Mitchell’s Ring of Honor Report! (4/1/17)


It’s becoming a pattern that I don’t get to ROH when it airs.


-Davey Boy Smith Jr. VS Ray Rowe; Rowe wins.

-ROH Top Prospect Tournament Semifinal: Brian Milonas VS Josh Woods; Woods wins and moves on to the finals.

-ROH World TV Championship: Marty Scurll VS Kenny King; Scurll wins and retains the championship.



EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: After the loss to Dalton Castle and The Addiction in the main event of the March 25th episode, Bullet Club leader Adam Cole took to the mic. The former world champion was very disappointed with the Young Bucks. At the 15th Anniversary Special, where were Matt and Nick Jackson to help Cole when Frankie Kazarian swerved him? And in that main event, they (accidentally) hit Cole with a double Superkick which in turn made them lose! Cole knows he’s in “the heat of the moment”, and they’re all friends, but Cole FIRES the Bucks from Bullet Club! HE is firing THEM!? No no, Cole, they brought you into The Bullet Club. Cole is not the real leader of The Bullet Club, if you didn’t know, is KENNY OMEGA. The Bucks leave Cole behind, leaving Cole’s status with the Club in question.


In this episode, Adam Cole addresses how he feels about losing the ROH World Heavyweight Championship. Is he upset? No he’s not upset. He’s FURIOUS! Cole is fine with losing 1v1 but he lost to two men. It has been that scenario every single time Cole has lost that belt, because everyone else knows Adam Cole is untouchable! But if he’s done it three times before, doesn’t mean it can’t be done a fourth time.


Killer Elite Squad’s Davey Boy Smith Jr. VS War Machine’s Ray Rowe!

“Bulldog II” Davey Boy Smith Jr. and War Machine tagged together at the 15th Anniversary Special against Bully Ray and the Briscoes, but it all imploded and now these two are going to settle their grudge on television. Davey Boy starts by stomping Rowe off the corner before the bell even rings! The referee backs Davey Boy up, but Davey Boy still kicks and stomps away at Rowe’s banged up leg. Davey Boy slams the bad leg against the apron, then wraps it around a post. Rowe uses his good leg to push Davey Boy away before rocking him with a stiff right forearm. Rowe fights Davey Boy down to the announce area, Davey Boy fights back, then clears the time keeper table to knee breaker Rowe on top of it! Davey Boy breaks the ring count to keep punishing Rowe’s bad leg. Rowe crawls away but Davey Boy stands on the ankle so that he can stomp the knee again. Then he wraps Rowe’s legs into a figure four around the post! Davey Boy lets go before the five count and breaks the ring count before we go to commercials.

After commercials, Rowe staggers on that bad leg as he brawls with Davey Boy. Rowe rocks Davey Boy with a hard right, but Davey Boy denies the German Suplex with a kick to the bad leg. Drop toehold to bad leg to put on a kneebar! Rowe endures, Davey Boy makes it an STF but Rowe still gets the ropebreak. Davey Boy lets go and drags Rowe to the center of the ring before bridging back into a modified deathlock to target that knee. Then it becomes a Deathlock Figure Four, Rowe again uses a ropebreak to get out of it. Davey keeps on that bad leg by hooking it on a rope, but Rowe fights back. Rowe manages to side step from a corner, so that Davey’s knee hits buckle pad, then double knees on the run to blast Davey Boy back into the corner. Both men slowly get up to their feet, Rowe blocks a boot but takes a lariat, a ONE count and Rowe fires up. Rowe dares Davey to bring it, these two brawl! Forearms fly but it’s a kick to the knee that gives Davey an advantage, right up until Rowe ducks the clothesline to German Suplex Davey, TWO. Rowe stays on Davey, wanting a full nelson but Davey fights out. Davey gets running but runs into a clothesline. Rowe goes to a corner, targets Davey, yurinagi slam and then Shotgun Knee misses! Davey Boy grabs Rowe, saido suplex, TWO! Davey’s getting frustrated now, prepares a powerbomb but Rowe slips out, Rowe wants full nelson for Death Rowe but Davey bucks him off. Running boot spins Rowe around, sit-out powerbomb, TWO! Davey is shocked! Davey decides to use the Hart family favorite of Sharpshooter, but Rowe rolls that into a pin, TWO! Judo throw to knee strike right into Davey’s face, but Rowe’s knee keeps him from covering. He drags Davey Boy up, full nelson lift and knee strike for the Death Rowe! Rowe wins in a brutal match up.


The Villain, Marty Scurll, speaks. Kenny King is a “talented individual”, but talent only gets someone so far in the wrestling business. And Kenny will NOT be the ROH World Television Champion so long as the belt belongs to Scurll. “Long Live the Villain.”

