Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Report! (5/29/17)




-Six Man Tag Match: Dean Ambrose & The Hardys VS Cesaro, Sheamus & The Miz w/ Maryse; Ambrose & The Hardys win.

-Elias Samson VS Zac Evans; Samson wins.

-Triple Threat Match: Finn Balor VS Samoa Joe VS Bray Wyatt; Joe wins.

-Rich Swann w/ Sasha Banks VS Noam Dar w/ Alicia Fox; Swann wins.

-Kalisto VS Titus O’Neil w/ Apollo Crews; Titus wins.

-Austin Aries & Jack Gallagher VS TJP & Neville; Aries & Gallagher win.

-Roman Reigns VS Seth Rollins; Reigns wins.



On this Memorial Day, WWE and Monday Night Raw pay tribute and honor our nation’s fallen soldiers. “It doesn’t take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle.” For every freedom we have today, those men and women paid the ultimate price, and on this day, we thank them for that sacrifice.


The Miz and Maryse come to the ring for a Memorial Day edition of Miz TV. The It Couple is feeling “real good” today, because they know that at Sunday The Miz will face Dean Ambrose for the WWE Intercontinental Championship and take that title back. Miz earned an opportunity weeks ago, but Ambrose got disqualified. Miz demanded another match, and got it under special rules so that if Dean got disqualified again, Dean will lose the title! Miz uses video evidence from last week to support his argument when The Miz got Dean disqualified by attacking The Drifter. The Miz promises to become the SEVEN time Intercontinental Champion. As for tonight, Miz has “future” Raw Tag Team Champions as his guests, he has Cesaro and Sheamus!

Six days from challenging The Hardy Boyz for the Raw Tag Team Championship, Cesaro & Sheamus are guests on "Miz TV."

The Swiss Cyborg and the Celtic Gladiator will face The Hardy Boyz on Sunday in a Steel Cage Match, but they are the two hardest working superstars in the WWE, second to Miz. These two earned their opportunity at Wrestlemania, only for it to be stolen by the Hardys’ return. The worst part of it is that the fans all turned on Cesaro just because Matt and Jeff were back. The fans shout “DELETE DELETE DELETE” but that only proves Sheamus right about how “fickle” the WWE Universe can be. Cesaro and Sheamus vow to get those titles back at Extreme Rules. Miz knows that feeling, how the fans do not see the greatness in the three of them. Miz made the IC title something, and his comeback tour will begin this Sunday! But with all the mentioning of his name, Dean Ambrose comes out!

Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose decides to crash "Miz TV."

His response to all of this was going to be rushing the ring, but he sees three “buttheads” and wants them to shut their mouths. The fans would like Ambrose to do just that. But 3v1 is not favorable. Dean knows that, he ain’t stupid. The Hardy Boyz appear! They rush the ring and fight off Miz, Cesaro and Sheamus! As well as the chairs! The champions stand tall in the ring, how will their challengers respond?

Six Man Tag Match

Dean Ambrose & The Hardys VS Cesaro, Sheamus & The Miz w/ Maryse!

Well here’s a response by GM Kurt Angle: a match! The Hardys double team Cesaro, TWO, Jeff keeps Cesaro down with a snapmare and dropkick. Jeff brings Cesaro over, tags Matt, and they target the arm with an elbow. Sheamus distracts the ref, Matt hits Sheamus, Cesaro hits Matt. Tag to Miz and both Miz and Cesaro stomp Matt out. Tag to Sheamus, he keeps Matt in their corner, Miz gets a cheap shot, Sheamus runs Matt over, TWO. Sheamus puts Matt in a chinlock, the fans rally for Matt and he fights out. Sheamus rams Matt with a knee and stops him flat, embracing the heat. Sheamus gets Matt in the Bodhrain and drums a couple beats before trolling the fans. Tag to Cesaro, he clotheslines Matt in and then gives an elbow drop, TWO. Back to the chinlock for Matt, the fans rally again, Matt tries to fight out but Cesaro boots Jeff down. Back body drop, tag to Ambrose! The Lunatic Fringe rallies on Cesaro! Then he gives a hit and a slingshot clothesline to Miz! Hotshot for Cesaro, jumps over and goes for Dirty Deeds but is denied. Ambrose catches Cesaro by surprise, Sheamus tags in but Ambrose is raedy for him! Sheamus ends up outside, Ambrose builds speed but Cesaro trips him up. Jeff takes Cesaro out, Ambrose reverses Sheamus into a sunset flip, TWO! Neckbreaker from Ambrose to Sheamus, then Ambrose goes up top. Miz distracts, Sheamus catches Ambrose with a knee and Ambrose tumbles down! The Hollywood-Swiss-Celtic union is in control as we go to a commercial break.

