger. TIger turns it around and chokes Bushi! Tag to Jushin Thunder Liger, Liger and Tiger whip Bushi corner to corner and then give a runnign Shotei, some kicks, and go top rope. Bushi goes after the horns, Evil topples Liger over then blasts Liger’s corner. The fighting spills to the outside. Liger is put back in the ring, Bushi kicks Liger to the ropes, and uses the ropes to help wrench the neck and pull at the mask. Tag to Sanada, Liger fires up from his right hand shots. Sanada keeps punching and Liger goes down, snap suplex, TWO. The fans rally for Liger, but Evil tags in and gives cheap shots to Tiger and Delirious again. Evil stomps away on Liger in the corner, Sanada and Bushi hold the horns. Liger tries to fight out but is stopped with a clothesline. Evil slams Liger, hits a back senton, TWO. Bushi tags in, Bushi goes up and gives a missile dropkick to a “Bushirooni”. Bushi and Evil whip Liger corner to corner, Liger side steps and SHOTEI to Evil. Tilt-o-whirl backbreaker to Bushi, but Sanada denies the tag. Liger throws Sanada out, tag to Tiger Mask! Tiger goes top rope, missile dropkick! Tiger gets things going for his team as we go to break.
We return as Tiger Mask super armdrags Bushi off the top rope, TWO. Tiger flips Bushi into and hits the Tombstone piledriver!

Tiger’s not done there! He goes top rope, but Evil throws him down. Bushi gives Tiger the swinging fisherman neckbreaker, TWO. Bushi toys with Tiger, Tiger spins him into the Tiger Driver!

Tiger tags in Delirious! The wild man of ROH goes around and around Bushi, then finally hits a jumping clothesline. TWO, Delirious drags Bushi up and whips him corner to corner. Delirious runs in but Bushi dodges, tag to Sanada. Delirious dodges Sanada, fireman carry drop then DDT, TWO. Tiger and Liger get rid fo the other Ingobernables, Shotei to Sanada in the corner, double back rake and a front rake before another back rake. CObra Clutch is on, Sanada backs Delirious down. Evil runs in and gives Delirious a clothesline, Bushi gives a double knee, SUPERKICK to front kick to Code Breaker and Saido Suplex. Liger and Tiger save the match! Sanada has Delirious all alone, wants the dragon sleeper submission but Delirious flips that to a pin! TWO! Roll up, TWO, snapmare to crucifix, TWO! Sanada lands on his feet out of the German Suplex, then drop toe hold to the ropes where Evil smashes Delirious with a chair!

Bushi kept the ref distracted so it goes unseen, Sanada grabs Delirious, Dragon Sleeper Bodyscissors!

Delirious taps, LIJ retains! By hook and by crook, the belts stay with the ungovernable.


NEVER Openweight Championship Match

Hirooki Goto VS Punishment Martinez!

The three time New Japan Cup winner and at-the-time Openweight Champion put the title on the line against the Embodiment of the Purple Haze to see if the young monster has what it takes. Martinez shows no fear as he steps right up to Goto. Goto shoves him back, Martinez merely laughs it off. The two tie up, Goto gets the headlock but Martinez powers out. The two collide shoulder to shoulder, no one falls down. Goto does it again, Martinez just comes right back and runs Goto over. Martinez goes to stomp Goto, Goto gets out of the way. Martinez lets him know it was that close, the two tie up again. Goto is backed down to the ropes, but turns it around, the two break clean. Martinez roars, Goto just gives him forearm after forearm. Whip is reversed, Goto mocks the roar and flex. Martinez is dumped out of the ring bu the lands on his feet. Martinez jumps to the apron, rushes Goto, blocks the hip toss and gives one to Goto. Martinez boots Goto, Goto gets hung up on the top rope, Martinez shoves him the rest of the way. Martinez then goes out of the ring to pull him up. He clears the way, whips Goto HARD into barriers!

Goto drops down in pain, Martinez drags him back up and into the ring. Martinez stalks the champion, whips him, and gives a big back elbow, TWO. The fans rally for Goto as Martinez puts him in a chinlock. Goto fights out, but gets a big spinning heel kick! Martinez lines up a shot, big back elbow in the corner, but now Goto responds with one of his own spinning heel kicks. Martinez clubs Goto with ax handles, but a roundhouse from Goto knocks Martinez down. Martinez is up before Goto, Goto gets him in the corner with a clothesline. Goto goes up top, flying elbow drop, TWO. The fans continue rallying for Goto, but Martinez fights off the fireman’s carry with power. Goto and Martinez brawl with stiff forearms, back and forth they go, then just go wild! Goto and Martinez slow down, but then speed back up again! Martinez knees Goto’s gut, Goto gets the Ushigoroshi! Both men are down as we go to commercials.

