Mitchell’s WWE NXT Report! (5/31/17)

WWE NXT! (5/31/17)



-Pete Dunne VS Danny Burch; Dunne wins.

-Andrade “Cien” Almas VS Cezar Bononi; Bononi wins.

-Roderick Strong & Kassius Ohno VS Eric Young & Alexander Wolfe w/ SAnitY; Strong & Ohno win.



Another new opening for NXT to mark the growing power of this promotion!


Tommaso Ciampa comes to the ring, supported on crutches.

The fans asks the Psycho Killer “Why Ciampa Why!?” in reference to the unbelievable beating he gave his own tag team partner and good friend, Johnny Gargano. Ciampa lets the fans vent before speaks, wishing to call Gargano to the ring for a face-to-face explanation. However, Ciampa himself knows Gargano isn’t in Full Sail Arena, because of what he did. Ciampa will let Full Sail know then what it feels like to be replaced. Ciampa has learned more life lessons in two weeks than he had his entire life. It was the moment Ciampa got hurt at a house show that he was worried what would happen come TakeOver: Chicago. He didn’t ask “Would he be ready to perform?” He KNEW he’d be ready, because he and Gargano are both fighters. And yet, the fans starting thinking up “dream partners” for Gargano! Less than a day and the fans made him an afterthought! Ciampa is NOT an afterthought! But Ciampa put that aside, he went to Gargano and assured him DIY would hit Chicago. And then the moment came, they had that battle with AoP. Somewhere in all that, Ciampa had a bad fall. His knee and ankle, something popped. But he didn’t stop fighting, for the sake of the people. For a moment he thought it’d be enough. And when they lost, the fans and Gargano, they are fickle. Gargano would not hestitate to move on, and Ciampa wasn’t going to let that happen. The fans tell Ciampa to “Shut your mouth!” but Ciampa keeps talking. Ciampa blames the fans and blames Gargano for breaking up DIY! So if it was gonna end, Ciampa was gonna make sure Gargano went with him! Ciampa, at 32 years of age, he knows that this ring is NOT replaceable. Ciampa himself is NOT replaceable, neither is Gargano. The FANS are replaceable. Ciampa won’t need the fans’ support, Ciampa promises that when he returns, he will be “the most dangerous SOB in all of NXT!” When will Ciampa return? When will Gargano return?


Bobby Roode has declared that tonight will see a GLORIOUS Championship Celebration. Though, not everyone is invited. Roode will return to Full Sail next week, but NXT is still in his control.


Pete Dunne VS Danny Burch!

The NEW WWE United Kingdom Champion, the British Bruiserweight, takes on the British Brawler tonight to see if Burch is worthy of a future title match. Dunne and Burch circle each other before tying up, Dunne grounds Burch with a hand on the chin then starts torturing the arm with a wristlock. Burch springs up, reverses the armlock and gets a drop toehold to put on a headlock. Dunne pries himself free and gets a waistlock takedown to then get a facelock but Burch slips around and snaps those fingers! Dunne gets to ropes, Burch mocks his pain. Dunne gets up and swats away Burch’s hand to then slap Burch, Burch slaps back and the two trade shoulders. Burch speeds up, catches Dunne out of the air and wants the crossface, but Dunne scrambles to ropes. Burch backs off, Dunne gives him a stiff forearm!

Dunne covers, TWO, and we go to a break.
As we return, Dunne stretches and wrenches Burch’s arm and neck before just giving a stomp to the head. Dunne then grinds his knuckles into Burch’s head before giving another stomp. Dunne stands Burch up to give a heavy right hand, then runs in to get a boot from Burch out of a corner. Missile dropkick from Burch knocks Dunne down, and the fans rally as Burch kip-up. Burch gives a chop and a European Uppercut, but Dunne responds with a strong forearm. Burch ends up in a corner again, Dunne runs at him but misses to hit buckles. Swing kick from Burch, then an Exploder, Burch is feeling it. He gives a stiff right, Dunne down, TWO! Burch is shocked by how close that was! Burch gives Dunne a stiff knee then a stiff headbutt, TWO! Burch is frustrated but he knows he’s getting closer. Burch gets up as the fans rally, he picks Dunne up but gets thrown by Dunne in a suplex. Running enziguri in the corner, then an X-Plex in the center!