We return as Miz begins to parody Daniel Bryan again with those Yes Kicks. Miz goes for the buzzsaw, Dean rolls him up, TWO. Miz boots Ambrose down, TWO again, so Miz pulls Ambrose over and tags Cesaro. Ambrose is isolated with a whip corner to corner but Ambrose dodges to let Cesaro tumble all the way out. Miz goes after Ambrose, but is sent out of the ring as well. Ambrose continues towards the Hardys but Miz trips up Jeff and Matt retaliates. Tag to Sheamus, he and Cesaro give Ambrose the assisted White Noise, TWO! Sheamus is shocked and angry, he puts Ambrose in a corner and rams a shoulder. Sheamus sets Ambrose on the top rope, the fans rally for him as Sheamus prepares another move. Ambrose resists and knocks Sheamus down. Ambrose fires himself up and gets up top, flying elbow! Ambrose scrambles and crawls, Sheamus tags Cesaro. Cesaro pulls Ambrose away from the Hardys, Ambrose hits the Lunatic Lariat! Cesaro tags Miz, Ambrose tags Jeff! Jeff rallies on Miz, atomic drop to the signature leg drop! Low dropkick on top before Twist– no, Miz denies. Matt tags in, Poetry in Motion!

Miz staggers into the Side Effect! Sheamus breaks the pin! Jeff gives the Twist of Fate stunner, Cesaro runs Jeff over. Dirty Deeds for Cesaro and a FLYING Lunatic for Sheamus! Matt and Miz are fighting, big Twist of Fate! Tag to Jeff, Swanton Bomb! Ambrose and the Hardys win big momentum for Extreme Rules!


After the Six Man Tag, Corey Graves gets a message on his phone and abruptly leaves. What could it be that made the Savior of Misbehavior take off without an explanation?

GM Kurt Angle is shown the very same message. “A disgrace and an embarrassment to the WWE”? Is this a joke?! Sadly, no. Corey is on Angle’s side, Angle’s a great GM! How did Corey get this? People trust him with things, and Corey wants to help Angle. Because if this is true, it will ruin him. Just what news has come to light?


Elias Samson VS Zac Evans!

The Drifter sings about the “A-List favor” he must repay. “What it needs is what I am”. This local South Carolina boy drew the short straw as Samson picks him up with one arm and throws him down! Samson toys with Evans, standing on his head while putting on a wristlock. Evans uses chops but Samson just knocks him over and then runs him over. Samson bullies Evans against the ropes, the ref backs him down, Samson throws Evans upside-down at the buckles. Samson keeps on Evans at the apron, ramming his head and chest off the apron edge. Samson uses the post to bend Evans backwards. Running knee in the ring, then Samson finishes him with the swinging neckbreaker. Samson wins, but just how will he repay that apparent favor?


Backstage interview with Samoa Joe. In tonight’s triple threat, Joe sees it as taking on the devil you know and the devil you don’t know, as Joe has faced Balor multiple times in NXT. Bray Wyatt then interrupts to confirm that he is indeed the “devil that you don’t know.” Bray knows Joe, he is reckless and blind. Bray’s eyes are wide open. He sees Joe’s future, and a future where Lesnar continues to run wild. Only one can defeat this Beast, and that is Wyatt himself. Bray is prepared to wage war for eternity. Bray will make the other four give in to the fears, “and run!”

Triple Threat Match

Finn Balor VS Samoa Joe VS Bray Wyatt!

Finn Bálor is embraced by the WWE Universe as he prepares for the Triple Threat Match.

