Mitchell’s WWE Money in the Bank Report! (6/18/17)


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  • Kickoff Match: The Hype Bros VS The Colons; The Hype Bros win.
  • Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Becky Lynch VS Charlotte Flair VS Tamina VS Natalya VS Carmella w/ James Ellsworth; Carmella wins to become inaugural Ms. Money in the Bank.
  • WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match: The Usos VS The New Day; The Usos win and retain the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.
  • WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match: Naomi VS Lana; Naomi wins and retains the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.
  • WWE (World) Championship Match: Jinder Mahal w/ The Singh Brothers VS Randy Orton; Mahal wins and retains the WWE Championship.
  • The Fashion Police VS ???; The Fashion Police win.
  • Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Kevin Owens VS AJ Styles VS Shinsuke Nakamura VS Baron Corbin VS Dolph Ziggler VS Sami Zayn; Corbin wins to become 2017 Mr. Money in the Bank.


Tonight, history WILL be made! Every man and every woman competing tonight is going all in for a chance at glory. Who will hit the jackpot and who will go broke in the realm of gold and championships?


The SmackDown Tag Team Champions are in the Social Media Lounge. Jimmy & Jey are set to face The New Day, “What does Day One Ish mean?” It’s that struggle, going through it with someone and if you can’t, it ain’t for you. “How is facing The New Day different?” Well there’s a third person, that’s cheating. They’ve had battles before, have had their number at times, but now we finally see who is Number One. “If you could face any legendary tag team ever, who would it be?” That list goes on and on, but Hart Foundation, Harlem Heat, Demolition, LOD, and… the Hardy Boyz. Team Extreme VS Samoan SWAT, Raw VS SmackDown, easy as that. Can the Usos retain in a big money match up against the Power of Positivity?


Kickoff Match

The Hype Bros VS The Colons!

Zack Ryder is back, so he and Mojo Rawley are going to get back on track towards those SmackDown tag team titles, but only if they can get past the Shining Stars of Puerto Rico. Epico starts against Ryder, Ryder gets the crowd going with “Woo woo woo!” Epico gets a headlock, Ryder powers out, Epico shoulders him down and mocks the “Woo woo woo.” Ryder gets up, gets kicked, but dropkicks right back. Quick kick out, so Ryder puts Epico in a corner. Tag to Mojo, assisted forearm then a lariat, TWO. Mojo keeps on Epico but is backed into Colon territory. Tag to Primo, Primo bumps Mojo off a buckle before giving a sharp chop. Mojo just hypes up from it! More and more chops, more and more hype, corner to corner whip but Mojo goes up and over and scares Primo with the three point stance. Mojo keeps in front of Primo then dodges to get in Primo’s face. “He ain’t hype!” “He ain’t hype!” Mojo picks Primo up, scoop slam then tag to Ryder. Another assisted forearm, then “Woo woo woo!” No Broski boot, Epico saves Pirmo, but the two end up taking Ryder’s wrecking ball dropkick instead. Ryder gets Primo in the ring, Epico trips Ryder up, Primo sweeps the leg! Ryder is knocked to the floor as we go to a break.

We return to Ryder isolated by the Colons, single leg crab going after that recovered knee. Mojo and the fans rally for Ryder, Ryder crawls and pushes Epico away. Epico powers Ryder to a corner and uses the ropes to go after the leg more. Ryder fights back, using the good leg to boot Epico but Epico just pulls him off the ropes. TWO, Epico tags in Primo. Ryder is still isolated, and his leg is still the target. Primo rams the knee into the mat, then kicks Ryder while he’s down. Elbow to the knee, Primo wrenches the joint. Fans rally for Ryder, Ryder fights out, but he misses the tag before being powered to the Colon corner. Tag to Epico, he DDT’s the foot a few times, TWO. Epico keeps hold of that bad leg, springboard bronco buster to the knee. Epico suplexes Ryder, Ryder turns that into a neckbreaker! Ryder and Epico crawl towards their corners, tags to Primo and Mojo! Mojo’s “Hype Train” runs all over Primo, Hype Splash in the corner, corner to corner whip but Primo boots Mojo away. Primo flies, gets caught, Hyper Drive! TWO at the last second from Epico, but Ryder puts Epico in the corner, Broski Boot! Primo jumps but misses, Hype Arm from Mojo! Tag, Mojo grabs Primo, Hype Rider!

The Hype Bros win in their return! They were #1 contenders before, can they make their way back to it?


Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Becky Lynch VS Charlotte Flair VS Tamina VS Natalya VS Carmella w/ James Ellsworth!

Only one woman will climb down with that crisp white briefcase

MITB 2017 opens with a historic match! Straight Fire, Queen of Pay-Per-Views, Daughter of Superfly, Queen of Harts or Princess of Staten Island, only ONE can be the first ever MS. Money in the Bank. The bell rings, and all five women look at the briefcase momentarily. Everyone but Tamina grabs a ladder, Tamina plays defense by not letting any of them get in. Charlotte, Carmella, Natty and Becky, all knocked down, Tamina grabs herself a ladder. Charlotte blindsides her and deals out boots to Tamina and Carmella. Natty and Becky collide, Charlotte gives Natty an Exploder before Tamina gives her a SUPERKICK. Tamina squashes Becky then Samoan Drops Carmella, she’s again standing alone as she gets a ladder. SUPERKICK to Natty as she gets up, Tamina changes plans. She puts the ladder up as a shelf, catapulting Natty into it!

Tamina jeers the crowd before stomping down Becky. Tamina gets another ladder, stands it right up, but then shoves it into Becky to keep her cornered. Charlotte shoves Tamina into that same ladder, then grabs the one by Natty. Battering ram to Tamina but then Natty throws Charlotte out. Natty and Tamina are both up, Becky revives by blasting Tamina with that ladder. Becky sees Natty, they fight over the same ladder. They see Tamina, and work together to knock her down. However, still no conceding when it comes to who owns that ladder, the fans cheer for Becky as she rams Natty down. Becky keeps Carmella out, but that distraction allows Natty to scoop slam Becky across the steel! Natty is all alone now, she sets up the ladder in the center and begins the first climb of the match. However, she gets caught by Charlotte. Natty kicks her away, Charlotte comes right back, and repeat. Charlotte gets Natty in the Electric Chair, and drops!

Charlotte has an opening, the fans “WOO~” as she adjusts and climbs. Carmella returns and trips her up, Charlotte gets caught in a rung. Carmella unloads elbows on Charlotte as she climbs up, then the same for kicks. Carmella climbs to the other side and climbs up, but Charlotte gets free to stop her. The two brawl atop the ladder, Carmella gets her head bumped. Charlotte grabs the case, Carmella bumps her head. Tamina tips them both over! Carmella and Charlotte are down, Tamina wills herself up. Natty returns and attacks Tamina from behind, battering ram ladder shots. The fans already say “This is awesome!” as Becky grabs Natty. Natty trips her, Sharpshooter! No way to win with that, but it does damage, until Carmella FABULOUS Kicks her. Charlotte pounces on Carmella, Natty gives Charlotte a butterfly suplex. Natty grabs Becky and whips her, but is reversed, Natty goes into the ladder, jump kick from Becky gets Natty out of the ring. Becky has a chance now! Carmella gets in, pulls her down and throws her to another ladder. Becky caught herself just in time, but Carmella steiners her off. Carmella has Ellsworth cheering for her as she positions the tall ladder under the case. She climbs, but is pulled off by Charlotte, BOOT! Boot for Becky, too, Tamina lariats Natty on the outside. Pretty Jimmy checks on his Princess while the Queen climbs! Tamina surprises her, they fight on the ladder, a headbutt sends them both down. Tamina and Charlotte get on either side of the ladder but Tamina tips it over. So Charlotte tackles her into ropes! No one in the ring, Charlotte tackles Tamina into stairs! Charlotte gets up, Natty goes after her but is kicked away. Charlotte goes up higher, twisting moonsault topples Natty and Tamina over!

All three Second Generation superstars are down on the outside! In the ring, Carmella has reset the ladder. She climbs, looking to be all alone, Becky springs up and pulls her down. Powerbomb slams Carmella down!

Becky has the crowd on her side as she climbs all alone, and she gets a hand on, when Ellsworth sabotages her! He tries to revive his Princess but she is in no shape to climb. Ellsworth knows there’s no disqualifications or anything, and the fans actually ENCOURAGE his climb! He gets all the way up, gets a hand on the case, and unclips it! But he hasn’t won, CARMELLA has! Or has she? The referees discuss this, they need to figure out what that does to the match. Ellsworth isn’t a woman nor a legal competitor in the match, but he took it down… Carmella clutches the briefcase as Ellsworth declares her winner!

