Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Report! (4/3/17)




-WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match: The Hardy Boyz VS The Club; The Hardy Boyz win and retain the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships.

-Neville VS Mustafa Ali; Neville wins.

-The New Day VS The Revival; The Revival wins.

-6 Woman Tag: Bayley, Dana Brooke & Sasha Banks VS Charlotte Flair, Nia Jax & Emma; Bayley, Brooke & Banks win.

-WWE Raw Tag Team Title #1 Contenders Match: The Realest Guys VS Cesaro & Sheamus; Cesaro & Sheamus win.

-Sami Zayn VS Jinder Mahal; Zayn wins.

-Seth Rollins & Chris Jericho Finn Balor VS Samoa Joe & Kevin Owens; Rollins & Balor win.



In the aftermath of Wrestlemania 33, it is the Roman Empire that owns “The Yard”. After a career of roughly 26 years, The Undertaker has left the ring for the last time. The live crowd in Orlando cheers for him and his incredible legacy. And then it slowly shifts to “Roman sucks!” As such, it is Roman Reigns who comes out to the ring. The fans want to “DELETE DELETE DELETE” Roman and his victory, and chant other things aside from just booing, but Roman quietly takes it all in stride. Though, he does wish to talk eventually, but he gets more boos and more “DELETE DELETE DELETE” chants when he attempts. He even uses it to mess with them, the crowd resorts to telling him “GO! AWAY!” Roman finally speaks, simply saying “This is my yard now.” With that, Roman does leave, and the show goes on.


WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match 

The Hardy Boyz VS The Club!

After only 24 hours from the surprise Fatal 4 Way ladder match in which Matt and Jeff returned and won the titles, they must defend the titles against former champions Gallows and Anderson. Anderson and Jeff start, Jeff shoulders Anderson down and wrenches the arm. “Brother Nero” then tags in Matt, double whip to back elbows to fist drop and senton. Matt puts Anderson in a corner and bumps his head off the buckles. Anderson elbows out, but gets a Side Effect! TWO. Matt wants Anderson to get up, wants a Twist of Fate, but Anderson slips out. Anderson rushes in to get dumped out, then Gallows rushes in to be clothesline’d out before commercials.

After commercials, it is The Club in control of Matt, but Matt fights out of their corner. Gallows stops him with an uppercut, tag to Anderson for the back suplex neckbreaker, TWO. Anderson keeps on Matt with right hands, then cheap shot to Jeff. Anderson brings Matt to Gallows for him to club away on, tag to Gallows to then kick and punch him against ropes. Matt tries to fight out but Gallows puts a forearm in his face. Gallows squashes Matt with a splash in a neutral corner, tag to Anderson. Anderson drops knees on Matt’s face, TWO. Anderson puts on a rear facelock  and switches to a chinlock, Matt fights out. Anderson puts Matt in the Club’s corner for the jump kick. The fans chant “OB! SOLETE!” as Gallows tags in and stomps on Matt. Matt fights back again, but a YAKUZA Kick knocks the Broken Brilliance down. Matt still dodges the running elbow drop, and gets the tag to Jeff! Jeff rallies on Gallows, whip reversed, double forearm knocks him down. Atomic drop to leg drop and low dropkick, even a standing splash, TWO. Gallows rolls out of the ring, Jeff pursues, and uses the steel steps for his step stool, Poetry in Motion! Back into the ring, Jeff climbs to the top rope but Anderson distracts. Gallows capitalizes, tag to Anderson and a cheap shot to Matt, Boot o’ Doom to Jeff! TWO! The Club doesn’t stop there, they pick Jeff back up but Matt saves him by dragging Anderson down, Twist of Fate and leg drop combo so that Anderson goes out and Gallows is stunned. Matt gets his Twist of Fate, Jeff hits the Swanton Bomb, The Hardys win and retain! WONDERFUL~!


Neville VS Mustafa Ali!