At the end of last week’s Raw, the leader of Balor Club asked to fight either the Samoan Destroyer or the Eater of Worlds, GM Kurt Angle said he’d be getting both. Now, just days before the Extreme Rules Fatal 5 Way, these three give us all just a taste of the chaos to come. No one makes a move at the bell, Bray slips out of the ring, so Balor takes the fight to Joe. Joe jabs back, backing Balor into a corner, and giving a sharp chop. Joe whips Balor corner to corner, Balor slips out of the way to swing kick Joe, Bray applauds. Balor throws Joe at Bray, Bray gets thrown into the ring. Bray glares at Joe, but then turns his attention to Balor. They brawl, Bray putting Balor on his knees before Balor fights back. Balor grinds his arm in Bray’s face and gives an elbow to the gut, Bray boots back. Balor kicks Bray off the top rope, Joe breaks the pin. Joe headbutts Balor and gives him knees to take Balor off his feet. Joe throws Balor out, then turns his attention to Bray. Balor comes back and attacks Joe, Bray attacks Balor. Bray throws Balor out, targets Joe, but Balor won’t stay away. He keeps on Bray, stomping him in a corner, then gives Joe a chop of his own. Bray gets back at Balor, whips him, they speed up, body check from Bray flattens Balor. Bray drags Balor up just to punch him down, then gives him a throat chop and uppercut into a corner. Bray puts Balor on the top rope but Balor fights back now. Joe returns and clubs Bray. Bray is thrown out, Joe chops Balor and climbs up top with him. Balor denies the superplex, Bray comes in, Tower of Pain! Joe is bombed while Balor is suplexed, and Bray stands tall as he does his spider walk. Joe denies Sister Abigail with the Kokina Klutch! Bray fades, Balor revives, Balor boots Joe in the head. Balor keeps stomping Joe, Joe gets out, so Balor gives Bray a good kick. He builds speed, FLYING BALOR! Bray and Joe are down as we go to a commercial.

Bálor launches himself over the top rope and onto both of his adversaries.

We return as Joe and Bray work together on Balor now, double whip off the ropes leading into double shoulders. They sit Balor up and give him kicks on both sides, Joe then chokes Balor against ropes. Joe lets Bray do the same, then Bray lets Joe jab away at Balor. Balor fires up and fights back against both men with forearms and chops. Balor gives elbows to Joe, Bray squashes them both in a corner. Bray throws Balor to one corner and lets Joe bulldoze him, then Joe sits Balor up for Bray’s turn. Fans jeer Bray and Joe, Balor fires up again. It’s a 2v1 brawl, but an atomic drop and boot before a back senton flattens Balor all over again. Bray sees that back senton and gives Balor one of his own. Joe grins as he goes for another, Bray spins and hits Joe with the lariat! Bray gets Joe out of the ring with a dismissive kick, yurinagi escaped! PELE! Everyone is down, the fans rally for Balor. Balor stirs and gets to a corner. He boots Bray away, elbows him down and rallies with forearms. Joe comes back in and runs Balor right over before squashing and PELE to Bray! Joe lines things up with Balor, Balor throws him out. Balor knocks Bray out, gives Joe a sliding dropkick and then the apron Penalty Kick! Balor sees Bray, and blasts him into a barrier with a dropkick! He then goes around the corner to do the same to Joe! Balor is all fired up again and puts Joe in the ring. The fans are loving it as Balor gives Joe a running chop int he corner. Then a running chop in the next corner, but a yurinagi from Joe in the third corner! Joe drags Balor up, sleeper hold! Balor uses the corner for leverage to get out, then a quick double stomp. Bray returns, Balor sees him coming but still gets caught. Balor slips out of Sister Abigail to give another double stomp. Joe gets up, denies the Slingblade to throw Balor overhead! Joe stalks Bray, spider walk from outta nowhere.

Joe is spooked, SISTER ABIGAIL! But Bray doesn’t see Balor, he gets clubbed from behind and then a Slingblade for him. Blasting dropkick, then Balor climbs up top… COUP DE GRACE!

Bálor lands the Coup de Grace on Wyatt...