The FABULOUS Ms. Money in the Bank and her Pretty Jimmy Dream celebrate, but will this controversial finish stand?


WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match

The Usos VS The New Day!

P.O.P–the power of positivity–is back and is on Team Blue! And the “Boo-sos” have deemed this their “Penitentiary”. State Pen? More like Playpen! For in this playpen, there will be no tears, PB&J is for sandwiches, and it is clean, so no dropping the soap. Prepare for the NEW “W W E Tag Team CHAMPIONS~!” Because~~, NEW, DAY ROCKS! Kofi starts against Jimmy, headlock and armlock fast, Jimmy reverses the arm wrench but Kofi rolls and flips out to trip and splash, TWO. Back to the headlock, Jimmy lifts Kofi to his corner, tag to Jey. Stiff right on Kofi, Jey lifts and slams but the crowd cheers for New Day. Jey gets running and gets tripped by Kofi, Kofi gives him a hard right on the apron. Tag to Big E, splash on the apron! Woods mocks Jey, wondering if he’s okay, “that’s a lotta man”. Ropes are in the way, so no pin, tag to Kofi for a Penalty Kick right to Jey. TWO, so Kofi gets Jey up. Jey uses hair to pull Kofi back, tag to Jimmy, low bridge topples Kofi out of the ring! Usos in control now, Jimmy lines it up and runs Kofi over with a lariat. Jimmy gets Kofi in the ring, tag to Jey. Jey stomps Kofi, then throws him out of the ring. Tag to Jimmy, both Usos stalk Kofi before a double suplex into the post!

Big E and Woods are worried for Kofi, but they have to watch as the Usos put Kofi in the ring. Jimmy puts a chinlock on Kofi to squeeze out the air, Kofi flails as he reaches for ropes. Kofi gets to his feet, fights out against Jimmy, an uppercut puts Kofi down. Tag to Jey, backbreaker ax handle. The Usos stare Big E and Woods down before continuing to isolate Kofi in their corner. Jey gives a stiff right to rock Kofi on the apron, the Uso Penitentiary is in lockdown. Kofi still fights back, slingshot sunset flip but Jimmy tags in t othen drag Kofi out by his hair! Big E calls foul, Woods cheers Kofi on in hopes of getting him back in. Jimmy tags Jey, Jey circles Kofi as the fans chant for New Day. Jey gets running, double stomps outta nowhere! Woods gets Francesca going, tag to Jimmy and Big E! E rallies with overhead belly2belly suplexes, then a third, and then swivels those hips. Big E- mule kick! Uppercut! Uso- YURINAGI! TWO! Big E gets the chants going again, he grabs Jimmy but Jimmy slips out to give an uppercut. Big E dumps Jimmy out, Kofi tags in. Big E DIVES!

Big E and Jimmy fall down, but Big E gets Jimmy in for Kofi. Kofi fires up and linse up the shot, Trouble– miss, SOS denied, so Kofi goes up and over. Tag to Jey, chopblock! Leg breaker stomp! Hammerlock and crab! Kofi endures, reaches, crawls…! Jimmy denies Big E entry, he dives to get SUPLEX’d. Big E gets in the ring, SUPERKICK from Jimmy. That means the hold is broken, Jey lines up his shot, but Kofi counters the superkick into a Dragon Sleeper!

Jey endures, flails, Jimmy returns so Kofi breaks the hold. Roll up rolled out, SOS! TWO! Woods cannot believe it any more than Kofi. The fans keep the cheering up for New Day. Kofi runs and splashes Jey, tag to Big E. SUPERKICK from Jey, he goes up top, Big E catches him, resets, BIG ENDING! Jimmy breaks the pin! Jimmy throws hands, Woods distracts with Francesca. Jimmy swings, gets clothesline’d out. Jey rolls E, TWO! Jey gets put on the apron, Big E gets running, double knees counter him. The Usos get in, E dumps them both out! Tag to Kofi, he climbs up high, TRUST FALL!

Kofi gets Jey back in the ring, E is there, MIDNIGHT HOUR! Jimmy drags Jey out! The fans boo as the New Day was basically robbed. The Usos get their belts and want to leave! The count is ten, the Usos retain but by the skin of their teeth. Will the New Day be allowed a second shot?


WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

Naomi VS Lana!