We return as Martinez and Goto are across from each other. They run and collide with clotheslines a couple times, but neither man falls. Goto speeds up, Martinez swings and flips Goto through the air!

Goto is dazed, Martinez is fired up, Martinez hits the spinning roundhouse, TWO. Martinez lines up another shot, another big back elbow then another. Clothesline on top, a roar and an uppercut, then a Falcon Arrow, TWO! The fans rally for Goto again, Martinez goes top rope. Goto gets out of the ring, Martinez drops down to FLY OVER THE POST!

The fans are fired up! Martinez gets Goto in the ring and goes top rope again. SUPER Heel Kick! TWO! Martinez just grins, amused by the intensity in this match. Goto struggles to stand, Martinez vows to finish it. Martinez gets the choke hold, Goto breaks free and puts Martinez in the dragon sleeper. Martinez gets out and goes to suplex Goto but Goto knees out and gives Martinez a stiff headbutt. Martinez is staggered, Goto fires up! Goto goes for the finishing buzzsaw kick, but Martinez catches it! Martinez rocks Goto with an uppercut, takes aim, gets the choke grip, but Goto slips out! Dragon sleeper on, Goto hits the GTR!

Goto wins and retains in a hard fought match against the monster of ROH! Both men nod to the other in respect for their skill and toughness, but it is Goto of Chaos that raises the belt high.


Eight Man Tag Match

The Bullet Club VS Chaos!

Specifically, it is The Cleaner, The Young Bucks and the American Nightmare taking on the Aerial Assassin, #DemBoyz and the Rainmaker in a match of the biggest names in the biggest stables of ROH and NJPW. The Bullet Club have the fans cheering for them already. We start with Okada and Omega, an unofficial return of the dream match of Wrestle Kingdom 11. Okada and Omega stare each other down, Okada says he wants CODY instead. Omega says no, he’s getting the Cleaner. Okada doesn’t want to, tag to Mark Briscoe. Omega tags out to Cody, so now the fans are fired up for the American Nightmare. Mark powers out of a headlock, Cody duck the punch and blows a kiss, gets nothing but chops from Mark. Mark whips but is reversed, goes up and over, armdrags to Cody then into the armlock. Tag to Jay, European Uppercut rocks Cody to ropes. Jay whips but is reversed, falling kick. Tag to Nick, alley oop dropkick! Nick says “Suck it!” but Jay gives a back elbow. Jay throws hands and a EuroUpper, then headbutts Nick before tagging in Will Ospreay. Nick whips him, Will goes up and over, springboard armdrag from Nick but Will handsprings out of it. Dropkick from Will, Matt blows up everything to make sure his brother is okay. Double whip to Will, Will takes their double hip toss to make it a double armdrag! Will takes aim, gains speed, the Bucks clear out so Will adjusts and springboards into a superhero landing.

The Bucks kick the barriers out of frustration and hurt their toes! Will slingshots but they slip in, he springboards but they catch him, and they prepare the Meltzer Driver! Will gets out of it by using a headscissor to throw Matt at Nick! Big flipping headscissor, and both Bucks are outside again. Will slingshots down, the Bucks have gotten back in the ring, they give Will the headscissor dropkick. Will goes down while the Bucks clear out the Chaos corner, Bullet Club is in control and loving it as we go to commercials.

Upon the return, Bullet Club give Will a triple boot bump in the corner, then get a brilliant idea: “Six Boots!” Cody, Omega and Matt manage to get all six of their feet up for the buckle, Nick goes to throw Will but Will turns it around on him!

The Bullet Club is reeling from the mistake, Will crawls to his corner, but Nick keeps him anchored. Will swings with an enziguri, misses, slips under but gets a back elbow. Nick runs in, Will jumps up and flips over to then jump for a tag, but the Bullet Club pulls down all of his teammates! Will is all alone! Shining Wizard from Nick in the corner, then he whips Will. Will holds ropes, dumps Cody out, kicks Nick away, cartwheels to dodge Omega, and swing kicks Matt. Nick returns to SUPERKICK Will out of his springboard, Omega and Cody prop Will back up, Matt gives a SUPERKICK! Cody and Omega do it again, The Young Bucks DOUBLE SUPERKICK!

Cody and Omega hold Will out like a bridge, Nick goes to the apron, cannonball senton!