Joe returns, throws Balor into the post, gets the pin and steals the win! Taking advantage is a big part of such matches, can Joe do this again in a five man match?


Backstage interview with Seth Rollins. The Architect will face the Big Dog tonight 1v1, someone he is very familiar with. They’ve been friends, they’ve been enemies, it’s complicated. Rollins knows that going against him always promises a war, but every time Rollins comes out the winner. Why would tonight be that different? Rollins has turned his biggest weakness, his injured knee, into his biggest and strongest weapon and will change the course of history once again.


Rich Swann w/ Sasha Banks VS Noam Dar w/ Alicia Fox!

The Outlandish One and the Boss have both had their issues with the Scottish Supernova and his Foxy Lady, so Sunday at Extreme Rules, it will be a mixed tag to settle things in one swift go. As for tonight, Swann and Dar go 1v1 as just a sampler of that match. Dar gets an ambush on Swann at the bell and throws Swann into buckles. Swann fires back but is whipped to a corner, he goes up and over only to be brought down by an arm wrench. Dar keeps on that arm, hammerlock stomp to tweak the elbow. Dar scrapes at Swann’s face and then tortures that arm again. Swann fires up and fights back but can’t get away from that armlock. Dar covers, Swann kicks out right away, Dar kicks that bad arm. Dar puts Swann into another armlock, Swann gets things into a corner but Dar won’t honor the ropebreak until he’s had plenty of time to pull that arm around ropes. Swann elbows Dar back, then drop toehold into the ropes, Swann starts swinging on Dar. Swann hits the front flip leg drop, TWO! Swann gives Dar another kick, drags him into position and climbs up. Fox distracts, Banks trips her! Phoenix Splash, Swann wins! Can these two pull of similar teamwork this Sunday?


Backstage interview with The Revival. Dash Wilder still has his jaw wired shut, but Scott Dawson speaks for him that these two “Top Guys” will be back soon enough. They’re asked if they know anything about Enzo Amore being ambushed. Oh they must be the guys to do it, right? Is that what she’s implying? Well while they haven’t been in the ring, they have been backstage. Video evidence proves it. Oh. Um… Well yeah, they were at Raw, they were just doing “Top Guy Things”. Enzo is a bottom feeder, The Revival doesn’t care about, and no one else should either. Does that really clear them of suspicion? Or are the Top Guys really innocent this time? Corey Graves makes an off-hand comment, Big Cass confronts him! How dare he accuse Cass of beating up someone who is essentially a brother to him? Corey apologizes, and the investigation continues on.


Kalisto VS Titus O’Neil w/ Apollo Crews!

After overly coaching Apollo into a loss, the man behind Titus Brand goes against the Lucha Dragon to personally #MakeitaWin. Titus grabs Kalisto frmo the bell and throws him tot he ropes, Kalisto retaliates with handspring roundhouse. Kalisto keeps kicking, TItus gives him a knee. Kalisto is whipped to the corner, goes up and over and dropkicks Titus down. Spike Huricanrana and Kalisto is fired up! Kalisto goes for but is denied the Solina del Sol, and then his wheelbarrow is turned into a pin. Titus holds tights! Titus wins! Apollo saw the tights, but Titus brushes that aside because it was still a win. Selfie time!


Raw Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss, comes to the ring.

Little Miss Bliss proceeds to mock the No. 1 contender in "Bayley: This is Your Life!"