Neville tells us that he came through on his word, but his Wrestlemania opponent Austin Aries was “a better talker than he was a fighter.” We may not respect the King of the Cruiserweights’ tactics, but we can’t deny the results. 205 Live will be the “proper celebration”, tonight is just “Evil Neville” reminding us he’s– Mustafa Ali’s introduction interrupts him! Neville didn’t like this the first time, he really doesn’t like it this second time. He shoves Ali as opposed to shaking hands, then as the bell rings, he powers the Pakistani Prince to the corner. He pulls him out by his hair but Ali fights back. Ali shoulders Neville down, Neville pops back up, Ali handsprings over Neville to dare him to come at him. Neville does but gets a headscissor toss, then put to the apron for a spin kick to knock him to the floor. Diving crossbody topples Neville, Ali gets things back in the ring, only for a high flapjack toss to send him up and then to the mat. Neville drags Ali up, throws Ali all the way out of the ring, and then glares at the crowd before we go to break.

When we return, Ali is in a chinlock but starts fighting out, only to get put back down. Neville knees Ali as Ali starts getting up. Neville whips Ali, Ali hits back with a flapjack dropkick. Ali slips out of the corner to roundhouse Neville, rolling neckbreaker! TWO! Ali gets bumped off a corner, Neville uses ropes to choke him. Neville goes for a back suplex, Ali slips out, Neville back elbows then a stiff back suplex drives Ali into the mat. SUDDEN spinning clothesline, TWO! Neville is getting frustrated with Ali getting up, so Neville stomps him to the apron. Neville drags Ali up, but “BEACH BALL MANIA” is happening. Ali resists Neville’s top rope move, SUPER SPANISH FLY!!

Ali is down, too, so he can’t pin the King of the Cruiserweights. Ali and Neville get up and start brawling, Ali unloads but then Neville stops him with a back kick. Ali dodges the dropkick, SUPERKICK to reverse-rana! Tilt-o-whirl DDT! Neville rolls to ropes, ropebreak stops the pin! Ali drags him over to a corner, goes top rope, Inverted 450 misses! Neville goes up, but then denies the fans his signature flying move to put on the Rings of Saturn. Ali taps, Neville wins, proving a King trumps a Prince.


Vince McMahon is in the building!

But why!? He comes to the ring so that we can find out why! He thanks the WWE fans for their passion and making Wrestlemania the “ultimate thrill ride” that it was. But now WWE moves on past last night’s ‘Mania to “shake things up around here!” Speaking of shaking things up, Vince would like to address the fall through a table his daughter, Stephanie, took last night. She is “out of action for some time,” which the fans like to hear. Passionate? Now you’re just insensitive! That aside, there is also no General Manager for Raw so Vince will name the new one! A 2017 Hall of Fame inductee at that! Teddy Long comes out!? No no no, it wasn’t going to be Teddy. No? No. “My bad! Holla holla holla!” Teddy takes his leave. Okay, the real general manager is now… KURT ANGLE!

The familiar “You, Suck!” chants begin with the music, but it’s obvious it’s all in good fun. And it’s great to be back! “It’s true! It’s DAMN true!” And with that, we are in a new phase of the New Era, the Angle Administration!


The New Day returns with the New Day Pops Cycle!

The “Legion of Booty” rides down to the ring after blasting their cereal everywhere and then take to the mics. “What a night” Wrestlemania was! It was so thrilling, that all the blood in his head rushed straight to his– Now now, E, we all know it was exciting to host the record-setting event for “you people”. What do you mean, “you people”? The WWE Universe. Oh right. But the New Day really wanted to get into the ring and have a match. So tonight, it is an OPEN CHALLENGE! Any team back there that wants some, come “catch this cream!” So “who who who who who” will it be?

The New Day’s Big E & Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston VS… THE REVIVAL!

Dash and Dawson are here! And the #TopGuys knock the bicycle over! They don’t care about ice cream pops, they only care about winning tag team matches. We start with Woods and Dawson, but Dash distracts to allow Dawson to pounce. Tag to Dash, they attack Woods’ arm. A European Uppercut and clubbing forearm, Dash goes after Woods’ arm more. Woods is whipped but ducks the strikes, tilt-o-whirl headscissors and a sharp chop give him control. Woods slips out of a body drop but Dash tags Dawson, armbar DDT puts Woods down before we go to a commercial.

