Mitchell’s Lucha Underground Report! (5/31/17)

Lucha Underground, Season 3, “All Night Long… Again”



-Lucha Underground Championship All Night Long Ironman Match: Johnny Mundo VS The Mack; ends in a draw, will resume next week.



The Temple has reopened! One title, one match, one champion!

Lucha Underground Championship All Night Long Ironman Match

Johnny Mundo VS The Mack!

It’s been a long time coming, but finally we get to see if the Guru of Greatness will take “Chocolate Caliente” to Slam Town. There’s no love lost between these two given the history between Mundo’s Worldwide Underground and the dynamic duo of Sexy Star and The Mack, but we begin calm and calculating. The fans are already fired up as the two feel each other out. Mundo misses a takedown, circles Mack, and gives a sharp slap across the face. Waistlock to headlock from Mundo, Mack powers out and then stays standing after the two ram shoulders into each other. The Mack steps, Mundo flinches, things speed up, and a shot of a haymaker off of Mundo’s head! Mundo ends up in a corner and Mack unloads right hands and even stomps! The referee backs him down, Mundo slips to the apron and then under and around. Sunset flip, TWO, big lariat from Mack! Mundo is dazed, Mack picks him up, fireman’s carry to gutbuster, TWO! Mack keeps going, running knee drop to flatten the chest, TWO again. Mack picks Mundo up, PELE rocks the Mack, roundhouse puts him on the mat and then a low knee puts Mack on his back. Mundo sits Mack up, stiff Shining Wizard knocks him back down, TWO. Mundo picks Mack up and hits the Moonlight Drive! Mundo covers, TWO! Mundo drags Mack into position as the fans rally for him, Mack revives to enziguri Mundo into the corner. Mack puts Mundo up on the top rope, gives him a nice slap, then prepares the Superplex but Mundo resists. Mundo punches Mack but Mack hits back. Mundo slips down to get out of Mack’s reach, then he trips Mack down off the corner. Fin Del Mundo, the split leg corkscrew moonsault!

credit for gif goes to frentique on tumblr

Mundo gets the first fall! 1-0 lead and we still have all night to go!

We return from a commercial to find Mundo keeping on mack with knee strikes and a headlock. Mack powers out, Mundo shows off by flipping over him, Mundo jumps at Mack but is caught into a side slam! TWO! Mundo goes to a corner, Mack comes charging in for a Hollywood A-list jumping clothesline that should look familiar to Mundo. Mack slingshot dropkicks in on Mundo then backs up to line up a shot. Mack tells Mundo to “Suck it!” before using a unique cannonball back senton to flatten the champ in the corner. Mack drags Mundo out for the cover, TWO. The Believers already declare “This is awesome!” as Mack tries to think of what will get him points on the board. Mundo throat chops, clubs Mack stiff on the back, then kicks him just as stiff in the chest. Mundo throws heavy forearms, then drags Mack up to his feet. Mundo whips Mack corner to corner, Flying Chuck springboard roundhouse! Mundo positions Mack again, he poses and taunts while the fans boo and flip him the bird, Mack rolls Mundo over. Mundo turns that into Mahistrol and uses the ropes, Mundo gets his second fall! It’s 2-0 already, the fans call shenanigans! Mack gets up, and dropkicks Mundo right out of the ring. Mack builds speed, and FLIES! Mack defies physics to topple Mundo over and the Believers are thunderous. Mundo tries to hide under the ring but Mack pulls him out. Mundo gives him a stiff right, but Mack pops Mundo onto the apron to trip him up. Mack spins Mundo around to give a knee lift to the back and then hanging neckbreaker Mundo to the floor! The fans rally behind Mack, loving this action. Mack drags Mundo into the ring, covers, TWO! Mack is not deterred, but he does take a mule kick. He blocks a lariat to hit an Exploder on Mundo, Mundo gets to ropes. Swing kick from Mundo rocks Mack back, springboard crossbody is rolled over into a powerbomb! Mack gets his first fall to make it 2-1 with authority! There’s still so much time left, but Mack is finally on the board as we go to commercials.