The champion let herself get riled up by the Ravishing Russian, but is very confident she’ll make the returning Lana #FeelTheGlow and learn her lesson at the same time. Lana dances a bit, Noami puts her in a corner and unloads strikes. Naomi backs down only a moment before going again, Lana fires out and throws Naomi to the mat by her hair a couple times. Noami just kip-ups and sweeps the leg, sliding SLAP. Naomi throws Lana to a buckle with a bulldog, climbs up top but Lana ducks under. Lana covers, TWO, Naomi rolls out to the apron. Lana is mad, she blocks the kick and hotshots Naomi’s leg. Lana knocks Naomi to the floor then goes out to drag her back into the ring. Lana covers again, TWO, Lana is getting frustrated already. She drives a knee into Naomi’s back before putting on a chin-and-arm-lock. Naomi endures being thrashed about, gets to her feet, but Lana throws her down by her hair again. Lana drags Naomi up, snap suplex into the ropes! Lana has learned how to be mean from Rusev, it seems, as she does it again. Lana then stomps those legs, and uses the ropes to wrench the knee more. Lana drags Naomi up to choke her on the ropes, and a heel kick to knock Naomi off the ropes. Cover, TWO, Lana is getting upset. Lana grabs Naomi’s legs, tweaking and pulling the knee. A deep wrench but Naomi turns that to a cross armbreaker! Naomi can’t keep the hold so she gives Lana a heel to the face. Naomi gets to a corner, Lana runs in and gets a back elbow, then double boot. Roundhouse, roundhouse and roundhouse from Naomi, she fires up! Fireman’s carry but Lana slips down and kicks the good leg, Rear View outta nowhere! TWO, and Lana gets out of the ring for safety. Naomi goes to get her, gets a high kick from Lana, Lana boots Naomi down in the ring. Lana drags Naomi up, Ravishing sit-out Spinebuster!

TWO, Lana is shocked and furious! Carmella’s music hits. Could it be?! Is she cashing in?!

Carmella moves to the time keeper’s area, and… doesn’t hand it over. She thinks better of pulling a Seth Rollins right now. Lana covers, Naomi kicks out, Lana throws heavy right hands. Lana sends a message to Carmella with each punch, then tries again… Naomi sunset flip into the Butterfly Lock!

Lana endures, and taps! Naomi wins and retains, but Carmella discusses her options with Pretty Jimmy Dream. Naomi sees her, Carmella chooses… NOT to cash-in. Yet. Lana got to #FeeltheGlow, when will Ms. MITB feel the same?


Fashion Files become… Fashion Vice!

Fandango and Breeze are on the trail of who jumped Breeze before. They need the forensics now, today, send them over. They’ll find these dirtbags! The fax scares Breeze. Fandango’s reading it upside-down. Breeze does as instructed, they have a tape. This could be it… They put it in and watch, as two shadowy figures take credit for trashing the office and attacking Breeze. Meet them in the ring tonight and find out who. A challenge accepted, “we don’t stop ’till we get enough.” Who will it be that Fashion Vice takes on in the ring?


Maria Kenelis and Mike Ben– er, Kenelis appear!

The most in-love couple in all of wresting introduce themselves to the WWE Universe. The First Lady is back! For the past 7 years, she was searching for her perfect “heartner”, and she found him! Now, they will “educate” everyone on SmackDown on the “Power of Love!” Will love like this conquer SmackDown starting this Tuesday?


WWE (World) Championship Match

Jinder Mahal w/ The Singh Brothers VS Randy Orton!