We return to find Woods fighting back but then he just gets taken down with a swift right hand. Woods kicks out, Dawson tags Dash, hammerlock thrown into Dash’s knee. Woods keeps fighting but can’t get away. Dash stomps Woods in a neutral corner and uses ropes to wrench the targeted arm. Dash sits Woods on the top rope, Woods fights back and headbutts him away, but Dash chops down the bad arm. Dash puts Woods back up, Woods keeps fighting, shoving Dash away now, missile dropkick knocks Dash down. Dash tags in Dawson, he cuts Woods off right away, but Woods slips under to make it to Big E! Big E rallies with overhead belly2belly suplexes! Big E gets three then swivels the hips, Dash takes a clothesline to disrupt the splash. Dawson on the apron, Big E runs, tags Woods, and then dives! Only to miss! Dash saved Dawson, Big E hits the floor, they go after Woods. Woods kicks back and dumps Dash to the apron. Dawson takes sharp chops and strikes, but Dawson fires back, only to get a roaring elbow from Woods. Tag back to Dash, Dawson eats a boot, Honor Roll turned to SHATTER MACHINE!

The Revival win the open challenge! And then they keep up the assault by even punching Kofi out. They go for the Deathlock Knee Breaker, and hit it!! Kofi writhes in pain, The Revival have put the entire tag team division on notice.


Kurt Angle starts decorating his new office. That’s when The Realest Guys, Enzo and Cass, pay him a visit. How you doin? Pretty good, being inducted to the Hall of Fame and becoming the new general manager. How are Enzo and Cass doing? Not so good, they missed out on the tag titles. Why were the Hardy Boyz even in that match? Why aren’t the Realest Guys tag champs? Why is Goofy treated like a human yet Pluto’s a dog? Um… Angle can answer the tag title stuff. The Realest Guys will take on Cesaro and Sheamus in a #1 Contenders match. Then that means there’s only one word to describe those two: S A W F T. “That’s not how you spell soft.”


6 Woman Tag Team Match

Bayley, Dana Brooke & Sasha Banks VS Charlotte Flair, Nia Jax & Emma!

The Huggable Champion teams with The Boss and the freed former protege of The Queen in order to battle The Queen herself, along with the Brutal Beauty and the returning “Evil Emma”! The first up are Dana and her former tormentor in Charlotte. But Charlotte doesn’t care, she tags in Emma to force former friends against each other. Emma puts Dana into a corner, but Dana knees out and goes for a slam. Emma slips out and throws Dana down by her hair before using a low dropkick to send her to her corner. Emma calls out the champ, so Bayley tags in. Emma and Bayley tie up, they move about the ring, Emma wrenches Bayley’s arm and yanks it. Emma flips Bayley over with the arm wrench, TWO. Emma whips Bayley to a neutral corner but takse an elbow and a flying arm drag, then a drop toehold. Bayley does her rodeo float over until Charlotte distracts and a stiff right hand knocks Bayley down. Emma gloats over the champ before going to a commercial.

Upon returning, it is Nia Jax putting Bayley’s leg in a bind, then Charlotte tags in to give a Flair Chop tot he champ. Bayley is put in a Tree of Woe, much like last night, the legs become the targets of Charlotte and Emma. Emma uses Bayley’s own ponytail to pull her backwards against the buckles! Bayley drops out of the Tree, tag to Charlotte again to keep the attack on the leg. Another round of Flair chops, Bayley fires back with one of her own. Charlotte powers her to a corner but then gets dumped to the floor. Bayley goes for a tag but Charlotte trips Sasha off the apron! Charlotte gets Bayley back to her corner before Sasha gets back up to shout at her. Bayley fires up to manage a tag to Sasha! Sasha’s double knees to Charlotte, she blasts Nia and Emma away, knee lift to Charlotte and a spinning headscissors sends her to a corner. More double knees, then Stock Drop knees, TWO thanks to Emma. Dana goes after her former friend and hits a Wasteland slam! Nia grabs Dana, but Dana and Sasha double dropkick Nia out. Nia drags Dana out, Bayley crossbody drops Nia, it leaves Sasha to take Natural Selection– Crossface! Charlotte taps to the Bank Statement, Boss, Brooke and Bayley all win!

That leaves the other three women to argue and shove each other, Nia takes offense and squashes Charlotte before throwing her and landing a BIG elbow drop. Emma gets out of the way, Nia leaves The Queen out cold in the ring. Who will challenge the Huggable Champ next? And what will Nia do the contender if it’s not her?