We return, and Mack rests in a corner as Mundo starts to stir. Mundo claims to be hurt, but that’s just to sucker Mack into a trap. Mack is pulled into the buckles, then Mundo grinds a boot into Mack’s face. Mundo takes time to taunt again, the fans let him know how little they think of him. Mundo kicks Mack while he’s down, then drags Mack up to kick him in the chest. Mundo wants a suplex but Mack resists, to then give Mundo the suplex instead. TWO, Mack is growing frustrated, even discouraged. Mack and Mundo get to their knees and start brawling. They climb to their feet, Mack gives a headbutt. Mundo gives a roundhouse, Mack returns the roundhouse. Mundo kicks again, loud chop from Mack, Standing Spanish Fly, TWO! Mundo gets up as the fans rally for Mack, Mundo climbs the top rope. Mack gets up, is knocked back by a forearm, Mack retaliates with a slapping haymaker. Mack climbs up, SUPER Fall Away Slam! Both men are down from that “Holy Shit!” moment, but Mack crawls to a cover. Ropebreak by the hand, Mack can’t believe he didn’t anticipate that. Mack and Mundo are on opposite sides of the same post as they brawl while climbing. Mack gives several forearms but Mundo rakes the eyes. Mundo kicks Mack down to the floor, then tightrope walks to springboard corkscrew crossbody onto Mack! Mack goes down but Mundo clutches his ankle. Mundo’s ankle might be a serious injury this time, the refs hurry to get medics out here. Mack doesn’t care, he wants that title! He puts Mundo in the ring, Mundo begs that this is real. The fans don’t want this to end, either, but a physical trainer comes in to check. There’s so much time left, the fate of this match is on the other side of a commercial break.

Mundo is being checked on and all Mack can do is watch. The fans argue whether “Johnny’s Lying!” or “No he’s not!” The medics check that ankle, Mack swears Mundo better not be joking. Mack seems to accept this is the truth, only for Mundo to kip-up! Not only that, Mundo kicks Mack between the legs! Mundo uses the stretcher meant for him, and DDTs Mack right on it! Mundo gets a third point! Mundo does jumping jacks and a jig to prove he fooled everyone. The fans let him know what that makes him, but he doesn’t care. Mundo says that’s what it takes to go all night long. Mack gets up, sore as he is, and takes the stretcher into his possession. He throws it at Mundo, misses, Mundo uses it to ram into Mack’s ribs. Mundo runs up the stairs, Mack pursues, Mundo tries to use the stretcher again but Mack takes it away. Mack rams the stretcher into Mundo’s ribs now, and then smacks him across the back with it. Mack chops Mundo against the railing, Mundo gives a couple body shots. Mack haymakers Mundo again, then scoop slams Mundo right on that stretcher. Mack straps Mundo to the stretcher, and slides him down the stairs!

credit for gif goes to frentique on tumblr

One last commercial break, can Mack make up the points in the final quarter?

Mundo is still stuck in that stretcher as we return, and Mack comes down the stairs to pick him up. Mundo fights as best as he can from there, but he’s flipped over like a pancake onto his face. Mack takes that stretcher off him, and then takes Mundo into the ring. Mack stalks Mundo, MACK STUNNER!

credit for gif goes to frentique on tumblr

Mack gets another cover and now it’s 3-2! Mack is so close he can feel it, the fans sing “Return of the Mack!” Mundo scrambles out of the ring to then crawl under it, Mack goes searching. Mundo appears on the other side by Dario’s office, Mack pursues to the backstage area. But wait, Mundo is still ringside! Who was that other guy? The Real Mundo has a kendo stick, Fake Mundo–who is PJ Black–baits Mack into the trap! Smack to the back with that kendo stick, PJ gets his own and joins in. No Disqualifications in a match like this so it’s allowed… The Mundos mug Mack, the fans boo and jeer all over again. But wait, Son of Havoc appears! The Man from the Open Road takes on the double Mundos and embarrasses them with his dual wielding style! SoH works to revive The Mack, but it isnt’ working. Knock knock on Dario Cueto’s door. Cueto answers, but El Jefe doesn’t know what to do. “Give him beer!” So here’s beer! Havoc cracks ’em open and pours ’em out! Mack is alive! His wild eyes lock onto Mundo, and has a kendo stick a la Havoc. They chase the Mundos, and smacks them both! Mack “putts” PJ’s balls, then targets in on the real Mundo as SoH takes out tables. The Believers are all for it! Two tables set together, Mundo and PJ fight back with those kendo sticks, and then a SUPERKICK right to Havoc’s head. Time is running out so Mundo talks trash via the mic. “Do you guys know any victory songs?” The band starts playing, Mundo and PJ are already celebrating. Mundo knew Mack couldn’t last all night long. Wait, the mariachi maraca guy jumps on them! That’s SEXY STAR! She’s back for revenge on the Worldwide Underground when Taya screwed her out of the title. All together, they get Mundo back to the ring while smashing PJ into walls. Mack takes Mundo to those tables, PILEDRIVER!!

