Top 5 Reasons Why The Women’s Division Is Taking Over WWE

It has been no secret that these (now) superstars having been crawling their way up the ladder (figuratively, not literally..YET) in the world of wrestling. From divas to superstars, main eventing, having two titles and the list goes on. They have truly paved their way in professional wrestling history. Here are some of my reasons why these women are taking over.

  1. We haven’t seen women have LEGIT characters since…well ever. We have the boss, the hugger, the queen of harts, the lass kicker, etc. We have actual characters rather than “the blondes” or “the brunettes.” They have gear that fits their persona, rather than wearing whatever covers,well close to nothing. The way these characters make us FEEL something. I don’t mean hormone wise either! I mean they give us the “edge of our seats” feeling, they make us chant “this is awesome”, they refuel that fire, that passion that we all have for professional wrestling.
  2. They have been the MAIN EVENT on not only Raw and Smackdown but on Pay Per Views. And no I don’t mean that they are the valet’s for the guys in the main event. Charlotte and Sasha Banks ‘Hell in a Cell’ match was one of the greatest women’s matches to date, fact. I want to watch their matches, promos, back stage segments, etc. I can’t speak for everyone, but more often than not they steal the show. I mean come on, the Smackdown’s women’s match was the second to last match at WrestleMania. Not second to last on the preshow, second to last on the main card. As a woman this is HUGE. I feel their accomplishment in this.
  3. We have Alexa Bliss. Do I really need to explain myself?
  4. IMO, the electricity or “glow” if you will, that these women bring keeps Raw and Smackdown viewers coming in every week. Seeing Charlotte moonsault off of the top rope or Bayley giving the elbow gives me that butterfly, “holy shit” feeling. Nothing beats this.
  5. They are winning the hearts of everyone. Not just of the women and children. Grown men are walking around with “I’m a Hugger” written on their shirts, and that’s awesome.


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