Kurt Angle talks with Sami Zayn in his office. Sami wants to make sure Angle–who is great, by the way–is okay with being a friendly boss with everyone like Foley, unless Angle is not okay with that. Angle can tell Sami is intelligent, intense, and has integrity, all three of the I’s. So don’t worry, Sami, no matter what, you’ll be just fine. Thanks so much for that, Angle, sir! But could he speak up for him against Stephanie? She doesn’t like Sami. Jinder Mahal storms in to complain about how The Gronk messed up his chance to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal! Sami and Mahal argue, Angle has them settle this in the ring. End of discussion, please go. They do, but Angle is already finding running Raw is pretty rough.


Paul Heyman and the NEW Universal Champion, “BRRRROCK! LESNARRR!” are here! 

The Advocate for the “reigning, defending, undisputed” Beast Incarnate would like to give us “something different”, something a bit more personal. It is a nice little bedtime story that they both have been telling their kids as of late. Once upon a time, there was a superhero that represented “honesty, integrity” blah blah, and his name was Goldberg. Goldberg took everything for his own, but then took a wrong turn into SUPLEX CITY. And what happened next? He got his “ass kicked” by the Beast! But don’t worry, there is a happy ending to this story. It’s that Goldberg is GONE! “Thank you, Brock!” But now, The Beast needs a new challenge, and a new challenger. The fans have some ideas, but Heyman has his own wishlist. Seth Rollins? Lesnar owes him. (Broken) Matt Hardy? “DELETE DELETE DELETE!” Jeff Hardy? Or BOTH Hardys? Now don’t think Lesnar is just some champion who is just happy to be champion and enjoys it while it lasts, no no. Lesnar is “The Disrupter of the Status Quo.” Therefore, it is time to get to the “Two behind the Two in 23 and Two.” Whose yard is this? Here’s a hint: they’re talking about Roman Reigns. “The Big Dog” is barking around, but the fans shout “We Want Balor!” Be that as it may, Heyman knows that “The Big Dog” is not compared to the “Animal Cruelty” that is Brock Lesnar. “It’s time to give the crowd something they will never forget.” It is inevitable, so why wait?! But that’s when BRAUN STROWMAN appears!

Roman Reigns may have Brock’s attention, but Strowman vows to still finish Roman off. Maybe then Strowman will be on Brock’s radar, seeing as how Brock’s definitely on Strowman’s. The Beast stares down the Mountain, and dares him to try something. The fans chant for “Braun! Braun! Braun!” but Braun backs down. When will the Mountain Among Men have a proper collision with the Mayor of Suplex City?


Backstage interview with Chris Jericho. The former US Champ knows he’ll have a rematch at Payback, but how does he feel about teaming with Seth Rollins tonight? Tonight, the Raw after ‘Mania, has the most electric crowds they’ll have all year! Beach Ball Mania, baybay! This is Jericho’s crowd, the international Friends of Jericho, Cheer him on man~! This is the perfect time to begin his revenge on “that stupid idiot” Kevin. First up is that fingertip of Kevin, the fingertip that saved Kevin from defeat. “You know what happens, tip of Kevin Owens’ finger, when you help Kevin beat Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania?” Pen out and… “YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!” That fingertip– well the entire BODY of Kevin attacks Jericho! Kevin beats Jericho up and puts him into boxes, but then as Jericho starts fighting back, Samoa Joe attacks! The two of them then powerbomb Jericho through a spare table! Can Y2J hope to help Rollings against these two in their match tonight?


Kurt Angle comes from the training room after checking on Jericho. Seth Rollins asks what’s happened. Jericho is in no condition to wrestle, but the match will still happen. Angle promises to get a substitute, though. Who will it be?


The Realest Guys, Enzo & Cass VS Cesaro & Sheamus!

The Realest Guys in the Room once again battle the Swiss Superman and the Celtic Warrior for a chance at the Raw Tag Team Titles, both teams having failed to do so at Wrestlemania. We start with Cesaro and Enzo, The Certified G managing getting shouldered down but then firing back with a tilt-o-whirl headscissors. Cesaro gives a back suplex to Enzo, tag to Sheamus, Enzo slips away and tags in Cass. The Human Skyscraper now grapples with Sheamus, pushes Sheamus to ropes and shoulders him down. Cass boxes on Sheamus in the corner, the referee backs him off, Sheamus turns it around and gives hands of his own. Corner to corner whip is reversed, Sheamus gets out of the way of Cass’ splash to give his rolling kick. Cass resists the Bodhrain so he gets a hotshot. Sheamus is top rope, but misses Cass to get a scoop slam. Tag to Enzo, Cass has Sheamus in the corner, but Cesaro rushes in, so Cass throws Enzo at him instead of Sheamus. Then they still throw Enzo at Sheamus, and throw Cesaro out of the ring. Cass lifts Enzo up high, Enzo comes crashing down on Cesaro and Sheamus before a commercial break.

