Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Report! (5/30/17)

WWE 205 LIVE! (5/30/17)



-Noam Dar w/ Alicia Fox VS Rich Swann w/ Sasha Banks; Dar wins.

-Cedric Alexander VS Corey Hollis; Alexander wins.

-Mustafa Ali VS Drew Gulak; Gulak wins.



“There is no one on the Neville Level!” The King of the Cruiserweights has obliterated everyone put in front of him, and he did it to Austin Aries twice. But Aries countered by saying Neville hasn’t really defeated Aries at all. Wrestlemania was a rake to the eyes and Payback was a pull on the referee’s shirt. The third meeting between the champion and Greatest Contender Who Ever Lived will be in a Submission match at Extreme Rules. Will Neville continue to reign as king? Or will Aries dethrone him with a tap out?


#DarFox comes to the ring.

The Scottish Supernova lost to The Outlandish One last night on Raw, as his Foxy Lady didn’t get away with distracting thanks to The Legit Boss countering. Sunday will be a mixed tag between the four, but tonight Dar and “Alicia Fooox~” use their love to mock the Atlanta fans. Their love is unbreakable, while Swann and Banks are half-baked “friends with no benefits”. It’ll be sweet revenge on the “insecure” Swann, but then Swann and Banks come out!

“True love”? Where they’re standing, it’s just a hot mess. The friendship Banks and Swann share comes from more than just their dislike of #DarFox. They have similar tastes in dance, in fashion, and in getting payback on Dar and Alicia. Fashion? That? Please. At least Alicia didn’t get no bootleg Atlanta weave. Weaves? At least the track ain’t showing! The women are ready to fight tonight but this match is for the men.

Noam Dar w/ Alicia Fox VS Rich Swann w/ Sasha Banks!
A rematch from last night, Swann and Dar start with a brawl that goes Swann’s way. Swann bumps Dar off buckles then gives him a nice chop. Dar staggers into a corner, Swann gives another chop and then keeps on Dar against the ropes. Swann whips Dar, Dar slips out of the ring, Swann pursues to club him down. Alicia and Sasha start jawing, Swann gets Dar in the ring, front flip over Dar to then dropkick him down. TWO, and Dar gets to a corner. Swann rushes in, is put on the apron, a kick sweeps the legs and Swann bounces off the apron. Alicia and Dar are both “happily” cheering that move, Dar then goes out to give Swann a punch before putting him back in the ring. Dar stomps on Swann and taunts Sasha, then tortures the arm of Swann. Sasha gets the crowd going for Swann, Swann gets to his feet but then gets dropped with a back suplex. TWO, Dar is getting frustrated. The fans rally for Swann but Dar keeps Swann down. Dar wraps that arm around the ropes to wrench the elbow, but lets up in time for the five count. Shoulderbreaker and a takedown, TWO, Dar doesn’t let go of that arm. Dar sits on the hammerlock to taunt Sasha again. Dar even hooks Swann’s nose. Dar bumps Swann off a buckle and then whips corner to corner, but Swann goes up and over only to get run over by a back elbow. TWO, Dar and Alicia are both upset with the ref. Swann starts fighting back from the mat but a European Uppercut knocks him back down. Dar stretches Swann back with a chinlock, Sasha gets the crowd fired up again, Swann slips out of a back suplex to give a back suplex! Both men down, one more rally from the fans, Swann is up to get a boot from Dar. Dar goes second rope, No Hands Huricanrana throws him off!

Swann fires up, takes aim and gives a sharp back kick before the front flip leg drop!

TWO, and Swann is a bit shocked. Swann goes for a rolling thunder splash but meets knees! TWO, and Dar is immediately frustrated again. Sasha gets the fans going one more time, Dar picks Swann up but gets caught into a small package, TWO. Dar and Swann brawl, Dar ducks an enziguri to put on an ankle lock! Swann rolls and sends Dar way out, then builds speed but Ailcia trips him up! Sasha saw that, so she and Alicia throw down on the outside!

As the catfight results with a bit of Alicia’s weave coming out and then Sasha knocking her down with one hard slap, Swann misses his corner attack to then run into the Supernova Shinind Wizard!

Dar wins! The series is tied 1-1, so it all comes down to this Sunday’s mixed tag! Will “love” conquer all or will friendship prove stronger than a hot mess?


