#EnzoAttacks: Should WWE Turn Big Cass Heel?

Last week we began a story that Enzo Amore was attacked by an “unknown assailant.” Odds are, this is probably just a setup for the return of The Revival. However, this is prime opportunity for what I have been waiting for…the breakup of Enzo and Cass.

They can drag out the assaults for a few weeks, only to finally reveal that Big Cass was the one behind it the whole time. I have been calling for the storyline that Cass eventually gets fed up with Enzo because they have never won any tag titles going back to NXT, and he can blame Enzo’s gift of gab as the foil. He has excelled in singles competition while Enzo was injured last year, and he is ready for a strong push. You know Enzo will sell one hell of a beating from Cass in the ring, and it will make Cass look like a badass heel.

And we already know he has the look Vince loves. 7 foot tall. (And you can’t teach that!) Cass could be a poster boy for WWE. The next coming of Diesel. Now while I don’t expect Enzo to become a Shawn Michaels, he will certainly make Cass look great in his coming out feud, thus giving Cass the opportunity for a huge run.

Enzo and Cass

Big Cass Won’t Be Standing Behind Enzo Amore For Long.

Imagine if they gave Cass a shot at Brock Lesnar and the Universal Championship? Give him one shot while we’re in this holding pattern waiting for the Lesnar/Reigns/Strowman battles.

Think about when Jeff Hardy got his chance against The Undertaker. Hardy went toe to toe with the Deadman, took him to the brink of defeat, but came up just short. Jeff was made a singles superstar in that moment.

If they gave Cass a chance to take Lesnar to the limit, but come up just short, he would be an immediate superstar. Give Cass that same opportunity, and let’s watch the next superstar be born. Then reveal him as the assailant to Enzo…and his heel run is off to the races.

The next question then becomes “Where do we go with Cass?” The title picture on Raw is very crowded. Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman seem to be the front-runners, with Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe, and Bray Wyatt standing right behind. Finn Balor is also fighting alongside these giants. Smackdown seems to be the best place for the young stars to be groomed, but we are long past the draft. There is always the ability to make a trade down the road. Cass being a surprise entrant in the Money in the Bank match would be very intriguing. However, he could also stand to make a run with the Intercontinental Championship while we get through Lesnar’s run as Universal champ.

We all know Vince doesn’t keep his big men in the midcard for long, and I think Big Cass is primed for a big run in the WWE. And there’s no more words to describe that. I can’t spell it out for ya!

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