Why Breezango Gives Hope For The WWE Smackdown Tag Team Division

Fandango and Tyler Breeze are not only incredible solo performers but together, they are simply magic in the ring. Breezango is our last hope for spicing up the SmackDown’s tag team division. Since Mania they have had more TV time than the champs themselves, The Usos. Backstage segment, doing promos, actually wrestling, it doesn’t matter what these two are doing; I’m watching.

They stand apart from the other tag teams in the squared circle. These two have a legit gimmick that draw us fanatics in as opposed to the other tag teams on SmackDown Live. American Alpha are incredible athletes, but character-wise they are dry.

Although The New Day is currently out they still need something new, something fresh, something to draw us back in (heel turn?). The majority of us are over the “Booty-O’s,” WWE listened and brought in the “New Day Pops.”

And guess what? We’re still over it.

The Ascension’s characters to me were created with the mind set of recreating The Road Warriors; Hawk and Animal, which was just an unrealistic expectation.

Breezango, on the other hand bring something to the ring that we haven’t seen before. Can you imagine how large their fan base can grow? The merch? The pop?

The charisma, agility, entertainment, athleticism; they’ve got it all. They are the definition of superstars. Both of these superstars have made each other important again. What happened to everyone dancing with Fandango? Or the anticipation for Tyler Breeze’s long awaited debut from the NXT roster?

It disappeared because of poor booking, but these two have showcased each other’s potential and truly have brought a new light to one another.

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