Backstage interview with Cedric Alexander. The WWE Universe is buzzing about his return, but what does the Carolina Kid think of #DarFox? Cedric believes in karma, so those “Extreme Fools” will get what they deserve. Fox is a black widow and Dar is a snake, but Cedric doesn’t want to rehash the past. Cedric is going to make up for lost time.

Cedric Alexander VS Corey Hollis!
Cedric is back on 205 Live but NXT’s Bruiserweight is looking to capitalize on possible rust. Cedric and Hollis tie up, Hollis gives a shoulder breaker but Cedric rolls and handsprings out to then armdrag Hollis. Hollis goes for a headscissor but Cedric handsprings through that to then dropkick Hollis. Hollis gets to a corner and uses the ropes as defense, Cedric backs off but a big right from Hollis rocks Cedric. Hollis chop blocks that bad knee, Hollis pounces. Hollis stomps away, the ref backs him down, but Hollis stalks Cedric and pulls him up. Snapmare into a straitjacket hold, Cedric fires up even with a knee in his back. Cedric throws Hollis off, gives a knee to stun him, then catches a kick to give a stiff back elbow. Handspring enziguri sets up for a springboard flying clothesline! Cedric is still fired up, so he picks Hollis up for a Lumbar Check!

Cedric wins! Can he get on a roll to go after that Cruiserweight title?


Mustafa Ali VS Drew Gulak!

The Pakistani Prince has been plagued by the politics and underhanded attacks of the anti-flying Philly Fury. One more time, these two pit their opposing styles and opinions against each other to see who is best for 205 Live. And just as Gulak is trying to establish his No Fly Zone, Ali DIVES!

Ali does away with the signs and slogans and gets Gulak in the ring. The ref stops Ali, the match has to start officially. Gulak says he’s alright, though he looks dazed, so the bell rings and a brawl begins. Gulak shoves Ali away but Ali’s right back on him. Gulak swings, Ali knocks him down. Ali’s whip is reversed but he comes back with a wheel kick and Gulak scrambles out of the ring. Ali pursues and hits a flying knee of the apron!

Ali is fired up while Gulak is in pain. Ali drags Gulak up and keeps on him with strikes. Gulak gets to a barrier and begs for mercy, he instead gets a sharp chop that sends him running to the other side. And then another chop. Gulak gets some grit and gives chops back, but Ali fires another forearm and backs Gulak down again. They get into the ring, Gulak pounces with stomps. Ali ends up in a corner, Gulak whips him corner to corner, but then Ali goes up and over and gives a back elbow. Ali sits onto the top rope, Gulak shoves him down!

Ali tumbles to the floor, and clutches his knee. Gulak lets Ali writhe as the ring count begins. Ali struggles to get up, Gulak decides to go after him. Gulak throws Ali into the ring, then stomps away again. He targets that leg with a swift kick, then a leg DDT. TWO, Gulak wraps Ali in a low abdominal stretch. The fans rally for Ali, Ali fights his way out, Gulak just clubs him down. Gulak gets running, so does Ali, headscissors throws Gulak and then Ali rallies with clotheslines, chops and forearms. Gulak reverses the whip but Ali slips out to the apron to rock Gulak with a roundhouse. Rolling neckbreaker hits for Ali, but that bad leg keeps him from making a cover. Ali gets to the corner, goes top rope, the fans want him to fly! Ali jumps, flying crossbody is rolled over! Gulak gets the surprise win!

Backstage interview with Gulak right after. What does his victory tonight mean? It wasn’t for him, this win was for those among the WWE Universe who believe as he does, that the future of 205 Live should be about “efficiency and class.” Showboating sure didn’t help Ali, Ali lost and needs to finally learn what Gulak has been trying to tell all of us: High Flying doesn’t pay, Staying Grounded is the way. Will Gulak’s campaign grow so strong that it becomes law of the land?


Austin Aries comes to the ring.

