Mitchell’s Ring of Honor Report! (5/27/17)

ROH WRESTLING TV! (Episode 297, 5/27/17)

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-David Starr VS Josh Woods; Woods wins.

-Beer City Bruiser w/ Silas Young VS Jay Lethal; no contest.

-Frankie Kazarian VS Cody (Rhodes); Cody wins.



May 12th, the third night of the War of the Worlds, and Adam Cole lost to Hiroshi Tanahashi. However, the loss wasn’t the worst thing to happen that night. Kenny Omega informed Adam Cole that his “storied” career has just found its villain. Cole was FIRED from Bullet Club with two swift SUPERKICKS from the Bucks and a beating at the hands of the Villain, Marty Scurll! Where does Adam Cole go from here?


The Bullet Club is in Philadelphia!

The Young Bucks and the Hangman, Adam Page, come to the ring to let those who haven’t paid attention, there is a “new era in the Bullet Club!” They shocked the world–aside from those who subscribe to their YouTube channel, Being the Elite. That aside, they welcome their newest member, “probably the most evil person” the Bucks have ever met. He’s The Villain, Marty Scurll!

The Villain, who is still ROH World Television Champion, joins the others in the ring and thanks them for the introduction. They “shocked the frickin’ world” and “caused a spot of bother!” Marty knows the Bucks love a Superkick Party, but it’s time for a Tea Party with Marty! Bring out the tea and crumpets!

That ain’t tea, that’s ADAM COLE BAYBAY! Why have tea parties with Marty when you can have Story Time? For some reason the Bullet Club thought it was a good idea to kick him out. He was their ONLY Three Time ROH WHC, at only 27 years old he IS ROH and the best on the planet. Yet the Bullet Club has made him their enemy. The one thing we can take from this, is that Bullet Club just made the biggest mistake of their lives. Hangman speaks up. The Bucks kicked Cole out of Bullet Club, but Hangman vows to kick him out of ROH! So a match then? Then he’s got one, give it your best shot. When will Hangman and Cole clash?


David Starr VS Josh Woods!

“The Goods” Woods is Mr. Top Prospect 2017 after winning the tournament, but the King of Taunts ambushed him and declared himself THE Product. Now they finally have a match to see who is truly deserving of the spotlight. Starr mockingly shakes Woods’ hands, Woods doesn’t like that little pat on the cheek so he pushes Starr right into a corner and unloads with knee strikes! Starr is a hometown boy so the fans are on his side as he hits a running forearm, but then Woods hits another forearm. Woods is put on the apron, Starr knocks him down with a triangle jump lariat! Starr takes time to taunt, builds up speed, and runs right into Woods’ knee.

Starr tumbles out of the ring, Woods picks him up and throws him with a Fall Away Slam. Woods then picks Starr up to put him on the apron, he stands him up, fireman’s carry, but Starr slips into the ring. Woods ducks the punch, gets in and gives Starr a knee. Starr revives, swings but misses, Woods throws in a shoulder but Starr turns that into an apron DDT!

Starr gets Woods in the ring, gets running, and runs Woods over with a lariat, ONE! Starr has the crowd on his side as he toys with Woods, but Woods grins and hits back. They brawl like this until Woods hits a judo throw. Starr responds with a tilt-o-whirl slam and mule kick, TWO! Into the Yes Lock! Starr scrambles for the ropes and gets the break. Woods lets him go, the fans rally, and another brawl begins while the two are on their knees. Starr toys with Woods a little too soon, those sharp chops do nothing but power Woods up. Woods unleashes knees, a boot is countered with one of Starr’s knees! Starr stalks Woods, misses his blindside discus forearm and is taken down into a kneebar!

Starr backs up to make it a pin, TWO! Starr comes right back but gets strike after strike from Woods, including a big knee to the head. Starr in a corner, comes out with a STIFF forearm and vows to finish this! Woods blocks the German and backs Starr down to give a stiff elbow of his own. Shining Wizard to rolling kneebar, aka the Diendo Bar! Starr taps and Woods wins! Now perhaps Mr. Top Prospect can move on to challenge for that ROH WTV title.


“Punishment” Damien Martinez has been tearing his way through ROH’s roster. Who will be next?


“The Last Real Man” Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser come out to the ring.

Silas vents about “the franchise” Jay Lethal. The self-proclaimed greatest first generation wrestler who gets all the opportunities. But what makes Lethal so special? What makes Lethal think he’s better than Silas Young? Silas beat Lethal clean in Milwaukee, yet Lethal is the victim? Lethal was running his mouth, Silas came along and shut it. Guys like Lethal, Silas has been dealing with them day in and day out. But now Lethal comes out to respond!

