The Best WWE-Style Promos in Mainstream American Sports (Part One)

Emotions get the best of a lot of people, especially in professional sports. Many times these professional athletes express their emotions in a very excitable way that is very similar to the ways we see in the wacky world of  professional wrestling quite often. We have learned that this style of ‘cutting a promo’ in professional wrestling is very useful in promoting yourself as an athlete and is exemplified with these athletes:

Richard Sherman Post-2013 NFC Championship Interview

This was the Austin 3:16 promo of the National Football League. Richard Sherman was an underrated cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks who had just shut down arguably the best wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers, Michael Crabtree, in the game to determine who heads to the WrestleMania Main Event of the NFL Playoffs. Sherman was amped (way more than the failed Global Force Wrestling show) after shutting down Michael Crabtree most of the game and responded to Crabtree’s smack talk from the game with an edgy promo that many football fans have yet to see match. Ever since this promo, Sherman has been a mainstream superstar in the NFL and is considered one of the top guys at his position.

LeBron James “Not One, Not Two, Not Three..”

If anything, this situation very much reminded me of the nWo in WCW when Hulk Hogan joined the Outsiders, except with a crowd that loved them instead of throwing trash at them. LeBron James, aka the Hulk Hogan of basketball to a generation of fans, joined two other future NBA Hall of Famers to create a mega-stable in order to win championships. Many fans felt betrayal, especially fans from LeBron’s homeland of Cleveland where they reacted by burning his Cleveland Cavaliers jersey. This promo by LeBron definitely didn’t help ease the anger with the citizens of the Cleveland area by guaranteeing almost a lifetime worth of championships to his new home of Miami because of their all-star clique they recently merged together. However, LeBron eventually returned to Cleveland as a face a few years and brought the city their first championship in over forty years which is now why the public has forgotten about this promo from his Miami days.

Conor McGregor “The Double-Champ Does What He Wants!”

There is no discussion that Conor McGregor is the best talker in all of sports right now. He undoubtedly backs up his talk with his performances in the UFC Octagon. At UFC 205 in New York City, Conor had a lot to say after he became a double-champion in the Featherweight and Lightweight Divisions last November. He repeatedly established his cocky demeanor by asking where the “fook” his other title belt was and then he gracefully answered a few questions from the zen master Joe Rogan. Then while finishing his promo, he said he wanted to apologized to a few people from the bottom of his heart, and it he ended apologizing to “absolutely fookin’ nobody because the double-champ does what the fook the double-champ wants!” From being ultra-quotable throughout this promo t0 staying in his Irish-gangster persona, I really do not see this promo ever being topped in my lifetime.

2017 NFL Draft Drew Pearson Roasting the Philly Eagles IN Philly

“How about them Cowboys!?!” No doubt that this is an A+ promo from a Dallas Cowboy legend that absolutely hates his rival, the Philadelphia Eagles. Drew garnered tremendous heat from the hometown Philadelphia fans by thanking them for allowing him to have a career in the NFL (because he played for the Cowboys and torched Philly whenever he played against them). He then went on to further piss off the Philly crowd by putting over the current Dallas Cowboy coaching staff and ownership right in front of the die-hard Philly fans. Drew knew that he would get boo’d in Philly as a Cowboy legend, but he made it memorable by his subtle insults which in turn got him as big of a reaction as anybody. Heel managers in WWE should really study from this clip to see how to get true heel heat which is something rarely seen executed successfully anymore.

There are many other post-competition interviews with athletes who try to resemble the WWE-style of calling out and putting down opponents during triumphant speeches that are not recognized here. I personally believe that these promos listed above are probably the best promos given in mainstream sports in recent years and will be tough to top. However, if these promos are topped, I will be back to determine whether they deservedly are able to be included with what I believe is the best WWE-style promos in mainstream sports.

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