DeMarco Wrestling Podcast: Dunne vs Bate, CM Punk Return Garbage, Guide To Jinder

CM Punk Ladder WWE Championship

Greg DeMarco and Patrick O’Dowd are back another DeMarco Wrestling Podcast!

This week the fellas discuss NXT Takeover: Chicago’s WWE UK Championship Match and we learn that Greg seemingly loves Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne a little too much, the internet reads way too far into the WWE posting The Rock vs. CM Punk on YouTube, so Patrick Patrick rips the CM Punk return speculation a brand new one, and finally Raymon Nijjar (@raymonnijjar), the author of The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Jinder Mahal discusses his amazing article. Tune in and don’t miss a minute!

About the show:
The podcasting journey for Greg and Patrick began in 2011 as these two best friends took the air waves to let you share in their opinionated and witte conversations about pro wrestling. What hasn’t changed is the entertaining back-and-forth banter between Greg and Patrick as they discuss the most important topics in the world of professional wrestling!

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