The Modern Day Maharaja has used his Bollywood Boyz as well as his own Hard Body strength to best and belittle The Viper, but now in his hometown of St. Louis, can Orton turn things around to take the title from the 50th champion ever and become a 14 time champion in his own right? As it is St. Louis, the crowd is hotly behind “R K O!” as Orton corners Mahal. They tie up, Orton clubs and uppercuts Mahal with fire and fury, and does not let the champ out of the corner. Corner to corner whip reversed, Orton ducks under a clothesline, Mahal narrowly dodges the deadly RKO. Orton dares Mahal to get back in the ring, Mahal instead regroups with the Singh Brothers. They coach Mahal up, Mahal rushes in the ring, Thesz Press and fast hands from Orton. Mahal pushes Orton away, Orton comes back with a suplex that hangs Mahal up on the top rope. Orton then stomps away on any and all exposed spots. The fans are fired up, Mahal kicks back to take a back elbow. Orton clotheslines Mahal out of the ring then follows to run him over with another. Orton scares off the Singh Brothers as he paces about, Orton returns to Mahal and bumps him off the announce table. Orton puts Mahal in the ring, Mahal rolls out to the apron, but Orton grabs him. Orton wants his hanging DDT but with a mild distraction from the Singhs, Mahal pulls Orton in to dump him over the top rope. Orton tries to land on his feet but tweaks a knee in doing so. Mahal wants to go right after him, chop block to that bad leg. Mahal keeps on Orton, Orton tries to get away but Mahal stays on him. Mahal breaks the count to keep things going, Orton whips but is reversed into the steel steps. Mahal smiles as the ring count resumes, he stomps on Orton before putting him in the ring. Mahal slings Orton’s bad leg against the apron, then uses ropes in a corner to wrench the knee. The referee warns Mahal to back down, Mahal keeps wrenching but then clubs Orton in the head with a fist before grinding a knee into his chin. Springboard stomps from Mahal, another knee into Orton’s chin. Orton walks on the outside, and with Ric Flair and Orton’s father watching, he gives Mahal a back suplex along the barrier! Mahal falls into the laps of the legends, Happy Father’s Day, Cowboy Bob! Orton drags Mahal to the tables, but Mahal is the one who bounces Orton off it. Mahal lifts Orton up, shinbreaker to the desk!

Orton clutches his knee in pain, Mahal drags Orton around to sling his leg against the table. Mahal puts Orton in the ring to stomp and wrench that knee some more, Orton uses a forearm to grind into Mahal’s face. Orton crawls and reaches for ropes, changes around to club Mahal in the chest. Mahal swings but Orton blocks to counter punch, Orton gives more hansd, his whip is reversed but Orton kicks Mahal away. Bad leg and all, Fall Away Slam from Orton to the champ. Mahal rolls out of the ring for safety, Orton pursues. Mahal kicks that bad leg again, Mahal gives Orton a shinbreaker to the barrier! Mahal ignores the boos and jeers right in his face as he puts Orton in the ring. Mahal mocks Orton’s signature pose, RKO- blocked, Yakuza Kick from Mahal! TWO, and Mahal works to keep himself calm. Mahal stalks Orton, grabs a leg and rams the knee to the mat. Mahal keeps Orton down, using a leg lock to stretch and bend that knee. Mahal gives a big knee drop onto Orton’s chest, Mahal makes sure Cowboy Bob and Ric Flair watch as the Figure Four!

Orton moves around, works to unlock the Figure Four, but Mahal fights him. Orton endures, keeps it from being a pin, and then rolls… to reverse the pressure! Mahal endures now, crawls and reaches, ropebreak. The ref separates them, Mahal did the damage and keeps on with falling ax handles. He springboards and sits on the bad knee, another falling ax handle and again rams Orton’s knee into the mat. Spinning toehold, perhaps wanting the Figure Four again, but Orton resists. Orton grabs Mahal’s hair but can’t do anything with it, Mahal spins around again, small package! TWO, and Mahal runs Orton over with a lariat. Mahal keeps glaring at the legends in the front row as he drags Orton up. Mahal puts Orton on the top rope, climbs up to join him, and now he’s going to steal the Orton Family superplex. Not if Orton can do anything about it! Orton fights back and headbutts Mahal down! Orton slips down, dodges the splash, Orton manages to put Mahal up top. Orton clubs away, ORTON hits the Superplex! A slow cover, TWO, and Orton is more exhausted than frustrated. Orton forces himself up, punches Mahal, Mahal punches back with a stiff right. Orton kicks back out of a corner, so Mahal kicks. Orton gives a headbutt, Mahal gives a headbutt. EuroUpper from Orton, forearm from Mahal. Repeat, and the crowd lets us know they dislike Mahal and like Orton. Mahal kicks out the bad leg, gets running, lariat rally from Orton. Orton gets the powerslam! Mahal rolls to the apron, Orton grabs him and… hanging DDT!

Orton gets up, and the fans know what’s next: Orton hears the voices in his head! Orton stalks Mahal, lines it up, RKO!

Ropebreak?! The Singh Brothers cheated for Mahal! The referee sees them, Orton doesn’t want this to be disqualified. The referee understands, so he EJECTS the Singhs! The brothers are furious, but it is the right call for the match. The legends applaud as the Singh Brothers walk past. The Bollywood Boyz seem to plot something, though… They go back to the legends and trash talk. They put hands on Cowboy Bob! Orton clobbers them for it! Orton throws one to a post, EuroUppers the other, then throws the first into the time keeper’s area as he gives the second a back suplex on the barrier. Then he drags him to the table, back suplex toss to the table! Flashbacks to Backlash! Orton clears off a table, throws hands onto a helpless Singh Brother, grabs the other brother, RKO! The fans are loving their hometown hero right about now. To the second, RKO through the table!