Kenny King responds. Tonight is the night that he and The Rebellion get their due as he puts gold around his waist. Scurll is fortunate to have an umbrella, he’s going to be sent home like Mary Poppins by the K I N G.


ROH Top Prospect Tournament Semifinal Match

Brian Milonas VS Josh Woods!

Pre-recorded from Manhattan Mayhem in the Hammerstein Ballroom and brought to us now, The Kingpin and The Goods compete(d) in a battle of bulk versus brawn for a spot in the finals. The two tie up, Milonas drives Woods’ face into the mat but Woods gets up and powers the bigger man into a corner. The referee has them break, Woods gives Milonas a pat on the shoulder to mockingly reassure The Kingpin. The two go again, Woods getting a waistlock but Milonas just throws him off. Woods is still all smiles as he gives muay thai knees but then gets run over by a lariat. Milonas kicks Woods out of the ring, Woods gets back on the apron to then put on an omoplata against the ropes! The ref counts and Woods lets go. Woods unloads on Milonas in a corner but then Milonas turns it around and rams knees into Woods’ gut. Milonas whips Woods corner to corner, Woods tries to go up and over but Milonas hangs him up on the top rope. Then he lifts him up onto a shoulder, Milonas slips Woods around into a big side slam, TWO. The Kingpin is in control as we go to break.

We return as Milonas chokes Woods against the ropes. Milonas lets up but then is just too big and heavy for Woods’ schoolboy pin attempt. Milonas goes for a heavy elbow drop, it flattens Woods. Milonas postures but that allows Woods to fight back. Woods slips out of a slam and manages another waistlock, but Milonas bumps out of it to get running, Woods catches him with a forearm. Woods blocks a kick, puts Milonas’ leg on the ropes, and gives a jumping knee strike to the temple! Milonas is stunned, Woods brings him in, but then gets a massive overhead suplex! Milonas covers, TWO! Milonas is getting frustrated, slaps Woods around but then Woods goes for a triangle hold. Milonas endures and deadlifts Woods, powerbombing him down with one arm! Woods crawls to a corner, laughing the powerbomb off, so Milonas uses his bulky body to squash Woods. Corner to corner, Milonas squashes Woods again. Milonas backs off to go for yet another body splash but Woods side steps. Woods ducks a punch to give a springboard knee strike! Milonas staggered again, Buzzsaw kick from Woods, ropebreak! Woods is shocked but he doesn’t back down. He gives a forearm to Milonas, ducks another clothesline to go for another springboard knee but Milonas swats him out of the air! Milonas then hits the spinning senton, TWO! Now Milonas is shocked, so he unleashes hands and starts raking the eyes of Woods. Milonas pushes Woods into a corner and unleashes body shots and clubbing blows. He backs off, misses the corner splash, Woods gets the waistlock to roll Milonas into a German Suplex! TWO!? Kneebar!! Milonas taps, Woods wins! Woods has the goods, can it make him Mr. Top Prospect 2017?


It was at Manhattan Mayhem that “Bully” Ray Dudley saved the Briscoes and body slammed Adam Cole through a table! The Briscoes recall this amazing moment, and they still can’t believe it happened! One half of the legendary Dudley Boyz is here in ROH and has joined forces with #DemBoyz in the trios division. Next week, the April 8th episode of ROH Television, it will be Bully Ray & The Briscoes VS The Kingdom for the ROH 6 Man Tag Team Championships!


After winning a future ROH World Television Championship match in a 6 Man Mayhem Match, The Heavy Metal Rebel then swerved The Bullet Club by helping “Destiny” be realized. Frankie Kazarian therefore sits ringside as part of commentary for…

ROH World TV Championship Match

Marty Scurll VS Kenny King w/ Caprice Coleman!

Last week, The Villain was confronted shortly after taping a promo and immediately challenged by Mr. 235 of The Rebellion. Will Scurll’s claims of there being “no more competition” in ROH be proven wrong? The champ and challenger refuse a Code of Honor handshake, and the match begins. Scurll gets a waistlock takedown and then facelock on Kenny but Kenny slips out and wristlocks quickly. Scurll rolls, spins and reverses the wristlock into a hammerlock and then headlock takedown, Kenny headscissors and the two separate. Fans appreciate the technical exchange, so Scurll keeps it going by bringing Kenny down with a roll into a wristlock. Kenny reverses and wrenches but Scurll keeps rolling and spinning, breaks the hold and then gives one last roll and handspring just to show off. Scurll flaps and dares Kenny to come at him as we go to break.