credit for gif goes to frentique on tumblr

The fans are thunderous once again as Mack gets Mundo in the ring. Mack ties it up 3-3! Another cover, TWO, into a cover, TWO, into a cover… TWO. Mundo made it out of the ring again, and scrambles to find anything that can save him. What he finds, is a third table. Mundo sets that up as Mack slowly makes his way out of the ring and pulls out a ladder! Melissa Santos gives us the five minute warning just as Mack bumps the ladder against Mundo’s head. Mack gets into the ring to set things up, Mundo attacks with a monitor! Mundo finishes setting things up, putting the ladder in a corner like a shelf. Mundo picks Mack up, bounces Mack off the ladder with a flapjack. Cover, TWO! Mundo stalks Mack, gives him a forearm in the corner, whips Mack at the ladder but Mack reverses. Mundo jumps clear over the ladder, Mack slides under, trips Mundo into the ladder! Mack covers, ropebreak again, and Mack is getting desperate. Mack picks Mundo up but drop toehold puts Mack onto the ladder. Mundo puts Mack on the ladder, positions it just right, FIN DEL MUNDO– HITS LADDER! Two minutes left, Mack takes that ladder and sets it up. Mack then puts Mundo on the table before climbing. The Believers are thunderous once again, Mack has a minute left… but Ricky Mandel appears! He’s apparently a Mundo enthusiast, and more importantly is preventing Mack from climbing. Sexy and Havoc return to stop Ricky, Mack continues the climb, and with thirty seconds to go… MACK SPLASH!!

credit for gif goes to frentique on tumblr

Fifteen seconds but no cover as Mack bounced! Time’s up before the count…! This is a draw!? Mundo retains?! The excitement has turned to anger, the fans will NOT accept this. Sexy consoles her good buddy, but Dario Cueto says “HOLD ON!” Mack, Mundo, they truly went all night and put on a hell of a match. There are NO TIES in the Temple! Next week, we continue this war, and it will be Sudden Death, “even if it takes all night long!!” Mundo dreads having to do this all over again, but he still finds confidence enough to grin and hold up that Lucha Underground championship. Until Mack gives him a Stunner! This is far from over, who will truly be champion after next week?


My Thoughts:

It is so great to have Lucha Underground back. Season 3 may have had a large gap in the middle but (as everything is tape delayed) it has not wavered in any aspect. I predicted back in January that this return would make for an amazing start to the Summer and I daresay I was right. One match between LU’s best, most despised true Heel and quite possibly their best underdog Face for the entire episode start to finish, 45 to 50 minutes without commercials, and it truly deserved the “This is awesome!” chants the Boyle Heights Believers gave it. Great spots, great story telling via allies of both Mundo and Mack coming out to interact with them, a new element in Ricky Mandel making all the difference as his delay of Mack’s splash is why this ended as a draw. Mandel was the body behind Trece, the golden-yellow Disciple of Death from a season or so ago, and now he seems to be joining Mundo’s Worldwide Underground in place of Jack Evans, who was conspicuous by his absence tonight. Mandel will surely pay for his actions separately, perhaps in a match against Son of Havoc or Sexy Star, but he did his part to give us a continuation in this epic rivalry so don’t hate him too much.

My Score: 8.5/10

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