The Viper has left the Singh Brothers unconscious on the outside, but inside the ring, Mahal has revived. KARAS!

Mahal wins! Once again, the Bollywood Boyz take the brunt of the Viper’s wrath, and the Maharaja retains!


The Fashion Police VS ???

Fandango and Breeze are ready to confront the two mystery men that have attacked them. The opponents that come out… Are the Ascension! Are they the ones? The Fashion Police will worry after they win, Breeze starts against Viktor. They tie up, Viktor pushes Breeze to the ropes but Breeze fires back with right hands. Viktor regroups with Konnor, then ties up and gives Breeze a knee. Breeze fights out of Ascension territory, Konnor and Fandango come in for a 2v2 brawl. The ref has Fandango exit, knee strike from Viktor. Konnor covers, Breeze kicks out, so Konnor throws hands, another kick out. Konnor is frustrated, he tags Viktor and they mug Breeze down to the mat. TWO, now Viktor is frustrated. He keeps on Breeze with furious strikes and a loud chop, Viktor tags Konnor. Viktor and Konnor isolate Breeze, big jumping elbow, TWO. Konnor grinds Breeze with a chinlock, Breeze endures and the fans rally for him. He gets to his feet, fights out, kicks Konnor away and tags Fandango. Konnor still clotheslines Breeze out but Fandango rallies on the Ascension. So many chops to Konnor, Konnor whips Fandango but Fandango turns it into a running wheel kick. Konnor down, Fandango goes up, but he has to knock Viktor down first. Konnor is up, spinebuster! TWO, The Ascension is getting frustrated. Tag to Viktor, Viktor stomps away, and has Konnor go up. Viktor gives a backbreaker but Breeze stops Konnor. Small package, Fandango wins it for his team! Is the Ascension Case finally closed once and for all?


Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Kevin Owens VS AJ Styles VS Shinsuke Nakamura VS Baron Corbin VS Dolph Ziggler VS Sami Zayn!

The Prizefighter, the Phenomenal One, the Rockstar, the Lone Wolf, the Show-Off AND the Underdog all have a chance to grab that blue briefcase containing a world title match contract, but only one gets to be Mr. Money in the Bank, who will quiet literally take hold of their future? But just as Shinsuke makes his entrance, Baron Corbin attacks!

Corbin won’t let the King of Strong Style get an edge over him. He grabs a ladder from the many on stage and rams it into Shinsuke’s ribs! Corbin takes a camera from a cameraman, and uses that like a club against Shinsuke’s back! The refs back Corbin down, Corbin is satisfied with the damage he’s done. Medics check on Shinsuke as Corbin goes to the ring. Corbin demands the match start, the referees discuss what to do. The bell rings, and a brawl breaks out between the five able men. Corbin throws Kevin out, Sami throws Ziggler out, Corbin and Styles brawl in the ring as Kevin goes after his good ol’ frenemy and the Show-Off. Ziggler is bounced off a ladder and Kevin starts a brawl with Sami. Kevin gives Ziggler a punch just because while Corbin keeps Styles down on the far side. Sami uses a ladder on Kevin, Corbin throws Sami to a barrier. Ziggler and Styles brawl but Shinsuke is being brought to the back. Sami and Kevin fight all around the ring, Sami gets in the ring to build speed and FLY!