TWO, and now Dunne is the one shocked and frustrated. Dunne gets up, stalks Burch, drags him up, Burch slips out to go for the crossface. Pin counter, TWO, enziguri from Dunne but a BIG lariat from Burch! The fans applaud for both men as Dunne rolls to ropes. Burch fires himself up but gets a forearm from Dunne, Dunne slingshots but gets a haymaker! Burch sets Dunne back onto the ropes, and hits a top-rope hanging DDT!

TWO, and Burch is shocked! Burch won’t stop, he runs in, Dunne German Suplexes Burch into a corner! Dunne drags Burch up, for the Bitter End!

Dunne wins, and the UK champion is not at all unsure of himself.

Dunne speaks. Since the tournament in January, Dunne watched “some boy” hold a title that rightfully belonged to the Bruiserweight. So it was his pleasure to take it away at TakeOver: Chicago. The UK Brand truly starts with the Bruiserweight!


Backstage interview with The Velveteen Dream. He made his big debut, but he doesn’t like the ambiance of NXT. He needs everything to be perfect. The Velveteen Dream wants to fix this and that, and then “maybe, just maybe.” Will the Patrick Clark Experience get what he wants? What is it that he wants?


“In every saga, there is a prologue.” The Authors of Pain fulfilled prophecy by defeating and dismantling past champions and would-be contenders. Akam, “abandoned into the cold”. Rezar, “a child of war”. Their violence and rage were forged into a new destiny. The Book of Pain has shut, but the Book of Dominance has opened. What legacy will these authors right using the bodies of their opponents?


Andrade “Cien” Almas VS Cezar Bononi!
El Idolo is back in the ring, but is he going to take things seriously this time against The Brazilian V8? Cien rocks Bononi with a dropkick right at the bell and stomps away in a corner, so perhaps he does. Cien Knees immediately as well! Cien has Bononi on the ropes and chops him HARD in a corner! Cien keeps up the attack with more stomps and some knees, the fans want “Uno Mas!” Bononi fights back and backs Cien down with rights and knees of his own. Bononi picks Cien up but gets the backbreaker to clubbing neckbreaker. Cien kicks Bononi while he’s down and attacks him against the ropes. Cien snapmares and hits Bononi with a sharp sliding enziguri!

Bononi is dazed while Cien stalks him. Bononi tries fighting back but is whipped to a corner and hit with a solid clothesline. Cien goes to the other corner, and gives him the shouting SLAP across the face. Bononi slowly gets up, Cien drags Bononi over, wants a suplex, Bononi gets a surprise small package! Bononi wins!! Cien is furious!

Cien throws a tantrum, Bononi is fired up! But then Cien just brushes it off, like it doesn’t even matter. Perhaps he wasn’t really taking anything serious after all.


The Iconic Duo want to renovate the performance center to make an “Iconic Wing”. Then they see Ember Moon and say she’s ruining the video. They do owe her for Billie’s bad neck after the Eclipse Stunner weeks ago. Ember is just then cleared to compete, so it seems the Iconic Duo won’t have an excuse. Will the Prophecy of Flame burn brighter now that she’s back?


Hideo Itami was incredibly irate after his loss to Bobby Roode. He took it out on the locker room furniture and then verbally on those who tried to calm him down, such as Kassius Ohno. Itami did apologize to Ohno earlier today, but what will happen should Itami fall short again?


Roderick Strong & Kassius Ohno VS Eric Young & Alexander Wolfe w/ SAnitY!