The Goddess of Raw will have a Kendo Stick on a Pole match against “everyone’s favorite human sock puppet.” As such, Alexa wishes to present a special edition of “This is Your Life” to her Huggable Contender to show that Bayley can’t get violent. Last week was the beginning, as when Bayley had a kendo stick, she couldn’t even use it on Alexa. Alexa dug deep into Bayley’s past and is now putting it on display for the WWE Universe. First: Bayley’s first ever doll, that she had ever since she was 2 and probably still plays with regularly. Second: a trophy for… being best in sportsmanship? Seriously? Wow… Third: a high school yearbook! Bayley was Most Likely to Apologize. Yeah that totally fits. But who needs all this when you have people who know Bayley! Like, her fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Flapper! Bayley was so nice, perfect attendance and always front row, next to her father. What? Her father was in the room? She couldn’t bear to be away from him, Bayley would cry. How embarrassing! Moving on, it’s Bayley’s former best friend, Tracy! What was that like? Bayley was so nice, but naive about it, too. She’d do other people’s homework, take the blame for someone else’s mistake, but then “that” happened. So what was “that”? Tracy wanted to go to the mall or the pool, Bayley just wanted to watch WWE. Whoa whoa, Bayley didn’t want to do anything else? Kidding, we all know that, everyone has said it. And lastly, we have Bayley’s ex-boyfriend, Phil! What was it like dating Bayley? Bayley was so nice– Phil, c’mon, cut to the chase. What was that very first date like? It was… okay. A little strange. She brought her dad along everywhere. And just when he thought he was going to kiss her goodnight, nothing happened, and her dad was in the way! No way, really? Yeah. But Phil only dated Bayley to get with Tracy. Really? No way…! Phil and Tracy kiss! Bayley has had enough of this farce, she comes out!

Bayley hits the scene...

And rushes the ring! Alexa pounces on her, but Bayley trips Alexa. Bayley tackles Alexa, but then Alexa gives that stiff right. Bayley stays up and gives a back suplex! Bayley sees all the mocking items on the table, stalks Alexa, and sees that kendo stick! She climbs up the pole but Alexa trips her up! Alexa takes a hidden stick from under the table, and… SMACK!

Little Miss Bliss once again nails Bayley with the Kendo stick.


Bayley rolls out of the ring in pain, Goddess Alexa holds her title up high. Will this be the way it is on Sunday?

Alexa will defend her Raw Women's Championship against Bayley at WWE Extreme Rules in a Kendo Stick on a Pole Match on Sunday.


Enzo Amore was once again attacked off-screen! Big Cass shows up again, and assumes it was The Revival. Angle says Dash & Dawson left long before this, but Cass doesn’t care, the math adds up in his mind. Angle wants Cass to calm down so he can handle this, Cass says he isn’t leaving Enzo alone. Enzo revives, still doesn’t recall who did it, and must again be helped by medics to even stand up. Who did this to the Certified G?


Austin Aries & Jack Gallagher VS TJP & Neville!

Though the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived and The King of the Cruiserweights will face of 1v1 in a Submission Match for the title, they team with their respective allies once more to fight for momentum. Aries wants to start, Neville doesn’t. TJP is fine with taking on A-Double, and eggs him on with dabbing.


Aries kicks and clubs TJP, tag to Gallagher. Gallagher brings TJP down with a headlock but TJP slips out to put on his own. Gallagher uses a handstand to walk out of the hold, then whips TJP. TJP keeps up the speed, takes Gallagher down but is thrown with the crossed bodyscissors. TJP backs Gallagher down, tag to Neville, Neville taunts Aries as he throws Gallagher to a corner. Extraordinary Headstand keeps Neville back, then a dropkick knocks him down. Headlock takedown, but Neville powers out. Gallagher slips under, tag to Aries! Aries dares Neville to fight him, and even fires up the crowd. Neville backs down again to get the crowd to boo instead. The King shouts that he fights on his time as we go to break.