After the break, Sheamus is back in control of Enzo with a chinlock. Enzo fights out but gets put in a corner. He still fights out and reaches for Cass as Sheamus lifts him up, rolling senton then tag to Cesaro for double stomps, TWO. Tag to Sheamus as the crowd serenades the Odd Couple, Enzo dodges so that Sheamus runs into a post. Cesaro comes in but is quickly dumped out, Cass fights him off. Sheamus hits a wrecking ball dropkick to Cass, then lifts Enzo again, only to take a DDT counter! The crowd is still rowdy with their song as both men crawl to their corners. Cesaro is tagged in, EuroUpper to the Swiss Swing! The crowd just counts “TEN TEN TEN’ before Enzo is put into the Sharpshooter! Enzo endures, Cass boots Cesaro down then boots Sheamus out. Cass hurries to his corner, Enzo tags him in, and he starts rallying on Cesaro with corner splashes. Sidewalk slam and Empire Elbow! Another big boot before tagging Enzo back in, Bada– BROGUE! EuroUpper, Cesaro and Sheamus win!


Sami Zayn VS Jinder Mahal!

An argument exploded into a match, “Hard Body Mahal” is still hot from Gronk hitting him with a tackle and plans to take his frustrations out on the Underdog from the Underground. It starts with an ambush at the apron and stomps on the outside! Sami is thrown into steel steps, then Mahal keeps strikes up on the outside as the fans rally for Sami. Sami goes into steel steps again, Hard Body doesn’t stop. They finally return to the ring, the ref rings the bell, Mahal keeps unloading on Sami with springboard knee drops. The referee backs him off but Sami gets little reprieve. Sami gets a forearm-grinding chinlock put on him, the fans keep cheering and singing for him. Sami gets thrown to the mat again, gets more knees from Mahal, TWO. Sami fires up, but the whip is reversed for Mahal to give him a big knee to the face. However, Sami retaliates with an Exploder into the corner, then HELLUVA KICK! Sami wins! Will Sami and the “Three I’s” help keep him on Raw after the “shake up” next week?


Seth Rollins & ??? VS Samoa Joe & Kevin Owens!

The Architect slayed the King of Kings, but Y2J was sidelined by the Samoan Destroyer and the new United States Champion. However, Kurt Angle promised to find a replacement, and he did in the form of… FINN BALOR!