The war continues to be waged between the unhinged stable of SAnitY and those who had once allied with The Perfect Ten to curb their chaos. Eric and Strong start, they brawl to a corner and then out of a corner to another corner, LOUD chop from Strong but Eric whips him corner to corner. Strong goes up and over, keeps up the agility to then hit a half-nelson backbreaker! Eric scrambles to ropes to keep Strong back, the fans are on Roddy’s side. Wolfe tags in to get a dropkick, tag to Ohno. Ohno and Roddy whip Wolfe, running forearm and a jumping clothesline, then a low dropkick just rocks Wolfe in the jaw. Ohno gives an arm wrench but Wolfe punches out. Tag to Eric, haymaker to Ohno before putting him in the corner. Eric gives another haymaker, shouts at the ref, and then tries to bump Ohno off a buckle. Bicycle boot and a clubbing forearm from Ohno, then he wrenches an arm. Eric pulls Ohno’s hair, reverses a whip and Ohno tumbles to the apron. He fights off Wolf and Eric but Damo trips him up! Ohno is down on the outside, Wolfe drives him into the apron before putting him in the ring. Tag to Eric, gutbuster ax handle! TWO, Eric drags Ohno up to put him in a corner. Eric tells the fans to shut up as he beats down Ohno with clubbing forearms. Ohno gives a forearm, but he can’t get the tag before he’s clubbed down again. Eric throws Ohno out, the ref keeps Wolfe and Damo back but then Eric trash talks Strong so that the ref is busy with them. Damo gets a sucker punch on Ohno, SAnitY is in control as we go to break.
We return as Eric stretches Ohno back. Ohno gets to his feet, fights out of the hold, but Eric knocks him over with a back elbow. TWO, Eric drags Ohno over to tag Wolfe. SAnitY has isolated Ohno in their corner as Eric tags back in, Ohno endures body shots and forearms. Tag to Wolfe, Wolfe revs up to give a running EuroUpper. Big double underhook suplex, TWO. Wolfe locks on a chinbar of sorts, the fans rally for Ohno, Ohno gets to his feet again. Ohno pushes Wolfe to a corner but Wolfe just drags him back to SAnitY territory. Ohno fights out now, shoving Wolfe down but running into a bicycle boot. TWO, SAnitY is getting frustrated. Tag to Eric, double ax handle to the back, and then a stiff neckbreaker, TWO. Eric mouths off at Strong, then the fans, Ohno gives Eric an enzigur! Eric staggers to a tag, Wolfe misses an elbow drop. Tag to Strong! Strong rallies on Wolfe! Olympic Slam!

Strong rushes Wolfe in a corner but is put on the apron. Knee for Wolfe, enziguri for Eric, then a back suplex onto the apron! Strong keeps rallying as he gives a shining wizard and back suplex facebuster on Wolfe, ropebreak with a foot! Strong won’t stop there, he fires forearms on Wolfe as the fans cheer for him. Back elbows, but tag to Eric. Strong doesn’t realize it, so he goes for a suplex on Wolfe only to get a jumping neckbreaker from Eric!

Eric covers, TWO! Eric is frustrated once again, so he drags Strong up for Wolfe. Ohno intercepts to give a bicycle knee. Eric boots Ohno out, then grabs Strong for Damo. No Way Jose returns!

He attacks Damo, putting the Beast of Belfast into a post. Ohno Discus Forearm to Wolfe, then End of Heartache to Eric!

Strong and Ohno win! The numbers are even once more, and they’re saying “No Way SAnitY!”


My Thoughts:

After last week’s night of TakeOver recaps and dark matches, NXT regains momentum easily with tonight’s episode. Opening with the “Why Ciampa Why?” explanation was smart, the fans have all been wanting this from the moment the Heel turn happened, and something about Heels having logical points of view is the major theme in WWE and NXT right now. Ciampa saw the fans as fickle and lashed out as a Heel would, and though unfortunate that he must be out with surgery and rehab, he even turned that into great motivation for being a Heel, promising to return as a Heel and continue to beat up people just like he did to Gargano. Then roll right into a great opening match between two tough as nails UK superstars. Dunne gives no quarter, no matter who his opponent is, and Burch is the kind of guy to take it and give it right back. Burch may never be “the guy” in WWE’s UK Division but he’s got the attributes to help establish the younger stars with his tough, stiff style.

I’m very curious where things are going for El Idolo, Cien Almas. “Tranquilo” has been his catchphrase since Los Ingobernables, but how can his overly lax attitude be used as motivation for a story line? He had a match with Kassius Ohno that already played on that, so it’d feel like a rehash if someone else brought it up. It was still great to see Bononi get a win off of it, that guy is on a studly level equal to McIntyre and could make an impact in the midcard if given the air time. I’m also curious where this continuation of SAnitY and the Friends of Perfect Ten is going with Strong stepping up as the lead to counter Eric Young. Good to see No Way is back, though, he’s still got the tools to be a big name in NXT so this new “Strong Party Heroes” formation could be a lot of fun in and out of the ring.

My Score: 8/10

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