We return, and Neville stalks The Extraordinary Gentleman. He throws Gallagher to a corner and grinds a boot into his face before taunting the crowd. Neville drags Gallagher up to put him in a snapmare and then dropkick Gallagher in the back of the head. Neville grinds a knee into Gallagher as he continues to taunt Aries. Neville dares Aries to come after him, but it’s Gallagher’s headbutts to the gut that back the King down. Neville denies the tag by driving Gallagher’s face into the mat. Neville taunts the crowd again and embraces the heat before giving sharp stomps to Gallagher. Neville wants the crowd to jeer and boo. He tags TJP and lets the FilAm Flash continue on with a slingshot senton. TWO, so TJP dabs and scrapes a shoe on Gallagher’s face. Hammerlock and chinlock, TJP stretches Gallagher. Gallagher tries to get to his feet, TJP brings him back down with a headlock. The fans rally for Gallagher, Gallagher gets up and fights back. TJP knocks him down with a kitchen sink knee and then a cheap shot to Aries, Aries kicks the pin dead. TJP stretches Gallagher’s face by raking the eyes and nose. TJP keeps on Gallagher with an armbar, then a chinlock, but the fans rally again for Gallagher. Gallagher suplexes TJP but TJP slips out and pulls hair. Extraordinary Headbutt! Gallagher and TJP are both down, but they both manage tags! Aries rallies on Neville, ear clap and chops! Aries is stopped with a back kick but he dodges the enziguri. Shinbreaker suplex, TWO! Aries tries Last Chancery but a jawbreaker from Neville denies that. Aries hits a forearm but is tripped up by TJP! Gallagher trips TJP up! Neville runs in but is thrown out onto TJP and Gallagher, Aries DIVES! He hits both Neville and TJP down, his bad knee gives him a bit of trouble but he keeps going. Aries gets Neville in the ring, goes top rope, but misses the missile dropkick. Neville wants a phoenix splash but misses, Last Chancery!


Neville taps, Aries wins one for his team! If Aries can do that again, Neville will finally be dethroned!

Neville is interviewed backstage. Is he concerned for the title match this Sunday? Neville is at a loss for words, he just storms off.


Goldust has another message for R-Truth. “We all go a little mad, sometimes.” It takes a lot to make someone snap, Goldust knows. R-Truth was only holding Goldust back from the spotlight. Tsk tsk, selfish Truth. Goldust will end this “film”, and it won’t be a happy or sad one. It will be… a golden ending. But wait, R-Truth takes over! “What’s Up Studios” would like to say that he can play Goldust’s game. Movies were an escape, like Shaft. And just like Shaft, Truth is a “bad motha SHUT YO MOUTH.” Truth is coming for Goldy, and “you gonna get got!” Which blockbuster will kick off the Summer at Extreme Rules?


Backstage interview with Roman Reigns. He knows what Rollins has said, but let’s make something clear: Not even “Seth Freakin’ Rollins” can own him. This is his yard, and he’s going to keep it that way.

Roman Reigns VS Seth Rollins!

The Big Dog and the Architect have had their ups and downs, teamed together and faced each other, and go one more time 1v1 before plunging into Extreme Rules’ titular match all for a chance to face The Beast. The two tie up right away, but neither man backs down so they separate. Roman and Rollins circle each other before tying up again, Rollins getting the waistlock. Roman can’t get free, but kicks out of the roll-up pin, and the two circle each other again. Rollins gets another waistlock that he turns into an armlock, Roman turns it around on him, Rollins rolls and handsprings to make that a takedown, standing moonsault! Roman kicks out and slips out of the ring, Rollins gives him his breather. Roman takes his time before getting in the ring, they circle each other one more time, the fans duel loudly and Roman gets his first waistlock on Rollins. Roman sends Rollins running at the ropes, goes for the Samoan Drop but Rollins slips down. Roman bucks Rollins off and knocks him down with an uppercut. Rollins rolls out of the ring, Roman pursues and then throws Rollins into the barrier. Rollins gets back in the ring, Roman sets him on the apron, Drive By Dropkick puts Rollins right into the post!

Roman smirks at Rollins, then skips locking and loading to go right to the battle cry. Rollins blocks the spear with a kick! Rollins clotheslines Roman out, slingshots on top! The Architect is fired up as we go to a commercial break.

We return right as Rollins is whipped into the barrier. Roman gets Rollins back in the ring and stalks Rollins into a corner before whipping Rollins hard corner to corner. Roman seems to be toying with Rollins at this point as he just follows Rollins into another corner. Roman unloads with those short range clotheslines, then brings Rollins out to gain speed for a big boot to the side of Rollins’ head. Roman locks and loads this time, Rollins mule kicks it away! Complete Shot into a buckle, then Rollins springs up to Slingblade Roman down. Rollins slowly fires up, he gives Roman a forearm in the corner and then goes all the way from the other corner for another. Rollins goes to suplex Roman but is denied by his own ribs. Rollins gets going with a dropkick that sends Roman out, builds more speed and DIVES! Rollins drags Roman back into the ring and goes to the corner. Springboard– SUPERMAN PUNCH! Roman crawls to a pin, TWO! Roman’s a bit surprised by that, but he won’t let that slow him down. He goes to a corner, lets out the battle cry, and– roll up counter! TWO! Mule Kick! TWO! Rollins fires up again, goes back to the corner to climb up top. Roman revives to uppercut Rollins, then slowly climbs up to join him. Roman wants a Samoan Drop, Rollins slips to sunset flip and running powerbomb to the other corner! SUPERMAN PUNCH outta nowhere!