Lethal wants Silas to get in the ring and shut his mouth fair and square. Why are they even talking right now? They’re gonna settle their problems in the ring. Get a ref in here, we’re having a match! Prove you’re the last real man, Silas! Whoa, “golden boy” wants something else served up, but Silas says Lethal gets what he gets, and tonight he gets the Bruiser!

Beer City Bruiser w/ Silas Young VS Jay Lethal!

BCB goes right after Lethal and its a brawl from the bell! Lethal backs BCB down but BCB turns that around to punch away on Lethal in the corner. BCB rakes the forehead and eyes, Lethal fights back. BCB whips Lethal corner to corner, Lethal gose up and over but that bad knee slows him down. He still manages to slip under BCB and dropkick him out, Silas accuses Lethal of faking. Lethal pursues BCB and gives him an uppercut. Lethal punches away on BCB, sitting him in a chair at the same time. The fans rally for Lethal, but BCB comes back and returns the punches. A sharp chop from BCB, then he breaks the ring count so they can continue on the outside. Another chop, and Lethal fires back punches and a chop of his own. Lethal puts BCB in another seat in another corner, then runs to Cannonball on the Bruiser!

Bruiser goes down, we go to break as the fans cheer for Lethal.

We return as things return to the ring. Lethal tries a figure four but Bruiser denies, then he chopblocks out the bad leg. BCB stalks Lethal, attacking the leg again. BCB gives Lethal a running body shot in the corner, BCB responds to the chants of “Bruiser Sucks!” before running at Lethal again. Lethal sticks out a leg, Bruiser catche sit and puts it against the ropes to kick the ropes and then hotshot it. BCB keeps on that bad leg, putting his whole weight on it. Lethal fights back as BCB punches the knee. Lethal pushes BCB off, hip toss to cartwheel dropkick! Lethal’s bad leg keeps him from making a cover but the fans rally him to his feet. Lethal gets to a corner, BCB rushes in but Lethal dodges to let BCB hit buckles. Lethal grabs BCB, but the suplex does not work until the fifth or so attempt! Lethal goes top rope now, but BCB rolls out of the ring. Lethal still jumps!

Falling crossbody topples the Bruiser over! Lethal starts a fight with Silas at the announce table, that gets the match thrown out! They take the brawl into the ring, but Lethal is outnumbered. The “real men” stomp away on that damaged knee, Bobby Fish to the rescue!

The Infamous One has his own problems with Silas Young, he won’t let Silas sideline Lethal like that. Silas and Bruiser take their leave, saying they fight on their time. Will Fish and Lethal get revenge on these “real men”?


Flashback to the War of the Worlds main event. The Triple Threat for the ROH WHC saw Daniels fall through a table to leave the Greatest First Generation Wrestler and the American Nightmare fight it out alone, and it got to the point where Cody resorted to a low blow. However, just as Cody was closing in on the win, a BEST MOONSAULT EVER outta nowhere, Daniels retained his title. Cody was beside himself after that loss, what will he do to get back to the title?


Frankie Kazarian VS Cody (Rhodes)!

The American Nightmare feels so disappointed, so cheated, it was supposed to be Cody that shined in the light with that ROH WHC belt. Yet at War of the Worlds, the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels, proved he is “the smartest guy in the room.” Cody sends all the blame to the ROH administration that was afraid a “free agent” would become the top champion. Now he calls to the stand, Colt Cabana. What does Cabana have to do with this? Cody knows what Cabana was saying during the broadcast, and he wants Cabana to repeat it tonight. Specifically when Lethal was in the figure four leg lock and then “Lethal was flat on his back”. AHA! Flat on his back, that means a PIN. It was more than long enough to count– The Heavy Metal Rebel comes out to end this raving and ranting.

The match finally begins, but Cody slips out of the ring to throw Kaz off. Kaz sees him coming back in, clotheslines him out and then gives a slingshot huricanrana!

Kaz throws Cody onto the time keeper’s table then gets in the ring. Cody staggers and gets his jacket off, slips under Kaz’s slingshot but then gets caught in the slingshot leg drop between the ropes, which leads to a slingshot leg drop in the ring! Kaz covers, TWO! Kaz whips Cody, Cody slips under and then out of a back suplex, drop-down eye poke to– no, Kaz denies the Cross Rhodes to snapmare Cody into a swinging neckbreaker. Heavy Metal Rebel in control as we go to commercials.