When we return, Scurll flaps more as he stands over Kenny King. Scurll speeds up, Kenny keeps pace to drop toehold and then side headlock. Scurll gets up and pushes Kenny to a corner. Less than clean break as Scurll chops Kenny across the chest several times. Kenny gives a chop back then punches, chops again but is whipped to the corner. Scurll rushes in, Kenny dodges and then bulldog-hotshots Scurll on the top rope. Kenny gets to the apron but Scurll disrupts the springboard. Kenny falls to the floor, Scurll goes to the apron, mule kick knocks Kenny down. Scurll flaps for the crowd before giving another mule kick to Kenny. He jaws with the front row fans before putting Kenny in the ring. Scurll stomps the hammerlock and rakes the back, Scurll drags Kenny from ropes to put on the surfboard with some fish hooking of the nose. Scurll stomps Kenny’s knees then scares off Caprice. Kenny throws a haymaker, takes chops from Scurll. Corner to corner whip but Kenny goes up and over to sunset flip Scurll, TWO. Kenny is arm wrenched to the mat, Scurll drops a knee on Kenny’s head, TWO. Scurll gets a little frustrated, but he just fish hooks the mouth and nose of Kenny again before putting on a crossarm chinlock. Kenny stands up and turns the crossarm around, but Scurll just turns it around once more to put the chinlock back on Kenny. Kenny endures, stands back up but gets brought back down by Scurll, so Kenny rolls backwards and flips the crossarm onto the champion! Scurll quickly gets up and backs Kenny down, snapmare to Kenny before booting him back. Sudden spinning heel kick from Kenny, Scurll is down. Kenny throws jabs and a running clothesline, but Scurll grabs an arm to give a shoulder breaker. Scrull gets running, BIG spinebuster from Kenny, TWO! One last commercial break as Kenny kicks Scurll while he’s down.

We return as Scurll ducks clotheslines to dropkick the legs out from under Kenny. Scurll gives Kenny a brainbuster, TWO! Scurll keeps on him, a villainous Piledriver! TWO! The two brawl with forearms as they’re on their knees, but then Scurll pops up to give a mule kick! Scurll runs to ropes, Kenny pops up to give a stiff forearm! Kenny runs, Scurll fakes the super to give the mule kick, then gets running again, just narrowly blocking Kenny’s capoeria kick. Scurll drops him down, goes for the Chicken Wing but Kenny pops that into a victory roll, TWO! Scurll back elbows and goes second rope but Kenny stuns him with a hard right. Kenny climbs up, Scurll resists and shoves Kenny, Kenny backflips to land on his feet, enziguri stuns Scurll on the top rope! Kenny puts Scurll into a Fireman’s Carry but Scurll revives and slips into the Chicken Wing! Ropebreak, so Scurll just unloads chops. Scurll runs, Kenny side steps to send Scurll to apron and then hits that capoeria kick to send Scurll stumbling to the floor. Slingshot corkscrew topples The Villian! Scurll is seated in a chair, running double knees from Kenny! Back into the ring, Kenny goes top rope, flying Blockbuster! TWO! Kenny won’t be deterred, he picks Scurll up for the Fireman’s but Scurll slips out to SNAP the fingers! CHICKEN WING!! Kenny taps, Scurll wins and retains the title! The Villain won tonight, but can he deny The Heavy Metal Rebel when it comes time for their match-up?


My Thoughts:

Said it before, saying it again: the ROH tape delays really hurt the show when all it takes is paying attention to the internet to know what’s really happening in ROH each week. Case in point is the announced ROH 6 Man Tag Title match of The Briscoes & Bully Ray VS The Kingdom. The winners of that match have been known for weeks because of dirt sheets and pro-wrestling news outlets keeping the world up-to-date It’s the Briscoes & Bully Ray [Highlight for spoilers] Of course, that won’t stop that match from being an entertaining one to watch on April 8th or whenever you or I get to watch it, but it’s a bit of a shame that most if not all of us know the outcome.

All that aside, this was still a good night of wrestling. Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Ray Rowe go 1v1, which is rare for one half of Killer Elite Squad and one half of War Machine, but the match did well to communicate the animosity between these two men and their teams. Then, as if to emphasize the fact ROH is tape delayed, we get the Manhattan Mayhem Top Prospect match, another solid bit of wrestling. Milonas and Woods were evenly matched, the booking suggests Milonas only lost because he “went to the well one too many times”, giving Woods the opening to hit a big combination. Woods might have just the right combo of look, moves and personality to win it all, but Milonas is a 15 year veteran and could still make a big impact on ROH. Then in the main event, we saw a great match between the red hot Scurll and the underrated Kenny King. Scurll has won again and again since joining ROH but the challengers are never pushovers. With Kazarian being next, it could be possible that the Rebel is the one to finally dethrone the Villain.

My Score: 7.5/10

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