Both men are down, the fans are fired up, and a ten count begins. Rollins has gotten to the apron but drops down to the floor. Roman sees this, rolls out and runs around the ring to gain speed for… Rollins to side step and send him into steel steps! Rollins gets Roman to the ring, goes up to the second rope and hits the blockbuster, TWO! Rollins is shocked but won’t stop, he goes up top for the Frog Splash! TWO! The fans duel again, Rollins tells Roman he has Roman’s number. He positions Roman, goes back to the corner, Phoenix Splash– no, Rollins has to roll out but he does stop the Spear! Uppercut from Roman, Pele from Rollins, KING– SPEAR!!

... but Reigns battles back to take down The Kingslayer with a devastating Spear.

Roman wins! The Big Dog finally gets one over on Rollins, but it took a battle to do it. Will either man win the war of extreme this Sunday?



My Thoughts:

Raw surely meant well with tonight’s go-home show.  They planned ahead by announcing their “double main event” matches last week, but they didn’t really make the rest of the card quite stack up. The Miz TV segment becoming a Six Man Tag was great, though, with Ambrose and the Hardys making a great team. Following that up with Elias Samson and his cryptic song, there might be a chance The Drifter is the thing to disqualify Ambrose in Miz’s favor as opposed to the usual “Maryse helps Miz win” kind of finish. This could really make for a fresh take on this rivalry, and Samson could easily become the foil to whoever the IC champion is (if Miz has it, make Samson Face because fans liked his random appearances backstage; if Ambrose has it, keep Samson Heel and just make him and Ambrose go to their own extreme lengths against each other). Then things kept rolling into the Triple Threat, aka “first main event”, and while not a fast paced triple threat like the Miz-Rollins-Balor match from weeks ago, it was a strong match that really built upon past interactions, such as when Bray and Joe worked together as they did in last week’s tag match. Joe goes over in that match to show how strategic and opportunistic he can be, but chances are it also sets things up so that it won’t be him at Extreme Rules. Joe VS Lesnar almost feels too good to be happening this soon, it won’t really hurt the Samoan Destroyer to wait a bit longer.

Then it’s nice to see WWE is working on some sort of crossover of Raw and 205 Live. It isn’t with having a Cruiserweight face a non-Cruiserweight, though, but a mixed tag sprouting from the Swann-Dar-Fox story isn’t so bad. Maybe this is merely the first step to truly opening up the Cruiserweight Division on Raw. Also nice to see The Revival is back and Raw is building the suspense of “who attacked Enzo?” I still fear an “It was me, Austin!” happening with Cass, but it would be the logical end with how things are unfolding. The only real low point was that “This is Your Life!” segment. Alexa Bliss parading supposed memories from Bayley’s life was mind-numbing it was so trite and cliche of “I’m the mean girl at school making fun of the other girls”. Alexa Bliss is so much better than that and yet that’s what WWE stuck her with for tonight, all but killing the buzz of the rest of this episode. Though perhaps it was exactly what was needed as Bayley’s appearance got everyone to pop… Either way, this high school drama kind of way Alexa is making fun of Bayley just doesn’t feel up to Alexa’s level. The Cruiserweights somehow got things back on track in-ring and then the main event got the crowd really excited as Rollins and Roman did great with the back and forth. Roman wins because, oh I dunno, Vince likes that, but also because it makes sense that after all this time, and with Rollins even bringing up how he’s never lost to Roman, Roman finally gets one so that his power levels continue to grow.

My Score: 7.5/10

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