Sami topples Kevin over, Styles fights his way out against Corbin and Ziggler but only for a moment. Ziggler keeps an eye on Styles while Corbin fetches a ladder. Corbin and Ziggler work together oddly enough, to run Styles over! Corbin then sucker punches Ziggler to take the ladder for his own. Corbin rams Styles in the ribs, Ziggler returns to SUPERKICK! Ziggler gets in the ring with a ladder, Sami enters from the other side to knock Ziggler back out. Sami takes the ladder, Kevin steals it. So Sami runs him over with a lariat! The fans are fired up for the Underdog, Sami gets that ladder back in the ring. Styles ambushes Sami, throws him out, and Styles takes ownership of the ladder. Ziggler grabs hold, almost hits Styles, Styles uses it to ram Ziggler into another ladder. Ziggler climbs up to trip up Styles! Ziggler sees Corbin but not in time, Deep Six! Ziggler writhes in pain as Corbin gets to his feet. Sami stops him, though, springboard split-leg moonsault! A bit double-edged, though, as Sami grabs his own knee. Styles revives to drag a ladder into the ring. Kevin SUPERKICKS and then stomps away on Styles before throwing hands. Kevin takes the ladder, aims at Styles, battering ram! Sami gets hit, too! Kevin sees Ziggler and Corbin, knocks them off the apron using the ladder. Kevin sees Styles, Styles sees Kevin, drop toehold causes Kevin to faceplant into the ladder. Styles grabs Kevin, they start brawling with right hands. Styles grabs Kevin again, wants the Clash but Kevin resists with power, dumping Styles out to the floor. Kevin’s alone, has the ladder, Sami comes in to keep him from setting it up. Kevin hotshots Sami on the ropes, Kevin surveys the area, and decides to climb up to target Styles, Ziggler and Corbin. However, Sami changes his plans by throwing him ON the ladder!

The ladder is bent and twisted, it won’t do any good to climb. Sami tosses it out, then fetches a new ladder. And a tall one. Meanwhile, there’s wreckage happening between Styles, Ziggler and Corbin, Sami is all alone until Ziggler rushes in to clobber him. Ziggler grabs the ladder, props it up, whips Sami at it and bounces him off! Ziggler takes the ladder, sets it up, and finally someone climbs up. Sami revives to stop him, though! Sami tries to climb, Ziggler brings him down with a dropkick! Then, SUPER- no, blocked, BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Ziggler rolls out, Sami crawls to the ladder. Sami climbs with everything he can muster, but Corbin returns. Corbin bounces Sami’s head off the ladder rung, then rams him into the side. The ladder topples down, Styles returns and gives Corbin kicks to the leg and a running low forearm! Styles gets up, gets the ladder up, and begins the climb. Corbin revives and climbs up to meet him, Styles and Corbin brawl while also reaching for the ladder. Styles keeps Corbin down, Ziggler uses Corbin to piggy-back up to the top. Ziggler punches Styles away, but Corbin keeps Ziggler from grabbing the case. Corbin climbs, Ziggler Zig-Zags Corbin off the ladder!

Ziggler crawls to the ladder, Corbin rolls out of the ring, Styles revives to grab Ziggler’s foot. Ziggler tries to fight Styles off, Sami climbs the other side. Ziggler, Sami and Styles brawl all three ways and from three directions. Styles ends up falling off, Ziggler punches away but reaches too soon. Sami clubs him down, sees the case, but instead gives Ziggler a SUPER SUNSET BOMB!

Sami is all alone in the ring as the crowd loses their mind. Sami wants to climb but Kevin drags him out of the ring. Kevin wants but is denied his apron powerbomb, so Kevin gets on the apron, Sami boots him back, Kevin resists but Sami still hits the Half ‘n’ Half on the apron!

Sami fires himself up as the crowd applauds. Sami gets himself to the ladder, gets himself up the ladder, Phenomenal Forearm outta nowhere!

Sami rolls out of the ring, Styles tries to recover but Corbin is already upon him! Corbin bounces Styles off the announce table and then over it, Corbin clears one of the other tables before making a ladder bridge between it and the steel steps. He drags Styles up, Styles fights back with a PELE! Corbin is staggered, Styles gets to his feet, Styles from the apron- caught! Chokeslam to the ladder!

Corbin rolls into the ring, Sami has also returned inside. HELLUVA KICK! Corbin down, Sami scrambles to his feet and gets that ladder standing right up. Sami climbs, the fans are fired up, Ziggler revives and stops him. Sami kicks him off, Kevin is back and drags Sami down. Low blow! Kevin climbs up, Kevin gets to the top, Kevin reaches for the case, Styles is back! Styles drags Kevin down, Kevin puts Styles on the apron and stuns him with a back elbow. Kevin picks Styles up, wants a bomb but Styles resists. Styles turns it around, Death Valley to the ladder!

Styles truly is the last one standing as he positions the ladder. Styles climbs with the entire crowd behind him. He gets to the top, Ziggler revives, pulls the ladder out from under Styles, Styles dangles from the case!

Styles pulls himself up, tries to undo the hook at the same time, but he can’t so he just falls flat to the mat. Ziggler smiles as he gets up and sets the ladder back. Corbin drags Ziggler out and tosses him, Corbin climbs! SHINSUKE RETURNS!