Nick gets Will up and in the ring, Matt and Nick hit the moonsault splash combo, TWO! Somehow Will survived all those moves. Tag to Omega, the Cleaner stomps away on the Assassin, then slams and elbow drops. TWO, Omega puts on a chinlock. Omega wrenches and squeezes deeply, Will starts to fade. A couple checks from Red Shoes, but then Will revives. Will fires up and fights out, stiff forearm to Omega. Cheap kick from Cody slows Will down, Stunner counter out of the suplex! Will crawls to Chaos, Omega keeps him back, Will slips out of the back suplex to then hit a tilt-o-whirl DDT! Will and Omega reach for their corners, tags to Okada and Cody! Okada gets the Nightmare like he wanted and starts rallying. The Bucks come in, “SUCK IT” jab. “SUCK IT” jabs from Okada who tells the Bucks to “SUCK IT!”

Okada keeps going, but then the Bucks kick low. Double flapjack to the Bucks, Okada kip-up to take the Disaster Kick! Cody sneers as he stalks Okada, Cross Rhodes denied into the Air Raid neckbreaker. Okada tags Mark Briscoe, Omega comes in. The Briscoes deal with both Omega and the Bucks, Omega denies Mark’s waistlock but Mark denies the Dragon Suplex with a Pele. Omega whips Mark, Jay tags in, #DemBoyz run Omega over. Then they take Matt and whip him to a corner, a pair of clotheslines and a boot-dropkick vice in the corner! Chaos is in control at the break!
We return to find Bullet Club on the outside, Jay Briscoe DIVES!

Mark goes to the apron, he takes aim and gives Nick a Cactus Jack elbow drop! Okada wants Will to fly, but The Bucks drag Okada out while Omega intercepts Will. Will gives a backflip dropkick that sends Omega out, then handspring moonsault to FLY!

Will topples the Bullet Club down, Okada returns and goes top rope. Cody stops him before climbing up, but Okada resists a superplex. Will saves Okada to give a punch to Cody. Will climbs up to join Cody, Cody gives Will the Superplex onto the six others!

It’s a mess of wrestlers on the floor, and we are left with Okada and Omega in the ring. Wrestle Kingdom 11 continues again as they brawl with forearms and EuroUppers. Okada gets running, runs into Omega’s chop! Omega runs, but into Okada’s boot. Okada gives the V-Trigger knee! Then to follow up, One Win– no, Okada denies Omega his finisher, goes for the Rain Maker– SUPERKICKS!

Then, Snap Dragon Suplex! The Elite fire themselves up with some slapstick, Okada gets up to get the TRIPLE SUPERKICKS!

Will flies in and takes out the Bucks, Omega whips Will but gets the handspring enziguri. Cody powerslams Will, Mark is armdrag’d and dropped. Jay gives Cody a roaring elbow then jabs away on the Bucks! He fakes out the superkicks to give double clotheslines! Loud chop from Omega to Jay, Okada dropkicks Omega! Jay picks Omega up and puts him on the top rope. Jay climbs up on one corner while Mark on the other, SUPERPLEX! Froggy-Bow! Okada elbow drop! Okada isn’t done there, he calls for the Rainmaker!

Okada stalks Omega, picks him up slowly, whips him out, Omega counters to give the V-Trigger! Okada is rocked, Omega takes aim and– Will Spanish Fly outta nowhere!

Both teams rally for their man, Okada tags Will as Omega tags Cody. Cody rallies on Will, corner to corner is reversed and Will gives the back elbow and a hesitation dropkick. Falcon Arrow, TWO! Will hurries to the top rope, the Bucks go after him but are pushed away. Will takes aim, Shooting Star denied, Cross Rhodes escaped, roll up, TWO. Spinning roundhouse! Cody is staggered, Will springboards, Cross Rhodes! The Bullet Club wins! That entire match was just Too Sweet!


My Thoughts:

While tonight was not new material–anyone who watched Honor Rising via the New Japan Prowrestling World streaming service or went looking for results know how this all turned out–it was great for ROH to air this for American audiences that more than likely did not see it (myself included). Each match was better than the last, and the main event was spectacular. American audiences got a glimpse at what Los Ingobernables de Japon is like, though it was without their enigmatic leader Tetsuya Naito, and it’s always great to see Delirious and Jushin Thunder Liger in a match. The match of Goto and Martinez was great, Goto gets the win but he made Martinez look like a star to the Japanese audience while American fans can understand just how tough Goto is from his match with the monster. Martinez being given this opportunity and to look so strong against a NJPW icon like Goto is big, it shows both ROH and NJPW understand what they have in him, and as I said before he could make a run at the ROH World TV title and believably come away as champion. Then that eight man main event itself, the Bullet Club always has great chemistry within itself and with their opponents, they did so much that it really did feel on a PPV level. The Bullet Club goes over to maintain an air of dominance between both promotions but they also did a spectacular job of tying in Omega’s struggle against Okada, making the Rainmaker himself the top obstacle for the Cleaner in NJPW.

My Score: 8/10

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