Upon return, Cody has turned things around and splashes Kaz with someone’s beer!

Kaz staggers back, Cody runs him over with a clothesline, then gets in the ring to mock Daniels’ Almighty General pose. Cody returns to attack Kaz, put him in the ring and keep up the jabs. Cody suplexes Kaz and holds him up for about eight before dropping Kaz on his face. Cody stomps Kaz, headlocks and punches, then goes corner to corner. Kaz rolls him up with a sunset flip, TWO, regular roll up, TWO, Kaz punches Cody into a corner. Corner to corner reversed, Kaz tries to go up and over but ends up in Cody’s Alabama Slam!
Cocky pin from Cody, TWO, so Cody and Kaz brawl. Cody punches Kaz to a corner, corner to corner is reversed, Cody goes over to powerslam, TWO. Cody just lounges, taking Kaz rather lightly. Cody keeps on Kaz with punches, bumps Kaz off buckles, then rakes the face. Cody snapmares, kicks Kaz and puts him in a butterfly lock. The fans rally for Kaz, Kaz uses his legs to get to his feet and then breaks the hold to throw hands. Kaz gets knocked down with a back elbow, Cody taunts the fans with the “belt around the waist.” Cody stomps on Kaz more, then gives more body shots before whipping Kaz to a corner. Kaz slips out, Cody ducks a punch and gives Kaz a Disaster Kick!

Kaz tumbles down, Cody runs to triangle jump but lands on his feet when Kaz isn’t there. Cody rushes at Kaz, Kaz dodges again, an ROH staff member takes the boot!

Kaz rushes in, and crossbody’s Cody onto that staff member!

Everyone is down, including the young employee. A ring count begins, and Kaz slowly stirs. Cody gets moving as well, the count continues as we take one more break.
We return, both men have made it back into the ring and brawl frmo their knees up to their feet. Kaz fires off right hands, ducks Cody’s and hits a springboard back elbow. Kaz whips Cody but is reversed, Cody hangs Kaz up to kick low, then another Beautiful Disaster!

TWO, and Cody is frustrated. Cody stalks Kaz, whips him, Kaz rolls over the back to give a backstabber! Then the Unprettier! Kaz covers, TWO, and now Kaz is getting a little frustrated. Kaz builds speed, Cody rams his knee into him, so Kaz returns the favor with a forearm. Dosey-do results with a slingshot cutter, TWO! Kaz stalks Cody, lining up his shot, and the fans duel as Cody goes for but is denied the Cross Rhodes. Cody wants yet another Disaster but Kaz blocks that and turns it into a modified cross-arm leg lock!

Cody uses his one free leg to kick Kaz and break the hold. Cody gets separation, Kaz runs into his boot, Cody wants it but gets reversed. Kaz wants to steal the move, Cody denies that but then takes Kaz’s bicycle knee! Kaz tries a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker but Cody slips through to hit Cross Rhodes!

Cody wins! He is joined by Hangman Page to celebrate.

Not only that, but Cody gives him permission to go after Kaz! They drag Kaz up, and as they go for Angel’s Wings, Daniels appears to run them off! The ROH WHC is livid, as is Kaz, when will The Addiction and The Bullet Club tangle again?


My Thoughts:

Finally we get some on-air developments towards the biggest development in the Bullet Club in recent years. Everyone has been wondering where Adam Cole would go after being kicked out of the faction, but it’s good to see he’s coming back long enough to get some revenge. His match next week with Adam Page won’t be a blow off, it’ll just be the beginning, with Cole taking on the Hangman, then The Villain and then in the blow off, The Cleaner as the man who fired him. Adam Cole’s unofficial “good bye tour” could make for some amazing matches in the coming weeks.
As for the matches tonight, Woods and Starr had a really good opening match, the Philly Fans were strongly behind their hometown kid but that makes it a touch surprising Starr lost, especially given how his attack on Woods the day of the Top Prospect Tournament finals made him seem so strong. I doubt this is far from over for The Goods and The Product but it is still big for Woods to get the first win. Bruiser and Lethal had a good match and Silas seems to be extending his rivalry with Lethal and Fish as well, there will most certainly be a tag match involving all four of these men. And the main event of Cody and Kaz was great, so much story going into it and clearly no end in sight. I’d even go so far as to say they should have a Six Man Tag of Cole and The Addiction versus Cody, Hangman and Scurll before having the separate blow-offs.

My Score: 8/10

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