Battered and bruised, the King of Strong Style will not let this match end without him. Corbin makes the ladder a weapon again, but he misses wide and takes Shinsuke’s strong style strike fest! The fans sing Shinsuke’s song the entire time Shinsuke kicks Corbin in the chest and head. Shinsuke sets Corbin on the top shelf, running knee! A knee sends Corbin to the floor! Ziggler runs in but into a boot, then gets a flying knee! Shinsuke lines up a shot, sliding knee! Sami comes in, gets the wheel kick and Inverted Exploder! Then, KINSHASA!

Shinsuke is all fired up, as are the fans! Shinsuke grabs a ladder, but Kevin already has his hands on it. Kevin won’t let go as Shinsuke gets the ladder into the ring. Kevin stops Shinsuke from pulling the ladder in, Shinsuke gives Kevin a KINSHASA! Shinsuke then continues as he was, the fans are fired up for him. Shinsuke stands the ladder up, only to find Styles on the other side. They set the ladder aside. Flashbacks to Wrestle Kingdom, the fans are thunderous! Phenomenal One and King of Strong Style get ready, and start a brawl! Styles gets an edge, then Shinsuke, then they’re even again. Each man’s strike fest is disrupted, Sleeper Hold from Shinsuke! Styles fades, Inverted Exploder! Shinsuke fires up, he wants it… but Styles forearms him instead!

Both men are down and the fans are loving it! “This is awesome!” Styles gets to the ladder and pulls it back over. Styles is wobbly but he climbs up all the same. Shinsuke gets to the other side and climbs as well. They meet at the top, and brawl again as they reach for the case. The fans duel for Styles and Nakamura, both men keep throwing forearms. Both men connect and stagger, both reach but swat each other away, Corbin returns to topple them over! Corbin climbs! Corbin reaches the top, Corbin grabs the case, and unhooks it! Corbin wins and becomes Mr. MITB 2017!

The Lone Wolf can now have a shot at the title anytime and anywhere, the WWE Champion better watch their back.


My Thoughts:

A historic Money in the Bank, that much is true, but is it really a good start? It was heavily expected that “Pretty Jimmy” Ellsworth was going to be a big factor for Carmella’s win, and in this case he was directly responsible, so it rather muddies the first ever Women’s MITB Ladder Match. However, I did appreciate that Carmella teased her cash-in, just to keep it on Naomi’s mind that she has a clear shot. Carmella could’ve easily combined the elements of Kane’s, Ambrose’s and Rollins’ cash-ins by doing it same night and during a match, but she pulled back to let Naomi put Lana away cleanly (and not in the best match possible but Lana’s still new to wrestling). I do wish Ellsworth wasn’t that responsible for Carmella’s win, a distraction or misdirection would’ve been better, but Heel Heat just got multiplied for both of them so I guess they win in two ways… But since Carmella is Ms. MITB, Naomi can worry about a direct #1 contender first, most likely Charlotte Flair to continue where they left off before the Welcoming Committee derailed things.

Aside from that, the other matches felt pretty good, pretty fun. The Hype Bros and Colons had a decent tag match on the kickoff show, and then The Usos and New Day really tore it up, and even the surprise Fashion Police VS Ascension was good, SmackDown’s tag division is very strong right now. The New Day was denied but that was a true Heel tactic to walk out, hopefully Battleground has a rematch. I was a bit disappointed things just circled back to the Ascension, but maybe that was just a smokescreen and the real culprits will make themselves known on Tuesday. Speaking of Heel tactics, it was like Backlash but amped up with how Orton demolished the Singh Brothers only to get caught off-guard. Orton is now out of the way, barring a #1 contender opportunity, Mahal looks clear to perhaps… test the patriotism factor against THE John Cena? I’d feel bad for Mahal to be fodder for Cena’s historic 17th, but at the same time, Mr. MITB will be lurking around every corner. And a fitting Mr. MITB, too, as it is Baron Corbin for his first time in and first time win. I was half expecting a heroic return from Shinsuke but it was still great to see, they did it at the right time and let him go all out–including a throwback to NJPW with Styles–but in the end, Corbin plays the opportunistic Heel and sabotages both Faces to come out the winner. I wouldn’t say a cash-in on Mahal will warrant a turn from either side, they can Heel VS Heel, but I could also see Corbin complicate things and make it that much harder for the great John Cena to get his 17th.

My Score: 8/10

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