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived is set to face The King of the Cruiserweights for the title for the third time, but he would like to point out how his social media has been blowing up. Not just because of his new book Food Fight being on sale, but because for the first time, someone made Neville tap out. It was the “Tap Heard ’round the World”! Last Chancery was locked on, and Neville tapped out. For all his talk of being unstoppable, Neville tapped out. Just in case you weren’t watching on Raw, Aries shows it again. And as such, Aries is confident he will do it to Neville again on Sunday to finally take that title for his own. Wait, does everyone need to see it again? Aries plays it again, specifically the exact moment Neville tapped out. Okay, everyone should’ve seen it. But the fans want to see it again! Well okay then! Let’s once again, in slow-mo, watch Neville tap out. People are making it a big deal, sure, but you have to remember the other times, Neville found loopholes out of tapping. Aries is a bit mad about that, but Neville is mad enough to appear!

Neville says Aries just got lucky last night! But the fans know Neville tapped out. Whatever, it was a one in a million moment, and yet this is how Aries chooses to carry himself? Well that’s no different than the vermin here in Atlanta. Aries, you are a disease in 205 Live! Neville is the cure this Sunday. The fans continue to taunt that “You tapped out!” Neville vows to finally eradicate Aries with “insufferable agony”. This division is NEVILLE’s Kingdom, and Aries has outstayed his welcome. TJP ambushes Aries!

Aries responds with a Discus Five-Arm!

Neville pounces on the bad knee with a dropkick and then stomps away on Aries. Neville ignores the fans taunting “you tapped out!” He gets TJP to get Aries up. Neville demands Aries bend a knee. When Aries refuses, he kicks that knee out! Neville embraces the heat from the fans as he tells Aries this will be the same on Sunday. Aries fights TJP off but Neville drives Aries’ face into the mat. Then puts on the Rings of Saturn!

TJP even stomps on that bad knee at the same time! Aries is bent and bruised by the time the referees appear to back TJP off and pry Neville off of Aries, the fans point out that Aries did NOT tap! Will Neville change that at Extreme Rules? Or will Aries rise up to become the Greatest CHAMPION Who Ever Lived?


My Thoughts:

Something I didn’t realize I was afraid of is happening to 205 Live: it is starting to become the unofficial fourth hour of Raw. By that I mean, what really happened tonight? Half the show related to Raw and Extreme Rules, but it barely contributed to the stories and matches much like Raw last night. Yes it was great to see Sasha Banks on 205 Live, and it was quite fun to see Alicia “snatched bald” by The Boss, but the only thing that happened was 50-50 booking so that Dar wins tonight to stay even with Swann. While WWE was making a big deal out of Sasha showing up tonight, I honestly can’t be sure why I was excited at all. Why did I expect WWE to give us a Women’s Division match on a show meant for Cruiserweights? Maybe Raw should’ve had a match of Sasha VS Alicia with Swann and Dar ringside so that tonight’s match would’ve been the reverse, to play up Sasha having Swann’s back. Wasted opportunity somewhere in all this, that’s all I know. The final segment being Aries rubbing in how he made Neville tap was alright, the fans were into it because that’s how charismatic and beloved Aries is, but we again fall into a trap of 50-50 booking where Aries wins on Raw but Neville stands tall on 205 Live. I’d want Aries to finally get the title, but then there would need to be Neville VS Aries 4 because of the rematch clause promised to Neville. Though, if that were the case, getting it out of the way on a Raw to really gain some support for the Cruiserweight Division might not be so bad.

The rest of 205 Live was fine, though. The match of Dar and Swann itself was still good enough, but these two have faced each other so many times lately that it’s all the same things we’ve seen from them. Hopefully after Extreme Rules, we can be done with the melodrama and move on to integrating underutilized talent like Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado. Cedric Alexander will still be running a squash circuit, but Corey Hollis got some nice air time and could potentially make for a nice addition as a scrappy lower to midcard Heel to give guys like Cedric, Swann, etc. someone to go up against now and again. Time will tell where Cedric will end up, but he has the potential to face Neville or Aries down the line. And the main event match of Gulak and Ali was a lot of fun, as Gulak’s reverse psychology meta is working wonders. I was sure he was seconds away from saying “unnecessary dives” as a reference to that “Orton VS Indies” debacle going on, and it fits perfectly into Gulak’s gimmick. Oddly enough it feels like sky’s the limit for his “No Fly Zone” campaign, he could easily branch out and use that against someone like Aries, who is himself known to dive and fly when the moment calls for it. I wouldn’t say Gulak is championship material as he is, but he could be a Heel “jobber to the stars”, and we all know a certain previous jobber to the stars that shockingly became world champion so never say never.

My Score: 7.5/10

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