The inaugural Universal Champion finally makes his on-air return from injury to stand beside the very man he battled for that belt, against two very familiar foes. Rollins starts against Kevin, they trade technical holds until Kevin kicks Rollins to put on a headlock. Rollins powers out of the headlock only for Kevin to shoulder him down. Kevin builds speed, Rollins jumps over him, mule kick slows Kevin down but Kevin slips out of a suplex. Kevin avoids a second mule kick, it is a stalemate. Kevin tags Joe, Joe rushes Rollins and the two brawl fast and furious. Joe powers Rollins to a corner to unleash jabs, Rollins fires back with jabs and chops! Joe kicks Rollins down, tag to Kevin, the self-proclaimed “New Face of America” punches away on the Architect before turning around to taunt Finn. Rollins makes it to a neutral corner before Kevin whips him corner to corner, Rollins counters to Complete Shot Kevin to a buckle. Tag to Finn, Kevin scrambles away to quell a rally. Kevin fakes a tag but Finn’s ready for him. Finn unloads strikes, counters a whip, sunset flip becomes a dropkick! Finn puts on a headlock but is pushed to a corner. Finn hops over the top rope to swing kick Kevin down, Finn goes up but Kevin rolls out. Finn pursues, big dropkick blasts Kevin to a barrier! Back into the ring, Finn drags Kevin up and arm wrenches before tagging Rollins back in. Double whip but Kevin bails out. FLYING ROLLINS floors him! Joe tries to grab Rollins but he slips away, ANOTHER flying attack from Rollins! Rollins is risking his knee again, but he doesn’t seem to care. He gets Kevin in the ring again, Kevin kicks the bad leg and hits a spiking DDT. TWO, another pin, TWO, so Kevin tags Joe. Joe jabs and elbows Rollins, Rollins fires back and they brawl. Rollins backs Joe up but is whipped back in, back elbow to Pele! TWO! Joe drags Rollins up and over, tags to Kevin, Kevin kicks and grinds his foot into Rollins’ hip. Kevin mocks the “Too Sweet” before the fans call him a “Stupid idiot!” Kevin keeps Rollins down with right hands, and then a back senton, TWO. Rollins fires up and fights back but Kevin throws him down by his hair. Tag to Joe, Kevin wants him to “finish what you started.” Joe kicks the bad knee, twists it with the spinning toehold, Rollins kicks Joe in the face to back him down. Joe keeps Rollins from tagging, kneecapper drop before tagging Kevin again. Tag back to Joe, back senton from! Rollins avoids a second back senton, the third overall, and goes for the tag as the fans do the wave. Joe grabs Rollins, Rollins lands on his feet, Kokina Klutch! Rollins uses the ropes to hotshot Joe, Pele! Joe tags Kevin, Rollins tags Finn! Finn rallies on Kevin, gives a shot to Joe, strike fest to Kevin with a dropkick! Finn gets Kevin up, corner to corner running chops, but Kevin back elbows on the third. Finn kicks Kevin off the ropes, then kicks Joe from the apron! Finn goes top rope now, Coup– no, Kevin got out of the way. Kevin swings Finn into the Air Raid, TWO! Kevin throws Finn to the ropes, Finn holds on and gives a Sling Blade! Finn wants to dropkick Kevin but Joe’s Kokina Klutch clamps on! Joe is knocked away by Rollins’ flying knee, but then Kevin SUPERKICKS Rollins before Finn comes in with that running dropkick, blasting Kevin to the corner! Finn climbs up top again, COUP DE GRACE! Finn and Rollins win! But surely this battle is far from over.


My Thoughts:

In my best Triple H voice, I wish to say “I find it funny that the WWE thinks they can spin the Raw-after-Mania crowd as some kinda alternate universe where they’ll boo who they like and cheer who they hate or something like that and think the fans will just go along with it.” However, I’m not very good at sounding like Triple H so just read that in your mind, using his voice. As for the statement itself, that’s just WWE covering their own asses when Roman is the Face Treated Like a Heel and other characters are Heels Treated Like a Face. Kudos to Roman, though, for being self-aware enough that the fans would NEVER let him say anything more than one sentence, and then still getting out the bottom line of his intended promo.

I sincerely couldn’t stand that the fans would rather play with beach balls than pay attention to the ring action when Neville and Mustafa Ali were out there. But then I sincerely loved that Neville got the fans attention for Red Arrow, only to take that spot away and put on a submission instead. The Cruiserweights and their show of 205 Live are in jeopardy, so don’t expect them/WWE to give fans what they want when the fans don’t even pay attention to what we’ve getting.

Everything else that happened tonight was pretty good, and somewhat built upon last night’s events. The Hardys already have their first defense of the Raw Tag Titles against The Club in a match mostly for the purpose of showcasing Matt and Jeff on live national television. I did love that the fans chanting “F*** that owl!” in solidarity with The Hardy family’s struggle against TNA Impact. Then the #1 contender’s match for those titles was alright, the crowd again being one of the highlights as they show off their ability to sing in unison. Cesaro and Sheamus winning makes for an interesting match-up with the Hardys, but the real question for a Hardys-based rivalry is: how Broken will they be able to be? I personally feel Cesaro and Sheamus could really make a Broken Universe match work, they’ve got good chemistry with each other and could bring that to the plans Matt’s Broken Brilliance comes up with. Nia Jax may have been first out of the Raw Women’s Fatal 4 Elimination, and her team of Heels may have lost tonight, but she is in no way weakened by that. She crushed The Queen, Charlotte Flair, as clear evidence, and can still make for a viable challenger at Payback. Heyman setting up Lesnar VS Reigns already–as there was a leak that got out about this being the plan anyway–but also teasing that Strowman wants his piece of the pie makes for some interesting possibilities over the next twelve months, I just hope that Strowman is allowed to feel like one of the top three behemoths on Raw now that there’s room at the top. And of course, a great return for Finn Balor, he and Rollins are both two men coming back from injuries and it was great that four great former NXT champions were part of that main event, as if to encapsulate what the future of the WWE under Triple H will be.

My Score: 8/10

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